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Published on June 3, 2014 Email To Friend    Print Version


By Abdulmajeed K Nunez

After one hundred and fifty years of experimentation
America has finally perfected their weapon of mass destruction
After slavery was abolished they did not know what to do with the black population
Some 40 million, so they developed of plan of extermination
Their fears were retaliation and retribution
Following Francis Goltin they came up with the Eugenics solution
Turning the white against the black population
Congress funded this colonization

They tried again with our brothers in Vietnam
Eugene Fisher came up with sterilization
Starting with countries controlled by the Germans
Funded by the Carnage Corporation and Rockefeller Foundation
When that did not work, they put chemical in the food and the water
They solicited Nixon to get help to influence legislation
When that did not work they took it to the United Nations
So they do not have to dirty their hands
Planned parenthood became their new standard of operation

They used Bill Clinton to issue an executive order
To send American dollars abroad to fund sterilization
They target the black and brown populations
Ford, Kissinger and Rockefellers
Then they came up with coercions
By having the blacks buy into birth control and then abortion
Under developing third world nations
Subjecting the Haitians to starvation
Giving ninety percent of their women contraception

The UN is the main promoter of this Maafa
Through organization like Planned Parenthood, UNESCO and UNAID
Urban removal?
That is nothing but black removal
They even withhold aid from countries who suffer natural disasters
Until they jump on board their Planned Parenthood agenda
1997 Guyana after resisting for twelve years, they had to if they were to recover
They did in Africa, and even in New Orleans after Katrina
They even did it Bermuda until people rebelled in the Caribbean
The UN has increased funding 130 percent for family planning agenda

This is cultural suicide, and black genocide
These are some of the hyperbole under which they hide
Family planning, pro choice, reproductive rights
These are code words and marketing slogans
They have even pushed for the legalization of abortion
Using aid to force other countries in conformation
They refuse to recognize Belize as a black nation
Planned Parenthood has been in Belize since 1981
In the form of the Belize Family Life Association
This is how they have been controlling our population
And boycotting our nation, buying out our politicians
Paying for our underdevelopment
Fooling our country’s parents

Abortion in Belize has and is decimating our nation
It has killed more Belizeans than HIV, gang violence and cancer
We are consumed with UNIBAM
But we do not understand the sinister plan
Is to annihilate the black population
And steal the wealth from the Caribbean nations
They even come on the platform of climate change
These people are deranged
Now you understand why PUDP behavior is estrange
Since the early day our leaders have been engage
Ever wonder why our population has not reached a million?
Do you find it strange, whenever we borrow monies this is the exchange.
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Shirley Spycalla:

Oh dear, oh dear! All that trouble and expense to get rid of black people? Why not just give each of us a gun and encourage us to run rampant in the streets, shooting up a storm? It might surprise you to know that some of us with street smarts, if not college smarts, take responsibility for our own actions and don't so easily believe in conspiracy theories.


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