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Letter: Is cocaine the real reason for St Vincent's Argyle International Airport?
Published on January 28, 2016 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

Forget the tourists, there is something much more lucrative afoot. It is whispered that recently cocaine barons have injected US$400 million into a group within the Vincentian government for help with setting up an improved link into the US of South American cocaine. There are five areas of concern for the South American investors.

1. for the SVG ruling regime to be kept in power at any cost
2. the completion of Argyle Airport
3. the control of the abandoned fishery units at Bequia and Owia
4. tight control and implication of the police and coast guard
5. control of a working shipyard for the secret alteration of internal structures of vessels
6. building of a new shipping container port and facility

The whole operation is compartmentalized so as no group or individual within the grouping knows everything. Those involved are high ranking Vincentian government officials, Venezuelans, Panamanians and, most importantly, Colombians.

According to fishermen, Venezuelans have already inspected the fishery installations with the view of acquiring them. It is alleged that Venezuelans are involved in the new lease of the Ottley Hall shipyard complex. Venezuela is involved with building our airport at Argyle.

The history of cocaine trafficking from South America to the United States has been well documented. The flow peaked in the 1980s. During most of this time, Colombian traffickers dominated the market, and they often preferred to use the Caribbean as a transit area. Due to vigorous law enforcement, the Colombian groups were weakened in the 1990s, and Mexican groups progressively assumed control of most of the trafficking chain. During the 2000s, the Caribbean and particularly Trinidad and St Vincent and the Grenadines have played a major part of the new millennium’s organized cocaine business.

Direct shipments by air to Mexico have also been favoured, but with stopovers in Central America mainly due to the need of refueling has made it increasingly difficult. After 2000, and especially after 2006, improved law enforcement increased the risks of shipping directly by sea to Mexico. Consequently, Central America took on new importance as a transit and storage area, and parts of the Caribbean such as St Vincent and the Grenadines were activated.

In the mid-1980s, over 75% of the cocaine seized between South America and the United States was taken in the Caribbean by British navel patrols, and very little was seized in Central America. By 2010, the opposite was true: over 80% was seized in Central America, with less than 10% being taken in the Caribbean. The bulk of the cocaine seized in recent years in the Caribbean has been taken by the Dominican Republic, which is also currently a transit country for the European market.

But all that is about to change once again, with St Vincent and the Grenadines becoming the major player in sea and air transport via sea containers and donkey vessels for transit to Europe and the US.

Trans-shipments to SVG by air will generally take off just across the border from Columbia, in Venezuelan territory. The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela on the Atlantic will be the last stop before the product enters the Eastern Caribbean and SVG waters.

Honduras’ Manuel Zelaya was believed to be deeply involved in the cocaine business. In 2008, shortly after joining ALBA, Zelaya voiced his desire to convert the US airbase at Soto Cano into a civilian airport. The base has been used for many years by the Pentagon drug surveillance flights, and had housed thousands of US troops in the 1980s.

Soon after the June overthrow in Honduras of Zelaya and his government, the coup-installed, de facto government launched a vigorous PR campaign against ousted president Manuel Zelaya, accusing him of being involved in drug trafficking. The campaign began with a formal request to Interpol for an international arrest warrant on Zelaya and many of his officials. In addition to the usual charges of supposed constitutional violations, the request said the Zelaya administration had been involved in the illicit drug trade. Interpol declined to issue the warrant, citing sovereign immunity, and did not address the allegations. Still, linking Zelaya to drugs remained a prominent feature of the coup government’s propaganda during its seven-month reign.

ALBA featured quite strongly in this as well, demanding that Zelaya be reinstated as president of Honduras, expelling Honduras from ALBA membership when the new government refused to reinstate him.

The coup-installed foreign minister, Enrique Ortez, claimed the government had proof that Venezuelan planes loaded with cocaine and cash had landed in Honduras with the Zelaya government’s knowledge.

“Every night, three or four Venezuelan-registered planes land without the permission of appropriate authorities and brought thousands of kilos of cocaine and packages of money each containing a million used US dollars in cash that are the fruit of drug trafficking,” Minister Ortez told ‘CNN Television en Español’. “We have proof of all of this. Neighboring governments have it. The DEA has it.”

Picking up on this, the de facto president, Roberto Micheletti, remarked later in July that “during our short period of being in power, no small plane has landed in the country loaded with drugs, which used to happen frequently.” That turned out to be untrue and the trade continued even under the new government.

The FARC rebels in Colombia, who were backed and trained by Cuba for years, are main players in the international cocaine trade. The US government said it had reason to believe that Zelaya’s son was involved with them.

Not only did ALBA demand that Zelaya be reinstated as president, Cuba and Venezuela became involved in some dirty tactics to try and destroy the new regime. On July 17, the Havana-based website ‘Cuba Debate’ published a scanned version of what purported to be an undated document from the Honduran Defense Ministry that names one “Roberto Michelleti Bain” [with an evident misspelling] on a list of several Honduran nationals with international drug-trafficking connections. His “connection” is named as the Calí cartel, and his area of operations is named as Yoro. In the 1980s, when the Calí cartel was at its peak of power, Micheletti was a member of the local council in Honduras’s Yoro Department, which is near the Caribbean coast in the north of the country. He later successfully ran for Congress from Yoro.

Jean-Guy Allard, the Cuban author of the article, did not answer emails to clarify where he acquired the document implicating Micheletti in drug trafficking. [Jean-Guy Allard is a Canadian journalist who, as editor and reporter, worked for Le Journal de Montréal and Le Journal de Québec from 1971 to 2000. He retired to Cuba, and now writes for the Cuban newspaper Granma.] This did not stop others from the left-leaning nations of the Bolivarian Alliance of the Americas (ALBA) from repeating the accusations. In August, José Vicente Rangel, who has served in various high level posts within the government of Hugo Chávez, made reference to the Cuban report on Venezuelan TV.

The US cut trade preferences with Bolivia -- a move that has cost thousands of jobs in the country's export industries -- on the grounds the government of Evo Morales was doing nothing to combat coca cultivation.

Meanwhile, ALBA leaders under the control of Hugo Chavez said the drug spin about Zelaya was in fact, in reverse: “It is the drug smugglers themselves”, he maintained, “together with the United States CIA, the Pentagon, and Southern Command, who are really behind the coup in Honduras.” The ALBA membership stood firmly behind that statement and among that membership was St Vincent and the Grenadines.

According to the UN, latest seizures in the mid-Atlantic confirm the growing involvement of Eastern European trafficking groups. Sharp increase of seizures of multi-tonne cocaine loads on pleasure craft bound for Europe from the Eastern Caribbean testify to the increasing capacities of law enforcement agencies. On 23 May, Portuguese Polícia Judiciária searched a 24-metre pleasure boat that had arrived at Faial island a couple of days before. Hidden inside a secret compartment in the side walls of the boat was 1,150 kg of cocaine. According to a spokesman from the Portuguese police, the seizure had been made possible by intelligence from the Maritime Analysis and Operations Centre, an EU funded platform based in Lisbon. The Serbian crew was arrested.

It is the latest in a string of successful interceptions of vessels crossing the Atlantic from the Eastern Caribbean to Europe. Last month they reported the seizure of the luxury sailing yacht “Silandra” by the French navy in mid-Atlantic, with 2.2 tons of cocaine. Since then there has been the interception of the sailing yacht “Amsterdammer” by Spanish police and Customs near the Azores. The boat with a crew of three Serbians was carrying over a tonne of cocaine. A week later, on 20th May, Spanish police and naval forces stopped the fishing vessel “Walrus” 1,450 km from the Canaries. A mixed crew from the Netherlands and Cap Verde had 1,950 kg of cocaine.

The rising incidence of maritime trafficking reinforces the importance of coordinating existing European assets and strengthening the capacities of partners. The current extension of SEACOP III project into the Eastern Caribbean will significantly enhance the defensive capability against maritime trafficking threats. What remains to be assessed is the increasing prominence of Serbian criminal groups. The rising profile of Eastern European criminal groups reported from both Colombia and Argentina suggests the growing importance of Eastern Europe as a new trafficking hub for cocaine into European markets.

All of those vessels passed through St Vincent and the Grenadines waters, some visited and some lingered and loitered for weeks.

UN News Briefing 18 May 2015:

Diosdado Cabello, Venezuela’s parliamentary speaker has denied involvement in cocaine smuggling, following US reports that he is under investigation for trafficking and money laundering.

A plane carrying over a tonne of cocaine crashed into the Caribbean following a pursuit by the Colombian air force.

The use of caterpillars which feed on coca plants has been touted as a replacement measure for spraying crops with glyphosate in Colombia.

Ecuadorian police have arrested eight people believed to be part of an international drug-trafficking ring, after seizing 253kg of cocaine on its way to China, reportedly from Colombia.

1 tonne of cocaine has been seized from a yacht in Spanish waters, following a joint operation by Serbian, Spanish, and Croatian law enforcement agencies. It is believed to have been en route to Western Europe, from South America.

Research from the University of Surrey, UK, has demonstrated that tests for cocaine use can be conducted, just by looking at a person’s fingerprints. The test can differentiate between people who have ingested cocaine and those who have just touched it.

Raheem Bailey, head of an international drug smuggling gang, has been jailed in the UK for 15 years for smuggling over £5 million worth of cocaine into the country, from the Caribbean, hidden in children’s toys and jigsaws.

The Organised Crime Portfolio research project, funded by the EU, has found a key distinction between the structures of organized crime groups in the UK, compared to socio-geographically based ones found in places such as Italy.

The US Drug Enforcement Administration estimates smugglers have increased shipments of cocaine through the Caribbean from about 60 tons to about 100 tons in the past several years. But it's difficult to measure how much cocaine gets through the dragnet of surveillance planes, US Coast Guard ships and other detection efforts.

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (CMC) -- United States law enforcement authorities say they have seized 989 kilogrammes of cocaine on a vessel carrying a St Vincent and the Grenadines flag in the Caribbean Sea.

The US Coast Guard said it collaborated with the US Customs and Border Protection agency, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Homeland Security investigators in the operation that also netted 13 men, after detaining a delivery vessel and coastal freighter about eight miles off the coast of Puerto Rico.

Two Venezuelan nationals were charged "with conspiracy to import the aforementioned cocaine shipment", the Coast Guard said, adding that the cocaine has an estimated street value of US$29 million.

It said that the other suspects detained on the 267-foot St Vincent and Grenadines flag coastal freighter Atlantic VII were from the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Peru, Panama and Ecuador. They were also charged with conspiracy to import a controlled substance into the United States.

World Index, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: transshipment point for South American drugs destined for the US and Europe

June 29, 2013: American drug dealer jailed for importing cocaine from St Vincent

October 31, 2013: 13 kilos of cocaine found on vessel bound for St Vincent. Authorities in Trinidad and Tobago on Tuesday seized TT$5 million dollars (approx. US$833,000) worth of cocaine aboard a ship bound for St Vincent and the Grenadines and then Europe.

St Vincent and the Grenadines has also become a storage and trans-shipment point for narcotics, mostly cocaine, transferred from Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuela.

Drug smugglers jailed in Britain over £90m cocaine haul. A gang of drug smugglers were jailed for sailing a record £90 million cocaine consignment into Britain from Bequia an island in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

17 April 2014: CCN TV News; A St Vincent national is in police custody after an estimated 4.5 kilogrammes of cocaine, with a street value of $2,111,200, was seized yesterday afternoon at the Caricom Wharf of the port of Port-of-Spain Trinidad and Tobago.

Ruben Morgan, a relative of attorney general Judith Jones-Morgan? He was given a diplomatic passport in 2001 [following the election of the ULP and Ralph Gonsalves appointed as prime minister]. He was not a Vincentian diplomat, he did not work for the government, yet he was given a diplomatic passport. In 2004, he was travelling to a family affair in the UK. Judith Jones-Morgan was travelling to the same family affair [a funeral], but on a different flight. He was caught at a London airport carrying one kilo of cocaine. Because he was travelling on an SVG diplomatic passport he was sent packing back to SVG. A kilo of cocaine in the UK usually earns you a ten to twenty year jail sentence. The man had a Canadian passport and a normal Vincentian passport, but he chose to travel on his SVG diplomatic passport. When he got back to SVG he was not charged here for anything. He went scot-free, no charges were brought.

Nov 11, 2015 - Two men, relatives of the wife of President Nicolás Maduro, the two men were charged in a sealed indictment accusing them of conspiring to ship 800 kilograms of cocaine to the United States, to be sold in New York, that high-level Venezuelan officials are involved in the drug trade.

Revealed: Hugo Chávez role in cocaine trail to Europe.

Peter Binose
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I have indicated on numerous occasions that this Peter Binose-King is a Punk of the highest order not to be taken seriously in any shape or fashion, even when he-she pretends to be a Vincentian by using words as ” we” “ us” “our” etc…HELL NO!

No serious minded Vincentian will stoop to this level to slander his country in a contrived fabricated and malicious fashion like this, by “copying and pasting” pieces from other sources and concocting a bull sh...t story wanting to fool Vinciman and to seem intelligent or in the know.

Binose-King, you cannot fool intelligent Vincy’s. You will only fool those ass-kissers and Ralph haters. All anti-ULP anti-SVG rejects, who come here to praise you with words like “great piece Peter”, “excellent job Binose”, “Peter Binose the “go to” person...great story”. Lies! Lies! and more Lies!

In the first paragraph, as soon as I read …“it is “whispered”… I knew something wasn’t going to add up. Then when I came across “It is “alleged”…I knew I had enough. Full stop!

Here is what this PUNK Binose-King did:

In this paragraph … “The history of cocaine trafficking from South America to the United States has been well documented…” etc, this was copied from a piece by the UNODC (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime) a pdf file verbatim without Binose-King adding “quotations marks” citing his/her source. Another blatant plagiarism action by the punk Binose-King!

What is the nature of this market?

The history of cocaine trafficking from South America to
the United States has been well documented. The flow
peaked in the 1980s. During most of this time, Colombian
traffickers dominated the market, and they often preferred
to use the Caribbean as a transit area. Due to vigorous law
enforcement, the Colombian groups were weakened in the
1990s, and Mexican groups progressively assumed control
of most of the trafficking chain.

Another paragraph:

In the mid-1980s, over 75% of the cocaine seized between South America and the United States was taken in the Caribbean by British navel patrols, and very little was seized in Central America…. was also copied again verbatim without indicating the source.
Here it is!

In the mid-1980s, over 75% of the cocaine seized between South America and
the United States was taken in the Caribbean, and very
little was seized in Central America. By 2010, the opposite
was true: over 80% was seized in Central America, with less
than 10% being taken in the Caribbean. The bulk of the
cocaine seized in recent years in the Caribbean has been
taken by the Dominican Republic, which is also a transit
country for the European market.

And again!

Soon after the June overthrow in Honduras of Zelaya and his government, the coup-installed, de facto government launched a vigorous PR campaign against ousted president Manuel Zelaya, accusing him of being involved in drug trafficking….

The original!

Soon after the June overthrow in Honduras, the coup-installed, de facto government launched a vigorous PR campaign against ousted president Manuel Zelaya, accusing him of being involved in drug trafficking. The campaign began with a formal request to Interpol for an international arrest warrant on Zelaya and many of his officials. In addition to the usual charges of supposed constitutional violations, the request said the Zelaya administration had been involved in the illicit drug trade. Interpol declined to issue the warrant, citing sovereign immunity, and did not address the allegations. Still, linking Zelaya to drugs remained a prominent feature of the coup government’s propaganda during its seven-month reign

Well enough is enough! I rest my case.
Peter Binose—King is indeed a “ting a ling-ling” and no friend of mine, and I don’t believe a darn thing she Luzette King writes under this phantom name Peter Binose.

Those who would encourage rubbish like this usually falls into the same category and are nothing but a bunch of “misfits”, “rejects”, “internet crazies”, “anti-SVG-ULP Ralph Haters”, in one word “cunumunu’s”.

Peter Binose-King goes into the “Guinness World Records” as “the worst Liar and biggest Fraud of the decade”.

C. ben-David:

Peter, your second sentence says it all: "It is whispered that ... "

Didn't your mother ever tell you to keep from bad company and comessy people?

You have made many sterling contributions over the years when you stick to the facts. But when you resort to gossip, idle conjecture, and innuedo, all you do is insult your readers and give your enemies ammunition to shoot you down.

Vinci Vin:

Peter: Linking the development of the Argyle International Airport to cocaine/drugs smuggling is a disservice to all Vincentians, especially those of us who travel internationally. I can understand your dislike and non-support for the project and agree that the development and implementation of the airport development project leaves much to be desired. However, although the ULP and its leaders would like to claim the airport as their own personal property, the airport is owned and will be paid for by all Vincentians.

At this stage, we cannot afford to continue pull down and try to destroy the AIA. This does not mean that constructive criticisms are not in order. However, we must be circumspect in our criticisms, keep a positive outlook for the success of the AIA, and go forward in a spirit that observes the potential for the economic development of our nation. Lets turn a lemon into lemonade.

Peter, you have made much contributions to our homeland through your writings. Please continue to work in our nation's best interest.

Best regards,


C. ben-David:

Vinciman, I have to agree with you and again remind Peter to stick to the facts and only the facts because (1) many facts can be much weirder than any fiction that could be made up and (2) one's overall credibility is easily destroyed making these malicious accusations. Even Vinci Vin, one of his strongest supporters, is vex with him about this.


As customary I would logged in to SVG's tourism website to get regular updates. So far we beginning to see an improvement in our numbers. Let's hope for the remainder of 2015/2016 tourism season the numbers continue to move upward.

yesterday I had an opportunity to visit the Buccama Polyclinic, to get an update of the project. So far I'm pleased with the progress being made down there. Took several shots from four different angles. What a magnificent project! While chatting with some friends I observed a big bus full with guests, who'd just arrived and were heading in the direction of the Buccama Bay Resort. I decided to take a stroll across the Resort upon entering the compound I saw a number of guests across the pool. Some at the bars, while others were Kayaking. And some were out on adventure. It wasn't my first visit. I've been there on previous occasions. Right now they probably operating at 100% occupancy. Lot's of guests down there. I was told that most of the time the Resort are fully booked. Happy to hear this in spite of the bad-mouthing of the project. Looking forward to Mt. Wynne/Peters Hope project with excitement.

Two Saturday's ago some friends and I had the opportunity to explore Jarvis, South Rivers. We went by Balancing Tank, River 14,and then ended up at Rawacou Salt Pond. I didn't realise that (BRAGSA)were doing road works in the area. They had recently constructed a section of feeder road, including restroom facility. Actually it was my first time visiting Jarvis.

Indian Bay beach.

The Ministry of tourism continues to improve the Indian Bay beach. The beautification of the area is ongoing.

Peter Binose:

For those of you who read on this media who are fortunate enough to have never come across this man who hides behind the name Vinciman he can be found on any website, any blog, commenting on any article letter or comment written about the government of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and also Ralph E. Gonsalves.

The man is a paid collaborator, the kind employed by Hitler as part of his war machine and his fight against people speaking out. His whole aim is to suppress the written word in case it damages the SVG government or the Prime Minister. He tries to convince people wrong is right and right is wrong, he will tell lies about just anything and anybody, often culminating in foul and or insulting language and he is persistent and persuasive in his presentation.

You will see that whatever I write I mostly give the source and that is what I have done with some of the research in this particular piece. How on earth would anyone be able to write about anything if they did not research official sites? The work on official sites is generally open to the use of others; there is no crime in repeating their findings and research when talking about drugs.

It is a shame that so many of the other writers here are easily fooled by Vinciman, and adopt his silly style of attack without even knowing if they are right or wrong.

You see how easily Observer comes here and writes a bunch of lies about other subjects nothing whatsoever to do with this topic and you are all fooled by the smoke screen and make no comment on that whatsoever

Sometimes I cannot reveal where my information comes from because already in SVG there have been people disappeared and what some believe are assassinations. There is a danger here not just from nasty people like Vinciman but from people who are even worse than him. So I sometimes say I heard a whisper, or someone told me, or such like.

How on earth can you plagiarize what an official organization puts out about drug trafficking? They want it out there; it’s all part of the ongoing fight against this dastardly trade. But no Vinciman wants to stop people from writing about that when it connects SVG and try’s to fill the readers with nonsense in doing so.

So as you understand the evil of this man and the evil of this nasty Marxist led regime that we currently have in Saint Vincent. You may wonder why Vinciman has dropped the word King into his commentary. He is trying to damage a lady called Lucette King by trying to make people she is in some way connected to me. Unfortunately I do not know Ms King but I know all about her because she is at the forefront of the protesters who are currently protesting in Kingstown 24 hours a day about what is seen by many as stolen elections of Dec 9 2015.

There are a group of protesters which claim that the elections were fraudulent, there is a court case to be held shortly on the matter. So he and the regime think that by now adding her name to comments or articles that contain the ULP government or its leader Ralph Gonsalves names written by me, her name is added. This is simply an evil and spiteful plot to try and damage or demonize her. Believe me she is a brave and daring woman who has been assaulted and arrested and locked up by the police, and each time she is released she bounce right back to the very peaceful protest where the only violence is perpetrated by the police.

Another instance SVG's most renown living historian recently made a comment about the voting irregularities so Vinciman has taken it upon himself to make nasty remarks whenever and wherever he can, in the hope it will discredit the man and damage his good name. Why? because he spoke about the regime and the elections, he must be punished and if possible destroyed. I am expecting him to lose both his jobs because he spoke out, I am waiting to see, but unfortunately for Vinciman I will write about that also.

He has also tried to misuse the good name of a Lady who is one of if not the country’s leading Human Rights Lawyer; he has tried to add her into his nasty little schemes.

That is the evil of the man that hides behind the false name Vinciman, the pretender to be the defender of good that is really defending evil.

I am sorry to give you even more to read, I am sure you will all be worn out before it’s over.

Good night.

Peter Binose




I drove around and check these projects. Why should I come here and lie? You want me to join you in pulling down my country. Well am not prepared to do such thing. I will continue to show support for projects that will uplift my country.

Peter always speaks the truth, cause he knows everything. Ralph and the ULP is wrong, but Eustace and the NDP is always right. Does this name rigs a bell, Paul Kaufman? The man has written over 20 books, published over 200 scholarly articles, and more than 750 columns on economic and political issues for the New York
Times/Fortune and Slate. I've read his (bio). Interesting read check it out.

Peter, had the NDP won the election everybody in SVG would have been rich by now? Unemployment, crime, and alleged corruption would have disappeared over night. That's the impression we've been getting. Its time the NDP abandoned the little sideshow and get down to some serious business. Thirty one thousand, had voted for the NDP to represent them in parliament. Not to be wasting precious time by staying out of the House.

What's the NDP stands on important topics such as these: Zika virus, that's been posing a threat to the Region and beyond. Climate Change, the ongoing economic crisis globally, the continuing battle against the spread of HIV. I can go on and on.

Peter Binose:

The following verse in my previous comment contains an obvious mistake.

"When the volcano erupted in 1979 hot rocks rained down on Kingstown and poisonous gas was also in the air".

It should read

"When the volcano erupted in 1979 hot rocks rained down on Georgetown and poisonous gas was also in the air".

I also omitted the fact that some of the rocks were the size of a microwave oven.

Peter Binose:


You do not pull down your country when you tell the truth even if it’s not nice to say and not nice to hear. Because if we keep hiding the nasty it multiplies, it’s you and the likes of you that have helped get us in the biggest mess the country has ever been in by cream coating the nasty and making it look nice, make it appear sweet.

You come here and lie because you know it’s wrong so choose wrong in support of the ULP party, the ULP government and the Comrade Skank.

Your quite right I do try and tell the truth, sometimes I act on bad information from what has previously been a reliable source. That has happened to me on two or three occasions and I have always been man enough to apologize. I have also apologized to editors as well because when you bring crap to the table it damages them and their publications by bringing them into disrepute or ridicule, even court proceedings.

The NDP are not always right, you really do not get it. I am not an NDP supporter, I am not a ULP supporter. I am not blinded by people like you are by affiliation and blind support of a party regardless if they are doing right or wrong. I look at a situation and decide by my own judgment if Is it the TRUTH? Is it FAIR to all concerned? Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned? If it stands those tests I support it if it doesn’t I do not.

Yes it rigs [rings] a bell, so what are you trying to tell me about Paul Kaufman, are you comparing yourself or someone else to him or his principals and advice. What has he got to do with the matter of you telling lies for the purpose of

The NDP did win, and if they had control I believe that it would take them years to climb out of the mess that Gonsalves has created. He has spent money on the airport and has allowed everything else to stagnate. Whatever has been built, erected or installed during his reign has fallen into gross disrepair, fallen into debt, fallen into disrespect or quite simply fallen down or is about to fall down.

Rabbaca Bridge, a project that should have been undertaken years ago, and we must thank him for that. But now if you go and look at it it’s falling apart not because of lack of or poor maintenance, but because of absolutely no maintenance or repairs whatsoever, nothing being done since it was built.

A small hospital unit being built by the Cubans at Georgetown. The project is a three year project which is now in its 9th or 10th year and remains a long way from being finished. A stupid project because it is being built within the danger area of the Soufrière volcano.

When the volcano erupted in 1979 hot rocks rained down on Kingstown and poisonous gas was also in the air. If the volcano erupts again the hospital being in the danger zone will have to be evacuated. Sea evacuation is impossible in Georgetown area, helicopters are out because they cannot fly in the area of eruptions because of ash and rock debris entering the engines and also because of damage caused to rotor blades, but even worse we do not have a helicopter of any kind in the whole of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, least of all a search and rescue or medical helicopter unit. People will die in that hospital because there will be no proper means of evacuation.

Even if the hospital was finished there are more often than not no medical supplies at the Kingstown Hospital so we should assume Georgetown will reflect that.

No we would not be rich by now, that is just a silly facetious remark by you born out of your ULP blind following. I know that within three months there would have been a real surge in employment with the plans the NDP had in place and the fact that they were ready to hit the ground running. They had the most amazing and forward thinking plans for dealing with crime. They also had a team of forensic auditors ready to search out the financial wrongs and Eustace was going to hand those reports to the police and courts for prosecution. So Observer why don’t you stop trying to be a clever dick, we both know and everyone knows nothing happens overnight. The ULP have had 15 years of nights and days and crime and unemployment have got worse under them.

The NDP claim that the elections were stolen, whatever they choose to do in or out of the house is part of their protest and strategy.

We are at great risk from the Zika virus, but more so because of the inaction by the ULP government. When Dengie was here they hid it for nine months by which time almost everyone on and in the islands had it, the same thing happened with chikungunya. How many died from those virus infections, if any, I do not know. The government has almost abandoned the spraying against the mosquito, the NDP sprayed regularly. Forward thinking and wise governments have been introducing sterile male mosquito’s to break the breeding cycle, and it works. Not the ULP they have no money unless they beg borrow or steal.

As for HIV, we have politicians having sex willy-nilly without protection, and they are not very discrete, how can you expect the youth to have morals or to follow the right path whilst that is happening.

I can go on and on as well Observer, but onwards in telling the truth the way it is, not telling lies to try and support a political party or a man.

But before I go because I nearly forgot, Buccament resort has brought disgrace on Vincentians and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Firstly it has been built in a flood plain and will always be at risk of flooding bringing death and destruction. It is only a third built with thousands of pensioners in the UK losing their life savings. They were tricked out of their savings because Buccament was/is part of a Ponzi scheme. There is 400 million British Pounds lost along with the good name of SVG. Workers there at times are not paid for months and Vincentian suppliers have lost hundreds of thousands if not millions, ask Dinky B. he will tell you all, he is one of those who has been fooled by the big white investor that turned out to be a man of straw when Gonsalves did the Buccament deal with him, a three times bankrupt. So Observer your observation is crap, your judgment is crap and what you present on this site as the truth is also crap.

Observer :

I do not wish to engaged in a fight with you on whether or not the Buccama Bay Resort, is involved in alleged ponzi scheme. That is not for me to determine, if such thing occurred let those affected persons take their cases to the court. What I do know that since the inception of this project, we've seen a lot of positive comments coming from those guests who'd stayed there since the opening of that facility. That speaks well for our country. Please login to their website and go through the various comments. And I can tell you I've had interaction with a few and they have nothing but praised for that Resort. I am quite aware of the troubles they've been having over the years.

Am also aware of the monies that is being owned to some businesses, and some workers too. I do hope that the outstanding amount that's being owing, can be settled sooner rather than later. I am happy for such establishment in SVG. Just as I am excited about the proposed tourism investments that is forth coming within the tourism sector.

I wish to reiterate my source of info is via the electronic and print media. Other than that I find time to move around SVG and check out government projects, and take photos so I can keep as a reminder.

Oh Peter you can not fool anyone, cause everybody already knew you are a big supporter and a fan of the NDP. Nobody who is neutral like you've claimed, would continuously write in support of a party. You would expect them to lashed out at both parties. That's a neutral person. I am a supporter of the ULP. But I do critique the government, constructively.

You've never written anything positive concerning SVG. Once it is done under this administration it will not have your blessings. Here is how one can become a member of the NDP, its quite easy. All you has to do is constantly bashed the PM, preached hate messages and you would be accepted into the party. I'm I wrong? Cause that's what supporters do on a daily basis.

Debate the issue, provide critical analysis. Present the facts to the people. The government hasn't done anything, but during the election campaign Mr Eustace had stated:" That if the NDP is elected to office he'd improve on some of the programs". But you (Peter ) often said that they haven't done anything but to hear your leader saying something like this leaves the impression that you guys aren't ready to govern.

Another positive, the recent trail of the Heberprot-P drugs to treat diabetic foot Ulcer has been a success. Its founded on page 4, in The Vincentian newspaper, for Friday,29th January 2016.

Peter Binose:

Observer every time you write anything it exposes just how stupid you are because you either believe what you write which confirms you are stupid or you don't believe what you write and you believe we are stupid.

Now you have introduced Heperprot-P, I have been writing about that for many years now since Cess McKay was the Minister of Health. He came back in 2011 and told us in a news release that we were shortly to get Heperpot-P and told the virtues of the drug. Years went by and nothing happened until it was told to me by an inner ULP member that it would not be distributed until 2015 when the elections were to be announced, it was to used as an election tool, look at what the Cubans have given me the comrade to give to my people. That is just what happened it was held back until the elections when it was announced that we were now getting it. But during that time about 200 people lost one or two feet which could have been saved by applying the drug. The ULP government deliberately allowed 200 people lose their feet to help them with the 2015 election campaign.,-can-we-expect-it-just-in-time-for-the-next-elections%3F-18854.html

You see when you come here Observer and bring all your nonsense I can prove everything that I write about you being stupid. And you actually support the scum which simply makes you part of the scum. You know full well you are wrong and you know that it is important for me to keep bringing the truth, regardless of what the world and region think about what I write, because I know it is the right thing to do, to expose the wrong that people like you try and make right. Sorry old bean but you really are stupid.

In 2013 I told you about Heperprot-P and some of the scum poo-pooed what I wrote but time has now proved what I wrote to be absolutely true, I told you so!

Now I have told you about the cocaine airport investment and you have tried to poo-poo that but wait and see I will tell you once again, I told you so!

And Observer you are such liar, I never ever said "they haven't done anything but to hear your leader saying something like this leaves the impression that you guys aren't ready to govern."

Allan H. Palmer:

Peter my good friend, I do not know where you get your information from, however, I will not doubt you, and or your sources. Neither will I put anything pass that Dirty lying bastard six for nine they call Ralph Gonsalves.

He is uncreative, greedy and lazy and will do anything to enrich himself even distroy en entier nation and its people for his personal enrichment and to remain in political power. That is the same man who have a lot of bastard cuildren all over SVG and in his kendergarden school: Canada. Unfortunately he is not mining any of those children. SMH. Steal, rape, lie deadbeat dad. known drug involvedment, the man is a total low life scum of the scum.


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