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Letter: The mouths of the wicked and the deceitful are opened!
Published on May 23, 2014 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

That day when Richard Frederick yielded to the persistent cajoles of the residents of Castries Central who sought his input and representation in the political sphere marked a harrowing and fateful journey, fraught with persecution of the most severe kind and perhaps the worst ever known to any person alive in Saint Lucia today.

He came at a time when those who sought to preserve their “good names” at every conceivable opportunity in and out of court, were quite adept at using the reverse strategy to deal with his vociferous and assertive pronouncements, which in my opinion were delivered fearlessly and convincingly. Indeed he came at a time when character assassination was the weapon of choice of his political enemies whose audience was a naïve and gullible population who loves to feast on ro-ro (gossip and propaganda) even when it made no sense and defied both logic and reason.

As a resident of Castries Central, I am familiar with the gory details of every stage of the path of persecution that he has walked over the past years, and I have ceased to be amazed at how far human beings can go to obliterate others whom they hate, often unjustifiably. I have learnt therefore that the only person any human should trust is himself.

This brings to the fore the article “Frederick Must Go Now” written by a coward in the VOICE Newspaper of the weekend of May 4, 2014, who calls himself “Flambeau Supporter”. If indeed that writer was convinced that his self-serving tirade was true and factually sound, he would have graciously identified himself. Further this is not the first piece that he has penned using this same tired old heading.

First and foremost, Mr Flambeau Supporter, you are probably one of those who sat at the many meetings held at that house at Cap Estate where those of like minds met to plan the fate of Richard Frederick (which they erroneously believed lay in the hands of men); that country boy whose voice was too loud with no hint of any adopted accent; who was too bold and who ruffled the feathers of the untouchables by pronouncing what no one else dared to.

Was it your twisted mind that hatched the story that he had assaulted Mr King with a slap? Are you one of those who believe that little black boys whose parents were farmers are banned from being successful and, if they are, they must have engaged in illegality? And was it you who weaved the plot to rid him of his visas by any means necessary even at the risk of criminal prosecution for lying to federal officers? Were you the one who paid the drug addicted journalist to write the most nauseating piece of filth that only a madman could conceive and then to publish that filth? Were you the architect and mastermind behind these and the other incidents with which you must be all too familiar and for which you now conveniently blame the very victim?

Are we to be blamed for the enslavement of our African ancestors which was inflicted upon them because of their blackness? And since when is a woman to be blamed for being raped? Your are so blinded by your hypocrisy and your memory of convenience that you have apparently forgotten Flambeau’s complaint lodged in the High Court, that the elections of 2011 were rigged? Was this not the reason why a case was filed in court whereby Flambeau intended to prove discrepancies in the results?

So what really caused the loss of the November 2011 elections, Mr Flambeau supporter, can you even begin to say? Are you one of those Johnny-Come Latelys who jumped onto the Flambeau ship in 2006 looking for a job: PRO, consultant, advisor, secretary, press secretary, attorney general, chief propaganda officer, ambassador or a just a breadcrumb collector from the head table like that radio talk show host who allows a radio platform for all the brainwashed and uninformed, who love to hear themselves on the radio; and who have stretched freedom of speech to the lowest of the low in this country?

And you speak of the hypocrites and leeches like yourself whom you say have withheld their support in protest? Where were they in 2006 when Flambeau was languishing to the point that it could not have participated in the Castries Central by-election which was mimicked “batem porpot” (christening of dolls) by the then UWP leader? Isn’t it the case that at that time Flambeau had all but given up on the upcoming general elections? Where the hypocrites there when Richard Frederick confronted the Labour Party on behalf of Flambeau at General Elections of 2006 and singlehandedly battled with them against a barrage of insults?

You declare that because of what he said in the house about Guy Joseph, he should be expelled. But what about what you and the rest of your two-timing fair weather Flambeaus have said of him? What really is your complaint, sir? What did he say about Guy Joseph? Was your letter a precursor to what your Massa Chastanet had planned for Sunday May 18, 2014? I suggest that you do some research and you will discover that no mention was ever made of Guy Joseph. He made reference to allegations of nepotism. Does wrong become right depending on who does it?

Further were you not at the 50th Anniversary Rally? Did you hear Guy Joseph, sir? Have you heard Peter Josie parading the media and virtually harassing Richard Frederick and Stephenson King at every opportunity; the same Peter Josie who has proven himself to be a couteau deaux langue (a two edged knife) and a political chimpanzee? Did you hear Mr Chastanet’s interview on Hot Button Issue, making reference to a tired, dead and buried “super 8” of which he knows nothing? Did you hear Mr Chastanet blatantly deny ever saying that he would not work with Frederick and King?

You also say that Mr Frederick is “full of himself” and for that reason he should go. So it seems to me that that your basis for wanting him to go is because he has exercised his freedom of speech in the House of Assembly, which I am reliably informed is a privileged occasion, and secondly because he is too full of himself?

So you and your cohorts have hatched a plan to expel Mr Frederick from the UWP by June 2014, have Mr King out by August 2014, by embarrassing him at the upcoming convention, then sideline Gale Rigobert in favour of Jeannine Compton? Isn’t that the plan, sir, so having got rid of the brains in Flambeau, its carcass will be left to the dogs who are hungry and ferociously guarding the leftovers?

So in furtherance of Chastanet’s plan to expel Mr Frederick, he convened a meeting of the National Council of the UWP at his business place last Sunday where Oswald Augustin declared that Frederick had been found guilty of acting against the party. But what were the actions complained of? His exercise of his constitutional right to freedom of speech, declaring that he Augustin had been associated with only failed political parties in the past namely NDM, PLP and ONE among others? Isn’t that factual?

But who had found him guilty; when were the hearings; who were the arbiters; why was he not invited to his own hearing? The conclusion had been arrived at but the process was unknown.

In their haste to arrive at the desired conclusion, Chastanet and his cohorts, upon poor legal advice from their legal advisor, had flopped. So when the non-lawyers among them took them to task, they shamefully recanted and vowed to take their complaint to their disciplinary committee, comprising some who are in dire need of disciplining and appointed contrary to the UWP constitution! The disciplinary committee will then trickle back to the same National Council the complaint of which Frederick has already been declared guilty by the National Council on Sunday May 18, 2014!

What a comedy of errors and a soup fit for dogs! To add insult to injury, radio propagandist Juke Bwa pranced in at the exact moment, being a non-registered member of the party and, as such, a non-member of the National Council. Mr Chastanet, however, found it fitting that Jook Bwa should be in attendance in order for him to feed Saint Lucians with his unfiltered and uncensored roro first thing Monday morning.

It was strange that Edmund Estephane, the preacher man, sat there and watched this comess (mess) unfold without offering these desperate-for-power coyotes the benefit of the proverb “whosoever diggeth a pit shall fall in it!” In the meantime I am certain that Frederick awaits their next move and I can guarantee that the disciplinary committee and the UWP itself will by their own actions be put under scrutiny. All their decisions taken in the name of the party constitution, all their illegal actions, committees and appointments will have to be opened up to scrutiny and review whether they like it or not!

The proposed unconventional and unprecedented removal from the UWP of strong and indomitable minds bears testimony to the fact that Mr Chastanet cannot deal with challenges, and that he is a dictator of the highest order. It’s his way or no way. When he’s in charge there must be no one brighter, no one smarter, no one that he cannot dominate.

Further, such a move is unheard of. I challenge Mr Chastanet to show us some precedent. Perhaps it would be prudent to remind him that the UWP is not his private company from which he can hire and fire at will. I don’t believe he even understands the nature of the organization called the UWP. But today he comes in and attempts to sweep out those responsible for giving life to the UWP when, in 2006, it was comatose and dying a slow death. Further he is surrounded by those with “financial needs” agendas, whose true and only concern, like his own, is personal gratification. In any event, the most ferocious of them are, like Peter Josie, political chimpanzees that came in from Labour after one fall out or another.

Chastanet boasts of being favoured by the “whites” of Saint Lucia (as if this is some accolade) and the Chamber of Commerce. It is strange that the Chamber of Commerce will support a man whose poor investment decisions as minster for tourism cost the people of Saint Lucia more than $50,000,000 (fifty million EC dollars) to salvage the Black Bay lands; a decision that Frederick had vehemently protested against (having accurately analyzed the inherent risk in the proposed investment approved of by Chastanet). From that time and since his further disclosure of these facts in the House of Assembly in May 2014, Chastanet has been gunning for him, dead or alive. So for all these transgressions Frederick must pay. The price? Expulsion from Chastanet’s UWP!

In any event, wasn’t it Chastanet who ran up the largest telephone bill ever known to a government ministry in the entire history of Saint Lucia; but yet we expect this man to bring Saint Lucia back from its financial doldrums? Are we naïve, conveniently blind, or just plain stupid?

These anonymous letters to the editor that are always facilitated by THE VOICE are written by one coward claiming to represent the views of many. Mr Frederick is loved by his constituents. We admire his resilience and his commitment to vindication. He has elevated our standard of life in many ways. His work in the constituency stands tall for all to see. His well-researched contributions in Parliament show intelligence and commitment to hard work.

What you fear, Mr Flambeau Supporter, is his strength and indomitable spirit, his refusal to give up or cave in under pressure especially “conspired” pressure. He will not be dominated. For all the persecution he has endured, have you seen him cower? He has always said: “If a man’s conscience is free, then he need not hide, for the truth always finds its way into the light.” He will not submit to inferior reasoning and senseless leadership.

Have you looked around lately to assess the demise of those who maliciously plotted against him? Look around and you will surely observe them falling upon their own swords, one by one, slowly but surely, karma is coming home.

If you were a REAL Flambeau you would recognize all that he has done for us his constituents and laud his achievements, rather than groping in the dark with a sword. Like most of the Johnny-Come-Latelys, you have participated in the rape of the UWP and now want to dictate how it should be run. It is people like you that have contributed to the current unhealable division in Flambeau, much to the delight of the Labour party. Many of us have little to say about the present divide, but on election day, we will speak loudly and convincingly in the ballot box! Now go ahead; tell Mr Chastanet to expel Mr Frederick from Chastanet’s UWP, we are waiting!

Andre Anderson
Castries Central
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