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Letter: The issue of leadership competence in St Vincent and the Grenadines
Published on July 5, 2014 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

Perhaps the most difficult and common problems faced by the people of St Vincent and the Grenadines these days is the issue of individual competence. It is individual competence since in the eyes of a majority of Vincentians, every significant decision made or shaped is the handmaid of the political leader of the Unity Labor Party himself or delegated by him to others within his close family circle. One would think that a few of the elected members within his party would display some manhood. Apparently that is reserved to his family members, one of whom has sought electoral office on multiple occasions but couldn’t win a seat, despite outspending his opponents exponentially.

Where are the limits to his powers? Do Vincentians really believe he can do everything? Are the incidences of thievery, violence and all other forms of misconduct a result of his incompetence or malfeasance? These are questions for which ordinary Vincentians must demand answers.

The environment in which governance is exercised in St Vincent and the Grenadines is evidently devoid of any checks and balances, since within the governing party, the prime minister is surrounded by a group of Generals Yes-Yes who otherwise double as baggage handlers.

Looking in from outside, many observers unfortunately, are unable to distinguish between mature and competent leadership. I do not subscribe to the idea that the Caribbean Community can be so blindsided by someone who sees others only as targets with whom to compete and outwit rather than cooperate.

For example, this man, who has used every form of derogatory expression to describe folks of African ethnicity, whole or in part, has set himself up as the “face of reparations” within the Caribbean Community. Frankly, Caribbean leaders must be on a Rip van Winkle hiatus. I cannot imagine that there aren’t at least a few leaders unwilling to give the prime minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines unquestionable authority on this issue. Are they forgetting that his forefathers are the ones who started it all? If there were hopes of moving this process forward, the face of this movement as it relates to the Caribbean has already shot itself in the foot once, twice, it’s stillborn.

But I suspect he remembers his history well. So then he should not be faulted for little tricks of the trade he has learned from Louis XIV’s finance minister to “….pluck (in) the goose as to obtain the largest possible amount of feathers….?”, for feathers is all he shall obtain from the Europeans for all his efforts.

The prime minister lacks the human qualities needed to temper this part of the world still struggling to generate economic growth. He is recognized by those from whom he seeks redress for wrongs committed by these same European colonizers as an upstart, a scoundrel and a scalawag. He may have an overblown ideal of himself; unfortunately most of those who previously accommodated him have gone the way of most dictators.

It is evident that the prime minister has failed to understand the benefits from upgrading his skills as well. The tactics used to gain power in 2001 have long become obsolete. That is the nature of our rapidly changing technological society. On-the-job training no longer meets the minimum requirements for remaining on the job or in power. As an individual he has failed to break-out of the limited sheltered confines of his mind and having failed to acquire fresh view-points, has made himself obsolete.

He has now become a danger to himself and to the people of St Vincent and the Grenadines. He has done his time; it’s now time for him to exit with some dignity, assuming he ever possessed any.

Dane A. Bowman
From Mesopotamia Valley, St Vincent and the Grenadines
Current Residence: Central Florida.
Reads: 7665

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Vinci Vin:

Confused Brian Alexander and PKnight, if Dane's essay was not a serious matter your responses would be funny. On the contrary, your reactionary impulses are rather frigthening!

Alexander you shouted: THE PROBLEM ARISES WHEN YOU ARE NOT QUALIFIED, do not get the job, and then turn against the government for that reason!

Response: How mad and totally clueless can you be? How many of the ambassadors appointed by the ULP are qualified by education, experience, character and otherwise to represent our nation overseas? And cronyism, nepotism, political paternalism, or socialism do not count as real qualifications for jobs as foreign diplomats. The job requires much more. So what is there to discourage other Vincentian candidates to compete for appointments as ambassadors? Political pedigree?

PK wrote: Vinci Vin, only a lapdog like you will praise “Dane the Rhetorician”. Dane writings are all contrived pieces.

Response: As you noted in an earlier post I had disagreements with Peter in the past. I am on record as supporting the Argyle Airport and I have praised the PM for his "Big Dreams and Bold Actions". So how come I was not a lapdog then? I will tell you why:

Like you people turned against Matthew Thomas, a concerned and intellectually-gifted Vincentian whom it is alleged that the PM mischaracterized as a "Dirty Dog" when Matthew disagreed with his policies, you now turned your rabid and vitriolic attention to me because I can see different sides of the same coin called the present PM of SVG.

Yes, the PM has big ideas mostly co-opted from others. However, it is tiring as he flits from issue to issue without really solving anything and in the process making things worse for our people.

Take the touted Education Revolution as an example: The PM is correct in claiming credit for increases in Vincentians getting more access to higher education. However, he fails to point out or is unable to see that this access to higher education is meaningless if it does not bring real, measurable results to the nation. There must be opportunities for the graduates to put their education to use in the service of the nation. Where are the job creation mechanism for the graduates to employ their educational skills after graduation? where are the private sector internships, apprenticeships, and new private sector business development and support programs that will create the domestic environment for the utilization of the skills attained by the graduates? Certainly, we are only in the first phase in what could eventually become an educational revolution. So please dont tell us anymore about educational revolution!

I applauded the idea of a "Cross Country Road" and went further to suggest the construction of a system of cross country roads and tunnels. Yes, the cross country road was started, only to be abandoned when there was another bandwagon idea for the PM to hop on.

I applauded the call for a "Truly National Stadium", not just an Arnos Vale Playing field. Remind me - where are we on that?

I applauded the idea to bring 5000 call center jobs to our shores - Remind me: Where are we on that?

I applauded the idea of ACCOUNTABILITY and TRANSPARENCY in Government - Please tell me how do those concept jive with the climate of corruption, misrepresentation, bad economic forecasts, cronyism, paternalism, propagandism, nepotism, etc in our government today?

Yes, I kind of like the PM as a person. But I am tired with the failed policies, victimisation of political opponents, misuse of funds according to audits, double standardards with dealing with white collar criminals (as per the Registry, Ministry of Agriculture, NY embassy, etc), selective legal prosecution, allegations of attempts to control private speech, attempts to be the ultimate ruler of Hairouna, etc., etc., etc.

As Minister of Finance, the record is revealing that the PM does not have the faintest idea of what he is doing. Therefore, it is not surprising that the national "Watch Dog" Ivan O'Neal wants to impeach the PM for forecasting annual revenues of almost a billion dollars when actual revenue generation is proving to be less than 50% of the PM forecasts year after year. (Ivan please understand that I am using the word Watchdog in a positive way and do not mean to demean your actions).

Come on, how can we continue to respect and support the malfeasance and non-performance of a public servant, even if we like him personally?

I will not even touch the descent of our people into destitution and penury .... our people have become beggars even to the point they have to beg for money to pay their electric bills.

And with that I rest my case.

You PK can continue to wear blinders and live in denial. But as for me, I reserve the rights to decipher right from wrong, good from evil, and poor leadership from a likeable personality.

There is no lapdog here ... just a well-qualified and progressive Vincentian who owes no allegiance to anyone but the God Lord who has blessed me with the keen intellect to think positively. Yes sir, I am comfortable in my own black skin and don't care who cannot see me in the dark of night.

Tek dat and go wash yo mouth out with carbolic soap.

Vinci Vin


Vinci Vin, only a lapdog like you will praise “Dane the Rhetorician”. Dane writings are all contrived pieces...”language designed to have a persuasive or impressive effect on its audience, but often regarded as lacking in sincerity or meaningful content.” BORING! Dane is a complete fraud like the entire flock. Need I say more?

Brian Alexander:

DANE BOWMAN, have you discarded the idea of being in the foreign service, representing the same government you are now criticizing?

DANE BOWMAN, were you interested in becoming an AMBASSADOR, representing this same government in St Vincent and the Grenadines?

DANE BOWMAN, did you get that job?


DANE BOWMAN, why do all of you guys SOUR, when you don't get your own way, and receive perks you would like to obtain?

Ah jus' askin'?

Peter Binose:

DANE, I am sure you will take as little notice of what this name forgeried twerp says. Brainless Alexslander. He is paid by his Marxist master to attack the truth. So what you can be sure is that what you wrote is spot on, that why all the venomous crap comes from him.

I suppose it is further evidence to all the readers that come here, exactly what scum we are dealing with.


I will help you bro, now Mr Bowman you must stop writing such things. It may be 100% true but it really upsets my brother. When he gets so upset he takes it out on his wife and children, beating them mercilessly.

PK, is a true patriot of the comrade, he loves and adores him. So if you write anything that upsets the Marxist monster, he will bite your head off, so stop it while you can. He was a supporter at the road block, a supporter at the rape rally, and a supporter of one of the worlds worst liars.

If anything Bowman he is over zealous, he was basically a nice person when he was a child, well at least when he was a baby.

So PK, I support you to the hilt, I agree with every word that you wrote in that rant.

By the way your old friend Ben, the steward from the cruise liner phoned again. Difficult to hear him but sounded like sends his glove, whatever that means.

Vinci Vin:

Dane Bowman:

You know your words are striking at the heart of the Vincentian political problem when the sychopants of the ULP jump like Pavlov's dog to shut you up. They are trying to redirect readers from the real problems outlined in your essay. What does your ambitions to be an ambassador for your country have to do with your rights to point out the problems in our homeland? Of course, I don't think anyone can be worse as ambassadors than those current serving and who have served under the ULP watch.

Continue to give them hell. Your country desrves no less.

inci Vin

the prophet :

great piece of work as usual,you hit the nail on the head.there is a song by sam cook called, change is gonna come, for vincentians need that change, for far too long, we let a few minorities dictate our lives, and if we don't heed that change,we're going to end up like south africa and jim crow south, where a few whites ruled the majority blacks. a change must come.


@the prophet...Nonsense! Dane Bowman is boring very much so boring. Dane should improve his style. BORING! These “crazies” are on a failed mission and need help. HELP! Somebody, any Body?


I need to address this "reparation" thing! This just drives me up a wall. That is all history and better sooner than later that this island along with the rest begin looking forward with head held high instead of trying to get blood out of a stone. All that nasty stuff is history and rather than let history repeat itself, get up off your brokekn down rocker and do something with yourself. Educate yourself, love yourself and love your neighbors. Stop with this black vs. white. Why does skin color matter. We are the same blood and bones underneath. When I go to America I hear "African Americans" REALLY? They come from Africa? I will bet you a bundle they never put one toe on the continent. We have eyes...we see your color. Who cares? Be proud of who and what you are instead of continuing to be beggars. Nobody needs more beggars in today's society. We have enough. Reparation? For being transported somewhere by white people that took those poor souls off the hands of the warring chiefs who captured them to begin with? do not know your African history. The fate of those poor souls was bad no matter whether they stayed or were forceably taken. People...hold your head up high. Be proud of who you are instead of being ashamed of what you THINK you look like. The world is like a box of crayons...all colors. Embrace that! As for local politics in don't like it, then come on down and fight your gallant battle here - not from some far away place in the comfort of you home. Your venom becomes our trash. The dump is full already!!

Brian Alexander:

VINCY VIN, YOU STUPIDLY ASKED "what does your ambitions to be an Ambassador to your country have to do with your rights to point out the problems in our homeland?"

The answer, Vincy Vin, is "NOTHING!!!"

There is nothing wrong with that!

THE PROBLEM ARISES WHEN YOU ARE NOT QUALIFIED, do not get the job, and then turn against the government for that reason!



Vinci Vin, self praise is no praise at all. As I pointed out before you have lost credibility, and no amount of flowery words, political pandering, and “see I have facts”, will get me to believe you know what the hell you talking ‘bout. I will take back the “lapdog”, but I wouldn’t take back Vinci Vin. So stay right there. You “tek dat and go wash out yo brain with carbolic soap”. Oh! And Binose, and Dane and the rest of the “crazies” same goes for you all.


My dear brother PK, I do not understand why you write in two names and sometimes use the name Brian Alexander. I spoke to uncle about it, he told me when you use the Brian name because it annoys Brian and at the same time hides your identity. But I wonder if what the psychiatrist once told you that you are schizophrenic and have a split personality disorder has something to do with it. Please let me know if you want me to call you BA or PK, see its easy for you because you are them both, its difficult for me because I can only see one of you.

PK, I know you are a true patriot of the comrade, you love and adores him. PK I respect your patriotism to the comrade, a supporter of his road block, a supporter his rape rally, and a 200% full supporter of his lies.

I will help you bro PK, VINCY VIN you must stop saying or writing things that upset my brother PK. It may be 100% true but it really upsets my brother. When he gets so upset he takes it out on his wife and children, beating them mercilessly.

PK By the way PK your old Scots friend 'Ben Doon', says he just wants to hear your voice again, you know, the steward from the cruise liner he has started to call very early in the morning and very late at night, he is waking up aunty, you know all the time Aunty is awake she wants to eat. If you remember I asked you to ask the MP if he could send over some of Janki G’s wonderful curry and onion bargies, also some of the paella cooked by his Cuban chef at the big his official plantation house.

Isn’t it great PK that we can now call the MP comrade instead of masser, I know it basically means the same thing, but sounds more friendly.

PK what I don’t understand is that you hated him growing up, now you would throw yourself under a dollar bus for him, but please don’t do that because none of them have insurance.

Augustine Ferdinand:

But how can this guy write such foolishness when recent St. Vincent is ranked 17th in the world for Freedom of Press...He needs to stop write such blatant lies

Peter Binose:

Augustine Ferdinand, even using a false name fails to make you less of an idiot, in fact in your case it increases the idiocy in what you write.

You need to be aware that Transparency International reports are only as good as the information fed to them by the government in question.

According to 'Transparency International, "Corruption is the abuse of entrusted power for private gain. It hurts everyone who depends on the integrity of people in a position of authority".

If you don't prosecute, there will be no local record of criminality and therefore no international record of the same. I believe this is the Game that is being played by the ULP government in Vincentian politics for the last fourteen years.

Under the ULP regime, no one is ever arrested for corruption. They are enquired into, investigated, and if found to be a ULP supporter, often given a better job. By adopting this procedure there are no international reports that will damage the SVG government on the local, regional or world stage. Yet corruption is rife in just about every ministry, every government department and every government agency. Few if any are ever taken before a court, there are therefore no public records generated of wrong doing.

Even rape cases never reach the courts if the DPP decides otherwise.

The award figures to SVG from ‘Transparency International’ showing low corruption, is quite worrying. They have either been lied to, or have been starved of information.

I can if you wish list many of the corruption cases that have not been prosecuted.


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