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Letter: The IMF has Keith Mitchell by the throat
Published on June 13, 2014 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

When the former NDC government implemented the VAT, only one tax, Keith Mitchell went loco, today he has implemented 19 different taxes on the poor people of Grenada; is Mitchell for real? Where does he expect the people to get the monies to pay taxes? There are no employment in Grenada, except for Mitchell’s friends and their families. This is just the proverbial tip of the iceberg, while this tax situation under his watch worsens. It is about time the people of Grenada stand up to this dictatorial NNP regime.

Taxation in Grenada under the Mitchell NNP regime is perceived as oppressive.
This is a culture of corruption; if you are as fed up with this sorry state of affairs as I am, you’ll understand why I couldn’t stand to sit on the sidelines anymore. We have to remind Mitchell that his government is supposed to represent all the people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique, not just his pals.

He could implement, but not enforce this mess of 19 different taxes. The people of Grenada, by refusing to accept the NNP offer of representation, can avoid giving the Mitchell regime a pretence for taxing them.

It’s the people’s right to challenge any unnecessary and unreasonable taxes. Grenadians don’t have to settle for Mitchell and his nonsense. Enough is enough, people, come on, stand up once and for all against this corrupted regime.

Mitchell is too deceptive and wicked. I hope he is paying his taxes. Why are the people of Grenada accepting Mitchell’s disgusting and ridiculous behaviour? Take a stand.

Mitchell had promised during his electoral campaign speeches, over and over, that he would not raise taxes. He lied. He implemented 19 different taxes on this poor population of people. This is unprecedented in Grenada’s political history.

This is making Grenadians disgusted; talk about a double standard. This is outrageous; Grenadians must organize themselves, and get rid of this worse than communist regime. Fight for positive change. Is this the best our people can do? The exorbitant (very excessive) tax increase from $19 to $285; and from $385 to $1,500 in one year is unacceptable.

The people of Grenada have to look at this from a new perspective. It has been proven in history over and over again. This humongous increase in taxes is too much, this cannot be allowed to continue, and it is unacceptable for a country with no employment.

Some governments have always struggled with tax noncompliance and resistance. Tax resistance has played a significant role in the collapse of several empires, including Egyptian, Roman, Spanish and Aztec. Tax resistance is the refusal to pay tax, because of opposition to the government that is imposing the tax or to the government policies or as opposition to the concept of taxation in itself.

Tax resisters come from a wide range of background with diverse ideologies and aims. For example, Henry David Thoreau and William Lloyd Garrison drew inspiration from the American Revolution. Some tax resisters refuse to pay tax because their conscience will not allow them to enrich politicians, while others resist as part of a campaign to overthrow the government.

A resister may lower their tax payments by using legal tax avoidance techniques. The most dramatic and characteristic method of tax resistance is to refuse to pay a tax -- either by quietly ignoring the tax bill or by openly declaring the refusal to pay.

The IMF has Keith Mitchell by the throat; now the people of Grenada must unite and come together and resist; let the IMF choke him. Take a stand, Grenadians, a united people could never be defeated. Why should the people have to pay for Mitchell’s mistakes and recklessness?

Mitchell has never invested, not even a one cent in Grenada in all the years that he’s been in politics. He is burdening the poor people, who can’t even afford to buy food to feed their children, while Mitchell lives in luxury

With his 60-foot yacht docked in Barbados, his houses and buildings worldwide. Mitchell used up the IMF money, he should repay it. Why do the people of Grenada have to keep suffering because of Mitchell’s greed and recklessness and carelessness? Time to take a united stand against this regime.

Helen Grenade
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Julius Gabriel:

Helene it is agreed that you have your right to write what you wish, however you must remember there are consequences for your actions.

Have you considered fully what you are asking the people to do? The Grenadian patriots are peaceful, loving, hospitable and well intentioned. No one especially the likes of yourself will be able to change our patriots. I can't say the same for your fellow NDC supporters but I know for sure your unpatriotic, reckless and scandalous call will not be answered.

Now to look at your diatribe. Could you identify at least two new taxes that were recently implemented? I know you say 19 were implemented so you should not have a problem.

But Helene how could you be so ungrateful, so wicked, so unpatriotic to a country that has been so good to you?

In your diatribe you fail to address the real issues facing the country. Prime Minister Mitchell inherited an economy plagued with a financing gap of $18 million per month. In other words recurrent expenditure was $18 million more than recurrent revenue monthly. As a true patriot, I was expecting you to advance to the nation an alternative plan to closing the gap.

Recently, the permanent secretary in the ministry of Finance Mr. Timothy Antoine announced to the nation that the measures taken by the Keith Mitchell administration has narrowed the gap, it is now $10 million.

One may ask who is responsible for this huge financing gap? Well all the government from independence to present. However, it is instructive to note that in July 2008 when the NNP was voted out of office the monthly wage bill was $17 million per month, but the NDC in four and a half years increased it by $10 million to $27 million monthly. That's the reality the country is faced with at this point in time.

What you fail to realise, the patriot people of Grenada understand the sacrifice they are called to make for the three years of the Structural Adjustment Program (SAP)and are making it because they know it is necessary in order to revive the economy and protecting the future of our children.


Helen Grenade:

First, you are stuck on stupid, why don't you find that hole from where you crawled out and crawl back in. I will not be intimidated, I am not afraid of cockroaches like yourself.You are such a blasted coward, why don't you use your true identity for a change. Get a life loser.

What you mean is consequences for the actions of this Mitchell regime, the impending destruction of the NNP political party. The silent majority is aware of the happenings taking place in Grenada with this regime and soon their silent voices will be heard.

Mitchell have squandered away the trust of the Grenadian people, they expected him to raise taxes, but no one thought the increases would be so greatly exaggerated.

Never push people to their limits, because they will explode and fight back. The people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique are not stupid. Corruption is at work within this government and the people are frigging well fed up.. How gullible do you really think the people are. Call in the Forensic team and get with the program. Where is the outcry the NNP cabinet ministers. Everyone of them are jokers. Take a survey, ask the people how they feel about all the 19 taxes imposed on them.

We do not have a country anymore. Grenada, now belong to the IMF. Mitchell has sold out our country to the IMF. He is prime minister of nothing, a king without a throne.

Why should the poor people have to sacrifice and not the leadership. The need is growing and the call to action is becoming impossible to ignore.
Non-violent direct action will and can help to re-establish a balance where the rights of every Grenadian have been overtaken by the self-interest of this Mitchell regime, willing to sacrifice our children'e future for their short term gain and profit.

Peaceful demonstrations, peaceful acts of civil disobedience have been at the heart of many major struggles humanity have fought over the past several decades, the Anti-Apartheid Struggle, in South Africa,The Civil Rights Movement in the US, and Gandhi's Fight Against British Colonial rule in India to mention a few.

Actions do speak louder than words and actions are needed now more than ever given the threat that our poor people are facing under the NNP rule as a result of social exploitation.

Civil disobedience does not require heroes, it only takes decent men and women to say "Enough is Enough" Mitchell can realize that he needs to listen if not because it's the right thing to do, at least for fear of losing his mandate and positions.


'Prime Minister Mitchell inherited an economy plagued with a financing gap of $18 million per month.'

Julius Gabriel do you think people are idiots?

Who did Keith Mitchell inherit a plagued economy from?

In my life known life span as a Grenadian, there has been no leader that has served Grenada longer than the little black boy.

NDC was in power for four years, but who was there for 8 years before the NDC?

Leave the tribalism behind and let Doctor the right little black boy answer his name.

I say, Grenadians should not have to pay IMF for money that Keith Mitchell thief, let them choke him, or squeeze his balls!

Paul Gittens:

Prime Minister was invited by a Bajan investor on his Yacht, and all of a sudden that Yacht automatically became Prime Minister Mitchell's own? Lady please get a life and stopping making yourself the laughing stock of the world.

Before you continue your ranting and raving may I suggest that you take a look at the following link

Helen Grenade:

Paul Gittens, I always knew you were a jerk. You really need to pull up your socks.

The evidence is clear, I stand by my word of truth, and Mitchell knows it. Every Grenadian knows that Mitchell has amassed millions from the IMF. Did he disclose the millions of dollars hidden under his adopted son's name in Barbados, or did he declare the millions under his wife's name?

Mitchell has misuse his power and he continues to do so today. This is a malady which nobody can deny, has been pervading Grenada's political spectrum of our democratic nation.

Mitchell lied when he visited Canada last week, telling the people he had a turn out in New York of over 600 people, when in fact he had less than 300 people who turned out, none of his former loyal supporters showed up in New York. In Canada, 50 PEOPLE SHOWED UP.

Mitchell have hugely undervalued his assets. he is not honest in his declaration of assets, which means he is evading WEALTH TAX.

You can fool some of the people some time, but not all the people all the time. You just can't handle the truth.

Paul Gittens:

I am a jerk because you failed to do your homework? I am a jerk because you did not check your facts properly and mislead readers? I hope when called upon to substantiate your claims of Yacht being owned and accounts in Barbados you will be brave enough to present your proof.

PM Mitchell gave an approximate figure from the meeting. Yes, he may have been a bit off but for your information there were 340 persons present at that meeting I being one of them. Were you there? No you were not so stop your nonsense.

You have the worst things to say about PM Mitchell now because everyone here in New York new you were jamming up PM Mitchell because you wanted the consulate job. Prior to February 19th, 2013 Keith Mitchell was the best thing after slice bread for you. No sooner you discovered that no amount of butt kissing will get you the position you were campaigning and bad talking people for, you turned against him. Isn't PM Mitchell the same man you are hugging up in a photo?

You are a liability to Caribbean News Now and I soon they would realize why I made that statement to you. Keep on making yourself the laughing stock of the world.


Helen the attacks will continue to come your way because you are doing a very good job and the affects are been felt by the NNP and their cronies.

History can't be re- written. The fact of the matter is Keith Mitchell is the only architect of the economic crisis facing Grenadians. He took the national debt from 340 millions to over 1.8 BILLION DOLLARS. NOTHING CAN CHANGE THAT FACT.

MITCHELL INHERITED HIS OWN MESS. Its a shame how people can be so dishonest and wotless. Julius and Paul Gittens are men without any principle , credibility or integrity.

These folks are just cronies sucking the blood of Grenadians. There is no place for these POLITICAL VULTURES.

Helen continue to inform , educate and stand firm. Thousands of people are supporting you. Yo articles are widely read y thousands of people.

Caribbean news now has an ASSET in you. You are hitting the nail hard on it's head.kEEP POUNDING AWAY HELEN.


Helen Grenade:

Hey Paul Gittens, intimidation will not work on me, ask Keith he will tell you. I would not even waste my time with you because you are a useless two time loser. You really think Grenadians are unaware of what is happening in Grenada? Keep on dreaming, you will soon wake up to reality.

It is disappointing to see such blatant disregard for the truth. I will continue to put the truth out there to let world know what's taking place in Grenada with this despicable Mitchell NNp government. Mitchell does not have the ability to shut me up.

You people think everybody is stupid, you can't even tell the difference between protocol and complete failure. Who do you think you are fooling.?

Very soon this mess of a government will fall and that will be the end of his political party and government due to his stupidity.

Mitchell have no insights how to boost the economy, in fact he can't lead anymore. I can live with his hypocrisy, but it is his ineptness and incompetence that is hard to ignore.

Keith Mitchell has cast a spell on some of you people, you are one of those who still wear blinders and you just can't openly admit that Mitchell is destroying our country. Again I stand by what I said.

Do the math Paul Gittens, I always knew you were brainless. This job tactic will not work, not on me it won't.

Every Original Member of the NNP New York Support Group have moved away from Keith Mitchell because of he is a liar, loser, thief. They do not trust him anymore. Everyone knows his record of dishonesty, crooked and corrupt ways. We all walked away with our heads held high and we have no regrets.

Mitchell asked for my help, I never asked him for anything in the 34 years that I knew him. I took a stand and walked away from the reckless driver.

It is because of fools like yourself and your kind, that Grenada is in the current situation and loaded with debt.

Grenada have become the "LAUGHING STOCK" of the World. Grenada is an Independent country, and yet the Mitchell government depends on handouts and help from everyone. Mitchell is a beggar, he needs to take a page from Maurice Bishop.

Why can't Grenada export anything? There is no lands, Mitchell sold it all. Grenada can't produce anymore.Where are the Agroindustries that Bishop built?

Mitchell is draining Grenada, he is doing nothing but take and take. He has not absolved one iota. Keith Mitchell promised me that he would do things differently, he kept his words, just not for the better.

The world is seeing straight through him

Julius Gabriel:

Hey Helene, I see you at it again or should I say you back to your old ways. Once more by the stroke of your pen again you change ownership.

Helen Grenade:

Hey loser, you said it, bought and paid for, because I am effective.It is a true honor, and I am extremely proud to be considered so highly by such a lunatic,and coward as yourself.

When I told Keith Mitchell, 3 years ago that he was coming back, you idiots, said "He could never come back" When I told him that he was going to win every seat, you hypocritical jerks said "No way"

Today I am saying loud and clear that the Keith Mitchell government will collapse before 2018,and that will be the end of his government and political party. Get a life loser, because I am here to stay. Nazim Burke will definitely become the next prime Minister of the Tri-Island. Take that to your grave.

Success is not fame and fortune, success is making a positive difference in the lives of others and reaching one's potential. Watch me.You can't stop progress. I am a winner and winners win.

Julius Gabriel:

Hey Helen,

. If Keith had bought into your game when you change from being hostile to warming him up months prior to the last general elections and offer you the job you bargain for, would you have gone on this vicious personal attack which lack credibility and substance.

. Helen you should be the last person to accuse anyone of corruption. You forget how by reason of employment in the embassy you had your period of recklessness and it was PM Mitchell who save you

. Keith Mitchell was hailed by the World Bank and other international organizations of repute that he is making the right decisions for the revival of the Grenadian economy and his success will be used as a model for the development of the OECS.

. Stop misleading the readers of Caribbean News Now. You have to be blind or dottish,the facts re Mitchell leadership of the country are there for all to see yet you are writing all these lies.

Helene get a life.

Helen Grenade:

Stupid people makes me sick, you are of the group that beats their wives and have sexual relations with their daughters.This is the kind of behavior you are portraying here.I will not continue to respond to your garbage,do the math and get the facts. I will not do your homework for you. It simply means your stupid ass isn't worth any more of my time. You are stupid and its the same as being dead.

The U. S. State department has called the Keith Mitchell government "Corrupt". He was also the focus of the United States government investigation.
His government is disintegrating fast, too many shady deals, are all been exposed. The Call-Center, the Levera Project went belly-up. Millions of dollars were given to Mitchell government to start projects that never materialized.

It is estimated that Mitchell borrowed 10 million dollars of the Grenadian Tax payer money to help his family member, that was 10 years ago. Why didn't Mitchell use his own money to help his family? He has money in banks worldwide.He has yet to pay back a dime, today the amount to be repaid is over 22 million.

We can't sit back and allow Mitchell to destroy Grenada completely. The man keeps borrowing from everyone and he has no intentions of paying back.
The danger is very real, and we must not wait until it is too late. The time for debate is past. Time for action now. All Mitchell is doing is putting the country in debt and taxing the poor.

Mitchell NNP government is one of the most corrupt. Basically, these monies has gone to waste, Nothing to show for it.

Mitchell has embezzled millions. He has lost the support from his long time supporters. God is not asleep. Keith Mitchell is all about eating, stealing, lying, begging and not working

The man has become senile, he now wants the NIS to write -off the loan he borrowed from them.

Why should Mitchell have access to the public money? Pay back the money you borrowed from the NIS. Corruption is to much, get the picture if you haven't
Stop pointing finger at people who are telling the truth to justify the blind looting of our country.

It's always sad and shocking when we discover that someone used Tax-Payers money as their own personal piggy bank, but even more so when that scheme involves someone in government and his community.
The scale and duration of his scheme are breathtaking.

The lack of oversight in Grenada, makes this NNP government fertile ground for those looking to game the system.


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