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Letter: Thank goodness Vincentians rejected the attempt to change the constitution in 2010
Published on June 20, 2014 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

The constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain or constrain the people. It is an instrument for the people to restrain the government, lest it comes to dominate our minds, lives and interests.

That I believe was foremost in the minds of those in the Vincentian Diaspora. Believe it or not, to much of a degree, Vincentians in the Diaspora control the Vincentians at home. The Vincentian Diaspora are many groups of intelligent people, some highly intellectual, some with top notch jobs, world class warriors in the British and American armed forces. Vincentians who have had the education of living in large and real democracies, living in the real world where dictators will not be tolerated. They advised, and even told the family at home how to vote, because standing back from afar, they could see the real picture.

When you read the new constitution alongside the old constitution, only then could you see, compare and understand the sleight of hand woven into the new constitution by the Marxist element. The very real possibility of our futures to have included a president along the lines of Hugo Chavez or Fidel Castro

As the Unity Labour Party [ULP] has grown, it has grown beyond its constitutional boundaries and is really devouring our freedoms. Just imagine how they would have been behaving if the constitution referendum had gone in their favour. When you see the current hatred, spite and destruction of businesses and families. The politicising and militarisation of the police, big guns and big egos. When you see how they want to gag the press, TV and radio. When you see how the Venezuelan people are being treated by their Marxist government. Closing down and controlling radio stations, TV stations, newspapers, the internet and social media sites. No food in the shops, toilet paper and tampons a luxury. We surely must count ourselves lucky that the ULP constitution attempt failed.

Surely we have seen the attacks on working class people. The irrigation workers were dismissed because they complained that they hadn't been paid. The Port Police were dismissed because they complained that they were owed money by the government. Teachers were given a worthless contract, told they were the best terms yet. In the end, only to find they were lied to and cheated.

Our whole constitutional heritage rebelled at the thought of giving the ULP the power to control men's minds. We surely must count ourselves lucky that the ULP attempt for a new constitution failed.

Our current constitution must be regarded by judges and magistrates as the fundamental law. It therefore belongs to them to ascertain its meaning, as well as the meaning of any particular act proceeding from the legislative body, our parliament. If there should happen to be an irreconcilable variance between the two, that which has superior obligation and validity ought, of course, to be preferred; or, in other words, the constitution ought to be preferred to the statute. Unfortunately under the ULP government certain parts of the SVG law machine have adopted unconstitutional proceedings and processes. We surely must count ourselves lucky that the ULP attempt for a new constitution failed, how many times worse it would now be.

I believe in SVG we have a wonderful High Court judge, an African with great morals, who is a great upholder of our current constitution, who will not tolerate interference by anyone or anybody, which included the government, and that includes the government. For the rest of the judiciary and magistracy, I frequently have my doubts. Our constitution was not written in sand that it can be washed away with each new wave of ideology. Be it current controlled magistracy and Marxist controlled judiciary or whatever in general.

Can you all imagine what would be happening to us right now, if we had allowed the ULP government, which is led by an old time Marxist, an old man who has stated he is here to finish the work of Marxist Maurice Bishop? What would be happening to us right now if we had approved and adopted the new constitution?

We live under the constitution and the judiciary should be the safeguard of our property and our liberty under the constitution. What would be happening to us right now if we had approved and adopted the new constitution?

There is nothing in the current constitution that authorizes or makes it the official duty of a prime minister to have anything to do with criminal activities. Yet there are people in our ministries who are corrupt, stealing and acting out all sorts of skullduggery, never to be prosecuted.

Whilst most Caribbean governments seek to pass laws to stop and deter corruption, it appears that the Unity Labour Party government of St Vincent and the Grenadines seeks to pass laws which the opposition party and many Vincentians believe will support corruption. The government was recently accused of rushing a Bill through parliament that offers retrospective protection from prosecution for perpetrators that may have committed what some believe were corrupt or illegal acts. Can you even start to imagine how many times worse that would be, considering what is happening today, if we had approved and adopted the new constitution?

Latest scandals include $300,000-plus missing from a government account. State officials are investigating the action of former registrar of the High Court, Tamara Gibson-Marks. Some EC$300,000 is unaccounted from an account that Mrs Marks held in trust.

Allegedly, there are additional scandals brewing with sums of EC$80,000 and EC$162,000 missing from a ministry. However, it is said to be currently under government wraps.

Why are all these corruptions hidden from view? Why do they cover them up? Why?

My belief is that it is to influence the Perception of Corruption Index we always score high up on the list of the least corrupted governments, when in fact we are among the worst in the Caribbean. It’s a cover up and whitewash job.

Can you even start to imagine how many time worse it would be? Considering what is happening today, if we had approved and adopted the new constitution.

Thank goodness that Vincentian people rejected the ULP attempt to change the SVG constitution in 2010.

Peter Binose
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William Eubanks :

Beautifully written article. How very true. The people is SVG knew better by instinct. Let's not forget the Crown and the stability and respect it provides as well.


Peter Binose is the consummate chameleon, and I wonder how many members in his fold go by the pseudonym Peter Binose? Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

Now it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to realize that there are several Peter Binose of various standing (make that leaning). Some are downright stupid and others pretend to be savvy, to no avail. What have we here? Usurpers? Destabilizers? Foreign Agents? Demented individuals, forever seeking to ruin the ULP’s reputation; or just a bunch of NDP losers? I’ll go with the latter. Do we really have to listen to the immature repulsive ranting of these NDP cronies like Peter Binose, head Chief of the “Internet crazies"? I think not. These folks are forever on a perpetual low. Want proof? Here it is. He writes.

“The Vincentian Diaspora are many groups of intelligent people, some highly intellectual, some with top notch jobs, world class warriors in the British and American armed forces. Vincentians who have had the education of living in large and real democracies, living in the real world where dictators will not be tolerated…” Goodness gracious, what medication are Peter Binose and his alto egos on? Would someone please stand him/them upright?

To recollect, the failure of the Referendum movement to change our constitution was a failure on the ULP’s side through “lack of preparedness”, and not a “failed constructional document”. On the other hand, the majority of Vincentians who “voted No”, didn’t know what the hell was going on, and the NDP took advantage of that position even at the cost of “political suicide” for the party; although they knew and admitted it personally, that the referendum movement was a welcoming thing. What Vincentian in their right mind would want to continue under HER Majesty’s rule indefinitely? Certainly not our PM, and progressive Vincentians like myself. Arnhim Eustace and the NDP nappies will certainly go down in history as a desperate pack of “house niggers” supreme, and those that “Vote No for the Referendum” will be remembered as “lackeys of slavocracy”; and you Peter Binose will go down in the annals of Caribbean history as number one “lackey”.

Nigel Camron:

I send my family money every week, have done for 20 years. Without my help the old folk would starve, the youth have got educated, but no jobs and no future. So I keep trying to help.

You can be sure that like the referendum I will advise them how to vote at the next general election. I will tell them not to vote for the ULP, they have proved to be a disaster and are led by the most disgusting person I have ever seen leading a country.

The airport is but a carrot, used by the ULP to stay in power. Whoever wins will complete that airport. But you can be sure a new government will get help from the EU, US and UK. Unlike the present regime that seeks help from such as Cuba and Venezuela.

I have not worked all my life and contributed, to see the country, my country, go down the communist drain.

Peter Binose:

There you are folks, I rest my case. This letter written by PM Gonsalves pretending to be PKnight, shows you just what kind of scum we are dealing with.

He is now calling us house niggers because we have a different view, WOW.

Nigel Camron:

After reading what P Knight wrote I will make absolutly sure none of my family and none of my hundreds of friends in the Diaspora vote ULP ever again.

What an animal.


My sincerest apologies for the error "alto egos”,(my musical other took over) in my previous comment above, it should have been "alter ego", but it now can be ascribed to these persons @ Eubanks, Binose, and Nigel Camron. You Sir's are Peter Binose "alter ego"...”Who you all think you fooling?”

Nigel Camron:

Thank you Mr Knight for your confirmation as to exactly what a rubbish person you are and what a rubish regime, and as Mr Binose says what a bunch of Marxist scum you all are as a grouping.

Thank you so much for whatever you write because you confirm exactly what the party is all about, and you thankfully do more damage to Gonsalves and the ULP with every word that you write.

So keep up the good work, someone like you must cost the party millions in PR rectification. So keep it comeing, more and more people will turn away just by what you write and the way you write it.


Nigel in your last paragraph you wrote and I quote... "I have not worked all my life, and contributed, to see the country, my country, go down the communist drain" Are you still living at home with Mother? Do you still breast feed?

Well this blog is for adults only, go back and suckle.



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