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Letter: Soldiers for Christ: In the footstep of Tillman Thomas
Published on December 24, 2013 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

For God so loved the world that he gave his only son, so whoever believe in him shall not perish but have everlasting life. For God didn't send his son in the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world may be saved through him. John chapter 3 verses 16 and 17.

Ever since former Prime Minister Hon Tillman Thomas referred to himself as a soldier for Christ in the politics, Dr Keith Mitchell has taken offence to his pronouncement. In a Christian society it would seem normal for someone to say that they are a soldier for Christ, and one would welcome hearing this from the leader of their country, a democratic Christian country.

While many leaders have not publicly called themselves a soldier for Christ, many world leaders have fought and are still fighting to preserve and spread Christianity. Some may even go as far as to say that there is a global war against Christianity and Islam. In Islam there are thousands of soldiers for Allah and they are willing and ready to become martyrs for their Muslim faith. The Jews are also soldiers for their God and whenever their nation is threatened they would unite and fight to protect their nation and religion.

In the Caribbean our politicians seems not to be so grounded in their faith even if they may say that they are Christians. Former Prime Minister Hon Tillman Thomas had the courage and faith to publicly let the world know that he is a soldier for Christ in the politics .

Caribbean politicians and politics are seen in a very negative way. The majority of politicians are seen as corrupt, selfish, uncaring and greedy. Society doesn't associate Caribbean politicians with Christ and it is all because of the nature of these politicians. Many of them enters politics to enrich themselves and their family at the expense of the poor and vulnerable. Christ was a champion of the poor. Former Barbados Prime Minister Errol Barrow was a soldier for Christ in the politics and a very good soldier indeed .

The Christ that Tillman Thomas serves isn't corrupt, selfish, deceptive, deceitful or dishonest. Christ was not a thief a crook, conman or fraud star and therefore to be a soldier for Christ is noble . Every citizen of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique should aspire to be a soldier for Christ. Christ is LOVE. Our moral values have deteriorated as a result of the lack of love and respect for each other. This lack of respect occurs at the highest leadership level and so our society has become polluted with hate, envy, grudge and spite.

Former Prime Minister Hon Tillman Thomas proclaiming that he is a soldier for Christ in the politics, set a new and high standard that many politicians should emulate. Prime Minister Dr Mitchell feels very uncomfortable with the pronouncement of the Hon Thomas.

Tillman Thomas has raised the political bar to a new level. He has forced other leaders who have grown use to the negative connotations of politics: the corruption, victimisation, cronyism, embezzlement, under the table deals, kick backs, fraud, grease hand to examine their conscience.

As a soldier in the politics for Christ Hon Tillman Thomas is incorruptible, having zero tolerance for corruption in his administration. He rid his administration of MPs who didn't live up to their own standard of been accountable and transparent. He lost his job as a result, however his stood up for principle and what is right. He was betrayed by many Judases who sold their soul for thirty pieces of silver and today he is at peace with his soul while theirs are in guilt.

The current grouping is made up of atheists, socialists, capitalists, dictators, aristocrats and all other kind of 'ist'. They goal is to seek their self interest, enriching themselves at the expense of the poor and vulnerable. They don't have anything Christ like in them. Their lives are shrouded with hypocrisy, shedding 'crocodile tears' in their lust for power. They have fought vociferously against the solder for Christ, betraying and crucifying him all because of his humility and morality. This soldier for Christ is a loving husband, a family man and who can proudly boast of his fidelity and love for his wife and children. His love for country and its people is unwavering. I am talking about no other than Hon Tillman Thomas.

The aim of trying to tarnish the reputation and character of Hon Tillman Thomas, the soldier for Christ, by his opponents lacks credibility. The record is there to show that here is a leader of impeccable sound character. A man of integrity and honesty. Satan can't correct sin. What is however very astonishing is that many religious leaders failed to defend that statement made by Tillman Thomas. This is an indication of how religion has failed the people. There are over 300 churches in Grenada; many of them seem to be operating like a business. Many pastors and religious leaders have forgotten the virtues and values of Christ and are into the 'bling', with luxurious SUVs and mansions while their congregation languishes in poverty and deprivation. Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell is singing the tune of the religious community. Over five hundred dollars have been earmarked for certain so called 'religious political organisations'. These groups have a problem with the real soldier for Christ because they are of their father the devil.

As we approach the peak of the Christmas season, let’s celebrate in the true Christian spirit of love, empathy and sincerity. As communities, let us all support the weak, poor and vulnerable. Share the little that you may have with your brothers and sisters. Don't become a victim of the rhetoric of the prime minister who is bent on belittling our Christians virtues and values and spreading hate, spite and division . Reach out to someone in need. Share some love. Today you may be up and tomorrow your are down. Life is fragile and so don't allow yourself to be misled by the evil which has overshadowed the land. Speak to your inner self and thoughts of caring for people. Our economic circumstances call for unity, togetherness, teamwork, solidarity. Don't allow the venom from the snakes to poison your conscience with hate and spite for any one. We are all in this together. Our options are very limited. It's either we lock our hands and horns and work together for our survival or we continue to live like crabs in a barrel and sink. 2014 is a critical year for our nation. We can make it if we all walk in the footsteps of Hon Tillman Thomas and become soldiers for Christ.

A people united can never be defeated! One hundred and ten soldiers for Christ working as one team one people in unity shall be more productive than a leader and his cabinet. Let us take back our country.

Finally I would like to take this opportunity to wish the people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Grenadian Class
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I am saddened by this plunge from the heights of what I thought was well written,unbiased political analysis into the depths of biased and unnecessary exaltation, on the one hand, and diatribe on the other. Discerning Grenadians ask for and deserve better. I do. Please leave this for the local weekly rags which many of us are now refusing to read. Is it, as one of my friends thinks, that this is the work of many pens? Surely looks so!


Benji that is your opinion and it should be respected. Your opinion though isn't share by the majority of discerning person who understand the nature of the local politics. To bad Benji your comments are not discerning. Will you will get relevant information from readings these article you also have a choice not to. But I know that you can't resist. Have a Merry Christmas .


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