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Letter: Prime Minister Gonsalves 'lynched' in church
Published on July 26, 2014 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

Elwardo Lynch hated Ralph Gonsalves; some will say he didn't, I say he did. Gonsalves had destroyed Lynch's life. After he sued Elwardo several times, the man was never the same, his whole life and attitude changed. Elwardo had been kind to Gonsalves over the years, only to be shat on from a very great height when Gonsalves sued him, an act of spite in most decent people’s opinion. Wouldn’t accept a simple and humble apology, had to stick the knife in to the hilt, and twist it.

Gonsalves turned up at the church in Georgetown, followed the casket into the church with a smile the full width of his face. Hugging and kissing women as he strolled down the aisle. Obviously saw it as a great opportunity to canvass votes. When he came to speak, the congregation erupted; they hissed, booed, shouted and screamed, rang a bell and made it impossible to hear the words spoken at the microphone by Gonsalves. It was obvious from the look on the face of Gonsalves that he was deeply shocked. He expected a few little comments on his way into church but he never expected the venom unleashed within the church by the people of Georgetown.

Georgian and other Vincentians and overseas friends and some but not all the family of Elwardo showed their distaste for Gonsalves, the extreme dislike must have been exceptional to show those feelings in the House of the Lord. Gonsalves finished his speech but not a single word was heard.

I am sure Elwardo would have made a wonderful commentary had he been covering the service as a Nice Radio commentator.

Yes, Edwardo has had the last laugh; despite Gonsalves being surrounded by a whole gang of plain clothes police officers in the church, Gonsalves felt threatened. So he should be because I believe that the demise of Lynch will bring about the demise of Gonsalves. Can you believe that our prime minister needed armed bodyguards in a church, with hand weapons concealed in their pockets, fingers on the triggers?

There was all but a riot in church and Elwardo led it all the way. In the newspapers this week Gonsalves said he would see Lynch in heaven, I do not think so, and nor did the people in the church.

My way of thinking Gonsalves had the cheek of the devil even to attend the service of this man, a real man, who many believed he helped destroy. He really doesn’t know what he has done, or he knows and couldn’t give a damn.

There is a recording about to be released of Gonsalves speaking to Elwardo, which exposes the true hate Gonsalves had for him. I am sure it will be published in the next couple of days. I will try and help with that.

Time to go Gonsalves; I can’t be bothered by using the term comrade, never have done, all that communist crap is beyond me. Like I have never addressed you as Honourable, why should I, when I consider you far, far less than that.

The bell has now been sounded in the house of the Lord at Georgetown; that means it really is time for you to go.

Remember whilst smoking us ‘Internet Crazies‘ out, Gunzi Poo, smoke may get in your own eyes, ‘yaba daba doo’, fat Boo Boo.

Peter Binose
Reads: 5677

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Bryan Alexander:

FIRST OF ALL, whenever an article is written by PETER BINOSE, we should,expect it to be completely untruthful.

PETER BINOSE is a delusional freak who does not know his fist from his elbow.

PETER BINOSE has an agenda which is solely based on hating the Vincentian Prime Minister, Dr Ralph Gonsalves. If you don't believe me, just take a look at his persistent (continuous) ignorant rants against the PM.

LOOK AT HIS VERY FIRST SENTENCE ABOVE. BINOSE begins by talking about hating Ralph Gonsalves!

Peter Binose (not his real name) is an absolutely poor excuse for half-a-man.

Allan Palmer:

Peter Binose, another good piece. I noticed Vincy Power or should I say Vincy Powerless is using Bryan Alexander's name to try and discredit your writing. However people like Gonsalves, Grans Byran and Vincy Powerless will meet there day soon.

Continue to keep the bastards on their toes, Write Peter write. Peace to you and your family

Peter Binose:

Lets play pretend, the person who has commented is not Brian Alexander, he is Marxist ULP Gonsalves supporter who is a paid collaborator.

Say anything truthfull but damaging about the regime or its leaders, he pops up and trys to destroy what is said, because the truth damages the regime. They cannot live with the truth.


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