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Letter: Peter David out but NDC division widens
Published on January 29, 2014 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

With David expelled the party would be “stronger and more united!” Since the ouster of Peter David, the NDC has been floundering and has now completely lost its footing; “weaker and more divided” must be the new mantra. In its relatively short political history the NDC has never been in such disarray.

This therefore begs the question, was David the cause of the disunity within the ranks of the NDC? Published first-hand accounts from insiders in the hierarchy of the party, who first fingered Peter David, have now drawn back and point fingers in other directions; the more analytical mind may see this as: cowardice, hypocrisy, vindicating David or all three? New revelations to the public were certainly no stranger to those who lived with the information; for reasons on which I would not speculate, they kept it to themselves.
The truth is buoyant; taken to the dark depths of deception it will rise to the top, repulsing predatory attacks on its slow journey to the surface.

More astute political observers who followed the rise to power and fall of the NDC were not surprised. The man on the ground had no doubt and understood, throughout the years of NDC campaigning to consolidate political power, that the most vibrant voice of the party was Peter David’s. The general perception of the people, and rightly so, was that Peter was the foremost member of the NDC who had the drive, personality, commitment and connections to find most of the party’s campaign funding. In a crunch, call Peter; he was the “go to man.” With his other duties as general secretary of the NDC for 11 years, he and no one else carried that weight – the financing backbone of the NDC.

To this very day no one, absolutely no one, including the party leader and the deputy leader of the NDC can show, in any manner whatsoever, which clause or clauses of the NDC’s constitution Peter David, or for that matter, Chester Humphrey, violated.

David has moved on with his life and, like any other citizen of the state of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique, he is guaranteed the constitutional right of freedom of association.

He continues to advocate for the grassroots and underprivileged – even to his own detriment – frequently using his personal earnings to help needy families, while political hopefuls at the NDC squander time and resources fighting among themselves for leadership of the party. The power struggle and division has never been more intense at the NDC – some inside sources describe it as brutal and destructive; ironically, Peter David is nowhere in sight. Strange isn’t it?

The man who over the stringent objections of his party, put his lawyering to good use in convincing party elders that Tillman Thomas should be the NDC’s choice to become the prime minister of Grenada, was later to be ostracized and labeled a power thirsty rebel by Prime Minister Tillman Thomas and his government. Despite his ordeal Peter harbours no ill will against any of his former party comrades. He has been in politics from his teens and in all his adult life and understands dirty politics.

But coming from the loving home of matriarch, the late Marcella David, who reached the pinnacle of her profession in the service of her country, not by acquiescing to the dictates of Chief Minister Eric Gairy but standing up to him on principled grounds, not afraid to confidently speak out at a time when intimidation and fear were the order of the day in government. With profound love for his mother, his confidant, his comfort in stressful times, his advisor, and deep devotion to her, it is by no accident that his political life reflects the principles and confidence imbued by his mother. Will he dishonour her legacy of dedication to family, church, community and country by stooping to low, dishonest and dirty politics desecrating her memory? Fat chance!

Peter David, still the people’s choice.

Kit Stonewalling
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All political parties have a certain degree of division within their structure . In an group there will alwAys be differences of ideas. Opinions philosophy etc . The NDC division of the period 2011. 2012 is no more .

Petter David the party's general secretary had a golden opportunity to ensure that the NDC remain united having defeated the NNP in 2008 after 13 years in office. He was to ambitious and power hungry and so he lead a rebel faction which caused the division in the NDC then.. Having destroyed the NDC chance of re election working in collusion with Mitchell NNP he I now an advisor to this government in an informal way since there has not been an official communique from government on what capacity He is functioning. While he may possess some of the values mentioned one senses that he definitely lack patience and respect for authority based on his actions and attitude as a minister in the NDC administration . Dr Mitchell in his own words said that Peter David is a very dangerous man. Nothing can come between him and power. Time will tell if Dr Mitchell will become a victim of Peters lust for power. What goes around around comes around. The NDC is matching on without Peter and the rebels . What will be will be. Who ever thought that after fighting NNP and Keith Mitchell so vehemently that Peter would be on the same plane with Keith going to Cuba for a CELAC summit. Peter David now has the opportunity to display all his noble and good qualities in the NNP so what is the issue that you guys have with the NDC ? Do you guy want to see Grenada become a one party state.? Or do you want to see Peter standing with one foot in NNP and the other in NDC? Can serve two masters. Peter is still free to make an application to join the NDC . NDC is a democratic organisation , not the dictatorship that is in the NNP.

Come Sunday February 2 nd the NDC will be election a new political leader and national executive to take Grenada Carriacou and Petite Martinique to a new level in democratic process. Genuine peoples participation ! Peter failed to used what his dear and loving parents taught him to advance the interest of the people. I am certain they will continue to love him as a son but they are not happy on the role that he has played in destroying the political parties he has been involved with especially the way he treat Tillman Thomas who accepted him in the NDC after his revolutionary past. Ungrateful ness is no noble!!!!!!

Helen Grenade:

All the losers Mitchell is associating himself with, some former criminals, whom he released from prison for the murders of our former Prime Minister Maurice Bishop and his men, some was disbanded from the NDC government, some involved in shady deals and scams, maybe he was bought, but that he found men in politics a bit like himself: ambitious maybe practical. But these men will never become prime ministers of Grenada.

The next person to become the leader of the NDC will with no doubt become the next prime Minister of Grenada, after the fall of the NNP government. Remember you saw it hear first. Fear not Grenadians, fear not NDC supporters.


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