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Letter: Peter David duped by Keith Mitchell
Published on July 26, 2014 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

Peter David has become Grenada's most recognizable 'political clown' following his coronation as a card holding member of the New National Party (NNP). Blessed with a keen sense of humour, charisma and intellect, he has allegedly used his talents in a very destructive way dating back as far as 1983.

He will be remembered in history as an individual who allegedly participated in and spearheaded the destruction of two governments PRG and NDC and may yet be a central figure in the destruction of a third, the NNP.

Maurice Bishop and Tillman Thomas are allegedly political victims of an individual who is obsessed, consumed and blinded by political power.

Time will tell whether Keith Mitchell and his NNP will because the third victim of a man who craves to become prime minister of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique by any means he deems necessary.

At his coronation he indicated that, if he is on a bus to a destination and the driver changes course, he will certainly take another vehicle to meet his destination. What destination he didn't elaborate but the ordinary man on the street knows his political ambition is to become prime minister.

Having joined the NNP over two months ago, expectations were that Peter David would have been appointed a senator and given a ministerial portfolio. This has not happened and poor Peter is still lingering in the political wilderness.

He allegedly created chaos and conflict within the National Democratic Congress (NDC) administration as he sought to position himself to vie for the leadership of the party.

As the alleged head of a rebel faction within the NDC he tried to hold then prime minister Tillman Thomas to ransom.

Now a member of the NNP, Peter David appears to have been duped by Keith Mitchell. Mitchell’s political instincts aren’t as tame as that of Tillman Thomas. He knows how to wheel and deal for his own political survival. Having 'cornered' Peter David, he is contemplating his next political move as the next NNP national convention approaches. It will be interesting to see what political dynamic evolves within the NNP. Will the old guard be pushed aside, making way for the socialist and revolutionaries? Peter David is known to be hot headed and impatient. He won't sit and wait around for things to happen. He will instigate actions whether productive or counterproductive. The NNP is in for a political earthquake. There will be many shakers and movers.

The status and prestige that Peter David once wielded in the NDC is gone and he sits miserably like a political clown under the house of the NNP waiting impatiently for dust to fall from within the cracks on the floor. How much patience he has to wait only time will tell. Thousands of people are disappointed in the action of Peter David and his associates. These men, who many young people looked up to for direction, are now seen as traitors, crooks and con men. He has lost the respect of scores of people who he once led into the NDC.

Keith Mitchell, once vilified by Peter David and associates, has turned the tables around and has demonstrated to the world that these men are fraudsters, hypocrites and fakes. They are as deceitful, deceptive, corrupt and crooked as they once alleged Keith Mitchell to be.

What has transpired with Peter David, Joseph Gilbert, Chester Humphrey and their associates is a classic case of political prostitution.

It showed the nation how easily so called men of conscience and goodwill can turn to political prostitutes since they are not grounded with the morals and values of men of integrity.

Had Maurice Bishop been alive today he would have referred to this gang as political mercenaries.

It is no wonder that these men are so vulnerable and can be duped into supporting personalities and policies they only recently despised.

Some political pundits suggest that Peter David joined the NNP because his political clock is ticking. His age don't allow him the luxury to maneuver, especially if he wants to become prime minister.

Throughout his political career he has demonstrated poor judgement, hence the reason why he has been duped once again by Keith Mitchell into believing that he will inherit the leadership of the NNP.

Grenadians, however, are too aware of the political craftiness of Keith Mitchell. Herbert Blaize, Dr Raphael Fletcher, Grace Duncan and Michael Baptiste are all victims. Peter David may soon be added to Keith Mitchell’s blacklist.

With every passing day the political pressure mounts on Peter David and Keith Mitchell. Despite their new alliance both men are watching each other with a snake's eyes. During the day and in public they smile, hug and giggle; however, at nights they are planning and plotting their next political move.

Keith Mitchell and Peter David are aware that some major political re-alignments must take place very soon if their political love affair is to survive.

This re-alignment is probably taking shape with the visit of the governor general Cecile La Grenada to Queen Elizabeth. La Grenade has been knighted and so that may be her final reward before she submits her resignation, clearing the way for David to enter the senate.

The president of the senate Lawrence Joseph acted as the governor general in her absence. Speculations are he will replace La Grenada as the GG, therefore making room for Peter David and probably Chester Humphrey to become senators.

Given the lacklustre performance of some MPs and senators in the past 18 months, a cabinet reshuffle is overdue. Some of the senators have been a total failure and a drag on the finances of the nation.

Garraway, Emmons, Brenda Hood, Simon Steele, Sheldon Scott and Kenny Lalsighn are all failures. Lalsighn and Hood are unlikely to be replaced because of seniority within the party; however, all the jobs of the others are at stake. Peter David and his gang are observing the political developments within the NNP closely. Keith may be aware of the political instincts and ambition of this gang but he may not be aware of the urgency of this gang to wield power after being expelled from the NDC. Despite their public pronouncements, they suffered a dent in their egos.

The countdown to the next general elections is fast approaching. Midterm is only some months away. The NNP is already in campaign mode, bombarding the airwaves with propaganda. Sheldon Scott is on the airwaves daily, hosting a party talk program while on government payroll. This has been heavily criticised by the main opposition NDC.

The NNP seems to have very little regard for the rule of law and the nation’s constitution. Their election machinery is already being assembled in preparation for the next elections, even as the economic situation worsens. The road to fixing the economy is a very rough one; however, Keith Mitchell is placing his hope in the youth vote and so it will be very interesting to see if Peter David emerges as the NNP general secretary in the party's next convention. He held that position previously in the NDC until he was expelled from the party after allegedly challenging the leadership of Tillman Thomas.

The NDC has regrouped to the point that the party remains a very strong force to be reckoned with in any general elections. Nazim Burke has proved that he is a capable leader and is supported by a very strong national executive. The party needs to have all its caretakers in place before the end of the year, since 2015 will be a critical one for the people of Grenada.

NDC needs just eight 8 seats to regain power. The party base remains energized after the defeat in the last general elections; however, much work needs to be done by the party in ensuring that its supporters are registered to vote. The party must be aware of the strategy of the NNP supported by Peter David and Chester Humphrey to try to win all 15 seats in order to create a one party state.

NDC has to ensure that the electorate is educated and registered to combat the massive propaganda campaign that is expected from the NNP.

This is the last opportunity that Peter David has to become prime minister and he will fight tooth and nail to achieve this. He may yet falter, since he is known to lack the political maturity to succeed.

Peter David is currently been used by Keith Mitchell as an old Soviet hammer and sickle to work like a proletariat for the NNP.

2015 will see the introduction of some more taxes, including another increase in property tax. The government may have to retrench thousands of workers from the public service in order to accomplish its economic objectives as agreed with the IMF. The proposed referendum on constitutional reform on February 10 may be used by the NNP as an endorsement of its policies by the people. The NDC therefore has to be extremely careful and tread with caution as to the party's position of the items that will be down for reform.

If Peter David is made a senator and then a minister the NDC shouldn't support any constitutional reform under that political construct. It would be foolhardy for the NDC to support the architect of the party's destruction and subsequent loss at the polls.

As a matter of political principle, the NDC should take the issues to the people explaining to them why the party won't support any reform in any administration which includes Peter David and his gang. If the NDC supports such a government then the party will make itself irrelevant.

Peter David in the present construct lacks the political power to have any major influence on the political process. His membership in the NNP does not have any major impact on the political process.

He will be given legitimacy if the NDC supports the constitutional reform process if he is made a senator. The reform process is not about any one man; however, one dangerous and destructive man can cause havoc in the entire country as seen in the past. Bernard Coard and his gang in 1983; Peter David and his gang in 2011-12.

The time for political expedition and games is over. Grenada needs a period of political seriousness lead by a team of serious men. Peter David isn't a serious and mature politician and as such he should be marginalised at all cost. The youths of the country should be educated so that they will reject politicians who don't contribute positively to their growth and development.

Too often Grenadians allow themselves to be manipulated by unscrupulous politicians. The time has come for Grenadians to think with their head and not their stomach. Making the right decisions and choices is important in order to have a better standard of living.

Having been duped by Keith Mitchell, Grenadians should ensure that Peter David isn't given any opportunity to create political instability in the country.

Grenada has had too many missed opportunities as a result of the poor judgement of some politicians. Now is the time to purge the country of wastage, human and otherwise. Now is the planning stage, the day for execution and implementation is approaching. As a people let us not disappoint ourselves again. Sensible people don't make mistakes too many times. Grenadians, get rid of the old and usher in a new dispensation.

Peter David has been duped; however, the NDC must use this opportunity to regain power and take Grenada to a new level in its growth and development. There are enormous opportunities for the NDC and the party should grab them as quickly as possible. The political battle for the hearts and souls of the people should begin now.

Forward ever, backward never. Forward against dictatorship and totalitarianism!

Grenadian Class
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