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Letter: My concern for SVG's new administration
Published on December 11, 2013 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

Difficulties break some men but make others; no axe is sharp enough to cut the soul of a person who keeps on trying. - Nelson Mandela

When I first read this statement, I was of the opinion that Nelson was speaking of me personally; but then I reflected on the life of this iconic Nobel Prize winner and I am convinced that these words were meant for people like me who may have endure just a snippet of what he endured and others who may be going through suffering of varying degrees.

The evidence is there and the evidence is clear, the level of suffering in St Vincent and the Grenadines have increased many fold since the Gonsalves administration took the rule of government; the people are crying in their closet. This is so for three reasons:

1. They are afraid to cry in public less they be victimized by an unsympathetic government.

2. They have adopted the victim's mentality; blaming themselves for their conditions which they do not have any real control over (poor governmental policies and poor economic conditions).

3. Blaming themselves for the ineffectiveness of an incompetent government; the fact they are unable to provide for the people (they should after all; they caused them to be elected to many times).

4. They don't want anyone to know that they have falling on hard times.

There is no doubt that the handwriting is on the wall for the leader and the political administration of the Unity Labour Party (ULP). This political administration was weighed in the balances and was found wanting. In other words, all of the indicators are proclaiming electoral defeat for the ULP according to the political history of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

• According to history, an imminent defeat is sure after a one seat victory of an incumbent party.

• It is also a sure sign of political doom when you see card carrying members publicly defecting in the same manner Luzette King did. From memory, this happened with Milton Cato's administration, It occurred with James Mitchell’s administration and it is totally evident with the Ralph E. Gonsalves administration.

• Another sign is a heightened level of public outcry of inequity of opportunity, and treatment within the community; unfortunately this is the cry of the masses;

• The widespread reports of corruption within the economically strapped country are a sure signal that the ULP administration is functioning in the beginning of the end of their electoral right to administer the affairs of the country.

Now that the ULP end is near, it will be a deadly blow for the party if the leader loses his seat in the upcoming election. Should this happen, it will not only be an electoral historic first; it will make the end of the Unity Labour Party and old Labour as we knew them. Should this happen, the question we must consider: who is best poised to take up where the ULP left off?

Now that we know and understand the signs, and we are able to read the handwriting that is on the wall as it pertain to the political and the electoral ousting of the Unity Labour Party from administrative control of St Vincent and the Grenadines; I am very concerned; although I am sure that under the leadership of Arnhem Eustace, the ULP attitude and practices of open victimization will not be able to raise up its ugly head and become institutionalized; however, I have a nagging concern that the practice of old Labour may manifest itself within the soon to be new NDP administration.

You may be wondering what is the attitude and practice of old Labour.

Old Labour had a good leader, in the person of the Rt. Hon. Robert Milton Cato; this is so even though he was very thin skinned. Prime Minister Cato surrounded himself with some men, a few of whom thought they were above the law. There were also party supporters that had the same mind set also. It came to a point where the honourable leader of the party either was unable to or had became so exhausted with dealing with the like of most of whom who still exist of old Labour that he pretended all was well.

Another concern I have is, those members of the New Democratic Party, who were ostracized from the in crowd, who were deprived of opportunity because of the divisive and childish policies of the Ralph E. Gonsalves administration, will go in with the attitude that this is my time now. It is true that the resources are limited and they have gotten even more limited as a result of the mismanagement of the nation's resources. The NDP government will not be able to provide for all of its card carrying members, party supporters, etc. A lot of NDP supporters will have to continue to bear their grinds for the truth is: there is not, and will never be enough to go around.

The healing of the nation (St Vincent and the Grenadines) has to begin with the Rt. Hon. Arnhem Eustace. The revenge administrative policies and practice started with Ralph Gonsalves but it must end with Eustace; the political warmongering started with Gonsalves but it must end with Eustace. The Hon. Eustace has the integrity, the will and the guts to do what is right by, to and for St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Mr Eustace is in the perfect position to forever change the face of Vincentian politics, with the passing of the appropriate legislation to ensure that when the next Ralph Gonsalves takes the reins of government in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, he or she is unable to conduct business in the same unprofessional and uncaring manner that the ULP did so boldly without a serious measure of responsibility and accountability attached to their actions; because there is no legislation to deal with such.

Corruption in any of its forms must be clearly spelt out and closely monitored; the consequences of such unethical practice and behaviour for people of trust that hold public appointed and elected offices must be such that they are afraid to walk outside the perimeter of honest, ethical and wholesome practice in the execution of their office. Mr Eustace has to do what Gonsalves was afraid to do. He must take the risk of members of his party becoming victims of such legislation and suffering the consequences of their dishonest and unethical practices; knowing that to fall below principled actions can have serious repercussions; even prison sentences.

The proper administration and the general development of St Vincent and the Grenadines is an extremely serious matter and must be taken with the utmost seriousness.

Allan Palmer
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