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Letter: Keith Mitchell should try out a new look - competence
Published on December 21, 2013 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

Grenadians electing Keith Mitchell and his NNP political party confirms exactly what most of them feared, that the prime minister was not sincere about changing direction. Mitchell is ruining Grenada by ruling like a dictator, if Grenadians wanted a dictator, they would have voted for Peter. We need to shine a spotlight on Mitchell and his lying government and shame them into doing the right thing for the people.

Why didn’t Mitchell raise taxes on his wealthy friends, instead of the poor people? For Mitchell to stifle working people on the wages they earned to coddle his rich friends is despicable. His rationale to ensure his friends remain rich is a lot like Hitler’s rationale for eradicating Jews to protect the Aryan nation, that is not a “so be it” to me both theories are just wrong and misguided,

Grenada’s economy is near economic collapse, every part of Grenada, the economic hubbub is absent, most Grenadians are barely scraping by. The people are enduring a horrendous time; it has become painful for them. The Mitchell led NNP government must take their foot off the neck of the country. All he and his government are leaving are trails of collateral economic damage to the country and people, but Grenadians remain ever exuberant and optimistic.

Grenada must regain the confidence of Investors and will not have any need to rely on international loans, it will be able to borrow money in financial markets, at low interest rates, but it still must repay most of the loans it has received from the IMF, which could take decades.

Even though the NNP had won all 15 seats, the leader and his team look worn out and are not looking good as leaders for the future. The NNP team looks weary and overrun. The critics saying and are repeating now that Mitchell tiki-taka government has run its course. But like life itself, politics is a balance between youth and experience. If these NNP politicians think they have another victory in them, why wouldn’t they deliver on their promises? Mitchell can talk all he wants, but he must have those words become actions. Mitchell is not scoring goals, and he doesn’t seem to have a push, after a lethargic and scoreless nine months.

Grenadians are frustrated with the government inconsistent performance. The government needs to look at themselves and see what they can improve; there is no point in looking over their shoulders for an answer. Mitchell is going to have to find a way to fix the economy, and he will have to do it soon. The rest of us all we can say is ‘oh God, they are no good’ and that about sums up the arrogance of Mitchell’s never ending controversial fourth and last term.

The people of Grenada must be courageous and stand up for their full human dignity and rights. Mitchell has shown no moral greatness. He is oppressing and exploiting the people instead of solving the problem of poverty, Mitchell is creating the problem. He is allowing a capitalist system to evolve, which eventually will lead to his downfall. His comrades has turned to self-enrichment, others are pushing for radical economic policies. The people of Grenada should have full range of democratic mechanisms available to improve their status. Their faith is significantly in their own hands.

Politicians are people too, the difference is that they are being paid with our tax dollars, and so Mitchell has to make sure that poor people pay their taxes, so his cronies can get rich. He is serious about this value order with his government as he gets his politicians richer. Mitchell has a good thing going on with his ministers; he wants them to flourish of the backs of the poor taxpayers. He didn’t need the opposition approval for his tax increases; Grenada does not have an opposition government. A hard sell even for a persuasive messenger. His pronouncement of a balanced budget is not squaring with fiscal reality, but this is how he has shown the public, how he made the numbers work. The ordeal is huge and its disastrous effect will appear soon..

The government needs to revamp the agricultural sector by getting local farmers to grow individual crops, traditional items such as herbs, including rosemary, basil, thyme, peppers, tomatoes, could be grown fresh and imported. Residents here say, not enough money was allocated to agriculture in the prime minister’s budget, which they say is a throwback to Grenada’s economic troubles.

If more money is poured into agriculture, the people would be permitted to maintain and grow their economy. They would need far less humanitarian and government assistance. Mitchell policies are not lifting Grenada’s economy and there has been no recovery. That idea is to create something new in Grenada and the Caribbean. For growth, our government needs new ideas. His much-lauded plan to put Grenada back on the path to economic growth is not working. There is no economic reform and innovation. A struggling economy is presenting the biggest challenge for the ruling Mitchell NNP government.

Inflation is high; consumers have no money to spend. Other chronic problems include electrical failures. Mitchell appears weak, and he is stumbling quite a lot since taking office. Pouring any money into infrastructure project will do little to lift Grenada’s growth potential in the long term. And some economists warn, with limited evidence that monetary easing is in fact lifting the real economy growth ‘risks falling off a cliff’ when the outlays sputter. Mitchell is pressing Grenada’s economy, and the country and people are losing a lot.

A certain wealthy veteran observer has hammered it home, he has said the majority of people living in Grenada are poor, it is his mantra, the figure he holds up of proof that the prime minister has failed half of the citizens. The man who came up with the statistics is no NDC supporter; he is an official who is far more familiar with complex statistical methodologies than with rough-and-tumble political brawling. He has the ability to put the numbers out with integrity and he is not suppressing it. What he is doing is bold and straightforward.

What is emerging in Grenada is a new landscape of hardship, poverty and hardscrabble corners throughout Grenada, where unemployed workers are struggling to make ends meet or those getting too little to pay debt by. Poverty today, is higher than it was in 2008. The people must decide the direction of the country. The mistrust of the government is echoing across Grenada and the Caribbean. For the last nine months, the NNP politicians has been showing off their skills of dumb, lazy, happy, rich, worthless and incompetent. Where is their call to action? Some critics bristle at the suggestion that Peter and others are running the government, they pull the levers, and Mitchell reads the scripts at press conferences. In Grenada we call that “window dressing”.

Grenada is in a free fall from some economic crisis, the budget challenges are real and immense, for the short and long term, both for the new initiatives he has promised and the lurking obligations he will have to confront.. There is a reason why Mitchell’s budget was greeted cautiously, if not skeptically by the NDC leaders and people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique and dismissively by the Grenada Unions.

Mitchell budget does not account for union contracts; some of these unions have been working on expired contracts for years. There has been intense hostility between the government and unions representing thousands of workers, and it will be one of the NDC leaders’ mighty challenges as the populist candidate to negotiate, and somehow pay for, a way out of the impasse. Grenadians are saying there are other fiscal concerns; there is also uncertainty about aid for recovery in case of a massive hurricane. Not enough money allocated to agriculture. The truth is some of us will survive, but only if we lift up our voices in hope and prayer, not denial. Hope and prayer focus our attention and vault us to creative action. It forces us to consider dynamic solutions and make bold decisions. In contrast, denial is self-delusion, a pathological attempt to maintain the status quo. Denial will ensure continued atrophy and a decent into demographic oblivion.

The left that airbrushes the evils of “underdogs” or ex-colonial peoples, and, and demonizes the people of Grenada betrays the moral greatness of Mandela in his insistence on giving revenge no place. Grenadians should not be thrown off by the tension of the Mitchell NNP government and the extremely bad and weak economy and its flaws. We must challenge Mitchell and his government ministers to walk in Mandela’s footsteps. The main hope for our beloved country is that our people come up with a Mandela of our own, who can lead us beyond the politics of lies, secrecy, deceit, resentment, false promises and revenge to a society that offers democracy, truth and peace to all.

The government announced new stimulus spending of-in-a bid to offset any negative public reaction to an increase in national taxes. Mitchell is not helping average people to spend; a reformist prime minister is reducing spending leaving Grenada in the lurch. So many companies have close doors and gone out of business. Grenada’s economy keeps plummeting, the government is so fickle. The fiscal wheel-spinning would not be a much concern if the other Mitchnomics policies were wielding a wide effect. But here in Grenada, there are few signs that the easy money is being put to good use, nor are Grenadian consumers starting to spend. There are no uptick in Grenadian businesses, sales have been on a constant decline since Mitchell became PM, absolutely nothing has changed, still in Grenada, there is a bid to harness another aspect of Mitchell’s economic growth plan: cutting the red tape that inhibits businesses from starting to grow.

For Grenada to grow and prosper we need new ideas. What this government must not undertake are tactics that place our country and people’s value at unnecessary risks.

Helen Grenade
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Helen, seems like you fear the exuberance and optimism of the people. The economic crap the NDC left the country in only 10 months ago will not go away by waving a magic wand. If it could have gone away that easily, NDC would have tried to make it go away before the Feb. 19th election, so that they would win. Instead Grenadians became so fed-up of the fighting with their own MPs, and their shutting down of parliament, to save their skin from a successful no-confidence motion, that they decided to to teach them a very embarrassing lesson - TOTAL DEFEAT - 15/0. Not even giving them an opportunity to oppose.

What investors you talking about when you chased them all away by calling them corrupt? The taxes you talk of, you tried to collect same by giving amnesty, even that you did not have the guts to succeed at. If only you had the will and the wisdom like the Keith Mitchell government to engage the social partners in reviving the ecconomy that you ran out and leave in ruins, you would have earn the chance to speak now, but shame on you NDC mouth piece. Keep dreaming, by the time you wake up the ecconomy would have grown by 10 percent, without having to sell national assets to pay salaries.

If Grenada needs new ideas for it to grow, where are yours? Lying about the great progress taking place under the Mitchel led government, in hope of misleading Grenadians abroad who cannot see for themselves, would not keep the truth from being known, In the end, truth always win over lies. I just visited the NNP website Looks like they are doing a marvellous job. Won't you say?

Helen Grenade:

Concerned, Bull Sh-t

I have never said the NDC former government was perfect, they made many mistakes, but thanks to God, Mr. Thomas had the balls to correct most of it. Keith Mitchell is making more of the same mistakes today since he got caught up with his corrupt pals.

Mitchell started off on the right foot and went downhill and continues to go downhill from there. This is what will occur soon in Grenada, the Mitchell led NNP government will collapse soon, and what a calamity that's going to be.
Mitchell is ruling in a reckless manner, a one sided government, that is already leaning violently to one side will not stand, it will eventually collapse.

Are you now saying that I was NNP mouth piece, when I supported Keith C. Mitchell and his NNP, a man whom I knew was a tireless fighter and hard worker? Not anymore, he is none of those things, not now.

I will continue to tell the truth, cost it what it may, so today I am an NDC moth piece. Get a life. These false allegations are old and stale. this is dangerous nonsense. I am a fearless fighter, a child of Jehovah, the most High. It is time to move in the right direction. I like facts, I never waver or hints at doubts. I have cojones, to take on uber-feminist stance. something you don't have, you are a lousy coward.

The only liar is Mitchell, he made too many false promises, too many lies, God hate liars and he promised to bring such persons to ruin. Mitchell said while campaigning, he had investors lined up, where are they?

I will keep dreaming, about that you are right, dream he was coming back, dream he won all 15 seats, and lately dream he is ruling the country recklessly and his government collapsing.Yes truth will always prevail. If he doesn't change course, his government will fall when you least expect it. Remember you heard the truth here.


What ' concerned' should be really concerned about is the effects the NNP structural adjustment program wil have on the Grenadian people. Trying to attack Helen a woman who is expressing herself freely is callous on your path. It will remain a fact that the NNP won all seats , however if you are an honest individual you would admit that the people were LIED to by that bunch of politicians. It is as a result of people like you such politicians continue to strive in Grenada. With folks like you around Grenada will for ever remain backward. The biggest economy in the world the United States is struggling to realised a 2.5% growth you talking crap about 10 % for Grenada. Do you expect to see anything different on the nnp website ? Be on the ground to realise what is happening in Grenada. Youth unemployment stand at 50 % and the National Unemployment at over 40 % . Open you eyes and see.


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