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Letter: Fraud against the IMF, and Argyle airport
Published on July 2, 2014 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

For you all to consider is that what I write is true to public records and political fact. Public records that are held in Grenada and microfiche copies in the US.

It worried me greatly when PM Ralph Gonsalves announced in St Vincent that he is here to finish the work of Maurice Bishop. I am still seeking an explanation of exactly what that statement means and what part of Bishop’s work he wants to adopt.

We must remember that Gonsalves was very close to Bishop, shortly after the Marxist Grenada revolution, travelling with Bishop in his car and writing political speeches for him. [It’s all a matter of public record, and a written record by Gonsalves himself.] We know that Bishop was capable of writing his own speeches but these were busy times and he needed help, help by like-minded Caribbean people.

So when Gonsalves announced he is here to finish the work of dead Marxist, Maurice Bishop, I previously asked the question on several sites such as this, "What part or parts of Bishop’s work does he intend completing?" Is it some, is it a selection, or is it all?

Bishop did a lot of dreadful things, and one of the things that Bishop did was undertake to obtain money fraudulently from the IMF and other lending institutions.

I am sure that Maurice Bishop was not the first and will not be the last Marxist or even non-Marxist Caribbean leader or ruler to deceive the IMF.

Some present day governments today may well be using the same method. Falsifying finance figures, also corruption, tourism, agriculture, fishing, large project figures, even crime records, and other statistics. Whether Cuba still offers advice on how to do this is another consideration, even a question we should ferociously ask. Ask in the expectation that we are given an answer; if not by our own government, perhaps by some other entity. Is it still a service offered to its associates, its Caribbean political admirers and followers?

On the advice of Russia and Cuba, Maurice Bishop of Grenada had suggested to his party central committee how to overcome the IMF and World Bank requirements, by keeping two sets of books and records, so as to defraud the IMF.

When the Americans invaded Grenada, they found, confiscated and shipped to the US six tons of paper records. The best kept records of a Communist revolution ever to be found anywhere. There were thousands of records, some as government central committee records, some even written in the hand of Bishop.

They found all sorts of records, including the diaries of Maurice Bishop, and all the secret official agreements between Bishop’s regime and Cuba, East Germany, Russian USSR, Vietnam, North Korea, and dozens of other communist bloc countries, most of which had required that such contracts and agreements be kept secret. Kept secret because they included contractual intentions, also numbers and details of arms and military supplies, made or proposed.

The records were copied in the US by the microfiche method, and then returned to Grenada. Returned to Grenada, where they were made fully available for the public to scrutinise.

With regard to the fraud against the IMF, here are the US record office and Grenadian record locations and references.

US Public Records Office Maryland

Micro Fiche, page 9

Grenada Revolution, Deception on Economic Matters

Minutes of Central Committee:

At a meeting in Grenada on August 3, 1983, the political/Economic Bureau of the NJM noted that International Monetary Fund requirements for badly needed assistance would be difficult to meet –

“Comrade Maurice Bishop suggested that we use the Suriname and Cuban experience in keeping two sets of records in the banks for this purpose”

Later in the same meeting –

“Comrades again highlighted the urgent importance of training Comrades to adjust the banking figures. Someone should be sent to Cuba or the Soviet Union”

And again –

“The comrades from Nicaragua and Cuba must visit Grenada to train Comrades in the re-adjustment of the books.”

Extracted from documents found by the US forces when they invaded Grenada in 1983, stored on microfiche in Maryland, USA. available to the public. Originals returned to Grenada Public Records Office.

Original documents held at the Grenada public records office:

Box 1 Folder 72

Minutes of Meetings - August 1983

Date: 3 Aug 1983: Description: Minutes of Central Committee, Political Bureau, Economic Bureau and other meetings refer to the economy, fraudulently readjusting the books for IMF.

This opinion is not meant to infer or imply that Ralph E. Gonsalves is involved in the altering of any records whatsoever in St Vincent and the Grenadines, or of committing or planning any illegal act.

But as the minister of finance and the prime minister who makes statements about the dead criminal Marxist, Maurice Bishop, we really do require some answers to his statements. Exactly what work of Maurice Bishop does PM Gonsalves intend emulating or completing?

It’s a simple question. Because without the answer people may rightly or wrongly assume that Gonsalves intends to adopt all the work of Bishop.

That may well lay them open to being sued by Gonsalves, so for the sake of justice, please PM Gonsalves, let’s have the lowdown of your intentions.

There have recently been another opinions, one by 'Simon Rouse' quoting the international airport that was being built by the Cubans in Grenada, being built for the use as a military airport. An opinion that asks if St Vincent's Argyle airport project is a military project.

I first raised the above questions about Maurice Bishop’s fraud on several occasions since 2011. To date no answer, no explanation, no rendition to the Vincentian people who are owed an explanation, nothing except silence.

Some say silence is golden but in this matter it’s not, it hangs like a lead weight around the neck of those decent non-Marxist members of Vincentian society. Those people who are coming to feel tricked and deceived by their leaders, those people who want to know the truth and want an answer from the Gonsalves family leadership.

I say Gonsalves family leadership because PM Gonsalves is an elected member, his son is an unelected member, selected by him as a senator and minister, his cousin Julian Francis has stood for election on several occasion, always to be rejected by the people, an unelectable and unelected member of parliament, except by Gonsalves choice of him as a senator and minister. Between them, the trio holds all the important posts and ministries; between them, the trio control parliament and every ministerial meeting. Between them, the trio is effectively the government of SVG, the central committee. Between them, the trio may well be described as a family dictatorship.

Wake up people and smell the sulphur. Wake up Diaspora and seeketh the way of the Lord, reject those that claim to only work obeah for the Lord.

“If I work obeah, i only work obeah for the Lord” -- Dr Ralph E. Gonsalves

Peter Binose
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C J:

Peter, I thank you for this article I could not have put it better my self
I am not sure when the people of the Carribbean is going to see that Maurice Bishop was not a good person the like of Gonsalves and others like him they were all in the former government of Baldwin Spencer.

I know you will flush them out one by one

Vincentians need to wake up and really smell the sulpher as you stated as there arn't any roses in St. Vincent to smell.

Concerned Caribbean

Brian Alexander:

...............PUBLIC NOTICE

PLEASE BE AWARE that this Peter Bignose is a complete WACO.

Simply observing his continuous untruthful rants would confirm this fact.

Peter Bignose seems to spend all his time IMAGINING all types of nonsense, and posting it anyplace anyone will allow him to.

The guy is a total DUMB-DUMB, who delights seeing his name in print.

PETER BIGNOSE, (not his real name) has an inferiority complex which causes him to continually seek attention.

BEWARE, this half-man is a complete LIAR!


Again, everything that bears the name Peter Binose can be debunked by diligent research and reason. You’re forever on a failed mission to undermine PM Dr Ralph Gonsalves and the ULP, which is clear as daylight.

Isn’t this piece the same old rubbish reprinted from GTC Radio 89.9…? Blog, dated Mar’27, 2013.

Peter the no brainer, has completely dried up. Poor fellow! I told you his was a failed mission. RIP Peter Binose. Lol!

Peter Binose:

WOW! the ULP boss and minions must be really worried. This fake Brian Alexslander was exposed as a fraud when the real Brian Alexander came to another post and denounced this poster as an impostor.

The truth really damages the ULP and all the Marxist attached to it. They run around in circles writing nonsense and hoping that a proportion of the citizenship believe it.

That is why when I write I stick to the truth like super glue. That is why I give you public record office references. Anyone can check what I write, its all on the internet in other places. I do not write fiction, I do not tell lies, I leave that to the ULP, its leaders and the collaborators. People who will write any lie to try and protect scum. When I write about things at the airport, I go there, I inspect and sometimes I take an engineer to confirm what I write. I talk to Cubans, I talk to Venezuelans, I talk to all sorts of people at Argyle.

I have never raped anyone, I have never sexually assaulted anyone. I have not lied to the citizenship in and out of parliament. I have never admitted to being a liar. I have never signed a document that is worthless and undemocratic, a part of a self admitted conspiracy. I am not here declaring I am finishing the work of the dead scum bag Marxist, Maurice Bishop. I have never been refused entry into three Caribbean countries. I never shared in the $1million US dollars in cash, the amount presented to a bank, money that I believe should of brought charges of money laundering, importing foreign currency without declaring it. I am not a thief a liar or a cheat.

You will notice that the Alexander post attacks me but fails to answer any of the matters that I refer to.

Then along comes a piece of crap and tries to make me out a liar, what a hoot! I know I keep saying this but for someone to come here knowingly to try and damage and destroy the truth, they really cannot go unbranded as scum, because they are scum, over and over again.

Vinci Vin:

Yes Peter: You have proven time and time again that what you write is well-researched and have their basis in facts most of the time. Sometimes your opinions/beliefs are not exacvtly in sync with mine. But that is ok as you have a right to speak your mind in a democracy.

By the way did someone once vowed to make St. Vincent and the Grenadines ungovernable if Mitchell did not call elections and step down in 2001? if this is true, why wasn't that person hauled before the court and prosecuted for advocating to topple a legitimately elected government? How does the non-prosecution square with the action brought against Ordan Graham in the courts. Remember, Ordan Graham did not have the means to marshal forces of destruction against our homeland ... he had no foreign connection with armies, no sources of weapons, no control of a powerful political party, nothing but just blowing off steam in the wind.

So if it can be documented that someone made the threat and had the means to render SVG ungovernable if he did not get his/her way isn't there a case to be answered by that person?

Please do the research Peter.


Vinci Vin


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