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Letter: Farewell to Mandela; missed but never forgotten
Published on December 14, 2013 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

What a disgrace and an insult when people like Renwick Rose and Jomo Thomas compare Nelson Mandela with Fidel Castro. What an insult to the memory of one of the world greatest heroes to compare him with a man like Castro that murdered or/and was responsible for the murder of thousands of Cubans. Also responsible for the death of thousands of Africans and South Americans. Responsible for the poisoning of young people’s minds with Marxism throughout many parts of the world. There is no comparison between these men at all, except they both came into the world with nothing and will leave with nothing. One will be remembered for the good he has done, the other for the atrocities that he is responsible for. Nelson Mandela was a real statesman, Castro holds the Cuban people in eternal bondage, and holds hundreds of political prisoners in dirty filthy prisons.

On Saturday morning and Sunday night I went to the Argyle airport and looked at the flags, I noted the names of Chatoyer and Che [Guavara] written in big letters on the office walls. Yet something as respectful as flying the flag at half mast for Mr Mandela is too much for these people, in failing to do so they disrespect Nelson Mandela to the nth degree, in doing so they insult and disrespect all decent Vincentians.

So today [Monday] I went to Kingstown and noted that even on our parliament and government buildings, no respect, all flags flown at full mast.

Can you imagine our regime failing to lower the flag, Can you imagine if Castro were to die, flying our flags at full mast. Not showing respect for his passing, comparing him with some thug. Could that ever happen in SVG?

I just hate the fact that Marxists always look to gain an advantage from a decent man’s death, always want to apply comparisons matching their crap with decency. Always want to rewrite history.

Well it doesn’t work for me; perhaps you will all give me your opinion. Please write your views and opinions. Let us all know what you think about comparing good with evil.

Peter Binose
Self Appointed Keeper of the Whistle

Missed but never forgotten
Manqué, mais jamais oublié (French)
Verpasst, aber nie vergessen (German)
Perdido pero nunca olvidado (Spanish)
Perdido, mas nunca esquecido (Portuguese)
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Vinci Vin:

Hello Peter:

You appear to be a quite decent and intelligent person but where the Cubans and Fidel Castro are concerned you often miss the mark. On this occasion of the death of Nelson Mandela, Renrick and Jomo are quite accurate. Like Castro and other "Freedom Fighters" (George Washington, Shimon Perez, Joshua nKomo, Kwame nKrumah, Jomo Kenyatta, Simon Bolivar, E.T. Joshua, Yasser Arafat, Jawarhal Nehru, Martin Luther King, Jr., Mahatma Ghandi, et al) Nelson Mandela was once characterized by the western democracies as a "Terrorist". In his time of need, Castro and Cuba along with the Russians and Libyans provided the assistance to the ANC that ultimately led to the fall of Apartheid South Africa. Had it been left to Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, Mandela would have died in jail and Apartheid South Africa would still have its stranglehold on the masses of Black and colored South African.

Let's be fair and acknowledge the GOOD DEEDS that Castro and Cuba have done for Africa and exploited people in the world. Please don't buy into the crocodile tears that the white world is shedding at Mandela funeral. All they are doing is trying to rewrite recent history.

Best regards,


Peter Binose:

Marxism breeds politicians who are international scroungers, the Castro’s had to do that to survive. The Cubans became Moscow’s all-purpose mercenaries, and the Russians paid them to be just that.

The Russians were not only subsidising the Cuban economy to the tune of more than $1 million a day; they invested over $500 million in the Angolan campaign, whose real aims were the overthrow of South Africa to make it a Communist regime answerable to the Soviet Union. The Russians and the Cubans had no interest in Black people or the end of Apartheid.

Leading Soviet Africanist, E. Tarabrin, predicted that the West’s dependence on African raw materials would increase rapidly over the rest of the decade, and that imports of chromites from Rhodesia and South Africa would double. Soviet experts stressed that much of Africa’s mineral wealth lies in the southern half. The gold, diamonds, platinum, copper and other industrial metals are rich stakes to play for.

That is exactly what the game plan for Africa was, the Soviet rape of its riches, in the Soviet Union, with an ailing and failing economy under the Soviet system expansionism was a must, a do or die, which eventually happened in Russia, communism died, but continued in Cuba.

Cuba’s role as a Soviet proxy is even more striking if you take account of the Cuban presence in the Caribbean where Castro’s men were training Jamaican police and in the Middle East where 150 Cuban instructors were training international terrorists in Iraqi camps, not to mention the Cubans’ efforts to take control of the non-aligned countries’ news pool and the role of the Cuban intelligence service, the DGI, in orchestrating the activities of Latin American exile groups and trans-national terrorists in Western Europe.

A well known Soviet writer described in detail how the overthrow of Africa should proceed. The classical text is a book entitled "Political Parties of Africa," published in Moscow in 1970. Its main editor was Vassily Solodovnikov, at one time Soviet Ambassador in Lusaka.

Solodovnikov accepted that it was unrealistic to expect to create a Communist society in Africa overnight It would be necessary to begin by working through "revolutionary democratic parties," like the movements that came to power in Guinea, Congo and Tanzania, and like the MPLA in Angola. These movements may start out as a mish-mash of nationalism, Marxism and tribalism, but they include activists "who are inspired by the ideas of scientific Socialism" - in plain words, Communists.

VINCI VIN, its the Marxists that have re-written history, and many take what they write as Gospel, I like to dig deeper, and look behind the room divider at what's in the other room.

You obviously have taken a different path of belief to me. So we have different opinions.

When in London I spent many a night outside the South African Embassy with a placard objecting to Apartheid. Talking and discussing situations with people who were really in the know.

kind regards my friend


Paco Smith:

Excellent, sober observation Vinci Vin, as so many have a tendency to simply accept what the mainstream media pushes.

The level of hypocrisy demonstrated by so many, who once condemned Nelson Mandela for his stance, was despicable.

Nonetheless, his legacy and those who proactively aided the South Africans to remove the yoke of apartheid can not be denied.


I beg to differ about Peter Binose being a decent fellow. I have been reading his BS for quite some time now and I seriously doubt that he is a born Vincie. Some Vincentians who have a problem with Ralph Gonsalves seem to think Peter Binose is our savior. I am not a fan of Ralph, he is no socialist, just an opportunist using certain causes to get where he is today. There is no doubt in my mind who Peter Binose represents and the people he works for. He should come to his democratic paradise (USA) and get some of that democracy the racist cops dish out to poor whites and people of color. Ask Ronnie and he may give you an idea what it feels like. I pray Vincentians never forget what we went through in the 70's and 80's under Cato's LP. Sad to say, there is no reasonable alternative to Ralph right now, but hopefully things would change one day soon.


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