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Letter: Celeo Alvarez and the finances of CABO and ODECO
Published on July 28, 2014 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

I am not writing this piece for any personal gain, Belize desperately needs to prepare a cadre of youths who will succeed us. I reiterate that all countries need to register CABO, which is the only way to keep it alive and strengthen it and keep it alive with Sidney Francis as the current president. Sidney Francis and Mirta Colon need to stop being nice. It is not about being anti nor pro, I will acknowledge that Celeo has done some good things for CABO going in the international community. However he is power hungry and I am not afraid to say it to his face.

The proof is in the eating. It is in what is going on now. If Celeo was interested in the interest of all black people he would not be doing this, everywhere he goes and undermine the current structure. Everywhere he goes and line people up using his divisiveness of Garifuna versus the other, this is divisiveness. He, Roy Cayetano and the others do it just like politicians, when in the space they are so willing. This is so terrible and it is just since he has no longer been the leader.

I understand that Celeo Alverez, the president of ODECO and general secretary of ONECA/CABO, allegedly resigned when he was being questioned about the misuse of funds that came to ONECA/CABO through ODECO as its fiscal agent. Rather than deal with it he stepped away so he did not have to answer the questions asked and now that he believed that it was forgotten is he making another advance to destroy CABO to advance ODECO or regain political control of the ONECA/CABO organization?

We know that in the past he has received monies in the name of CABO/ONECA and may still be getting money in the name of ONECA/CABO. We don't know, so he must be accountable to all the people he say he serves. I understand that Celeo Alvarez and the people he selected to manage the ONECA/CABO funds have never provided a financial report to ONECA/CABO's general assembly. There are structures that can be put in place. CABO's money/finances must accounted for.

Mr Augustine Flores demanded this as one of the things when CABO was first established in Belize. However, I understand that the ONECA/CA reform program has started and these things happen again without consequences.

Blacks in Central and South America have far less opportunities than blacks in Belize; we run things here. Despite anything we say among ourselves that we have no power. It is just that the people of Belize have given up their powers. Our ministers and heads of departments are black; everyone else around us, we have leadership who are black. They do not have that, instead they have token people. Teri countries are not run by blacks and they do not have easy access to schools as blacks, they do not have easy access to simple English. English has to be taught as a second language for black in CABO, bring them to Belize and we will do the training. We can do some student exchanges with four or six of our people and get them exposure to the communities, learn the language and the culture at very little cost.

We have Taiwanese in Belize doing the very thing at the time of this writing. They will be able to someday come back to Belize and be ambassadors and or agents to sell things having learnt the culture and the way things operate in these countries they go to. This is what America does, having youth ambassadors and all of these things are propagandizing; they want you to like what they do. Anyone who has done this type of training with them it is to orient you to their way of doing. We have to learn the structure and how thing work. Perhaps they will be some of the immigrants to come to Belize and balance the dwindling black population in Belize.

In May of this year, Guatemala had said no to this recent conference for African descendants then there was a push and it was eventually organized. Belize should host the next conference and if this is accepted then our focus could be the Garvey Chatoyer Initiative; culture as a business, education, agriculture and community tourism. The tenth youth summit of ONECA held from the 17-19th July 2014 in Guatemala, which was about giving youth a voice and in this specific meeting, saw the youth being critical about the leadership not listening to them and them not having a platform to voice their opinions. The difficulties they are having is that they are finding it difficult to deal with what the elders are doing because they see it as a waste of time because nothing ever come out of it in their purview.

In some of the interviews I did with some of the youths from the other countries look at the UN facilitating us to prepare ourselves to sit at the table to discus scientifically and the issues that affect us culturally, socially, economically and environmentally for the upcoming Decade of African Descendants. The declaration coming out of this conference after analysis all of this date should be out already and there we will see what the declaration and it will then be ratified amongst the people who attended. Some of the highlights were that the youths really need to listen to; the youth declared that necessary platforms for their voices to be heard is highly necessary.

This conference was critical to Belize because we have black leadership who do see themselves as blacks and as young people we cannot reach our potential because do not see ourselves as black African descendants. In fact, we own the Caribbean Sea from north to south and we are not beggars. In the absence of a plan, outside agencies come and give us a plan. The Garvey Chatoyer is quite a few years old and as a matter of fact we hold two documents from the region Dato de Libros, which is a database of African descendants from Panama, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Those were the three communities where samples were taken from looking at communities and how they lived, how prepared they to in fact participate in the any process.

In Belize, we have been all over the country talking to the people about social issues and social and economic issues that create the ignorance that we are all existing under. What we need to see is community gathering where we could present in communities and have dialogue about the Garvey Chatoyer initiative.

Abdulmajeed K. Nunez
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