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Letter: As the Vincentian Diaspora sit on their hands
Published on August 28, 2014 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

Whilst thinking about all those farmers who had their land taken from them six years ago, for the Argyle airport to be built on. All those farmers, about 60 in all, who in 2014 have still not been paid for their land. Farmers dying, unable to afford medical attention. Unable to properly afford to clothe and properly educate their children.

Then I thought about people like Bigger Biggs who had his business destroyed, and sixty workers piled on the scrap heap, families with children and babies unable to feed and support themselves.

Mr Marcus De Freitus who had his Kingstown commercial property compulsorily taken from him, the court proved he was unfairly compensated. Still not paid as ordered by the court after ten years, in 2014 he remains a disappointed but God loving man and lives under the spite, malice and hatred heaped on him by someone within the government.

All those government workers fired from their jobs, because they asked for pay and expenses owed to them. Port police, irrigation workers and hundreds of others to make way for employment of members of the ruling party. More families with children unable to feed and support themselves

I then thought about all the Vincentian brothers and sisters living and working in the Diaspora, how they know exactly what is going on, they have read the evidence, heard the stories from their families, but say or do nothing. Still support the government and watch the administration of hate, spite, malice, evil, but choose to remain cowardly neutral and say or do nothing to stop it.

Those of you in the Diaspora, please! Please! Help us, we remain in your homeland suffering, whilst you are there comfortably watching. Would you sooner believe the lies and deceit; is it perhaps more convenient for you to do that?

Many of those in St Vincent who support Marxism know no different, you in the Diaspora would never tolerate that where you live, so why curse us with it here. Please! Please! Help us, we remain in your homeland suffering, whilst you are there comfortably watching.

It brings to my mind a verse that Dante once said: "The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in times of great moral crises maintain their neutrality"

Peter Binose
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If we look at Peter Binose through the lens of Malcolm X, Malcolm always say ‘any time the enemy (Peter Binose and friends) tells you this aint good for you, or that aint good for you, don’t listen to them, you need to check it out for yourself, it might be just what you need’. And in that case maybe Marxism is just what we need.

Of all the revolutionary thinkers in history, Karl Marx is the only one that strikes fear in the hearts of the “rich” folks who go to all lengths to secure their position by hiring folks like Peter Binose and the likes to keep the "poor" people drugged and confused, so they could keep exploiting them some more. But when the poor and exploited read some Marx and learn a few useful things, they begin to organize themselves into a "revolutionary class" and scoff at the Peter Binose’s and the likes, and even give them a few kicks in the only place where it hurts; their back pockets. Lol.

Peter Binose:

Vinciman, keep up the good work PM, writing such comments you just confirm to all who read your comments why they should not vote for you or the ULP again.

I have written the truth about actual incidents, you have written total crap.

This is an actual confirmation that the ULP is a Marxist party, the Unity Marxist Party.


Peter Binose (aka Tellus Alie) is certainly delusional, but of course we already knew that, this is only a reminder to her... (A she-devil)

This devil is so obsessed with PM Gonsalves that it is now ridiculous. She goes to sleeps thinking about PM Gonsalves, awaken thinking about PM Gonsalves, see’s everybody as PM Gonsalves, tells all her tag-along devilish friends, that “that person you’re corresponding with is PM Gonsalves attack him”, and because of her invectiveness, God has saw it fit to place a curse on this individual in that she only see’s Gonsalves in everything she does through infatuation, compounded with malice, hatred, spitefulness, a lying tongue, and devilish fiendishness. We pray for deliverance and a change of heart to All Mighty God for this reprobate, Amen.

Peter Binose:

Thanks for the positive confirmation of who you are, only a marxist scum bag can write in such a style.


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