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Letter: A government knowing right from wrong
Published on August 30, 2014 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

In St Vincent knowing right from wrong, as we grow up our parents try and teach us right from wrong, when we begin attending church we are taught right from wrong. As we go through life we constantly learn right from wrong. As we attend education from child to young adulthood, we learn right from wrong. Some believe that every single person born has this innate knowledge of right and wrong automatically within him/herself. I believe that also.

Am I right or am I wrong?

Unfortunately, there are some in every society, every population, every country that are unwilling to learn, behave or even accept what is right and what is wrong. There are some that believe that acting out what is right is only for others, leaving them free to do whatever they should choose in wrongful acts, wrongful behaviour.

Am I right or am I wrong?

Some people rape, murder and plunder, knowing it’s wrong. Psychopaths know right from wrong but don’t care. The most general definition of “legal insanity” is that a person “did not know right from wrong” -- not knowing that their action was wrong, not knowing it was immoral.

Am I right or am I wrong?

Why am I making all these equations and comments? Well I am at this moment thinking about the NIS matter, whereby contributions were used by government for other purposes than what they were deducted from my salary or wages for.

Was that act right or wrong?

Now eight months later, the first anyone has heard of this matter, according to the government they used it because they had no other source of monies to fund at the time relief for the Christmas flooding tragedy.

Was that act right or wrong?

It could well have been a mitigating reason to want to use that money for that purpose, but it wasn’t government money, it was the employees’ and was destined and deducted specifically for payment to the NIS. I believe the action of using the money without notification was an act of fraud and deception.

Was that act right or wrong?

Am I right or am I wrong?

Vincentians can be reasonable people and perhaps if they were asked, or even told, “The government is broke we are short of cash, we need to temporarily take or borrow your NIS deductions to help the relief for the people affected by the rivers overflowing and destroying life and property, we will find an acceptable way of repaying the NIS at some time in the near future.” Perhaps under those circumstances Vincentians would have accepted or agreed to that, in fact I am sure they would.

Am I right or am I wrong?

Robbing a bank and then going to them 12 months later and repaying them, repaying them by taking a loan from them, you still robbed the bank, it’s still jail time.

Am I right or am I wrong.

Do our leaders know right from wrong? As far as I am concerned they do not. They believe they can do anything they want with no consultation with anyone about anything.

Am I right or am I wrong?

Should we consider them out of order? Ill mannered? Rude? Criminal? Mentally ill? How should we consider them?

“The eternal difference between right and wrong does not fluctuate, it is immutable.” -- Patrick Henry

Peter Binose
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More nonsense, from the crack pot Peter Binose? Give us a break naaa!

The more Peter writes the more I'm beginning to believe that "menopause" setting in; or is it end ah month period time. Why? This has to be the work of a lonely “old lady” who doesn’t know when to quit. Didn't PM Gonsalves and his cabinet explain all about the NIS issue in the simplest terms so even a retard could understand? Am I right or am I wrong?

What is the problem with this old fowl?


Vinciman, you are a sexist idiot. Anything Gonsalves says seems to be acceptable by you. That "end of month period time" is what happens to most folks in SVG when they realise that there is not enough to look after the children after paying Vinlec.

Peter Binose:

VINCIMAN, the problem is that like many people I do not believe a word he says. He is a known and self confessed liar. Its my belief that once a man is a proven liar, he will always be a liar and therefore untrustworthy in both word and deed. Him being called a liar is something he himself told us about himself.

Whilst your making your reply tell us about the unsold shares in the NCB bank that the NIS were instructed to buy.

Tell us about the US$million dollars that was hawked around Kingstown

Tell us about the man who was given a diplomatic passport, wasn't a government employee or a diplomat. Caught at London airport carrying a kilo of cocaine, whilst travelling on the diplomatic passport.

Tell us about the 60 land owners who still haven't been paid for their land at Argyle airport.

Tell us about why despite up t six women complaining about being raped or sexually assaulted the fat man has never answered those complaints in a court.

Instead of attacking the messenger in the old Marxist style, simply answer all the questions, there are hundreds more once you have answered these few.

Vinci Vin:

Peter, you are right on all counts. This government doesn't even come clean when caught red-handed. Again I ask: Where are the accountability and transparency promised to the nation in 2001?

Vinci Vin

Peter Binose:

Vinciman, we have lifted the veil on you, step out from the shadows PM.

You just do not get it, you do not know right from wrong. I am talking about right from wrong and you write a comment which any decent person anywhere in the world would consider wrong.

Instead of making comment about what is written, countering what I wrote, you decide to write a whole load of disgusting crap, in an attempt to discredit the author in a typical Marxist way.

What a wonderful advert you have created for the ULP, you just confirmed everything that I wrote as being true.


Peter Binose (aka Tellus Alie), I couldn’t help but laughing my butt off, when you said that “Instead of making comment about what is written, countering what I wrote you decide to write a whole load of disgusting crap, in an attempt to discredit the author...” were you really refering to yourself? Are you for real? Can any sane or knowledgeable person “counter” anything you write? Not you! Peter Binose? Not you, me that will be a vain attempt, an exercise in futility! I wouldn’t waste my time or knowledge on you...clown!

Peter Binose:

So Dr. RAG Vinciman, thank you for your admission that what I have written is correct. And its interesting that you admit that your only about attacking me because my knowledge and intelligence far exceeds yours. Well my inferior Marxist scum bag, don't apply to me for the yard boy job that I have advertised.

Your last word shows me that you are obviously a Coulrophobia sufferer.

By the way whilst your taking your time to reply to these comments, tell us about the following

A man called Morgan was given a Vincentian Diplomatic Passport. He was not a government or state employee, nor was he a diplomat. He was caught at London airport carrying a kilo of cocaine whilst trvelling on the diplomatice passport. This man had a Canadian passport, he also had an ordinary Vincentian passport, so why was he given a diplomatice passport, and who approved the issuance.

We also want to know about the US$1 million in cash that was hawked around Kingstown, where did it come from and where did it go. Why did the NCB bank at that time fail to call the police and did they also fail to report the matter to the money laundry department at the FIU?

Tell us about the theft of employees NIS money.


Coulrophobia sufferer not; destroyer yes!

Peter Binose (aka Tellus Alie) whose fool are you? I asked you over and over, but up to now I haven't gotten a reply. You don't Know? Lol! I know?...Lucifer!


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