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Letter: Will the Unity Labour Party galvanize their future once more prior to the next elections?
Published on July 4, 2014 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

There is more than one way in which to use the word galvanize. But the commonest use is in describing the treatment of metal sheets. Hot-dip galvanization is a form of galvanization. It is the process of coating iron, steel or aluminium with a layer of zinc by immersing the metal in a bath of molten zinc at a temperature of around 860 °F (460 °C). When exposed to the atmosphere, the pure zinc (Zn) reacts with oxygen to form zinc oxide [ZnO], which further reacts with carbon dioxide [CO2] to form zinc carbonate [ZnCO3], a usually dull grey, fairly strong material that stops further corrosion in many circumstances, protecting the steel from the elements.

But as you may have guessed that is nothing to do with the term in which I use it here. When you galvanize your future, if simply put, means to ensure or strengthen your future.

It's ever so common information in St Vincent that, during the run up to each election, during the last three elections, the Unity Labour Party (ULP) gave away galvanized roofing sheets, many thousands of them. They also gave away lumber, cement, reinforcing steel, all sorts of building materials. Refrigerators, stoves, sheep, goats, pigs, chickens and, to the less fortunate recipients, the very poor people, red T shirts and bottles of strong rum.

Much of the building materials given away come from government stocks, it’s simply taken by the ULP and given away, well not just given away, it’s given as a bribe. A bribe to ensure that the recipient votes for them.

The ULP also imports a lot of giveaway stock themselves, from places like Jamaica. Then if there is a flood or disaster before election day, which they pray and hope for, they give it away and the government picks up the tab, the invoice goes to the government instead of the ULP.

After they have bribed the electorate with goodies, they then put the frighteners on them by telling them a terrifying tale. "Look unless you vote for the ULP, if the NDP gain power, they will take it all back again and you may well get into trouble with the police".

Most of the recipients are not in need of the goodies, but they take them, because it’s free. There are people with unused galvanized sheets under their houses now for up to ten years.

See how it works: get them to take a bribe, ensure they know it is a bribe, then tell them the consequences if they fail to vote ULP, which are in most cases untrue, they frighten them senseless, bingo, they have effectively rigged the vote.

There are many forms of vote rigging and election crimes; this is only one way in which the ULP seeks to galvanize the election outcome, in the hope of galvanizing their future.

At the time of the next election perhaps we should ask some patriots to video the ULP galvanizing process. Gather truck registration numbers, recipients, givers and deliverers. Film it all. Perhaps this will help to galvanize the future of some of the government and party conspirators, and put officials behind bars, galvanized bars of course.

Peter Binose
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Brian Alexander:


There once was an extremely good male counterfeiter. He was so good, that he fabricated and counterfeited fake $20 bills which looked almost perfect.

He spent all his time perfecting his craft, until one day he was busted, and went to jai for his obnoxious counterfeiting practices.

Here he was, spending his time making false $20 bills, when he could have spent his time creating million-dollar portraits instead.

Rather than creating millions, he was faking $20 bills.

Isn't this the nonsense which Peter Bignose keeps doing?

Why does he keep majoring in minors... And minoring in majors?

Go on BIGNOSE, continue making an ass of yourself.


Peter Binose the solution is a simple one, and even a simpleton knows that the NDP need to “offer a bigger bribe” and they will win all the better. Don’t you think? Lol!


Your quite right bro PK, if they had any sense and were as corrupt as ULP they too could have unfettled power and be able to steal at will and get rich just like the other lot, big houses big cars, many women, full bellies.

By the way mother asked can you call the MP and ask him for some more of that nice curry that he gets from Janki G, and some more of the paella that his Cuban chef cooks, all those shrimp and all.

Vinci Vin:


This is a sad state of affairs in our homeland. Ordinary people have been corrupted to scramble for crumbs from the ULP table while the cronies and their leaders get filthy rich.

Yes, this is the age of technology. Let's unleash the smart phones, videocams, digital cameras, etc against this heinous strategy of bribe and control. Let's act now so that whoever controls the country in the future cannot continue these criminal acts.

Vinci Vin


PK, your doing a great job in dirtying the Peter Binose, Bignose, snotty nose, I really hate him as well.

I see that brother John wrote here earlier.

I will help you bro PK, Peter Binose, my whole family hates you, just as the comrade hates you, you must stop saying or writing things that upset my brother PK. It may be 100% true but it really upsets my brother. When he gets so upset he takes it out on his wife and children, beating them mercilessly.

That applies to you as well Vinci Vin, you have to much to say for yourself as well. My brother PK used to live in Brooklyn so knows how to reach you for a quiet chat in the park sometime.

By the way PK, when can we use our real name again? I am getting very confused using other peoples names instead of our own. Its as if we are ashamed of our family name Williams, and you must hate not being called Horace. I won't mention anything about that because I know you want to keep our real name a secret, so I will continue being RK and you can continue being PK.

I know the MP has promised you a queens award, but which name will you use, PKnight, or the one which that nasty Binose man exposed you with, or our real name. The queen will not like you using another name other than your own.

PK I miss your little dog, the Chihuahua, I have forgotten his name. But I know how much you enjoy taking him to the park. Isn’t that where you first met your Scots friend 'Ben Doon', the steward from the cruise liner. I was so happy to see you both sitting there chatting on that park bench by the toilets, whilst the sweet little dog ran around like a crazy thing. Its a clever diversion really because others in the park are watching the dog, and not you.


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