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Letter: Wake up America; it's happening in your backyard again
Published on June 16, 2014 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

The Russians will be digging in and flying into the Caribbean, into a tiny multi island state with help from the Cubans who are building a military airport there to facilitate Russian aircraft, both as a base and for refuelling purposes.

Negotiations took place primarily in New York at the UN, between ambassadors.

The Marxist-led government of St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) is building an airport for military use on the main island of St Vincent.

The prime minister, Dr Ralph E. Gonsalves, who is also SVG’s minister of national security, and finance minister, was a devout follower of Maurice Bishop, the Marxist dictator who took over the island of Grenada in a coup in 1979. Gonsalves was seen riding in Bishop’s official car and brags that he wrote some of Bishop’s speeches. Available public records show that Bishop was backed financially and militarily by the Russians and the Cubans. The Cubans were building the Grenadian airport at the time when the Americans invaded, to save and rescue US citizens and US students at the medical school there.

Gonsalves has on several occasions over the last ten years stated, “I am here to finish the work of Maurice Bishop”. The military airport being built on Grenada was taken over after the routing of the Marxist regime, a regime that had taken it on itself to murder its main leader, Bishop. The airport was finished with help from the British and Americans, then turned into a solely tourist airport.

The airport being built in St Vincent is built on a bearing, in a direction that is seriously affected by adverse wind and weather conditions. That makes it unsuitable for tourist or local traffic because of insurance and FAA objections that can be forthcoming when the airport is completed. Military aircraft are not affected by such matters as the FAA or insurance, so it’s only suitable use will be military.

The Russians are coming; the Russians are coming.

Simon Rouse
St Vincent and the Grenadines
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Marlon Mills:

When the idea of developing an airport at Argyle started floating around and I listened to the dialogue coming from the Comrade and his administration it was very clear to me then that what you are suggesting was indeed the motive. Given the wind factor and the engineering issues associated with the laying down of the runway it makes total sense.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines does not have the carrying capacity to deal with the magnitude of tourism development required to make this airport productive. Nor does the agricultural sector have that level of potential either, due to the volume and cost factor involved in air freighting produce. In fact, the project is entirely out of scale with any development potential St Vincent and the Grenadines has.

It is a fact that the Comrade made a statement that he was going to carry forward the work of Maurice Bishop. We must also not forget that the Russians were very much involved with the New Jewel Movement in Grenada and that it is on record by one of the Russian diplomats during that era, that Ralph Gonsalves is one of the most committed Marxists in the region.

It makes absolute sense to those of us who have paid attention to the Comrade's dialogue and political style over the past 13 years and the fact that the only aircraft that can realistically landing at Argyle would be of the military kind. The Russians are also the financial backers of the ALBA currency.

Simon Rouse:

I have never posted before but believe what I write is the truth.

Where did the million United States dollars cash in a bag come from. Why were no arrests ever made?

How often over the last ULP years has a bag of US cash been shared among the few and where did it come from?

Peter Binose:

If only Gonsalves hadn't made those remarks about finishing the work of Bishop.

If only Gonsalves hadn't been a part of the Grenadian revolution.

If only there was not documentry evidence, held in the public records office, that the Cubans and Russians were building the Grenada airport for military purposes

If only the Russians hadn't said "Ralph Gonsalves is one of the most commited Marxists in the area"

If only, I would not now be saying that I support to a certain degree what Simon says. In fact I am inclined to agree with Simon more than a certain degree, and say I agree to a greater degree.


As calypsonian "Crazy" said in his song from the Madness is Gladness Album, "DON'T TRY THAT"...DON'T TRY THAT! Simon Rouse, Marlon Mills, Peter Binose, all the same again "DON'T TRY THAT". We in the Caribbean will welcome with open arms all who show interest in the development of the region. We oppose the view that the Caribbean is the backyard or playground of the US, Canada, Britain etc. On the other hand, it is a disservice and insult to the people of SVG to refer to our Government and our PM as Marxist. That in itself is pure rubbish. PM Gonsalves might have his own philosophical views and political outlook on certain matter that might seem controversial to some and that is his right. But this Marxist crap that Binose and his entourage have been spreading across the Internet cannot hold up to serious intellectual scrutiny. SVG's International Airport will be completed and fully operational for the benefit of all our nationals and others. We look forward to its completion, and no matter what you say, or try to do, "you and nobody aint stopping that". We will see to it!

Oswald Minors:

There is more chance of the airport being completed by a new government than by the ULP.

We will get help from real people, instead of broken promises of help from the commies.

Let there be no doubt whatsoever, Gonsalves is Marxist, even the Russians in Grenada recognised him as such. His own father told me he was, and his mother currently just doesn't know. Several of my friends who thought they were during their youth, were convinced of such, and led by him into that belief.

So I don't know where you have been for the last 40 odd years, but you certainly are pretty silly to say the least.


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