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Letter: Victory for Grenada's NNP 15
Published on February 13, 2013 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

In my youth, Grenada used to be a beautiful country. We had pride, we had patriotism, we had immense love for country. We did everything in our power to make Grenada beautiful. We did everything in our power to guarantee that all of us could live safely. We knew every one of our neighbours. We helped each other in times of need. Grenada was governed by real men who put its citizens first. Then came the NDC harebrained politicians who thought diversity would be great.

Today we live in an atmosphere of crime, murder, fear and uncertainty. Grenada needs to be saved, let’s give that job to Dr Keith C. Mitchell and his NNP team of 15 capable candidates. As my mom says, “Rain is Heaven’s tears,” God certainly has cried a lot lately, has he not?

Grenada would be better off to have the New National Party representatives step up to the plate at its weakest point truly in dire need of help. Grenada is more appealing to the New National Party because of its population growth and demographic shifts that favour the party. We need a change in government.

In 2008 we didn’t have the same level of participation from Grenadians like now. This is good. Grenadian voters have a favourable opinion of the New National Party candidates. Their main reasons are the candidates’ job performances, experiences, and competences. They have always had a deep well of goodwill among the majority of the Grenadian public. About Dr Keith Mitchell they say, “He is a negotiator and that he cares about people.”

The candidate selection is based on their individual exemplary duty performance, job knowledge, leadership qualities, teamwork, significant self improvement, notable accomplishment, and community service and support. What more can we ask for from them.

The point is the New National Party is formulating action that would make things better; to improve education, unemployment, construction, fix our health care and our economy. The NNP are a group of men and women who wants Grenada to be a better place and are willing to put themselves on the line to make that a reality.

They are about to take on the seemingly hopeless, thankless challenge of trying to clean up the mess in Parliament. Our most charismatic leader and champion of the Grenada New National Party has said, “We have spotted an opportunity to make a real difference and we are pursuing it with energy, smarts, intelligence that has made us the united party that we are.”

The people of Grenada are critical of the NDC government. A government that lacks strategy in dealing with the serious problems confronting the nation. Grenada’s chronically sleazy and incompetent NDC government has been chewing up and spitting out bad politicians for the last five years. They are chaotic and dysfunctional as ever, with an endless parade of NDC officials resigning, some in scandals…

As the February 19, 2013, general election approaches, the NNP are sensing that voter disgust across the country is boiling over. People are aroused, this is the time to stand up and fight for good government and rid ourselves of the enemies of reform.

The NDC government is ineffective, and downright pathetic. What Grenada needs is someone with the guts to attack our problems boldly and ideas that will get the needed results.

“We are leaders, and good leaders lead, we do not rule and we do not run over those who question our positions and methods. That’s what a tyrant does... Where are our NDC representatives? They all talk a good talk, but walk down the streets, walk around our communities and see we are not looking better on the outside and we are hurting all of us on the inside,” says, Mr Rufus Palmer, a concerned citizen of Grenada.

Grenada has been underrepresented by the NDC government. The New National Party has 15 exceptional candidates, and their names and relevant background material to Dr Mitchell and the people of Grenada. All 15 New National Party candidates would be victorious in the upcoming general elections scheduled to take place in a few days.

Mitchell understands that partisan politics has no place in the NNP politics and he absolutely wants that to be part of his legacy. He believes passionately that his candidates are immunized from the machinations of partisan politics, and he will act decisively to keep it that way.

Members of the NDC government need to put partisanship and divisive rhetoric aside to work on critical issues affecting Grenadians during this difficult period. It is important that the New National Party continues to stand united.

The NDC government likes to highlight divisive issues for media attention to shield the fact that their legislative record is long on talk and short on achievement. They did not show leadership during these perilous last five years and their divisive tactics do not exhibit the leadership that they were elected to provide. The majority of the people of Grenada are clamoring for change; the ND did not do enough to help them.

The NDC politicians in Parliament are incapable of multitasking and have ignored the plight of Grenadians. They respond to incentives of self-interest. Their acquisitiveness is not for money but for the currency of power, which they act to retain and enlarge. We are at a standstill, progress has been backed up and we are in a holding pattern right now.

We must always protect Grenada’s most vulnerable and the less fortunate ones. It’s a shame and embarrassment to all Grenadians that Thomas did not do enough to help the people. Popular opinion, of course, is that the NDC establishment failed to care for individuals who fall on hard times.

Here is the good news. It doesn’t have to continue that way. We are confident that the New National Party will emerge victorious, winning every constituency. The NNP paradigm has been to step in because the NDC government did not do its job. The NDC has millions of dollars, they are the princes of greed, but there are many more of us than there are of them.

But if the one percent is determined to win, and you better believe that they are, then we’ve got to be ever more determined. The media like to report election campaigns as spectator sports, but this has to be audience participation. Simply sitting in the stand is a form of forfeiting the game. This is the time to step up. Grenada needs you. There is a lot to do. It matters who you elect, vote for candidates who will create good jobs, support the rights of workers and stand up for quality affordable health care and education. Elect candidates who share your priorities as working people. NDC politicians espouse family values and job creation while promoting austerity measures that destroy the job and programs most needed by our youths and women.

People are frustrated. I tell them that they need to call politicians and keep the pressure on them and make sure that they do the things they promise and vote for change. They work for us. The NDC government has moved us backwards. This election is not just about the party, it’s about the person. We are going to be choosing parliamentary representatives, making decisions about our seniors, about our youths, and we need to be thinking about everything. Our youths are the future and they are really suffering. It is extremely vital that their issues be heard.

Helen Grenade
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