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Letter: To be or not to be professional - that is the question
Published on March 2, 2013 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

Too often, when I hear or read of the nonsense that was expressed by this man, I am forced to ask myself, “Is he for real?” What is worse is the fact that this fellow was the owner and manager of a private law firm, allegedly took the time to pursue doctoral studies and has the distinction of carrying PhD after his name. When I am disgusted by the operation and public utterance of this fellow, I take comfort in the sayings of our seniors and, as the term goes, “Old people say -- common sense isn’t common”; (the phase “old people say” is a Vincentian term that precedes a proverbs, a saying or a cliché and the phase is used to validate or qualify the proverb, etc.) and being bright don’t mean yo (you are) intelligent.

I think a little explanation is needed for the last proverb mentioned above, which I will do before I continue with the discourse. It simply means a person who is considered bright, is one who is only able to regurgitate information that was fed to them in the same manner a cow does when eating. Because of this ability, the person is capable of passing an examination. But to be intelligent is to be blessed with the power not necessarily to regurgitate information, but possess an easy and applicable understanding of a subject, having the presence of mind to recognize the real life practical application of such information, the ability to recognize the misapplication of such, as well as to see the strengths and weaknesses in that which they have learnt.

It is funny that the person that considers him or herself bright is totally convinced that their ability to regurgitate information is all there is to the information and that there is nothing more to that which he or she has learnt. They are often convinced that, if they don’t know it, it does not apply, does not matter or does not exist.

On Monday, 25th February 2013, Dr Ralph E. Gonsalves, in an effort to prove a point and to pull the wool over the eyes of Vincentians, did what can be considered a highly unprofessional act when he put on public display the immigration entry card of two British journalists. It was not enough to bring to the public attention the allegation of the illegal actions he accused them of committing; he had to put on public display the associated documentation that was filled out by the guests of St Vincent and the Grenadines (all tourists are guests of the government and people of St Vincent and the Grenadines) on their arrival.

What was wrong in Ralph E Gonsalves’ action?

1. Firstly, it is not within the prime minister’s (Ralph Goneslaves) responsibility to discuss the illegality of a matter that was committed against the state. There are constitutionally designated departments to deal with such allegations and discrepancies. In this case, this is the responsibility of the commissioner of police and the police department, the director of public prosecution and his office or the chief immigration officer and his department, in whom is invested the power to investigate, file a complaint against and or arrest anyone who the evidence suggests to have “knowingly” breached the immigration laws of St Vincent and the Grenadines. A question I would like to ask at this juncture is: Why did PM Ralph E. Gonsalves take this trivial and inconsequential matter so seriously and make a national issue out of it? Was it because the British journalists, in their quest for truth, had the guts to ask him a question that made him uncomfortable and can implicate him in what may be the most embarrassing scandal in the history of St Vincent and the Grenadines?

2. These immigration documents have written upon them some very important and confidential information of the applicant, which includes but is not limited to the person’s name, numbered address, travel document identification number, date of birth, occupation, nationality, purpose of stay, and address while on the island.

Do you know how easy it is for ill-intended people, using the right computer program to extract such information from what may be an innocent photograph or from an informative video clip? These men can become the victim of identity theft, other fraud or they can be made to suffer reprisal from someone who may be holding a grudge for some story they may have done, covered or investigated during the course of their journalistic career; all because of Gonsalves’ inconsiderate and unprofessional action. Knowing the vengeful nature of PM Gonsalves, one can play devil’s advocate and ask was it Gonsalves’ calculated intent to put these men at risk, by displaying the documents at a press conference, and was his action a form of revenge for being bold enough to publicly ask him a question he considers to be an out of place question?

3. Gonsalves took a personal problem he had and turned it into a national issue. These men were not investigating St Vincent and the Grenadines; they were investigating an alleged dishonest action of Prime Minister Gonsalves; one he may be impeached on if he held office in the USA.

Was this press conferences one that was geared to discussing the government of St Vincent and the Grenadines’ business or was it a press conference to clear Gonsalves’ name for actions he may have taken as a private citizen? If the latter is the case, then Gonsalves has no right to have access to these private and confidential immigration documents and to remove the original document from the immigration office. This in itself is a breach of the immigration laws but most of all it amounts to corruption (an abuse of invested power). We all know that there is a protocol that must be followed if any citizen wants to have access to any document from the immigration department. Was this protocol followed by Gonsalves in obtaining these journalists’ immigration records as submitted by them? Or in his haste to prove his point, did he just request the records as is his custom?

4. As a lawyer and as prime minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines, who has the commissioner of police, the chief immigration officer as well as the director of public prosecution under his direct control, don’t you think it would have been appropriate for Gonsalves to name the offences or at least one of the offences and the section of the law these men are alleged to have violated.

5. Gonsalves accused the journalist of coming into the country to work; what type of work did they engaged in? Who employed them while they were on the island? What was the source of the journalists’ income? Did the journalists utilize the country’s resources in any manner that were not consistent or in keeping with their vacation?

Question: If an individual is writing a book and that person is vacationing in St Vincent and the Grenadines and, while on their vacation, they take some time to ask a few question or do some research in relation to the book he is writing, does that mean that the person is not on vacation?

PM Ralph E. Gonsalves accuses these men of unprofessional behaviour, because they approached him after unsuccessfully trying to speak to him, on matters of national interest; however, when they were afforded an unscheduled opportunity, the professional in them caused them to seize the opportunity to publicly ask Gonsalves a question. What is wrong or unprofessional about the action of the BBC journalists? Is it the fact they asked him a question that makes them unprofessional or was it because the question that was asked brought into question the honesty and integrity of PM Gonsalves?

Let us say that the journalists asked Mr Gonsalves about his allegation that elements in the opposition NDP hired a professional hit man to kill him, would Gonsalves have taken offence?

After examining the details of the events as laid out above, who would you say acted unprofessionally?

Allan Palmer
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jason :

Cry cry baby palmer on the Prime Minister again. Mr. Palmer, you've been on Dr Gonsalves for a while now, attacking him from all angles. I assumed you wants the P.M job. Well, not thing is wrong with that. Are you prepared to take on the challenges that associate with the job? You see people likes to talk, but put them to task don't even knows where to start.

That's all you do, constant barrage of criticism one after the next. You probabaly awaits a top job when every the NDP is elected.

Peter said he is neither a member, nor supporter of the NDP. Neither is he neutral. You Palmer, Peter, Lenford, and not forgetting Huggins endosed the NDP. Your writings alone speaks for itself.

Look how you are so bias, politically. Dr. Lewis made some stupid remarks on Thursday morning, on Nice Ridio Station. Pertaining to this country where he'd used words to the effect, that SVG being a (2x4 country, and insignificant). And no one knows about SVG, until he arrived in the UK, some years back. Aren't that sounds stupid. Here is a man that wants to be a part of a government inwaiting and saying those things.

Look at some much positive reports on this country over a period of time. So, nobody never heard about SVG before. During the NDP years in office this country Yachting Sector was doing well, and still continues to attract the most yachts in the region. Yachties heard about us back then. You see point.

More and more those people on the opposition bench, continues to utter lots of nasty stuff about this country. And expect the electorates to turn around and give them 100 percent support. Unpatriotic bunch. They'll pay for it at the polls come 2015.


To Alan Palmer,

Are you a burro? I started to read your “letter” and at the third line, 1st paragraph, I was stunned at your professed statement to be fact (yours) by your quote... “What is worse is the fact that this fellow was the owner and manager of a private law firm, allegedly took the time to pursue doctoral studies.”

For your information, the good Doctor received his doctorate from Manchester University long before becoming a lawyer. As a matter of fact he was a professor at UWI when he decided to become a lawyer, AND a successful one at that not only in SVG but throughout the Caribbean. Are you jealous of his intelligence? Why do you constantly belittle his intellect? Top the following ‘you green-eyed monster’-

This is what a professor at UWI had to say about Dr Ralph Gonsalves. “I have long been of the opinion that the Caribbean Civilization is rather like the rain- forest. In it resides, not hidden but unseen, all the clues and glues to the future of our social condition. Light, and nothing else, will reveal its insights. Enter the turbulent spirit we call ‘The Comrade’, a beam so bright, it pierces the canopy and brings life to the remotest recesses where dwell the threatened fauna.”.- Professor, Sir Hilary Beckles
You see Palmer, since, (via your heading) you seem to put a mock on Shakespeare’s Hamlet, I’ve decided to return the favor but in proper form... - (Lago): O, beware, my lord, of jealousy; It is the green-eyed monster, which doth mock - William Shakespeare- Othello.

By the way, just for your information, here is a list of his degrees. After Ralph E Gonsalves completed a bachelor's degree in economics at the University of the West Indies, he returned there to earn a master's degree in government, which he completed in 1971. In 1974 he completed a PhD in government at the University of Manchester. Dr Gonsalves was called to the degree of utter barrister at Gray’s Inn in London in 1981.

Palmer, here is a real Quotation for you that apply not only to your letter as outlined above, but to all of your ramblings in this medium. Mark Twain said it best.... (and, it is definitely not a cliché)

"Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please." Mark Twain

I will not go into your tirade about the British Journalists, except to state that my view is that the journalists were wrong in their approach. They would not dare to do something like that to Mr Obama, or David Cameron the PM of Great Britain, then, why should the Prime Minister, and his wife (who was also there) and citizens of SVG accept such disrespect of the Prime Minister by these English hooligans, under the guise as BBC journalists no less.

You seem to have a lot of words for clichés, proverbs, etc., (again quoting your wording)., here’s a cliché for you, a little learning is a dangerous thing but a lot of ignorance is just as bad, it appears to me that you fall into both these categories. May I make a suggestion to you? You should sign up for some night/day studies, whatever fits into your work schedule; this will go a long way in helping you to make yourself a better person.

May I also suggest that you read ‘An Essay on Criticism’, by Alexander Pope…. in it you will understand the quote, “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.”: and hopefully you will learn something worthwhile.

Palmer, your analogies are way off base. However, since you believe that you are such a whiz at looking out for the interest of Vincentians and know when the Prime Minister (elected by the people who live in SVG) is pulling the wool over our eyes; what the job of a PM is all about; why the journalist were is SVG; that you know the journalists were right in accosting the Prime Minister, then why the heck don’t you run for the position of PM, so that you can do exactly what YOU think is expected of the person in the position. By the way Mr. Palmer, if you leave the USA to run for office here can you get back into the USA? Oops, oh I forget, Mr. Obama is working on new immigration laws, but then again, will you even qualify to stay in the USA under the new laws? Good luck Mr. Palmer.


The question, 'jason', is TO BE OR NOT TO BE - - - PROFESSIONAL.


How come we have this CRY BABY 'jasson', running all about the bush, with all these ridiculous, hair-brained, SCATTER-BRAINED attempts at futile distractions?

The QUESTION, hapless sycophant, parochial henchman, and blindly partisan apologist for the politically corrupt Ralph Gonsalves' illegitimate "u" L.P. regime duplicitously foisted on the trusting members of the MILTON CATO, HUDSON TANNIS, AND STANLEY JOHN SVG LABOUR PARTY (SVGLP).

YOULIMO in sheep's clothing.

Messenger boys for the dumbo coupman hugo chavez, who admittedly smells his own nose with pungent sulfur.

Shameless WATER-CARRIERS for dotish demagogue castro, who we are still asking the INTERNATIONAL COURT OF JUSTICE, AND THE INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT, NOT TO MENTION THE SPANISH COURT SYSTEM, to investigate, charge and prosecute for the alleged over one million Cubans who have been killed by his rabid, madman, COMMUNIST PARTY DEMAGOGUERY.

Apologist, ask CASTROITE COMMUNIST RALPHIE, and atheistic Everardo, to ORDER THE FOREIGN AND CUBAN MILITARY IRREGULARS AND OTHER MILITARILY TRAINED COMMUNIST FORCES, reportedly now more than three times the size of our ROYAL SVG POLICE SERVICE, that are inappropriately occupying Vincentian sovereign territory, to IMMEDIATELHY LEAVE OUR BLESSED HOMELAND OF S.V.G.





We shall no longer collaborate with you to CIRCUMVENT THE USA EMBARGO. VAMOOSE.

Stop begging we, with your pitious, greedy, "ME FALTA! ME FALTA!

Eat your blasted, cursed, atheistic communism. SCRAM. GET OUT ah St. Vincent.
Cubans, Go Home. And LEAVE ST. VINCENT alone. You are not welcome.

You are a threat to the PEOPLE OF SVG and to the ROYAL SVG POLICE FORCE.


Leave the politically corrupt copycat local communist to us, his bootlicker jason and all the other communist collaborators.

They must stand full investigations and finally answer to the SVG PEOPLE.

Retribution surely coming.

Any jurisdiction that gives succour and comfort to these political plunderers and ideological sackers shall earn our eternal national enmity.

This politico ideological corruption should NEVER be conflated, 'justified',or excused for 'political reasons/persecution'.

The TIME IS NOW TO REALISE "Time Will Tell".

Down with the wholely UNPROFESSIONAL Ralph Gonsalves and his utterly corrupt politically communistic regime.

And SCATTER BRAIN bootlickers like 'jason', socalled. The days of slavery and slavishly DOING THE BIDDING of the white land owning slave master done lang years ago, jason. Don't foolishly replicate the SAME SLAVE MENTALITY AND PATTERNED SLAVE BEHAVIOUR IN YOUR sorely misguided POLITICAL AND, OR, IDEOLOGICAL LOYALTIES,jason.

Massa day done. Ask anybody. But, communistic ralphie.

"TO BE OR NOT TO BE PROFESSIONAL". That, INDEED, is the QUESTION, my MISLED fellow human being jason.

Chew on that. Answer to the question.

Distractions and 'Gunny Apologetics' wont work or do SVG any good.

Jason, sing with we ordinary Vincies:


Long live, the Sovereign, Free, and Independent STATE of SAINT VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES.

Beautiful HAIROUNA, Home of the Blessed.


You, and ralph the loud mouth communist.

L Sutton:

Jason's English is so bad!

Allan Palmer :

Jason. Jason, Jason, I am not crying I am bringing to the community's attention somethings they may have over look. Yes I am critical of Gonsalves, Jason one thing you cannot say is, My criticism is not justified or I am lying on the PM.

Jason I am extremely happy that of all the points I made you could not have take none of then and say:
1. I am or was lying about anything I said

2. I did not slander Gonsalves,

3. You did not disagee with my analysis of Gonsalves behaviour or even my pronouncing of Gonsalves actions as being corrupt.

You effort told me that I am on the right track. Jason Gonsalves has you and an army of other paid help to write nice ego stroking and body parts, don't expect me to join the bunch of weak uncle Toms.

Jason on the issue of rumning the country even you could do a better job than Gonzie.


To Steve Huggins,

Do you know what you are? a BIG BULLY! And, I am not calling you names in saying this, because for this, you need serious therapy.

Who am I? I am a Vincentian period! Born and raised. If YOU want to call yourself ordinary, then that is your business, but when you are referring to Vincentians as ordinary Vincies please, DO NOT categorize the citizens of SVG as ordinary, this includes me.

Also, over your ranting and raving, I noticed in you post that you referred to yourself as a human being. (Really? Fo’ tru! ) I never would have guessed this in a million years; but it doesn’t matter, because I just want to let you know that Jesus Loves you as much as he loves the Cubans and Venezuelans, along with all the other human beings; oh yes, he does! And don’t YOU dare doubt me!

Furthermore, whether you are Red, Black, Yellow, or White, Jason, Castro, Chavez, Steve, Alan, Ralphie or Arnhim, slaves, slave masters, communists, Catholics, Baptists, Jews, and bullies, Jesus loves each and every one, and know this, that his love for the Queen of England is no more than his love for you, and that my dear Steve, is reason enough why you should never refer to citizens (of the world for that matter) as ordinary.

Steve, I feel so sorry for you, and even though your bulling and hatred are so obvious in your post, I just want to reiterate that Jesus loves you. I do hope you realize what I am trying to say to you here, and please ask the Lords’ forgiveness for your hatred and meanness, in doing so you will be on your way to recovery. Peace & Love!


When I read Jasons blog I thought the stupid idiot is at it again.

I have recently given some thought to Jason, his command of English is so bad, I am coninvinced he is a badly educated child between 11 and 14 years of a fairly low mentality.

One thing I cannot accept is ignorance, of which Jason has plenty.


jason :

Allan, and brother Huggie, for your information I've never been paid a red cent by any one to make a little contribution here.

I am a pround and patriotic Vincentian. I defend my country any where I go. Am a sailor working for a company name of Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. I'll state once more, solid support for the Government. There are times when I disagree, with some bad moves by the ULP. But that doesn't mean I'll come here slaming the government. In fact, I've never been given any thing. That's not the reason why I throw my weight behind them. I did so because I felt that SVG had been properly managed over the years. Not saying every thing been perfect, but doing the very best to keep this (economy afloat).

Both of you not living in SVG. One can easily observe this from your constant attacks on Ralph.

All the info collected from your sources are factual? Lots of Ralph haters out there one reason or they other, are they willing to speak the truth on any thing what so every.

I want both of you to tune in to (IK TV), at 8: oclock to hear what the founding father of the NDP, have to say.

Boss Huggins, when every your party is back at the helm, your top post awaits you. But do not let down Mr. Eustace, he is the prime minister in-waiting.

Huggie, you kept preaching communism night and day, probably was living in one of those countries prehaps. I assumed they've wrong you. Am not a communist person, I do not buying in to the crap that peddle around on the news channels. I read a few articles on Cuba, and Venezuela on the net and find they are mixed views.

Communism wont work in the caribbean. Not now, nor ever. The leaders knows that. So pursuing a communist agenda the people wont digest it.


Livy, so early in the year, are you intending to vie for the Annual or ALL-TIME AWARD for JACK-ASS OF THE YEAR/2013 --- with your WORLD-CLASS ANALYSIS of the word "ordinary"?


Then why Jason do you support a Marxist? why do you support a communist prime minister?

Lenford O'Garro:

Please Jason stop the nonsense! Please tell us what you think Dr. Lewis was saying when he said 2x4 country and insignificant.

Here is my take on what he was saying: 2 by 4 country – SVG is a very small country. There are about 249 countries in the world and SVG is about 203 on the list. Many of the countries that SVG is bigger than are dependent territories.

Insignificant – Can SVG shape political or economical influence in the world? The answer is no. Therefore on the world scene SVG is insignificant. SVG is recognize as an Independent Nation but wheels no influence in world affairs.

Please give Dr. Lewis a call or take the time to engage and ask him to explain what he was saying by his statement. I am sure he will take the time to explain it to you.

Have a good day!


My apologies, Livy, my mistake; the award intended is for The Annual or ALL-TIME AWARD for "BRAYING JACK-ASS" OF THE YEAR/2013 - - - for your unique WORLD-CLASS 'ANALYSIS' of the word "ordinary."

Such is the sad, pitieous, effect that slavish political BOOTLICKING has upon the already fragile 'Gunny bandwagonners. You tasting it; could you tell we if the material taste of "gunny leather"?

Frankly, my commie friend 'Livy', barefaced sycophantic apologist for the deluded Castroite Communist Ralph Gonsalves who bends down to the near-illiterate Latin American tin-pot dictator hugo chavez, you would very likely take the award prize, hands down!


LENFORD, thanks man. I have been pushing these past few years to develop a personal campaign of directly contacting some of these MAP MAKING OR CARTOGRAPHIC enterprises in efforts to upbraid them and insist that they at least give an earnest try to INCLUDE SVG ON THEIR MAPS. Our dear land is MISSING on their maps! And, I chafe at this. I tired 'cuss and fret after visiting and consulting near every map or globe available or on display. We must learn how to maximise our Vincy influence, for good only. Not for atheistic, impractical, duplicitous, mass-murdering "MARXISM-LENINISM", or RUSSIAN, CHINESE, CUBAN, NORTH KOREAN, CAMBODIAN, GRENADIAN COMMUNISM and "scientific socialist" regimes.

We shall make SVG become effectively SIGNIFICANT by increasing our genuine PROFESSIONALISM (a la Allan Palmer), individual CHARACTER, and balanced personalities. We Vincentians make even greater impact as individuals and small groups, in global forums, than as a UN member nation. Some aspect to soberly consider and exploit. Our politicians have actually diminished our international image, especially in more recent years.

Allan Palmer:

This is strange, I noticed that Livy and Jason fail to write any comment on Letters: 1. Coincidence or a well-executed plot or 2. Sexual passions - the destructive nature of sexual offences either. What happen guys, is it that you are convinced that the information in these articles are so accurate and your conscience cannot bring you to defend Gonsalves in such condition or defend such actions. Mmmmmm, I wonder. You guys should take up my moto, If I cannot defend you morally I cannot defend you at all, because what is more important than big talk is the standard of ethics and the level of morality I display in my daily life. Nothing else matters.

I thought it was there mission in life to defend Ralph Gonsalves and his Unity Labor Party. As you guys can see I mentioned Gonsalves’ name in the beginning of this article associated with the rape and sexual assault of the Police officer and the Vincy-Canadian Human Rights Lawyer.


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