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Letter: Time to unmask the face of Derek James
Published on March 5, 2014 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

Only 11 months later, a term that began with heavy pledges and a campaign message that promised to deliver and apparent momentum is in wreckage. Confidence in Mitchell and his government has sunk like a cinder block hurled into the Kick-Em-Jenny-waters. The embarrassing showing on his bungled implementation of his Electronic Crime Bill, raising doubts about its very viability, and extends to disastrous international zigs and zags that are zapping Grenada’s credibility among Caribbean allies and foes, call it the very worst year of his fourth and last term as prime minister.

Over and over again during his electoral campaign in 2013, Mitchell promised, “I will not raise taxes. Vote for me and my team,” meaning: efforts to help the less fortunate people on the island will not be disrupted, and life for the vast majority will go on as he had promised. Those are his words that will go down in history most charitably as reckless spin, far more likely as a brazen lie, because Mitchell raised taxes on the people. This is a nightmare for Grenadians, most of whom are unemployed.

Adding salt to the wound, Mitchell has little to offer for the slow-motion crisis of joblessness that continues to squander human potential. A 40% unemployment rate and monthly firings of workers, Mitchell can explain the problem. He can excoriate the NDC, but he cannot actually do anything to change the reality on the ground, and that is the ultimate measure of a prime minister.

As Grenadians keep getting fired from their jobs, which is senseless and unfair, robberies are on the increase, crime is up, Mitchell is looking worse than disinterested. He has seemed indecisive, if not bamboozled.

Some people are objecting to Mitchell’s lack of executive foreign policy experience, should they be called bigots? Should his lack of economic or private sector expertise just be ignored? How about those radical friends, who went to prison for the assassination of our beloved Maurice Bishop and his men, so with much thought and introspection, I decided to take a chance on being vilified and supported the man I thought was the most qualified to be prime minister one last time.

Mitchell promised the people that he would govern as a results-oriented leader, not a partisan politician. He and his team would make integrity the hallmark of his government. He would always do what he believes to be right, no matter which way the political winds are blowing; again Mitchell lied.

The NNP support group in New York has confirmed purging of original members. Derek James was accused of undermining the NNP New York support group. James indicated that he was removing the original members to form what he calls the NNP Political Group, a vast network of protégés chosen and installed by him.

Although Derek James has been posing as the consul general in New York, the US government does not recognize him as such; the US government has refused to accept his credentials, since he is a US citizen. It was Prime Minister Keith Mitchell who designated James as consul general.

Why is the consulate closed at the expense of one man, what is this man Keith C. Mitchell trying to accomplish with this behaviour? We are regressing instead of making advancement. Grenada is not being represented in the USA. The people of Grenada need a consul general at the consulate to represent us in the USA.

It is highly unusual for a government to have a US citizen representing Grenada abroad and not publicize its secretive political machinations, why not announce publicly that Derek is not Grenada’s consul general.

Former and present Grenadians from the NNP support group are criticizing James, accusing him of creating division. These members have expressed their firm resolution to remain true to the idea and leadership of Mitchell but not for much longer.

Marcella Campbell is receiving direction from Mitchell outside of the party; she is the chief of staff of the NNP political office in Grenada.

We have come upon an e-mail from Mrs Campbell with the requirements involved to become a member of the NNP. There are now new procedures in place that are creating some confusion by the NNP support group New York Chapter. Applicants must now fill out an application form for membership. All application forms have to go through Derek James. Each applicant, when applying for membership, has to enclose the sum of US$60. All done in secret.

This is hot mess, Grenadians, what is Keith Mitchell doing? Is this man insane? Creating division amongst his loyal supporters. This is not serving our country any.

Mitchell has amended the constitution in Grenada, saying all members of the support group must become card carrying members of the party back home. Keith Mitchell is the one person giving Derek James power over his loyal supporters who have been members for over 20 years. Derek James has the power to approve the members to obtain a party card to become a NNP member. To become a NNP support group member, you must first become a party member.

Labeling Derek James also as “ideologically sick and depraved”, still the NNP New York political group has parallels, and worrying similarities to this recent move by James. Some former members believe that it’s too late to patch up any perceived differences with James.

The former NNP New York support group, a group that has long cultivated a genteel and intellectual image and advocated resolving differences inside the party and group, the decision by Derek James to break up the group, or to do away with the majority of the members is very contentious. The former members were awaiting some intervention by the prime minister, and they were hoping for some positive results which they did not get when Mitchell visited last week. The manner in which the group was dismissed is considered extraordinary, as James and the NNP Mitchell government have always maintained secrecy over its inner workings, power struggles and skullduggery since the government got into office. Derek James is accused of creating division within the group for selfish gains.

The group agreed that Keith Mitchell was demonstrating his loyalty to Peter David and Peter David was demonstrating his loyalty to Derek James. Keith Mitchell is repaying Derek James and Peter David for their shady deal they made against the NDC. The prime minister took office with high expectations, but so far his tenure has been rocky.

Grenadians, remember a people united can never be defeated. Wake up, Grenadians.

Mitchell has learned to skillfully manipulate the people of Grenada. He is giving them phenomenally bad advice. This reflects another round of his government’s dirty policies of dishonesty, fraud and deceit. We have an obligation not to support institutionalized discrimination against Grenadians who do not support this NNP regime.

Helen Grenade
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