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Letter: The making of an SVG political martyr
Published on August 16, 2013 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

The powers that be in St Vincent and the Grenadines have more recently being doing their very level best to purblindly create and politically sponsor the very latest political martyr in the Eastern Caribbean.

To the uninitiated member of the Vincentian (and OECS) public, this continuing case with Ms Vynette Frederick appears to be a clear case of political suppression, parochial persecution, and judicial harassment.

(Ah ‘riting me comrade 2)

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) says that one must be informed first, before we make comment on the matter. Granted. Please inform the SVG and OECS publics and national electorates on the precise reason why the gentlelady of the OECS legal fraternity was so “barbarically” re-arrested and prosecutorially charged with additional charges when the court had duly cleared her of all latest charges. The whole story, please.

My Viewpoint

In my considered opinion, as a Vincentian citizen, it was arrogant, untenable, capricious, petty, spiteful, vindictive and hubristic to countermand the court’s judgment in the matter and obnoxiously re-institute charges against young Ms. Vynette Fredericks.

Enough is enough.

This administration and its political appointees continue to thumb their political noses at good governance and proper administration; they appear bent on making the “law” utterly politically partisan, prejudicial and unjust. To me, even the blind can see through these sorely divisive political machinations and apparent shenanigans.

I don’t have to be an NDP hack to see that this is a clear instance of political misuse of power and political abuse of authority -- in its timing and ‘apparent’ strategy -- until and unless the PM, the DPP, the Attorney General, the Solicitor General, the Bar Association, or the court can inform the citizens of this state, and our OECS-CARICOM denizens otherwise.

So, please, please inform us, so that we shall comment with ample knowledge.

By the way, does this really mean that IF the DPP, et al, do not “inform” us, or until they do, that we Vincentian (and OECS) citizens are to be unceremoniously shut up [‘cierra la boca’!] and rendered politically incapable of giving fair, non-partisan comment on such matters of dire social and political import?

“Short Khaki Pants”

Do we, the adult electors, have to obtain the permission or ‘instruction’ of anyone, including a Ralph Gonsalves’ ULP-appointed DPP before we can comment on national affairs or sub-regional matters?

An “officer” of the Vincentian and Eastern Caribbean court is being persistently hauled before the court, fair or foul, even in the circumstance where she had her day in court and was exonerated of all charges laid against her. And, a few hours after, she is publicly taken up by the state’s police apparatus.

Can’t a charge be laid or re-instituted without the tragic-comic melodrama of the poor police officers being ordered to take her up?

What happened to that SVG/Eastern Caribbean magistrate/judge who exonerated Mr Ordan Graham, in his politically pressurized case? Her subsequent treatment and location ought to be highly instructive. Even James Mitchell tells us that our courts could be politically influenced, in his published speeches, entitled “Caribbean Crusade.”

Look, something smacks of overweening political influence and political corruption in our courts these days. Increasingly so, in the estimation of the common Eastern Caribbean man. Something smells in the State of ‘Denmark’. Lady Justice is bent over in paroxysms of the most acute abdominal pains. Quite excruciating, politically speaking.

Furthermore, are Vincentian or other OECS nationals to be intimidated, ridiculed and demonized when they even attempt to give fair comment on the likely political persecution and destruction of a young Vincentian/OECS woman and enterprising female national political leader and barrister? I hope not. But, the current politico-judicial milieu does not inspire that confidence.

Our former SVG political leaders, Prime Minister Robert Milton cato and Chief Minister Ebenezer Theodore Joshua used to repeatedly tell us: “You can do as much as you want, but, not as long as you want.”

True OECS leaders sorely needed

I will try to daily pray that the Creator God give us men and true civic and national leaders.

Not spineless, wishy-washy political drones and shameless sycophants.

The current crop of excuses for politico-civic ‘leaders’ absolutely disgusts me.

It is nauseating, politically and legally. What a travesty of justice we witness, day by day.

Check the record of cases over just the past several years.

It stinks in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, an official member, I believe, of the OECS court system. Quo vadis, mon amis?

Steve Huggins
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STEVE HUGGINS, thank God that people like you are still able to come here and lay out the truth, even if its annoying to the Marxists among us.

I am worried about how long it will be before they stop our primary freedom, that of free speech.



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