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Letter: Statement by Kidackie Amsterdam on charges against David Hinds and WPA
Published on August 21, 2012 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

The name Kidackie Amsterdam may not ring a bell to many in the current political circles, but that’s okay, since I have been out of “active” politics for the last ten years or so, but returned to join the Red Thread organized picket of the office of the president on Monday 13 August 2012 on the Linden imbroglio.

This was followed by an appearance on the platform of the Working People’s Alliance (WPA) public meeting at Stabroek Square on Wednesday 15 August 2012. It was at this meeting that I disagreed with the leader of the political opposition’s call for residents of Region Four to show solidarity with Linden by going to Linden on Saturday 18 August. As a matter of fact I chose to make a public call for the major thoroughfares such as the East Coast and East Bank highways to be blocked and Regent Street occupied by protesters for at least five days to force the government’s hand on the demands of Linden. This call was repeated at Buxton on the evening of Thursday 16 August, at which I invited residents to join me on the public road at 0700 hours to demonstrate to the government that Buxtonians stand ready to join in the fight for social and economic justice for the people of Linden and by extension all Guyanese.

These calls were made out of the recognition that the government had walked away from the negotiations with the representatives of Linden and Region Ten, and the seat of government, Region Four / Georgetown remained calm, suggesting that all was well.

The question may be asked why take such “drastic” actions after being “out” of politics for the past ten years? Well here is why.

It is my sincere belief that the PPP/Civic has nothing but contempt for the people of Guyana and the political representatives of the masses, more so those who are of a particular ilk. This belief was further strengthened when, in December, leaders such as former commissioner Felix, Bond, and Collins were shot at the square of the revolution while involved in a peaceful demonstration against the perceived wrongs perpetrated by the Guyana Elections Commission, the refusal to act on the opposition’s parliamentary vote of no confidence in Clement Rohee, and the manner in which the government sent its armed forces to launch a most inhumane assault on the people of Linden on the mornings of Friday August 10 through Sunday, August 12, even while negotiations were taking place with the leaders of Linden and the government. To this I say the government will only respond to the demands of the people if there is a show of force behind the political opposition, which is what I called for at the two public meetings organized by the WPA.

While certain sections of the media were quick to scream “WPA wants Buxton road blocked… David Hinds suggests the thoroughfare be dug up…” I daresay those reports were out of context and far from the call made, because the reporter was absent when I made an earlier call for villagers to join me at the public road just to show our solidarity with Linden and to say to the authority that we stand ready. During this call, it was made clear that the desire was to neither cause obstructions nor damage to property, nor even to interfere with the right of other citizens, but to simply indicate that Buxtonians were standing resolutely behind Linden and their leaders.

Yes, the show of support for this call was dismal, but serves to highlight another reason for my return to politics after “hibernation” like most Guyanese. The reason being that Guyanese, especially those of particular ethnic groups and convictions, were oppressed, are being oppressed and will continue to be oppressed because the masses have become lazy and don’t care with regard to standing behind their leaders to demand accountability and responsible conduct from the government of the day, and must be made to “wake up” from this apathy, lest Guyanese be made to suffer worse forms of indignity perpetrated by this uncaring government, which sees itself as invincible.

Hence, as of now I am rededicating my energies to the movement, which seeks to liberate Guyana and its citizens from the clutches of the nepotistic, kleptocratic government of the PPP/Civic, by making people understand that, while leaders are in negotiation, there must be a show of force by the people in support of their elected representatives if the will of the people is to be realized, since there will be no gain to be had if the seat of government, Region Four / Georgetown remains calm, while the government refuses to heed the call of the people’s representatives.

I do not need to defend Dr David Hinds, he is capable of this, the veteran he is since the days of fighting the Burnham regime as a member of the Working People’s Alliance, which fought tooth and nail alongside the now discredited PPP.

Kidackie Amsterdam
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Daniel Mason:

The masses were led astray by a so called leader whose first action was seek out the peanut farmer for advice and since then Guyana went further downhill and just imagine he still want to be part of the executive. What an upstart. I commend you on your rededication ; remember to be vigilant. Remember the story about " how the agouti lost its tail"

Errol Harry:
Thanks for publishing this timely letter.

Caribbean News Now must publish more like this regularly because the situation in Guyana as all should be aware by now is pretty grim.

Not only for blacks who suffer serious institutionalised racial discrimination but for the working classes of both main races as a whole.

We were led to expect much better after 28 tears of Burnhamism- but even here the racism against Indians under Burnham was child's play compared with the present dispensation.It is infinitely worse.

The stark fact that as of October 2011 of 44 Ambassadors only one is Afro-Guyanese accurately reflects the level of racism being visited upon black people inside Guyana today.

Letters like this are necessary correctives to the deliberate misrepresentations and misinterpretations of the poor Buxton turn-out last Saturday in the ppp Govt controlled media and its sympathisers in internet media like Demerara Waves in particular.

Effect has been magically conjured into cause and the poor show became proof of African contentment on the one hand and David Hind's status as an un-representative 'trouble-maker'on the other.

He joins a long list of 'trouble-makers' from the currently physically attacked,sacked and sued Prof Freddie Kissoon today in Guyana, to Dr Martin Luther King to Prof.Walter Rodney.

To restore the truth back upon its feet,it is obvious that the lack of response is a clear indication not of unconcern but of serious oppression, fear of more victimisation and after Linden fear of losing Life itself.

Precisely the intended message sent from the Regime to mainly black Lindeners.

Moreover,who can blame Buxtonians for not venturing where the so-called Leaders of the Official Guyanese Opposition like Rupert Roopnarine,Ramjattan and especially ex-General Granger fear to tread?

David Hind's activism here is a direct response to this absence of leadership.

Two years ago 60 black striking Bauxite workers were sacked at Kwakwani on a picket line with impunity up to today.

Black workers as well as black life has no value and is seriously endangered in Guyana today.

These Opposition leaders are prepared to fight Industrial scale Corruption,economic oppression and Racism and murders of black people in Linden right down to the last Guyanese of African 'Dissent'.

Right now the silenced and fearful Guyanese masses and Black Guyanesein paryicular desperately need many more David Hinds at home and outside through-out the Caribbean to raise righteous voices in Defence of their Human Economic and Social Rights to Work and to Life, and to be free of Racism.

The Struggle continues.

Errol M Harry
London UK
Coordinator of Caribbean Countries United Against Racism in Guyana


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