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Letter: Something different - means nothing to many, a lot to a few
Published on August 23, 2013 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

Something different – means nothing to many, a lot to a few, and I therefore submit without further ado.


By Peter Binose

The hate and spite
continues at night
The hate the spite
to give you a fright

They come at night
come in day
those camouflage men
come anyway
as the day is dawning
early in the morning
you still yawning
the sun just rising
doors they are prising

The hate and spite
give you a fright

Manhandle your mother
sister and brother
you camouflaged mister
why frighten my sister?

him by the gate
gruesome with hate
him with the light
gruesome with spite
ripping out drawers
treat us like hoers
rip out cupboard
nothing in there

One thing in common
that they all share
clean shaven face
and very little hair

The hate and the spite
that came in the dark
now it is morning
made us their mark

The hate and the spite
has given us fright

They find nothing
they leave a little trite
look for their pickup
see where it park
were camouflage officers
just out for a lark

Those camouflage men
going away
as the day dawning
early in the day
you still yawning
the sun just rising
door lays damaged and gash
suitable now only for trash

The hate and spite
give you a fright

the little fat man
lay in his big tiled bath
he their political master
have a good laugh
he up in the garden
on that fateful day
little foreplay
4am and thinking of porn
it’s still pre-dawn
dew on lawn
far from the town
prancing and dancing around
like a painted white clown
dreaming of woman
in camouflage brown

what he did next
got you all vex
in the name of the country
in the name of the Crown
prancing and dancing
he pulled her pants down
they were camouflage brown

Did they break down his door?
did they search him like hoer?
did they question the white clown
who pull trousers down?

what the heck
he say only kiss neck
kiss without trousers
he say she rebel rouser
just a kiss on the neck
below the waist
the fat white clown
the fat white clown
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I see that Peter is a quite capable poet.

Take care that Ralph worshippers don't take this to mean that you are truly that TOUCH music man whom they have been accusing you to being.

I did glean your earlier hint that the RED COMMUNIST would soon send his MANICOU Gang to exact his usual political spite and vindictiveness.

I even been hearing for quite some time that they are still endeavouring to build that even more virulent MANGOOSE GANG. Now, a great pal and me used to hunt mangoose (and seek to train a dog to do such), but this gang is comprised of an entirely different genre of mangoose.

To see how this guy has near completely taken powers NOT allocated to him. And, his boasted "Short Khaki 'Pants" boys just have not yet development the manhood, masculinity, gumpsion, or integrity, to patriotically challenge him in his profligate and reckless political ways.

Not a man to be found among them? I just do not believe it.

Oh, I know that they regularly get bought off. But, even YOULIMO nutcases used to say (at least in 1979), "EAT THEM OUT, then VOTE THEM OUT."

The same Communist playbook that TANNIS AND CATO, particularly, used to warn us about is now being brashly, arrogantly played out by these ideological fakes and political opportunists.

They will definitely try very early, soon, to totally take over the country for their irrational 'scientific' socialist nirvana - - - handing this blessed land to the TWO DESPOTS in slave-State Cuba.

The persecution has started a very long time ago. Even the US Embassy freely admit this (IF Wiki-Leaks are to be believed). Expect that political victimization and persecution to INTENSIFY, especially when they are seeing signs of their ultimate demise.

I give you Moses' and the Almighty's good advice to Joshua: BE STRONG AND OF A GOOD COURAGE.

I will endeavour to pray daily for the politically persecuted, victimized and spited FREE SVG PATRIOTS who simply seek to sensitize our people to these burgeoning threats to our national independence, freedom and integrity.


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