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Letter: So where are our Marxist friends when we need them?
Published on January 3, 2014 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

Where is Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, Syria, the ALBA membership and all the rubbish non-aligned countries who we are now aligned with? Where are they in our hour of want, where are they? Where? Where?

Where are all the countries who we have done favours for in the United Nations? Voting with them and helping them out of the crap at the price of losing our own good name for decency and goodwill.

Where is Cuba who we have employed and paid their workers at the airport until we are on the verge of bankruptcy? Remember how we sent them water engineers and electrical engineers/workmen and money when they were hit by a hurricane? Well we have had several tragedies, not a bean from them no reciprocity.

Where is Venezuela who promised to pay the Cubans’ wages and eventually dumped us in the crap? Promised to pay for all the airport contractors’ equipment, then only put ten million in the kitty. Talk about PetroCaribe all you want, that doesn’t make up for what they owe us.

Where are the boatloads of goods and supplies? Where are the hospital supplies; where is the money? Where is the comradeship and the solidarity? Where is it?

Comrade, they are making you look like an actor right out of ‘Dads Army’ a farcical character.

They must have a reason for such behaviour, because it’s all of them. Are you able to tell the people what has gone wrong, why you and ultimately us, why have we been dumped?

I am fairly sure that most Vincentians probably would prefer not having their help, if it means being identified as one of them. Most of us have no intentions of ever living under their kind of dreadful caged animal slavish socialism.

So I suppose we have to continue receiving help from imperialists and capitalists, real people who have a good sense of decency. Then we can punch them all in the eye after we have taken all they have to offer. Because they do not fit into our leader’s lifetime scheme.

I will drop a line to the Pope and ask him what he thinks.

Peter Binose
Self Appointed Keeper of the Whistle, and blowing hard

Romans 12:19–21 Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.”
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Ivan Durakov:

The reason is simple. Such "progressive" regimes are characterized by the eternal five pillars of their faith: deceit, incompetence, corruption, tyranny, and cowardice. Invest in them, and you will always lose your capital.

Ivan Young:

Let me get straight to the point, I do not this joker calling himself Peter Binose. He is a representative of a foreign agency whose mission is to divide us from other people that his masters don't like. A week after our disaster he sets our to drag certain through the mud for not sending us aid. Cuba has been under an embargo for over fifty years, so Cuba is in no way a rich country. Other nations are punished for trading with Cuba. The Bible tells us that the beast will dictate who will trade with who. Talk about a sense of decency. Iran is in the same boat as Cuba. Syria is in the midst of a foreign influenced war, and Venezuela has been under foreign sabotage since Chavez first took office. How many military bases does the accused countries have around the world? How many countries have they invaded in the last seventy five years? How many innocent people have the killed with drones in the last ten years? How about depleted uranium and other dangerous chemicals used in their never ending wars? Talk about a sense of decency. Who sent special forces troops to remove the elected president of Haiti and prevented him from returning to his country of birth? The president was planning to stop paying France for ending their enslavement. For those Vincentians too young to know, let me enlighten about a good sense of decency. In the late 1970's, a Cuban civil airplane loaded with athletes from Cuba and Guyana was blown on take off in Barbados killing all aboard. A Miami Cuban CIA operative named Louis Posada boasted that he had his thugs carry out the bombing with full approval from Washington. He was later arrested in Venezuela (this was before Chavez's time)but was busted out of jail before he could stand trial. Both Cuba and Venezuela has asked for extradition from then until now but to no avail. He then had his thugs conduct a bombing campaign against the hotels and resorts in Cuba to discourage tourist form going there. An Italian tourist was killed in one of these bombings. Posada said too bad, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He has never been tried in the USA for his crimes and has said whatever he did was with full approval. He lives in Miami a free man and is not considered a terrorist by the USA. How is that for decency? In closing I would like to point out one of some Vincentians faults. Some of us cant seem to stop ourselves from running our mouths around people from the continents whether they are black or white. For an few drinks or a few dollars we will reveal all the commess and all our little secrets. This is a practice we must stop. Binose might look like a clown, but make no mistake he is a dangerous man and is on a mission. It is not a good thing to betray your country. Wiki Leaks tells us that certain Vincentians have been feeding information to certain big continents on our politicians and other prominent people. This is a shameful act and must stop. I have no sympathy for people who betray their country and whatever they get they fully deserve it.

Peter Binose:

IVAN YOUNG, its quite obvious that you are a CUBAN. Despite your being Dirección General De Inteligencia trained your compilation and method of writing makes it obvious that your not from an English speaking country. Further more by what you write you may not even be from this planet.

Unlike yourself I am not controlled by a foreign agency, but do try and keep several up to date by writing in these columns which I know they all read. Just like the Cubans and the Venezuelans read these columns, with I am sure great zeal and horrified interest.

I am not a joker, generally the matters that I try and expose are not funny, nothing to joke about. Occasionally I do introduce a little light heartedness into my letters.

We are a far poorer country than CUBA, the Cuban Marxist leaders have kept the people in poverty for more than 50 years, themselves becoming billionaires. We sent them money, goods, and tradesmen when they were hit with storm disaster’s. Could we afford that, no we could not. Cuba is under an embargo because they deserve to be under an embargo, when the scum goes, then the embargo’s will go.

As for Iran they marry their girls at twelve years of age and they are expected to have sex with husbands three or four times their age, sometimes men who have other wives, the girls become house slaves. 20% die in child birth before the age of 13. They have been mining and shipping uranium from Venezuela now for a number of years. They sponsor terrorism and donate billions to revolutionary causes world wide. The Iranians are even supplying military trainers for the ALBA military academy in Bolivia. The trainers are from the Iranian Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution, also known as the Revolutionary Guards.

How many innocent people have been killed by drones in the last ten years, the question should be how many innocent people have been killed by terrorists trained in Cuba in the last 60 years?

How many hundreds of thousands of people have been killed by Iranian state sponsored terrorism world wide?

How many Christians have been murdered, executed in Iran, just for being Christians.

Papa Doc and Baby Doc were monsters who raped the people and raped the Haitian coffers for their own use whilst the people starved.

You cannot betray a Vincentian regime that should not be in power, who came to power by bribing the electorate.

The only people who betray SVG are the Marxist politicians and people like you who support them.

Thanks for the Wikileaks reminder, according to those very documents it was almost all ULP members who featured in those documents. If you would like a list and some excerpts let me know I can furnish them from my own Wikileaks copies.

Remember there is a vast difference between betraying Marxist scum and what you consider betraying SVG. Go and look in the mirror if you want further clarification.

Ivan Young :

I was born and raised in St.Vincent and left there in 1980 because of one of your heroes, Milton Cato. I vowed never to return until I see a government that is genuinely representative of poor Vincentians. I see no light at the end of the tunnel . Ralph is no Marxist by any stretch of the imagination. St. Vincent is still a colony of England, Canada, and the US. I may not be as educated as you, and may not be able to put my thoughts on paper as well as you do, but I am sure the average Vincie can understand what I am trying to say. Like I said, I was born and raised in St.Vincent and for you to suggest that I am Cuban would earn you the name Peter Flatnose if we ever met face to face. I am accusing you of being in the employment of the CIA. I know you kind for I have dealt with scum like you before. As soon as anyone disagrees with you or raises any valid point, your method ( as you were trained to do)is to attack and try to discredit that individual. I am from right here on earth, I know about St.Vincent more that you will ever know. Where were you during the Teacher's march? I thought you were a little smarter but you are obviously a dimwit thinking that I was mentioning Papa Doc and Baby Doc, none of whom was elected to office. When I referred to you as a joker, it was not for your humor and I owe you an apology for that. You sir, are a jackass. If Vincentians cannot see you for what you are, then that is their short comings. I hope the younger generation would wake up and see scum like you for what you are and give you a good ass whooping and send you packing.

Peter Binose:

Dear Ivan Young, I am sorry if I have upset you, I really did not mean to hurt your feelings or ridicule you.

I misunderstood you, I thought your were just another Marxist siding with Gonslaves, if he is right or wrong.

As for making threats against me for my obvious mistake, that I am sorry to say shows ill breading and low life ignorance. But perhaps we should ignore that and put it down to your being upset with hurt feelings.

I must refute being in the employ of the ‘Caribbean’s in America’ [CIA] association, I haven't been in America now for many years.

I must say I am a little perturbed that you would identify me with scum, because that is a term the ruling Marxist ULP party is often described as.

Again I am sorry that you have taken everything as some kind of besmirching of your good name. Lets hope you feel better soon and I wish you a full and speedy recovery.

Please give my best wishes to your family, tell them I hope in the future they are better able to look after you and keep an eye on what and where you write, perhaps its just a simple matter of parental control that‘s required.

Your good friend Peter

Peter Binose:

My very dear friend Ivan Young, what I forgot to mention was your reference to leaving SVG in 1980 because of Milton Cato. We only got independence in October 1979. I just wondered how you formed that opinion of him during this short period. I know he was about before independence, but just wondered how you formed such strong feelings about a man and haven’t returned for 34 years? surely there was someone you liked during that period? other than myself that is? How about the comrade, don’t you like him enough to come home?


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