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Letter: Should America take a page from the Russians' book and grab Cuba?
Published on April 2, 2014 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

I can understand the Russians feeling threatened, deeply worried about a European and US threat to Russia's naval base in the Crimea. I can understand them feeling the need to protect a people who speak and understand Russian. I can understand them wanting to protect a people who want to be affiliated, allied or associated to Russia, a Russian speaking people who want separation from Ukraine and Europe. But I do not understand why they would invade the Crimea and organise through their collaborators to hold a referendum, then to annex the country, which is now an integral part of Putin's Russia.

When you consider that Putin is a proven scumbag; a man that finagled to be president of Russia twice, then finagled to drop back as prime minister but still in charge, only to come forward again as president of Russia. A circumvention of the rules that are designed to stop anyone being Russian president more than two times continually. A carefully planned method of holding power and thumbing his nose at all things regarded as decent and proper, by decent and proper people, both in Russia and even worldwide. The man is not nice and has used a method that in any society of common decency would not be accepted.

Keeping all that in mind, Putin is a best friend of Venezuela, Cuba, and ALBA in particular. Whatever he does, however wrong it is, he will have the eternal backing of the ALBA membership, all those jumped up Marxist scumbags with similar desires of everlasting control of their peoples. Whatever he does, right or wrong, they will go into the United Nations Assembly in New York and vote with him, vote for him, support his nasty vile Russian regime. Why? Because he holds out hope for each one of them, hope to be able to emulate him. Hope of personal power to each and every one of them.

Putin has armed Venezuela to the teeth, they are currently building missile silos all over the country. The shipment of military equipment, including two Mig fighters found in a North Korean ship, destined for North Korea, last year at the Panama Canal, a shipment of several thousand tons of sugar in bags burying and hiding the shipment. The story put forward was that the arms and equipment originated in Cuba and was on its way to be refurbished in North Korea. But the truth is, according to Lloyds List, before calling at Cuba to take on sugar, it had sailed from the naval port in the Crimea, I believe it was there that the arms and equipment was loaded, a gift to North Korea from Putin.

Cuba needs all the engineering work it can get, it would never ship arms and equipment to North Korea for refurbishment, and why hide it all under a shipload of sugar? Why? Because it is against a UN embargo, an embargo that bans all shipments of such equipment to North Korea. That switch enabled Putin to say it was not the Russians, it was the Cubans.

See what we are up against -- Cubans and Russians playing their dirty little games once more. We must never forget how this duo almost destroyed the world, almost created World War Three; we should never forget exactly what a nasty and dangerous couple they have previously proved themselves to be in the Caribbean. Yes, I am referring to the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.

How about if the Americans ring the changes? How about if they take a page from Putin’s book? Just think about the US naval base, the Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, also called Gitmo or GTMO by the US Army, US Marines, US Navy, US Air Force, and US Coast Guard personnel stationed there, is located on 45 square miles (120 km2) of land and water at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, which the United States leased for use as a coaling and naval station in the Cuban American Treaty of 1903.

The base is on the shore of Guantánamo Bay at the south-eastern end of Cuba. It is the oldest overseas US naval base, and the only US military installation in a country with whom the United States has no diplomatic relations. How about if, like the Russians, the American military simply walked into Cuba, held a referendum and took over the whole country, lock, stock and barrel? There are thousands of English-speaking Cuban people who would love to be part of the US, if they were offered the right deal.

Should America simply grab Cuba and hold a referendum? Cancel all previous obligations and stretch their borders for the sake of the people of Cuba and then they can move a portion of Miami back to their home country? How perfect. Fishing is good; weather is nice, better stopping off point on the way to fish in Mexico.

Can the US and the world simply ignore the actions and behaviour of Russia? Can they stand by and accept further expansionism of Russia, swallowing up pockets of surrounding countries? Can they? Or should America with their European friends stop Russia’s advance at any cost? Whatever that should be. Because President Putin is a man who is not easily scared or put in his place. No one can put heavy manners on him, as they say in the Caribbean.

How can anyone doubt this man’s nastiness? Look at all the Putin cloak and dagger stuff, spies being poisoned with radiation... the scariest KGB actions ever. Putin is the same old Soviet operative, bringing that nasty era back to life.

Whatever the US says or does, they had better mean it and be prepared to follow through with military action. Because any sign of weakness, failure to follow through, will only give him more encouragement.

There is no doubt that equipment wise the US military is light years in advance of Russia. They could fight a war where the Russian forces are totally destroyed and the US forces are sitting at home watching a ball game. Aircraft undetectable by radar, aircraft faster than the human eye, unmanned aircraft controlled from up to 10,000 miles away. Ultra powerful new laser technology and bombs that destroy people but not buildings or property. Lasers that can destroy rockets, missiles, and aircraft, even destroy all communications, satellites, command centres and ballistic missile silos. The Russians may as well be living in the ‘stone age‘.

In fact, Hugo Chavez went even further, if you all remember. He claimed that the Americans had machines that they used to give him cancer. Machines that could cause storm and tempest, and machines that can cause earthquakes. What Chavez never told the public was his cancer was most likely caused by him carrying a present for the Iranians, a surprise flask of uranium sample, carried on his lap during a flight from Caracas to Tehran. It was said he hugged it like a child with a favourite toy.

We must ask, we must consider in the light of Russia's behaviour, would the Americans be better off destroying the kind of Cuba that we currently have. I am sure the world would be a better place without the ruling family, the Castros, those scumbags that have become among the world’s most wealthy men, whilst administering slavery to the Cuban people. Remember Forbes list of the world’s richest people? The Castros featured in that.

We can be absolutely sure that Cuba would be a better place without communism and the slavery that the Cuban people find themselves in. Communism is a cancer that the Cubans have tried to install throughout the hemisphere.

One problem is, what should the hemisphere do with the local scumbag leaders that support Cuba. May I suggest we send them all to Cuba, not at some later date, send them now.

I wrote this opinion to kick start the brains of some of you ignorant leftist Caribbean people who support the current leaders, the leaders who we really should have never allowed into our lives. Of course, I am not really supporting America going into Cuba. But I really would like everyone to consider just what scumbags the Cuban leadership and all the ALBA leadership really are.

Please, America, keep your embargo against Cuba. In fact, consider putting the same on all members of ALBA.

And I didn't even mention Ralph's name once.

Peter Binose
Self appointed and upgraded keeper of the bugle
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Caribbean New Now, I know that we are in so-called democratic societies and people have their right to express opions, no matter how absurd, illogical and totally ludicrous as it might be. But to continue to allow this madman 'scumbag' to continue to pollute this news medium with his rigt-wing paranoid garbage is really taking the joke too far, and is really going beyond the limits of our rights to freedom of expression. I urge you in the name of decency and sanity to please disallow any further postings of letters fom this madman called Peter Bignose! I am certain that most readers to this otherwise informative online news site has had enough of his crap.

Peter Binose:

ROLAND, at the very least I have got your brain working, but its a shame that you are not intellectual enough to understand what I actually wrote and what it actually means.

I see by what you write that you are quite simply not on the same page as everyone else who has any decency about them.

I am a Vincentian, probably older than anyone else who writes on these pages. As a historian I certainly know more historically than almost anyone that writes on these pages.

I am sure most decent people love Cubans, love Venezuelans, not the governments, not the nasty Marxist systems, we love the people.

In Cuba black people have been third class citizens, virtual slaves Working for US$25 a month, if they can get work. The second class citizens are mainly of Iberian extraction, Spanish and a few Portuguese, they get the better jobs, even a choice of jobs.

The first class citizens and there are only two of them and their family members, are the Castros the billionaires who have applied Marxist rules and measures to everyone else but themselves.

anthony david:

When I read the headline I had no doubt as to its writer was. It had to be the leader of the pack, certifiable crazy; I need all the attention I can get Peter Binose. Most people who post here do so to express an idea or start a conversation Binose does so to satisfy a much deflated ego. Peter any serious thinker who gets criticized on these blogs do not respond in the manner you do. They are confident about their ideas and find a way to remain above the fray. Binose is immediately angered by any criticism and in my view that exposes his weakness as an intellectual. It begs the question as to whether Peter failed to receive the love and attention needed as a kid from an adoring mom or was bullied while in grade school resulting in his misplaced and misguided anger of today.

Binose is at best a lunatic and at worst dangerous, hopefully only to himself. The Caribbean is in critical need of serious thinkers and forward leaning intellectuals Peter unfortunately isn’t one of them. He’s an out of work comedian desperately trying to perfect him material as he moonlights having no ideas worth discussing. The region is in critical need of people both on the right and the left who are willing to engage in series of quality debates about its future. Sadly Mr.Binose would have to be a bystander in that conversation because he brings nothing to the table or adds anything to the discourse.
His postings takes us back to the 1960’s/1970’s when many fewer of our people had the opportunity to attend secondary and university education and the select few forced us to look at the world through their very bias and clouded prism. Thankfully today’s landscape is different and we are all the better for that. So Mr.Binose the last century is calling I would suggest you please pickup and gladly return their ideas and at the same time allow the Caribbean to move forward and find solutions for the many serious problems on the road ahead.

Steve Huggins:

Peter BINOSE, IF the USA were to do that - - -


Steve Huggins:

IS 'anthony david' the Caribbean's latest-qualification PSYCHIATRIST, or is he merely PRACTISING MEDICINE or PSYCHIATRY without a license ?

In the interest of failed, discredited, ATHEISTIC Marxism-Leninism ("Communism", 'scientific' socialism, mass-murdering 'international socialism', backward PRO-RUSSIAN 'sovietism' as recently practiced in Bishop-Coard-Austin GRENADA ?)

anthony david:

Mr. Huggins I am not a psychiatrist and I certainly do not try to disguise myself as one. In addition am not a communist, international socialist, pro Russian or soviet or any of that sought. I am a God loving, God fearing very fair minded individual. I consider myself to be a centrist tilting slightly left. That position by no means defines me in totality. BTW I am a small business owner and capitalist, knowing full well that despite all its flaws capitalism has done more to lift people out of poverty and advance the human spirit than any other system known to mankind. But those who are successful and more fortunate didn’t do so all by themselves. At some point in their lives someone stuck out a helping hand, gave words of encouragement or sometimes more and as such we now have a huge responsibility to pay it forward. I grew up seeing my parents do it and they and our community were all better for having done so.
What’s interesting is how folks on the right seem to go for jugular and get so deeply personal in their criticism whenever the fact aren’t on their side, something very evident in of all places the United States. As stated before the problems are important and big enough for people of all convictions to have a seat at the table and debate the issues. I happen to know lots of very smart, wonderful and well meaning people on both side and I will continue to both cherish and respect those friendships. Everything done on the left isn’t correct or for that matter good for the people we sometimes claim would benefit from it, that’s true about the right also. The trick will be how we find the best ideas to advance the standard of living in the region. So Mr. Huggins lets all keep the conversation going, who knows one day we might be able to sit and discuss this and other issue over a steak and lobster dinner with a fine bottle of wine.

Steve Huggins:

Thank you for your prompt response Anthony David. I fully appreciate your line of thinking. Of course, I would gladly defend your right to so boldly state your opinion.

Incidentally, we would have to forgo the "lobster" --- as I have been mostly kosher since my mid-teens.

In passing, if you don't mind, I feel that breaking your paras more short would contribute greatly in enhancing ever better reading.

Nuff respect.

Peter Binose:

I just hate when people categorize me as right wing. I am in fact a conglomeration of left of right and right of left, a part of the outer middle stream of the inner stream section of society.

Do you realise how difficult and confusing that is when you drive a car.

Sorry got to go, I have totally confused myself and feel quite dizzy.

Good evening Steve Huggins and goodbye anthony david.

Its good night from me, and its good night from me.

Now how does that go ‘left of right and right of left, a part of the outer middle stream of the inner stream section of society’.



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