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Letter: Senility or master stroke?
Published on January 25, 2014 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

Senility is a condition that in most cases is associated with mental degenerative diseases that predominantly affect the aged population. These conditions may also affect some younger people as well. When one is affected with diseases (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s diseases etc.) that cause people to go senile, such victims are plagued with a diminished mental facility, which leads to a diminished mental capacity. In such cases, the part of the brain that governs memory is deeply inhibited. When a person’s memory is affected, it affects their judgment their perception, their thought pattern and their self control. In other words, it affects their whole life. As a result, they are unable to properly function or they are unable to function independently in the community.

On the other hand, a master stroke is a secretly planned or risky activity and, when executed, it catches everyone by surprise and accomplishes a desired effect or an effect that is greater them anyone expected. The execution of such plans may be preplanned or impromptu, but the results of or the outcome of a master stroke is always the same, it is one of success. It is quite easy for people to mistake senility (poor judgment, impaired perception, erratic thought pattern and the lack of self-control) for a master stroke or a master stroke gone wrong. At times, many people mix up the two; calling senility a master stroke, never the other way around.

About a week ago, I met a young lady from Honduras, and as a result I engaged her in a conversation and we were having a beautiful discourse. This was so until my lack of Honduran knowledge got in the way. I referred to this beautiful dame as an African-Honduran. This did not sit well with her and immediately, I saw a change in her facial expression, body posture and in the way she interacted with me. I knew I had offended the young lady, for her continued interaction with me was done out of courtesy and not wanting to appear rude and or offensive.

So I racked my brain with careful review of my interaction with this lady. I carefully searched for that one moment, the wrong words spoken that could have been offensive to this woman; yet no matter how hard I tried, I could not determine what I did or said to offend this lady, thus changing her perspective of me and her interaction to me and with me.

Then out of courtesy and in a subdued manner, the young lady continued the conversation by asking where I was from. I was shocked to see the excitement in her eyes, and the joy that overtook her when she discovered, I was from St Vincent. Immediately, she looked at me with a godlike adoration then she fell into her mother tongue, with gleaming eyes she said: “Si, San Vicente (Yes, St Vincent), and with a renewed excitement in me and in the conversation we were having, she asked: “Do you know Kalinago (Carib Indian)?” But before I could answer the question, the attractive and proud young lady declared, with excitement spilling out of her very being: “I am Kalinago.”

This set the platform for her to tell me about her fore-parents who were originally from St Vincent and about the journey they took many hundreds of years ago to Honduras. Such stories were handed down from generation to generation. If our Kalinago people can tell you what happened in their community last year, they are doing well. It is interesting that, although this lady have been living in the USA for most of her life, she speaks the Kalinago language, an art that has die a shameful death in the country of her ancestors, centuries ago.

I could not believe that this proud lady and her people have such a reverence, adoration and love for St Vincent and Vincentians. But only if she and her people knew of the social, attitudinal and other negative changes that the remnants of her ancestors have gone through. How trivial, greedy and week we have become. If only Kalinago Honduras knew that our people have been junked with political power that they failed to put the welfare of the country first, but it is continually placed of on the backburner and their greedy and selfish desires take precedence over economic, cultural, social and other development.

Only if Kalinago Honduras knew that those who now occupy their ancestral homeland, brag about master stroke when their indiscipline, possible senile prime minister messes up in the name of undiagnosed degenerative disease. He is so messed up when he fails to follow the traditional parliamentary procedure, which was designed to educate the ordinary members of the community of the budgetary estimates, thus denying them the opportunity to be edified as it relates to the plans and program for the financial year 2014-2015.

Only if they knew that after a natural disaster (the Christmas Day flooding) that resulted in the loss of many lives, the dear people of San Vicente and San Vicente government used such a tragedy to further divide the country, granting social and recovery assistance to people based on their publicly declared political persuasion. And people who have suffered loss are denied public assistance, which is made up of grants and gift and the generosity of overseas folks. Only if Kalinago Honduras knew the quality of people they admire, love and respect. It is a good thing they are doing such from afar, for such knowledge can destroy their hope, their adoration, the tradition and the pride that was exhibited by this young lady.

So when Vincentians run around saying master strokes, Kalinago Honduras will say lunacy, senility.

Allan Palmer
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Peter Binose:

ALLAN, how come you get to have all the luck?

I just hope you warned her of the pit falls if she ever comes to SVG, to stay away from the financial building, especially on Saturday mornings.

Allan Not Afraid Palmer:

Peter, I don't know if it luck but I must say I do meet some interesting people and have some fun experiences. I am not worry about this female she is not going to SVG in the near future. But I am worried about Kalenago Honduras because the accuse may just want to organized a state visit there and try to wipe his dirty mouth on the people's clean table cloth.

Steve Huggins:

Allan, I can readily appreciate that enthused response and familial reaction of Ms. "Kalinago Honduras." What a dramatic, poignant case of deja-vu !

I do personally know of a couple of Honduran KALINAGO-descent young women who are happily married to VINCENTIAN men. It is sort of INEVITABLE.

"Destiny . . . . Destiny . . . . "


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