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Letter: Pinkie yes, Massa no!
Published on June 25, 2014 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

I have recognized a growing, extremely disturbing and sickening trend that has developed amongst members of the Vincentian (citizens of St Vincent and the Grenadines) community at home and within the Diaspora, where the predominantly black people refer to Ralph E Gonsalves, a Portuguese man with a slave master complex, as “Massa”. But what does this mean? What is hoped to be accomplished by the use of this name and is it achieving its desired objectives?

When you call or refer to Ralph Gonsalves as Massa, although it may very well describe his mentality. To him (Gonsalves), it is not a derogatory or shameful name; but one he secretly takes pride in.

It gives credit to Gonsalves unspoken desire to re-enslave the people of a darker skin complexion than that of himself. When you call him by that name, what you are doing is playing into Gonsalves' hands and complying with his unspoken wishes to recall the days of slavery.

What is the origin of the name Massa? Massa is a broken English word that was used by transatlantic slaves to call or described their owner: their Master or one whom the owner of the slaves invests with the authority over such slaves.

So when you call Ralph Massa, you are reverting yourself into the category of a self-imposed slave; acknowledging that you are someone else’s property; it is also an acceptance of the supremacy of another over you.

I could have seen the use of this word being a tool to shame Gonsalves into doing what is right, if he was not a racist, shameless being (being is used because I did not want to stoop to his level and call him a dog)

The use of the name only seeks to affirm the hidden wishes, desires and unspoken goals of this conscienceless being; in other words, the modern-day slave master is being affirmed as being superior by free men and women, the sons and daughters of slaves. This can't be good, thus nothing good can come of this.

I suggest the appropriate name for Gonsalves be “pinkie”, as pinkie takes on a feminine context. For it is only a man with deep seated feminine qualities who can be so spiteful as to let a man who takes a simple one-mould block making operations as Bigger Biggs did and transform the operation into a multi-million dollar operation; to take pleasure in destroying such a beneficial entity as Gonsalves did; thus adding to the unemployment line.

It is only a grown man with unresolved feminine problem like pinkie who would find the pleasure in calling grown intelligent, dignified men ill names and think it’s funny.

It is only a man with unresolved feminine problems who would realize the post he is in is beyond his intellectual and other ability. But will not voluntarily step aside and let a better man guide the plans, policies and programs of the state.

It is only a grown man with unresolved feminine problem who would hold the highest political and administrative office in the land and still be on a quest for relevance.

Come to think of it these are also the qualities of a self-acknowledged failure.

Allan H. Palmer
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Peter Binose:

Very nice rendition Allan. They say in every man there is a percentage of women, in some a far bigger percentage than others.

Here is the song PINKIE WINKIE PIE, its great.


The above closing paragraphes should read like this Allan!

It is only a half-grown man with unresolved feminine problems like Allan Palmer (Check him out on YouTube) who would find the pleasure in calling PM Ralph Gonsalves, an intelligent and dignified man, ill names and think it’s funny.

It is only a half-ah-man like Allan Palmer, with unresolved feminine problems who would realize the post he/she has written is just right for his/her intellect and other non-capabilities...but will not voluntarily step aside and let a better man support the plans, policies and programs of the ULP.

It is only a better man like PM Gonsalves and not Arnhim Eustace, who should hold the highest political and administrative office in the land and still be up for a fourth term.

Rochelle Palmer:

Uncle Allan was always one short of a six-pack. He was never the sharpest knife in the drawer. That is why he was never able to get along with anybody, or at any job.

He messed-up in St Vincent, and went to jail there for attempted murder. Next was Dominica, where he had to run for his life as a result of his shady illegal activities.

He moved to Bermuda, and that was a horse of another colour. He was kicked out of his job, and caught a slow boat to the US Virgin Islands. It was easier to get to the US from there, so that is the route he took.

He arrived as an illegal and is still attempting to regularize his status. The problem is that he has completely trashed the family name What a poor excuse for a man whose only interest now is to sully the name of our Prime Minister.

George Palmer:

The letter from Rochelle Palmer is a forgery. Allan has been almost destroyed by the ULP regime leaders.

He is so hated I believe his life is in constant danger.

He is hated because he exposes all the wrong and pulls no punches.

There is lots of wrong to expose, and Allan does his best to make sure we are kept informed.

Allan Palmer:

Ralph Racheal Palmer Gonsalves, that was indeed a attempt. Prime Minister Pinkie if you have to stoop so low as to write fabricate a name I have never heard of to submit a comment means I sting you where it hurts. and I love it. ha ha ha ha ha ha lol.

Peter Binose:

I would recognise the Rochell quote as been written by Gonsalves anywhere.

Its very typical of his vocabulary and his style.


Good grief Allan Palmer, is that your written response? Written with the hand of a "drunkard" or maybe a "retard". Are you for real?

I sincerely doubt that you're the writer of those Letters on this blog...seriously!

Moreover, after watching your YouTube ramble-bramble; I’m left with the impression that you need psychiatric help. Seek it soon my son, seek it soon!

Rochelle Palmer:

Uncle Allan, when would you change your wicked ways? Why do you continue to lie like that? It is an embarrassment for you to carry the family name, Palmer.

What has the Right Hon Ralph E Gonsalves PhD, done to you? What could have caused you to conspire against the Prime Minister like that? When would you stop making an a** of yourself?

What does Ralph Gonsalves have that you don't?

We all know that you cannot match him in the education department. Our Prime Minister has a degree in economics. He has a Masters in Political Science, and his PhD in that subject as well! He went on to get his law degree, to boot!

What qualifications do you have Uncle Allan?

Reading your nonsensical ranting, with all the grammatical mistakes, just shows everybody how shallow and unintelligent you are.

Our Prime Minister was a University Professor at the University of the West Indies, and has a very successful political career, longer than most other successful politicians.

Our Prime Minister obtained the majority vote in every election since 1998, that means the majority of Vincentians love and trust him. The people in the other Caribbean islands wish he was their Prime Minister. Here is a man who works in the interests of all the people of the Caribbean.

The other Prime Ministers in the Caribbean, continually give way, and allow him to chair most of their commirrees since they trust his judgement.

Let me ask you a question Uncle Allan, could it be that impressive resume that makes you so jealous of the Prime Minister?

Allan H. Palmer:

I do not have a niece who is Racheal, so who else can this be but Ralph Racheal Palmer Gonsalves, that was indeed a attempt. Prime Minister Pinkie if you have to stoop so low as to write fabricate a name I have never heard of to submit a comment means I sting you w

Allan H. Palmer:

When you see Ralph Gonsalves call out his attack dogs to bark their foolishness at my writing, I know that I am hitting the subject where it hurts most. Many people people have always tell me about the power that resonate in my from my writing but I know how powerful my writings really are when Gonzie call out his haired hand do defend his Maracter. You see the average person has character but Gonsalves has a maracter. For those of you who do not know a Maracter is a character that has been marred beyond repair.

I am forced to acknowledge the power in my writings when Gonsalves them will lie even invent a family member and give them to me in order to ease up some of the blows and counter some of the pain my writing inflict on the subject. You know the nice thing about my writings they can be checked for truthfulness. Ha ha ha ha!!!

George D:

Allan, its VINCYPOWER, he told a mate of mine what he is doing.

Same old nonsense, nose right up Ralphs Kyber Pass.

Carib Man:

Black people with the white man colonial education would write such foolishness about the PM, Who sold off Mystique to the British pedophiles and racist . and canaone to the criminals mafia of Italy, and bequia to the racist British Zionist. it was certainly not The PM, but the ones before him.


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