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Letter: Paul Kokoski's gems
Published on August 13, 2013 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

In a quite innocuous letter-article published in Caribbean News Now (CNN) on June 25, 2013, entitled “Help for homosexuals”, a Mr Paul Kokoski stirred up a virtual hornet’s nest.

Quick off the bat, Desmond Cyrus responded with a very irrational piece, descending into demonizing Mr Kokoski, who was simply offering some online counsel on changing the homosexual lifestyle, or preference, for those who were of a mind to. Soon, one Stephen Moreton entered the fray with a somewhat illogical and confused piece.

Upon review of his original letter, I have become ever more convinced of Kokoski’s adroitness. This guy Paul Kokoski is a boss and his letter to the editor contained some timely gems.


Yep, Paul Kokoski is a boss.


See also:

Kokoski’s letter made some salient points of argumentation. They remain still as some mostly unchallenged gems, despite the vain attempts of the opponent side. In the absence of adequate refutation by his detractors, I have pinpointed seven gems and Kokoski’s letter that surely bear rehashing.

The seven gems of Paul Kokoski

Upon re-reading that watershed Letter to the Editor [of CNN], so lovingly written by Paul Kokoski, I have been additionally sobered and increasingly convinced of the volatile masterpiece that he produced with such great temerity and nerve -- indeed, verve and aplomb.

It most definitely takes courage in today’s world to speak the truth. It also takes a whole lot of honesty, of the intellectual variety. Consequently, I take a bow to CNN letter-writer, Paul Kokoski.

As aforesaid, I have gleaned seven veritable gems that were brought to our full attention by Paul’s superb letter. No wonder the anti-intellectuals have sought to nefariously shut him up.

What twisted, highly convoluted, attempts at malevolent denigration of a political-social commentator and messenger.

Now for these Kokoski gems.

Para # 1:
“Homosexuals can try and twist the facts about the homosexual disorder and utter [sic] despicable disdain and hatred against religion all they like, but that will not change the truth…”

Para # 2:
Paul showed insightful perception in identifying “...meaning and direction of sexuality … determination internal to the essence of sexuality … sexually intrinsic meaning and direction…

Para # 3:
“You have the right to be provided [with] informed consent [sic, counsel] about the serious medical and psychiatric illnesses, and risks, of the homosexual lifestyle. Pediatricians, mental health professionals, physicians, nurses and school counselors have a clear legal responsibility to do so, and parents, family members, educators and clergy a grave moral responsibility.”

Para # 4:
“… a monumental shift in the secular world’s attitude towards homosexuality … [over] the past few decades.”

Para # 5:
“…A propaganda blitz … a small minority of influential lobby groups [using] political tactics and money… This political coercion has silenced many into acquiescence…”

Para # 6:
“Homosexuality is not an acceptable lifestyle or a genuine identity. Indeed, same-sex attractions can be modified and healed as has been proven in numerous situations. It is simply naïve, stubborn and selfish to reject the notion that a homosexually inclined person cannot overcome his or her inclination and desire. Behaviours are changeable no matter what anyone may say or tell you.”

Para # 7:
Mr Paul Kokoski shows compassionate concern for the rehabilitation of the homosexually enslaved … repairing “the emotional wounds” -- thus enabling and enhancing the human individual’s “emotional development …”

In sum, Paul Kokoski talks about “homosexuals not beyond repair…” and of the availability of specially trained counselors or therapists, et al. And that particularly sent his critics into a frenzy… or “a tiffy” as Moreton would probably say.

Neither Desmond Cyrus nor Stephen Moreton was able to debunk Paul Kokoski’s contentions.

Kokoski’s letter, as a result, remains chock-full of justifiable gems.

Steve Huggins
New York
Reads: 5004

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