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Letter: Out with the old NNP! In with the new NDC!
Published on January 23, 2014 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

Leadership is knowing what you want to achieve and then purposely and sensibly taking steps to achieve it, remembering always that you have got to bring the people with you if you are seeking to be a successful political leader. It is the ability to translate vision into reality. The supreme quality of leadership is integrity.

If one should judge based on these quotes on leadership and, in particular, political leadership one would quickly come to the realisation that there is a lack of serious political leadership in the governance of the affairs of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

The old political directorate of the New National Party (NNP) is void of new ideas and therefore lacks the capability to move the country forward. The leadership of the NNP has not manage the affairs of state sensibly and purposely. There is too much 'inertia' and lack of energy demonstrated by this group.

They have implemented policies, plans and programs that are 'white elephant' and 'lame duck' more of a liability, than an asset. The imani program is a noted example. The vast majority of young people aren't acquiring the necessary life skills to move the economy forward. It is therefore not a co-incidence that that even after spending millions of dollars on the program, young unemployment is gradually approaching 60%, the same amount as their segment of the voting population.

Private entities are refusing to gainfully employ these young people because of the lack of the necessary skills and therefore the state has to absorb the majority of them, spending millions of dollars as a result. The IMF will be looking at this very carefully as the country enters into an agreement with them under the structural adjustment program.

This old leadership lacks vision and therefore they have put the country in a state of recession and depression. Economy is stagnant and taxes are going through the roof. Given their track record and their continued distrust by a large of the population, one can easily conclude that this current old NNP leadership lacks integrity. All the conditions now exist for a change in the political, social, and economic situation in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. Hon Nazim Burke, Franca Bernadine, Patrick Simmonds, George Vincent, Joseph Andall and the entire new NDC team is the most credible and viable alternative.

The NNP has been led by the same superannuated leadership for the past 20 years. The average age of the senior leadership of the NNP is approximately 70 years, a quarter of a century older than the president of the United States of America, Barack Obama.

In an effort to keep abreast with the changing technologically driven world and globalisation, many countries are looking to younger and vibrant leadership. The leaders of the United States, England, China, France, Canada and Japan are all under 60 years of age. Prime Minister of England David Cameroon is just 47, while Ed Milliband the opposition leader is 44 . Countries can't expect to have innovation and creativity with the same old leadership. Leaders who grew up in the era of VCR won't have an appreciation for iPads and iPods. Old wine is just not good for new wine skins.

Old NNP is using politics as an end, rather than a means. They see politics as a product and not a process whereby the skills and talent of all the people can be channelled and directed towards nation building. They are overshadowed by falsehood to such an extent that the significance of the truth has been obscured with their policies conveying a message of selfishness, instead of candid and sincere service.

One year after taking the helm of power, the NNP has not implemented new plan, program of policy to grow the economy and move the country forward. Instead they have introduced a host of taxes on the back of the middle class who are struggling to make ends meet.

Old NNP with the support of their cronies in the local media embarked on a campaign to bombard the people with a 24 hour 'slash and burn', negative bickering and small minded brand of politics. This can't move the country and its people forward. The party and its divisive leadership lacks the capacity to bring the people together in a practical and non-partisan way to solve the many problems confronting them.

There seems to be absolutely no common sense in the way the NNP political directorate is managing the affairs of state. I used to think that politics is the second oldest profession, however after living under a NNP administration and with the likes of Hamlet and company involve in running the affairs of state, I have come to realise that it bears a gross similarity to the first profession.

This obsolete administration is attempting to subvert the power of the people and usurp the reins of government to enrich themselves and cronies at the expense of the working class. It is so amazing how men of supposedly understand and reason can go to bed at nights with so much evil on their mind. A government which engages in the practice of economic terrorism against the people it should serve isn't fit for political office.

The good news to relieve all this gloom is that democracy is inherently 'self -correcting'. Here the people are sovereign. The NNP inept political leadership will be replaced. Their foolish policies of increased taxation at a time of economic stress will change and their disastrous mistakes shall be reversed when the NDC regains the helm of political power.

Grenada needs a new direction. The time has come to sow the seeds of unity and genuine people’s participation in the nation building process. It's time for positive change. The old NNP leadership isn't serving the country well. Grenada is ready for Hon Nazim Burke and the new National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Nazim Burke as political leader of the NDC has the capability to change the psychological climate which is so negatively affecting the quality of relationships in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. The relationship among mother, fathers, sons , daughters, farmers, fishermen, private and public workers, young and old, rich and poor homosexuals and straights has been one of animosity due to the political climate existing in the country. It would take new leadership to pull the values of the people into action.

The people of Grenada should have no fear of Nazim Burke, Franca Bernadine and the new NDC. What Grenadians should be much more fearful and worried about is the alarming decline of the national economy under the Mitchell-led NNP administration. In less than a year the people have seen their taxes doubled and in some cases tripled.

Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm but it takes an intelligent captain at the helm when the sea is rough. Nazim Burke is such a captain. For four-and-a-half turbulent years he has steered the ship in the rough water keeping the ship , passengers and crew extremely safe.

Once elected political leader of the new NDC, Hon Nazim Burke will articulate a clear vision for where he wants to take Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. He has to ensure that the party and the Grenadian people buy into this vision of a new Grenada and should be passionate in the values he believes in with humility, clarity and courage. He needs to build consensus and empower the people.

The future of Nazim Burke and the new NDC is bright. The futures belongs to Burke and the NDC. Every leader has their era. The era of Keith Mitchell is at its end, while the era of Nazim Burke is about to begin. Grenada will be better off with a strong political leader leading a strong alternative political party. The people need a political leader of substance rather than a political 'Eddie Murphy'.

Clad in his armour and supported by the majority, Hon Burke will lead the people to the promised land. A land where everyone is respected and treated with dignity. The imbecility that the people are exposed to daily will be no more and Grenada will once again become the envy of the region and take it rightful place in the community of nations. Grenadians are a proud people but is currently led by old, outdated and visionless leaders.

Time for some common sense leadership. Grenada can't be governed by the same old leadership in the same old fashioned and out-dated mode and expect a different result. New, visionary, creative, proactive and progressive leadership is the solution.

In a progressive country change is constant, change in inevitable We all want progress, but if you are on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right path; in that case the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive. For 20 years Dr Mitchell and his NNP walked the wrong path with no indication of making an about-turn. How can the people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique expect a different result, only by a miracle.

Grenadian Class
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Winstan and Dr Jimmy you guys needs to deal with the substantive points written by the author. It that all you guys can write on such an elaborate article. Shame on you guys. Winston you say disregard for the democratic process and the will of the majority of the Grenadian people. It has been almost of year since the last elections you have no idea what is the will of the Grenadian people today. The Grenadian people didn't vote for increase taxation or a structural adjustment program or the IMF. You can't hope that the majority of Grenadians at home and abroad feel likewise when they were duped into supporting falsehood. The majority of people who voted whether for NDC or NNP never anticipated having to pay so much in new taxes. If you are in England you will know that if a government campaign on some issues and do the complete opposite then that party and it's leader would lose ALL CREDIBILITY. Speak on the entire article and REBUT it.

Dr Jimmy what are you talking about. Fullerton and Pastor Simon are both where they rightfully belong.Jimmy you can also rebut the article.

Winston Strachan:

Now here is a guy who only believes in democracy when it suits him. He show total disregard for the democratic process and the will of the majority of the Grenadian people. I may not like the outcome of a general election but I have always respect the will of the majority and I hope the majority of Grenadians at home and abroad feel likewise.


Indeed, Winston. Your comment about democracy reminds me of the NDC of a couple years ago. When Kenrick Fullerton, Pastor Simon, Sylvester Quarless and other decided to contest for seats on the executive, the move was branded a "conspiracy''. Now, Leslie's horse is in the race and has the leadership locked up while other campaigns were effectively shut down months ago, and it's an exercise in democracy. I still believe, however, that Leslie will make a good PRO for the NDC. I like his passion.


Eh, Fullerton and Pastor Simon may be where they ought to be. But, was it democracy when they contested and won executive position on the NDC or was it conspiracy?

As for your article, as I said before I like your passion. But your a singing to the choir, NDC members and supporters. You are trying to convince non-believers that NDC and Burke are the best thing for Grenada. But you are trying to do that by beating them on the head with a big bat, and not with any convincing arguments. You have to shout less and be less longwinded.


Dr Jimmy speak to the issue of the many promises the NNP made to the electorate only to take the country down the road of the IMF with severe increases in taxation. Isn t it callous for a political leader to mislead the electorate to the point where he is a liar? Are you comfortable with such a leader? You very well may be based on the financial benefits you maybe enjoying. but money isn't all that there is to life


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