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Letter: No smoke without fire
Published on February 27, 2013 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

When considering the old saying, “There is no smoke without fire”, should we consider how often does this saying usually turn out to be true?

There's no smoke without fire. Also, where there's smoke, there's fire. “Something that you say which means that if people are saying that someone has done something bad but no one knows whether it is true, it probably is true.”

Accused at least five times of sexual assault [denied]

Charged by a least one lady with sexual assault [denied]

Charged by a different lady, with rape [denied but admitted kissing her on the neck at 4am]

Accused and/ or questioned by a BBC Panorama crew about bribery, accepting bribe [denied]

Accused of telling lies [admitted]

Accused of entering into a written contract which he knew was unconstitutional and therefore unenforceable [admitted]

Are people accusing for fun? Are they accusing for spite? Are they accusing to create political mischief? Or is this simply a number of cases of “There's no smoke without fire?”

Some will believe there must have been a cause for the accusations to have been made in the first place.

When considering the old saying, “There is no smoke without fire”, wow often does this old saying usually turn out to be true?

Peter Binose
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Chatoyer II:

Peter. With regard to the current bribery allegations investigation needs to be made into any money's that may have been received by his wife from the developers. Was Mrs Gonsalves employed as an interior design consultant by Harlequin and if so how much did she receive from the developers as payment?


I inspected the three beach front apartments that Eloise Gonsalves, internaly designed fitted and furnished. It was my belief at the time that the furnishings came from IKEA in Miami.

How much she got paid? I have only heard voiced huge amounts, which I am unable to confirm.

Mrs Gonsalves is more than qualified to carry out such a project. She has a degree in interior design from UWI.

Now that said, can you imagine anywhere else in the developed World where the leader of the countries wife would be awarded a contract, within a contract that the countries leader had recently signed with a resort developer? It certainly plants the seeds of corruption in the minds of some of, if not most of the citizens. It also sends a mal message to other governments and even perhaps the EU.

In the UK this behaviour would bring about a parliamentary investigation and committee questioning of Ralph and his wife. Perhaps even attract investigations by the serious fraud unit at London’s New Scotland Yard. If a similar thing would have happened in the US the person involved may of even ended up with an impeachment hearing.

Could you all imagine how Gonsalves would react if he was in opposition and the leader of the governments wife was awarded such a contract?

GONSALVES has recently voiced his distaste about his treatment by the Panorama journalists, which according to him, accused him of receiving a bag of money from the very same project at Buccament. Gonsalves says he should be treated equally with leaders such as the British PM.
Panorama have now told him that no British Prime Minister would behave like he does, therefore inferring that he is not an equal to any known British Prime Minister.

What I would say is that I do not believe he is anything like a British Prime Minister, he is a self confessed liar. Admits to working Obeah for the Lord, Accused on a number of occasions of sexual crimes, without a court decision. How can he hold himself out to be the equal to any leader, anywhere else in the World.

I think it is time we have investigations into everything that Gonsalves is alleged to of done. At the same time we require an investigation into the US1 million dollars in cash that was touted about Kingstown.

If anything bad has happened, the state should sequester the property of all wrong doers as the proceeds of crime.

Of course Gonsalves and his wife remain innocent until proved otherwise.

I do not mean to express or imply any wrong doing on the part of anyone in this posting, that is not for me to determine.

Chatoyer II:

And we also need an explanation from Gonsalves as to who funded the school fees and living expenses of his son, Storm, after he was exiled to London following his motorcycle accident. This was as I recall another matter under investigation by the British press


I have no knowledge at all about the school fees, that should at some time in the future be part of an overall Inland Revenue enquiry.

What I would like to know is, why Storm was not charged and prosecuted like any other Vincentian youth would of been? Was the course of justice perverted?


And let us not forget the Millenium Bank ponzi scheme that was responsible for ripping off hundreds of millions of US dollars from investors mostly from the US. Did the PM not put a big letter on Millinium Bank's website encouraging people to invest because the Bank was so reputable? And didn't Freddy Ballantyne do likewise while posing as its illustrious President.

William Wise is currently languishing in a jail in the United States awaiting trial for his role in that crime while the rest of the criminals have gone on to expedite anther heist. William Wise did not act alone and he certainly did not spend all of the investors money on himself.

Take heed Mr Ames, its now your turn to be the fall guy after they have squeezed quite a sizable portion of UK investors money out of your pocket book. Funny thing, ole people have a saying 'thief from thief make God laugh'. You are the idiot 'Harlequin' now and so you will pay the price.

When will there be a stop to this criminality coming out of St. Vincent and the Grenadies? And how many more people have to be ripped off before these criminals are brought to justice?

These crimes have given our country a very bad reputation and as a law abiding Vincentian, I take serious offence. I want my country's reputation restored because this is not a good image to have and as a result, our national pride is down the toilet.



CRAPAUD, I know so much about William Wise and Millennium bank I can assemble a book, and will after the final court case.

Downloads of everything that ever appeared on the company web site. Copies of letters with Gonsalves signatures. Copies of documents, copies of just about everything.

Who visited the William Wise home, dates times, vehicle registration numbers.

Which ULP government man was the mister fixit.

Vincentian Accountant friend giving advice on the side, against the rules of his company, politicians collecting their stipends and more.

East European comfort girls supplied to Wises visitors and friends.

Lists of investors.

A lot will eventually come out in the William Wise court case.

Wise only courted ULP members, no one from NDP will be caught in the final trap.

Some may currently be beyond the long arm of American law, but they will be named.

There is also talk of a plea bargain, whereby everything will be open for Vincentians to see and know the truth.

There are indeed some shocks to come.


Crapaud, yuh great.

Masterful treatment of the issues and corollary.


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