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Letter: NNP treating Grenadians like 21st century slaves
Published on April 19, 2014 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

The rule of Grenada's revolutionary prime minister Maurice Bishop ushered in an era of independence and optimism. The country rallied around a progressive leader who had a vision for the country and its people. Maurice Bishop knew where he wanted to take the country and so under his leadership the construction of the international airport began.

If there Is anything the revolution can be accused of it is not promoting freedom of the press, free speech and dissenting voices. The few dissenting voices, however, were far and few since the overwhelming majority of citizens supported the plans and programs of the revolution.

As a result of the high profile of the revolution, Grenada and Grenadians enjoyed international recognition, with prime minister Maurice Bishop respected by all, even his enemies.

Thirty years after the demise of the revolution and the brutal assassination of Maurice Bishop in a palace coup, Grenadians once again are shackled by the dictatorship of Keith Mitchell and the NNP. This NNP dictatorship is worse than that of the dictatorship of Eric Gairy. Many of the veterans who fought against the dictatorship of Eric Gairy have now joined forces with another dictator, Keith Mitchell, in a marriage of convenience aimed at consolidating their economic and political power. The dictatorship supports the Maduro government in Venezuela. An administration that is willing to kill its own citizens.

In this new dictatorship, the government’s hat is the executive, legislative and judiciary, trade union movement, security forces, NGOs, big business and the media are all in collusion against the people. Thousands of unsuspecting poor and vulnerable people are manipulated into supporting this dictatorship against their own interest. They are made into modern day slaves having to depend on hand outs in order for them to survive.

The media is controlled totally by the NNP dictatorship. Young journalists are coerced and enticed for their allegiance. The main electronic media are infiltrated by NNP political activists and the president of MWAG is a party stooge. Attempts are being made to stifle free speech by intimidation and economic terrorism.

The US State Department needs to speak out against what is happening in Grenada. Whilst the State Department has been very vocal against other countries where allegations of the violation of human rights have surfaced, they have remained silent at least in public on violations in the English-speaking Caribbean.

Following the demise of Grenada's revolution and the end of the Cold War, the United States has seemingly disengaged from regional politics except for that of communist Cuba and in more recent times ALBA. Grenadians are suffering under a dictatorial NNP Keith Mitchell administration; however, no pressure is being brought on this administration. The US policy of containment is working and so the US government seems unperturbed by events in Grenada. Despite all the alleged corruption by local and regional politicians, none of them has felt the weight of the US government.

Millions of dollars were lost by US depositors in the banking scandal in Grenada during the 1995 -2008 NNP rule; however, ministers in that government are allowed to go to the US without any sanctions imposed on them. The US however imposed sanctions of businessmen associated with the Russian government. National security interest is the US government’s primary objective. Slaves in Grenada aren’t a national security threat to the United States. There will never be "boat people" from Grenada crossing the Florida Straits.

During the revolutionary era it was alleged that Keith Mitchell was on the CIA payroll. This may explain why the US government is oblivious of the plight of the people of Grenada under his leadership. Throughout history the US it seems willing to support their dictators and overthrow those not toeing their foreign policy line.

The people of Grenada's is crying out for American political, social and economic support. The greatest democracy in the world shouldn't remain silent when democracy is under attack in its backyard. One statement of condemnation from US Secretary of State John Kerry will send shock waves through the NNP cabinet .

The young people of Grenada depend on democracy to realized their God-given talents and potential. Despite all the rhetoric about youth training and development, the NNP is keeping the young people in a state of dependency and slavery. Israel is a very strong country because successive government continue to empower young Israelis. All the other Middle Eastern countries, with a few exceptions, are in decline because they treat their people like slaves. There is not much difference between the NNP regime of Keith Mitchell and the military backed interim government in Egypt. Like Egypt with a very large youthful population, the NNP has failed to tap effectively into the youthful population to promote sustainable economic growth.

The majority of the electorate voted for the NNP, but now they are craving for their freedom and a better standard of living. This will not come under the NNP and so Grenadians need to decide whether they want to continue to live under the present slavish condition or free themselves of slavery. Time is quickly running out as the dictatorship tightens its grip on power.

Nazim Burke, the new political leader of the NDC, must inspire the population to fight against their economic bondage. He has a solid foundation on which to build a vibrant, strong and vigilant army to fight NNP dictatorship. Grenadians freed themselves in the past and when the need arises they will free themselves again. The Berlin Wall separating freedom from bondage fell; Grenada's "green Berlin Wall" will soon fall.

Freedom and democracy shall prevail.

Grenadian Class
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Helen Grenade:

Talking about the U.S. State Department. A report was filed this morning to the N.Y. Police Department by myself and some other people, whose name I will not mention.

Derek James is using Craig George Bernard Pierre to do his dirty and filthy work on my our PETITION PAGE.


SERIOUS MEASURE will be taken at the appropriate time. You are being watched.

Meanwhile Sheldon Scott used Pee brain to post his stupid comments, because he was too coward to do so himself. You ignorant people makes me sick.


For some years now I hear and read all of what is said about our Grenada debt. Here are some facts.

For years they all talk about investor. To me investors are slave masters and Grenada and Grenadians are being sold into slavery once again.

As a child in Grenada i was told a begger or borrower never be. A borrower is slave to the lender. A Borrower never own or have anything and also loose their inheritance.


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