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Letter: NDC should end all co-operation with Mitchell's NNP administration
Published on April 16, 2014 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

There appears to be a plot by the ruling New National Party (NNP) and the rebel faction to create a one party state in Grenada. Peter David and Anthony Boatswain are on record as saying that they are in favor of a Lee Kuan Yew style of government for Grenada where one party rules.

Lee is the longest serving prime minister in world history. He ruled Singapore with an iron fist in what can be likened to democratic dictatorship. While Keith Mitchell may never acquire such a status, his adviser Peter David is campaigning for a one party state with the hope that he will inherit the leadership of the NNP when Mitchell eventually steps down.

The NNP for the past year has been doing all it can go consolidate political power. With the economy in shambles and the government bankrupt, Mitchell is nervous and so he is tightening his grip on power.

Having lost the 2008 general elections while in office and protected by an extremely powerful political machinery, the party is not taking its recent mandate for granted. Grenada's political dynamic can change any second as more and more people become frustrated and disenchanted with their economic situation.

Mitchell is aware that, although the NNP won all 15 seats in the last general elections, the party won by default and under an abnormal situation. The NDC was divided and the new candidates didn't have the time, space or resources to make any significant impact on the electorate. Many persons refused to register to vote and over 11,000 registered voters refused to cast a ballot. Given these events the NDC was still able to gather 22,000 votes.

The youth vote made a major difference, however with youth unemployment at 55%, coupled with the increase in taxes, the structural adjustment program, the IMF and extremely difficult economic times the NNP is running scared and nervous.

Keith Mitchell and his cronies have therefore made the determination that the manipulation of the electoral process is the best opportunity they have to ensure re-election. He knows very well that he won't be able to campaign on his record, since he sold the Grenadian people a "fairy tale" in 2013.

Keith Mitchell also knows that his alliance with Peter David and Chester Humphrey is tenuous at best and extremely fragile and can blow up anytime. He is therefore preparing for any eventually. In 1999, following a fallout with his foreign minister Dr Raphael Fletcher and the subsequent fall of his government, Mitchell was forced to call early elections. He went on to win all the seats in parliament. Keith is hoping that any fallout with his new found friends will see history repeating itself.

Mitchell removed Judy Benoit as the supervisor of elections, resulting in a court action against the Governor General Dame Cecil La Grenade. Judy came in for some high commendations from the Organisation of American States for her professionalism in the conduct of the 2013 elections. Aaron Francois was then appointed the supervisor of election but he has since resigned that position following the alleged transfer of the IT specialist from the electoral office to the ministry of health. The latest information on the issue is that the nephew of Emmalin Pierre minister of sports has been placed in that position. The husband of the said minister is the head of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU).

The latest move by Mitchell on the electoral office comes at a time when a staff level agreement has been reached with the IMF. Mitchell's thinking is that he will finally get his dirty hands on some much needed cash to satisfy the appetitive of his supporters and cronies, thus strengthening his political status. Mitchell, like all dictators, is much more vicious when his back is against the wall. Money is power and so Mitchell is banking on the IMF millions in soft loans to revive his political fortunes. He has one eye on the IMF monies and the other grudgingly on elections. The revival of the economy is second to his political ambitions.

Given the latest attacks on the democratic institutions in the country and in particular the electoral office, the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) should end all co-operation with the Keith Mitchell NNP administration. If the NDC just sits idly by while the NNP manipulates, embarrasses and brings the electoral office into disrepute, then the political leader of the NDC Hon Nazim Burke will be guilty of dereliction of duty. Nazim as political leader of the NDC has a legal and moral obligation to ensure that democracy is upheld and maintained.

The abuse of political power by Mitchell must not be allowed to raise its ugly head in Grenada ever again. There should be zero tolerance for such dictatorial tendencies; Grenadians are suffering too much to remain silent while Keith Mitchell tries to rape the state. Keith Mitchell is trying to hijack the electoral office in a similar fashion to Vladimir Putin’s assault of the Crimea. These political bastards like Keith Mitchell and Vladimir Putin intend to use the monies from democracies to spread their dictatorial venom.

NDC should not support any action by Keith Mitchell that is anti-democratic. The party should use all available legal means to ensure that Mitchell is held up in his tracks. These means should include boycotts and peaceful public protests. Keith Mitchell should have respect for the people of Grenada. The era of 1995-2008 is over. Grenada will be made ungovernable if Keith Mitchell continues his backward and foolish policies. There is absolutely no place for backwardness in Grenada. Through sweat and blood this attack on democracy shall be reversed.

Hon Nazim Burke must provide the leadership to ensure that Keith Mitchell doesn't use the excuse of constitutional reforms to become head of state of Grenada. The party needs to withdraw its support for the constitutional reform process if there is not a commitment from Mitchell to protect Grenada 's democratic institutions. The NDC may have to change course and seriously assess the real intent of Keith Mitchell. There is always some sinister political intent by Keith Mitchell since he is consumed by power. NDC must make him irrelevant, since he has nothing new to offer in this current discourse which calls for innovative leadership.

A North Korean style dynasty is in the making in Grenada as a family style syndicate is vying to take control of the economy. The 22,000 plus persons who voted for the NDC, the unemployed youth ,and all independent freedom loving Grenadians will fight with sweat and blood against Keith’s dynasty. No one party state in Grenada . Keith is old and grey and should be stopped at all cost by any means necessary. There is an alternative in Nazim Burke and the NDC. Our country must free itself from the tyrant Keith Mitchell and his cult party the evil NNP.

Grenada, better days are coming.

Grenadian Class
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Helen Grenade:


I will share my dream again,

I was walking up the street, when I see a wooden old bus approaching in the distance, going at break-neck speed, out of control and leaning to one side, I immediately moved out of the way, as I kept looking, I could see the driver, it was Keith C. Mitchell. The bus crashed around me, and the destruction was great. Nothing was left of the bus, complete wreckage, the bus was totaled .

You can make whatever you want of that dream, but the doc knows that I see things before they occur.

Keith its too late to change direction.


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