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Letter: Monkey governance in Grenada
Published on May 28, 2014 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

The NNP administration of Keith Mitchell is suffering from a rare form of "monkey syndrome". Since taking office the government has engaged in a series monkey moves and antics. The litany of errors and acrobatics committed by this administration is amazing. Given the collective number of years in government of prime minister Mitchell, his deputy Nimrod, minister of communication and works Bowen and the minister of education Boatswain, it's amazing how this administration and cabinet continues to make so many errors and bad judgements. If that's the calibre of judgement these politicians make, then Grenada is heading down an abyss.

This NNP administration is behaving similarly to human-like primates, monkeys and apes. Their actions and attitudes in government are reminiscent of individuals that are twisted and suffering from a severe memory disorder. In an entire cabinet there seems to be not a single voice of reason and common sense.

How is it possible that in this modern era a prime minister with over thirty years of parliamentary experience would appoint an engineer by profession and training to act as attorney general. In every Caribbean island the person acting as attorney general is a lawyer by profession. Only in Grenada under the NNP an engineer can be appointed. attorney general, monkey business.

Well known constitutional lawyer Dr Francis Alexis indicated that is it amazing that an administration would even contemplate appointing an engineer as attorney general. He quoted section 70 of the constitution to reinforce his point . He further went on to say that it is decisions like this that illustrate the need for constitutional reform. I don't share this sentiment, given that fact that constitutional reform or not, twisted minded politicians like Keith Mitchell would still violate the constitution. What Dr Alexis should say is that he believes term limits are critical and that the laws should ensure that those who violates the constitution are held to account. Dr Alexis is the chairman of the constitutional review committee.

Given the unsavoury experiences of the past, this administration hasn't learned and continues to make Grenada the laughing stock of the Caribbean and the international community.

From the passage and repeal of the electronics crimes bill, the passage and amendment of the citizenship by investment (CBI) act, the sending out to home owners, farmers of 15,000 inaccurate property tax claims the administration is in complete disarray. This is the worst administration to have governed Grenada.

There are 21 ministers, senators and parliamentary secretaries and 22 permanent secretaries, yet there is no co-ordination, coherence or linkages between ministries.

The Imani program is in complete chaos and not meeting its objectives. Over three hundred youths have already left the program. Some businesses have been barred from the program because they have fired permanent staff to employ the low paid Imani trainees. Government didn't anticipate such a problem and as such didn't guard against it. The government has dismissed trained and experience public servants and replaced them with persons who are under-qualified. There are many persons with university degrees and diplomas unemployed while thousands of dollars are wasted on party supporters who are paid to be idle.

The government is in the process of acquiring fertile agricultural lands from a farmer for the use of a cemetery, even though other lands are available. At the same time while government is engaging in such acts, they are asking locals to be part of the buy local campaign, double standards. The farmer from whom the lands are being taken is perceived to be a supporter of NDC and so is been victimized by his MP. It is alleged that the Belvedere estate, one of the nation's major estates, has been leased to Ansa Mckall the Trinidadian conglomerate instead of the local marketing and national importing board. This administration is prepared to sell out the country, while asking citizens to make sacrifices.

The citizenship by investment program is a family affair. Husbands and wives act as agents selling Grenadian passport to persons whose names can't be revealed to the general public. The names of the participants are protected so that the public may not know the kinds of elements with Grenadian passport.

Grenada is ruled by the most reckless administration in the Caribbean. In the 21st century Grenada is ruled by a 15th century government. Given the magnitude of errors committed by this government it would be a miracle if the structural adjustment program (SAP) bore any fruits. The sacrifices being made by Grenadians are in vain. It is unimaginable that an administration engulfed in making so many errors can produce anything productive and sustainable. The administration itself is led by a political error, the greatest in the history of Grenada.

Grenada is at the crossroads. The next year will be decisive. The NNP, like the nation’s treasury, is bankrupt of ideas. Leadership is woefully lacking, with a prime minister who is old, tired disoriented and de-energized disaster looms. The future is bleak under the NNP and so Grenadians should look towards the alternative, Hon Nazim Burke and the NDC to protect their future.

Serious political, economic and social reforms are needed for the country to move forward. The current brand of politics has been and remains counterproductive. Despite spending millions on the nation’s infrastructure the condition of the nation's roads is deplorable. Cronyism has not served the best interest of Grenada.

A radical change, probably in the form of a popular people’s revolution, may be the best option to transform the country into a real democracy. The country needs to be thoroughly purged of the opportunistic elements parading as patriots, sucking the scarce resources in the name of development and building a new economy. The slogan new economy is just a facade from these blood suckers to enrich themselves while the poor and vulnerable live in false hope, waiting for the new economy to provide non existing jobs. Our people deserve better and our children a brighter future. One in which they have free education, health care, affordable housing and job opportunities. 21st century youths needs 21st leadership and solutions to the problems confronting them. Keith Mitchell and the NNP is old, jaded, lethargic, twisted and vindictive. It is time to rid Grenada of Keith Mitchell and his stooges, blood suckers and opportunists. This gang is like a "sore " in Grenadians’ throats.

Grenadian Class
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