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Letter: Is Saint Vincent and the Grenadines becoming a satellite state of Cuba?
Published on December 7, 2012 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

The problem with communism is that it brings despotism, oppression and drives out the intellectuals, professionals, money earners and businesses from a society and leaves behind the poor who get poorer; this has already happened in SVG and continues. Because without the earners of wealth and businesses, the state coffers empty and there are no taxes to collect; this is currently happening in SVG. Something close to total destruction is about to be launched on private dwellings and businesses: the new revised property tax. This is a brutal tax, which no one can afford at this time. Maurice Bishop did it during the Grenada Marxist revolution; he rapidly brought that country to bankruptcy. Then cooked the books to commit fraud on the IMF.

To achieve a Marxist state, our leaders must get rid of the rich and wealthy. Break the will and destroy the wealth of the middle class. Make the poor poorer and in general bring everyone but themselves down to a level of pauperism. In SVG this is already happening and since 2001 there has been a brain drain and many intellectuals have left.

Our leaders hold out the Cuban system as one to follow.

The average Cuban earns far, far less than a Vincentian. Even professionals earn less than a Vincentian labourer. The average Cuban doctor earns about 2,500 pesos a month or US$100 or EC$268 a month.

The average Cuban worker (or better described as modern slaves) gets between 250 and 400 pesos a month that is US$10 to US$16 or EC$26.80 to EC$42.88 a month (if you know anyone who has been to Cuba for eye surgery, ask them). Yet we take light bulbs from them, when the cost of such items would be better used for the people of Cuba. Of course we should remember the bulbs were given free to Cuba by communist China.

According to UNICEF, Cuba scores almost 100 percent for adult literacy rates, access to health care and education, access to state-provided employment and a guarantee of a home (most homes are falling apart and in a state of disrepair) and basic food (not food like Vincentians expect).

But are they better off with that or a real wage and to be able to buy what they want, work where they want, and leave their island whenever they want? Is this what Vincentians want, poor quality food and no income? Vincentian leaders want us to follow the path of their chosen Marxist belief, which we should all reject. We can still expect and get education and medical cover without going down the path of communism or dictatorship. It’s not magic as our leaders would direct us all to believe.

We must reject the Marxist cancer in our blessed island state.

Peter Binose
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Marlon Mills:


You are so right in what you have stated so far in relation to the imposition of the Marxist agenda. From my observations, it would certainly appear that the indigenous business community has taken an exit from St. Vincent and the Grenadines. No one is showing any interest in investing and I know for a fact that many people have purchased properties elsewhere.

The situation seems to be a replica of a similar scenario that existed during the early 1980's that brought about the downfall of Cato's regime.

I recall outward flows of liquid assets when the Government of the day attempted to clamp down on what they perceived to be unpaid taxes, and imposed travel restrictions on citizens they thought were in violation.

When those tactics failed to bring in the required revenues, Government imposed further taxation in the form of the 3%, which didn't go down very well with the business community, and the rest is history.

The difference between these two scenarios is the fact that this administration is actively recruiting younger members into its fold, while 'educating' them as to the Marxist indoctrination. At the same time, it is imposing the most draconian measures to keep the media in line and the masses under wraps. During the Cato era, there was no new recruitment and the Party was relatively stagnant, so it was relatively easy for Mitchell to have toppled Cato's Government with the right kind of support and financial backing.

In spite of the fact that the opposition today has a few good candidates and far more ammunition to successfully challenge this Administration than Mitchell did back in the day,they just don't seem to have it all together. Its like baking a cake, if the chemistry (ingredients) is not right, the cake will not rise. And this is not necessarily all internally driven because it has a great deal to do with how they are perceived by the public at all levels as well.

Some of the statements I hear a lot is 'better the devil you know than the devil you don't'. Others simply refuse to go to the polls. That tells me that there are serious reservations on the part of the voting public that the NDP is failing to address. Therefore, the NDP needs to not only to have a conversation with the wider constituency of voters, but also to act deciseively on the information it is given.

If it fails to do so, people who have the means to make alternative arrangements will continue to do so because there are no guarantees that this situation will not decline further. The longer it is allowed to continue, the more challenging it will be to overcome.

The signs are there to show that the prognosis is not good for local businesses, and basic freedoms are disappearing quickly as the ruling regime imposes whatever measures it thinks necessary to hold onto POWER.

And that's all that there is to it!

D. Markie Spring:

I have Cuban friends in Cuba and outside of Cuba.

All they want to do is to leave Cuba. As a matter of fact, immigration authorities in Provo is reporting that illegal Cubans are using the country to get to the United States and more and more of that nationality are entering the country (Provo).

Communism never works. In fact, China practiced such economic system and failed. However, to revived its economy China adapts features of a free market system and bounced back and currently holds the number 2 spot of the world’s largest single economies.

Additionally, Russia once a superpower has failed miserably because of his economic system. Nowadays, Russia is heading toward becoming one of the world’s economic power houses; it has also adapted some features of a free market system to grow its economy.

Some Eastern European countries like Poland were a Communist state its citizens experience poor standard of living and other daunting features that come with Communism. They changed their economic system and are now doing better.

In Cuba, Castro realized that the country was close to the brink of collapsing financially! What Castro did? He opened up the Cuban market to US trade and trade across the world specifically in Europe and Central America. The country gained economies of scale and when that brutal government had obtained enough money (US dollars) Castro blocked trade and returned the country to its failed economic system.

These leaders know exactly that this economic system never worked, yet, they craved and implemented such brutal anti-economic growth features that often affect the entire nation, except for the leader and his family and those who bowed in obedience.

Therefore, it is safe to conclude that all these so called leaders want is power; enough power to have them control everything from transportation, education, health, finance and of course peoples’ lives. This is also evident in the fact these rulers never gave up power to other persons of the population, rather they hand over power to family members as though governing is a family business.

The other amazing factor is that these dictators know that they are enemies of their own land, therefore, they imprison people who voiced their opinions and shut down institutions and business that highlights there dissatisfactions.

Karl Marx was a selfish dictator who did not care for the people.


MARLON, thanks for the additional input.

MARKIE, MARX was an alcoholic, who's children died with rickets and malnutrition. He was dirty and rarely washed, his home was like a pigsty, yet we are asked to follow this dirty drunken scum bag.

In 1852. After investigating Marx in London, A Prussian police agent made a report on Karl Marx.
“In the whole apartment there is not one clean and solid piece of furniture. Everything is broken. There is a chair with only three legs. In private life he is an extremely disorderly cynical human being, and a bad host. He leads a real gypsy existence. Washing, grooming and changing his linen are things he does rarely. He has no fixed times for going to sleep and waking up. He often stays up all night, and then lies down fully clothed on the sofa at midday and sleeps till evening”.
In 1855 Marx’s’ eight-year-old son died from intestinal tuberculosis “exacerbated by ... unhealthy living conditions,” the revolutionary path that Marx had chosen had killed him.”
The child was malnourished and like the rest of his family verged starvation. Whilst Marx ate like a king and drank large quantities of alcohol in posh London restaurants and hotels.
Jenny Marx, nee von Westphalen, was a beautiful Prussian aristocrat who could have had her pick of husbands; the one she settled on brought her a life of misery.
His wife bore 7 children. Only 3 of those children lived to be adults. The other 4 died young from the effects of living in poverty.
Karl Marx was a 'dreamer'. He sat in a chair and thought about what it must be like to be a working man.
Rather than experiencing the world as it was, Marx thought about how he wished it would be.
Though he had never worked, Marx concluded that a working man was selling his soul to his boss.

I have a whole article that I have written about MARX, I may publish it.

Do our Vincentian politicians deserve any respect, when they tell us they are here to finish the work of Marxist Maurice Bishop.

Our Labour party was hijacked by a bunch of Marxist scum, now we are suffering the consequences.

We need to get rid of the Marxist element from St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Get them out of parliament, get them out of the ministries and get them out of the car park.

Marlon Mills:

Marxism/Communism/Stalinism/Naziism all amount to one thing, DICTATORSHIP and the loss of all rights and dignity. You become a slave in support of the whims and fancies of those that dictate, while they enjoy the fruits of your labour.

We should not forget that Hitler was one of the most dysfunctional, pathetic, losers to assend to high office in modern history. He was so deranged in his thinking that he actually belonged in a mental asylum. But that was not to be the case. Hitler was able to assent to high office and eventually caused the death of more than six million people.

Did anyone expect that to happen? If they did, it wouldn't have happened but by the time the population awoke to the reality of what was unfolding it was already too late to avert the course of history.

Mao was not very much different either. He was responsible for one of the biggest holocausts in human history. His regime was so focused on ascending to the top of the pyramid in productivity and power among Communist Nations at the time, that human cost was not a deterant in the path to achieving those goals.

Between 1858 and 1962, more than forty eight million people in China died of overwork, starvation, exposure to extreme temperatures or were beaten to death. Some were even reduced to eating the bodies of their dead children in order to survive.

There is absolutely nothing to celebrate about these regimes because humanity has no place in their vocabulary and no one is exempt from their wrath.

Closer to home, we should not forget the manner in which Maurice Bishop was executed along with his supporters. The walls at Fort George in Grenada remain scarred by the evidence of that fateful day. Let us not forget.


As usual, the same DINOSAURS and USUAL SUSPECTS SPEWING their NONSENSE TALKS on this site for the WORLD to see their IGNORANCE.

Markie Mills, I did not know that EDUCATING the POOR, so as to help LIFT THEM out of POVERTY, is part of the Marxist doctrine.

Why don't you tell us what is the CAPITALIST doctrine to lift POOR PEOPLE out of POVERTY?

Marlon Mills, the last time I looked, St. Vincent and the Grenadines is a striving democracy, and so all this yap of yours about Marxism is a FIGMENT of your WILD IMAGINATION.

Do you know what social democracy is?

If you do not understand, then I suggest that you look at the policies of the Barack Obama Administration in America for some INSIGHT in this regard.

As far as investments in SVG are concerned, clearly, you do not know what you're talking about.

You have local, regional and foreign investors who are INVESTING in SVG more than ever in the history of this nation, under this CURRENT GOVERNMENT. So instead of LOSING your MIND and THOUGHTS in a RELIC of the past, which is FOREIGN to this land in this the 21st CENTURY, it is time for you to get with the times.

In other words, you need to wake up out of your slumber so you can see and smell the reality that is taking shape in SVG.

When you respond, I will give you a breakdown of accomplishments of this government, because it is clear you need some assistance in this regard.


Vincy 'powa', HOW ME BE HEYR THAT YUH DEAD? Does this then coniirm RICHARD HUGGINS' theory about you? Ah see that yuh still smoking - - - is that the same ole stuff? You need to mek sure,sure that yuh return to full sobriety before yuh undertake to touch dem keys again. By the ways, WHAT did you say was that stuff? You say, just a lickle drink? Tek care, m'boy.


VINCYPOWA, instead of bringing your lies and mistruths here, prove that any word in the article is not true.

You must stop these attacks on decent people, you caused havoc with your posted lies on eyewitness. Fortunately everyone there new you for what you are.

The real dinosaurs are you and your like, still busy trying to defend Marxism and the Vincentian Marxist's. Still trying to install Marxism, cloaking it in the terms and names such as Modern Socialism and Scientific Socialism.

Most all SVG's business's are in real trouble. Some are owed hundreds, thousands and millions of dollars by the government.

Go take a look at the super market at Ratho Mill, a thriving business, now with virtually no stock and struggling to survive. Look at most of the hardware stores in Kingstown, empty shelves, down sizing, letting large portions of their shops. You have to visit sometimes 3 or 4 stores to get all the items you require.

Families that can't feed and cloth their children properly.

Half the of working age population out of work. Whole families with not one person working. No income, forced to steal to feed themselves.

Out of control police force, that shoot first and ask questions afterwards.

Millions of US dollars shared among ULP family and friends. Dirty money taken to the bank in an old crocus bag, 1 million US. No police enquiry, No official enquiry at all.

Police officers employed who have serious criminal convictions.

People tortured by beating with hands and instruments in the interview rooms by the police. False confessions extracted.

Vincentian Diplomatic passport given to a person who was not a diplomat, never worked for government, caught carrying a kilo of cocaine at London airport.

About EC$12 million dollars given and loaned by Gadaffi for a new stadium, no stadium built, and where has the money gone?

Thieving and crime throughout the ministries, no one is ever prosecuted.

Rape out of control, even the prime minister accused of sex offences on up to five different women. He was even accused of rape.

Our vote at the UN sold for cash for the new airport.

Lies told in and out of parliament, the people tricked and hoodwinked.

The teachers were cheated and lied to when they were given a new contract.

Remember VINCYPOWA you have been confronted with all this and more before. I still have the lists of all the dastardly deeds that we can lay before the ULP.

Now prove to us that any word that I have written here is untrue.

Marlon Mills:

Did anything at all that I mentioned touch some sensitive areas for you - Vinci Power?

You trying to look nice for Ralphie? Ralphie promise you something? Well then, you definitely have a problem! I hope you get what you are looking for. :)

D. Markie Spring:

Still Peter, just outweighs VINCY POWA complemented by Steve. Steve how are you? have not seen you in a while!

Vincy Powa you are defending Socialism and challenging democracy, yet you brag about our system as being democractic. Steve called him out right, he/ she must be smoking taht thing.

One last observation, Vincy powa writes exacly like Horace. I hope they are not sharing computers and ideas


FINE, Markie, fine. Just a little bit busy. The present big set of tasks will finish within the next week. Then, a tiny rest before the next, heavier, batch starts again. Yet, that constant activity keeps we feeling productive and useful.

I 'bin enjoying reading the veritable frontiers of knowledge that Peter keeps constantly churning out. Seems like he has been peeking into my research files. Keep it up, Peter. Some of those findings I have been arguably too timid to declare.

Allan Palmer continues to be unique and refreshingly original. O'Garro cannot be easily intimidated. Notice he hss some really solid documentary research.

Thanks for again sending out a practical lifeline of hope to our beloved SUGAR TOWN, first British capital and historical second city. The blokes so badly need it. Peter also adds some modicum of encouragement here, too, once ceteris paribus.

We haven't heard from COUNTRYMAN in some time. Hope they haven't succeeded, unlike in the apparent Allan pattern cases. Reminds me to muse over the whereabouts and exact fortunes of the still missing Mr. Joslyn, SERVANT OF THE LORD.
Keep safe, brethren. Activate your personal defence screens. Trust no shadow in these dangerous times.

Beyond that, accentuate the positive and keep up your usual good cheer and permanent cheeriness, Markie. That is how I remember you from those nuss days. Thanks for the look-up, compadre. Con su permisio.
E-mail contact:


As to the dead-battery 'power', he usually wakes up in the middle of the spanish station AND TAKE OTHERS FOR HE. No joke. Ah mean, he does actually tek others for he-self. Ask Peter, if yuh tink ah fooling. Or chech IWITNESS notes. He really wake up one time and took another person FOR HIMSELF. Muddawuk!

Well, I charitably thought that he must have been sleeping and woke up in the midst of some sort of weird dream. But, no, on further consideration, now, I man NOT so sure of that. There could conceivably been ANOTHER REASON. Ah wander. Yuh tink it could ah 'bin some sort of substance? I only hope that, whatever it is, that he at least try to practse a bit of moderation. Don't be bad, overmuch, if he would care to.

It really hard for them communistos to tell all those false communist propanda and outright political lies and barefaced falshoods without some sort of ting to dull their communistic consciences. After all even they are not stones.

Their bodies tell it, as Peter noted in the absolutely cursed life of Marx. Like Marxist high priest, like followers. Like comrade, like political hacks.


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