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Letter: Is Keith Mitchell Grenada's false prophet?
Published on March 28, 2014 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

"Seek ye the kingdom of Keith Mitchell" is a slogan written on a wall in St George's North West, the constituency of Mitchell, by a political activist of the New National Party, NNP. This message seems to have been endorsed by Grenada's false prophet Keith Mitchell who sees himself as the messiah of the people in Grenada.

In the Arab world such so slogan would be seen as religious bigotry; however, to the folks of Happy Hill, NNP supporters it is an act of reverence to a man they recognize as their god.

While he professes to be the supreme healer of the nation’s many challenges, it would be very interesting to know which god is Keith Mitchell serving and whose dominion is he working to promote. Is it his personal kingdom or is it the kingdom of some mystical and cult like power or the new world order?

The NNP election slogan, "We will deliver” has within it a hidden message. Two words " evil” and "devil " can be made from the word deliver. Herein lies the agenda of the NNP and its political leader, PM Mitchell.

There seems to be an atmosphere of mysticism surrounding the actions and activities of Mitchell. It is alleged that a pastor jailed for the killing of a 16-year-old female companion was his spiritual adviser. He was found guilty of murder and is serving a jail sentence at Richmond Hill prison. Having appointed Ashley Ram Folkes as acting commissioner of prisons, it is left to be seen if this pastor will be released from prison very soon. Grenadians need to watch with interest what is happening at the Richmond Hill prison. Mr Folkes has come in off some praise from a former prison, but one wonders if this is just a "smoke screen” for the inevitable release of the former alleged spiritual adviser and pastor jailed for the murder of a 16-year-old female.

As thousands of Grenadians heed the call to seek ye the kingdom of Keith Mitchell what is becoming more obvious is that as they seek his kingdom they are sinking deeper and deeper in poverty and deprivation. The living standard of thousands of NNP supporters is so bad that many of them are living in conditions below normal human standards. These folks for years religiously supported Keith Mitchell only for them and their families to remain in substandard living conditions. Thousands of them are without a reliable source of clean drinking water and electricity. They still have to rely on the use of fire wood for cooking and pit toilet. These poor people foolishly continue to seek ye the kingdom of Keith Mitchell with their vote, while he continues to seek the kingdom of money.

Throughout his entire political career Mitchell has bamboozled and mesmerized the Grenadian population by his litany of false promises. Having kept a large section of the population unemployed, he has used his false promise of jobs, jobs, jobs to entice the young people to vote for him. Grenada, known as a country for being the first in many things in the Caribbean, once again is making history for being the first country in the Caribbean where the leader of political party has used falsehood without been held accountable by the electorate. This is a serious indictment on the intelligence and integrity of so many Grenadians. Recently, men who fought against this falsehood propagated by Keith now religiously follow him as disciples of a false prophet.

Chester Humphrey, Peter David, Joseph Gilbert, Karl Hood, pastor Stanford Simon, Michael Church and a host of others are now disciples of the kingdom of Keith Mitchell.

Money is the root of all evil, and it is because of the lust for money and power that many religious leaders are being corrupted to the extent that they are willing to turn a blind eye on corruption in high places, the abuse of power and the excesses and disrespect shown to Grenadians by Keith Mitchell. The fabric of Grenadian society is been corrupted to the core to such an extent that one has to be guarded by the corrupt intent of another. The “eat ah food" mentality of Grenadians promotes the decline of society. Grenadians seem willing and prepared to sell their souls for a dollar and Keith is aware of this and has used that mentality to his political advantage.

Jim Jones and Jimmy Swaggert were able to deceive thousands of unsuspecting people to the extent that Jones led thousands to their death in the jungles of Guyana. The manipulative power of Keith Mitchell is used in a very destructive way. He has used these powers to convince the electorate to vote for the NNP, but not to unite the people for nation building.

Keith Mitchell will "deliver". He will deliver thousands of souls into poverty and the gates of hell. His witch like powers is compulsive and hence the reason why he has been able to effectively control the mind of his supporters, turning them into virtually modern day slaves. Even his once nemesis, Chester Humphrey, Peter David, are now victims of his mystical powers.

Former prime minister Eric Gairy allegedly used the practices of obeah during his reign to maintain power. He was unceremoniously overthrown by the NJM. The use of obeah isn't new to Caribbean politics. Grenadians need to free themselves of witchcraft . The lust for money has entrapped many and Mitchell has used it to his advantage to maintain political power.

Through his mismanagement of the economy, he now has absolutely no choice but to take Grenada to the IMF. The "false prophet” has failed miserably and Grenadians are suffering as a result. He is seen as an individual who is alien to the truth. Grenada is doomed to fail. Mitchell is on his last lap and he intends to bring down the country with him.

Grenadian Class
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Helen Grenade:

Grenadians electing Keith Mitchell and his NNP political party confirms exactly what most of them feared, that Mitchell was not sincere about changing direction. Mitchell is simply put a Dictator.

He is washed up, he used up all his creativity. He can't produce anymore, he has reached his limit, the man is stagnant.

Wake up Grenadians, gear up for what lies ahead, because it seems clear the current NNP representatives are lacking in a certain important organ, the brain. Mitchell is corrupt, vindictive, incompetent and an embarrassment to all Grenadians. Jehovah God will soon bring Mitchell Government and his recklessness to an end. No amount of Witchcraft practices by that man will stop his government from falling, and the worst thing it will never raise its ugly head ever again.

We need younger, vibrant,modest, respectful, fair minded, compassionate, thoughtful and smart, someone like Burke who will serve the people of Grenada efficiently and effectively.We need new leadership. There are two things that make former Senator Nazim Burke stand out from the crowd. He has character and he cares.


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