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Letter: Is Grenada's prime minister a master of deception?
Published on August 24, 2013 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

A very disappointing performance in Grenada’s economy characterized the New National Party. It is clear that the government is not achieving their objective. The task for the NNP is to devise an economic strategy that will boost the faltering growth rate and assist in the achievement of desirable external payments balances. This however is not possible. The New National Party is refusing to provide a boost to the economy.

Under the circumstances there is a sharp increase in the level of unemployment. An effect of 2013 poor economic growth is a persistent lack of business confidence. This is having a particularly adverse influence on the level of investment expenditures, which in turn is holding back the growth of industrial production.

The Grenada government is facing deteriorations in their performances. These factors are affecting food prices and the signs are representing no improvement. Grenada continues to do relatively poorly despite promises by the Mitchell to deliver. No progress has been made in the unemployment situation, because of the economic slowdown. It is hard for the people of Grenada to catch their breath. The weaker aspects of the economy include a decline in retail sales, hardly surprising since Grenada consumers have no jobs.

The Mitchell government needs to reassess its policies and boost flagging business confidence and revive private investment. Progress in combating inflation and stimulating the “real economy” is disappointing. Calls by the government for increased investment in the shape of special loans went largely unheeded. The real weak spot of the Grenadian economy is unemployment in the wake of the failure of the economic recovery to pull through.

The economy is lapsing into a deflation-induced stagnation. There is no progress in combating inflation and stimulating the “real economy”, it is disappointing.

The low level of investment in Grenada, is due to a lack of business confidence brought about by the weakness of demand, low utilization of capacity, declining orders and uncertainties pertaining to the outcome of the general election which was held over six months ago and won the NNP. With Mitchell as the leader, some people just don’t trust him.

Grenada’s economic activities are affected by the recession; Grenada is caught in the downward spiral of poverty. Our country has continued to devalue slowly, with no general attempt to correct this situation. If the rights of the Grenadian people are to be met, they must include a decent home, adequate food, good health, proper education, the prospect of a job. The health service in Grenada is not keeping pace with the changing populations either in quantity or in quality.

The Mitchell government is looking for a silver lining in the economic picture they could point to the fact that more people are unemployed than ever before. The unemployment situation has remained uncomfortable high. It has become apparent that the Mitchell government is no longer able to deliver the economic goods. It is correct to say that Grenada has gone into economic decline. The people of Grenada are being made to pay the price for the government economic problems, as unemployment keeps rising dangerously higher.

The people of Grenada are saying that their prime minister is a very deceitful manipulator and de facto dictator. We have to work to do everything to ensuring that the people of Grenada are informed and educated on the various issues confronting Grenada. Grenada needs to be liberated soon from Mitchell and the NNP. Today the people, including me, are seeing the true colours of that government. The Mitchell government is seriously abusing its power against talk show radios and journalists and other persons.

We must take actions against the NNP government in a peaceful manner. People talk about communism, but Grenada’s situation is far worse than communism. A serious underground network is active as any live volcano in Grenada. According to our information it was revealed that a group within the NNP is sabotaging the Ken Jones talk radio program “The Eagle’s Eyes” in an effort to silence the masses and infringe on the freedom of expression as enshrined in the Grenada constitution.

The thousands of listeners to the morning talk radio program are pointing fingers at the incumbent, since they have a history of committing illegal acts against opponents. The Grenada NNP government is trying its utmost best to drown out the daily broadcast reaching thousands of people. This is a destructive act of violence, which would not be tolerated in a democratic society like Grenada.

This is part of the administration’s desperate strategy to control the radio program and it’s very disappointing to see it in use here in Grenada. Political correctness and freedom of expression fecklessness are the handmaidens of talk radio subjugation. What really makes my blood boil is that while all this is taking place, the PM is boasting about how he is a man of honesty, integrity, discipline, etc. Mr Prime Minister, is that so or are you the master of deception? Do you have our country’s best interest at heart? Are you providing employment for the young girls so that they won’t have to sell their bodies?

In Grenada today it is the big businesses who are in power; those who can grease the hand of the PM. Our youths have lost faith. They are on the edge of deep depression about the conditions which belittle them and this is devastating to their families and individual lives. They lack the opportunity in employment that leaves them idle and frustrated and tempts them down dangerous cul-de-sacs, about prospects often so uncompromising that they have no alternative but to yearn for shipping out to greener pastures, about what the especially ambitious and patriotic perceive as lack of firm guidance from the political leadership, lack of plans that inspire long term hope, lack of vision.

Our youth’s future is at stake, and with the certainty that little will come of our efforts if we do not succeed in inspiring their full participation in the immense tasks of 2013 and beyond. In order to make progress in the conditions of today’s world, the government of Grenada has to summon the determination to increase its adaptability, resilience, innovation and international competitiveness. This will require more concerted and sustained efforts to improve the lives of our people.

What the new trends in the world economy show is that new players can find space in that economy if they can demonstrate the necessary drive and competitiveness. It represents a challenge to which Grenada can respond positively, and by that means move ahead in the years and decades to come.

What the Mitchell government is not seeing is that persistent inflation is coexisting with persistent unemployment and that growth will stagnate as government spending is poured into the economy. The primary objectives of this government should be to maintain full employment, to stabilize prices, to sustain economic growth, to maintain a balance of export earnings that will cover the costs of imports in foreign trade. It is uncommon for a government to fail on all counts at once. Grenada has a level of very high unemployment, because the present level of industrial capacity cannot provide enough jobs for everybody. Grenada needs its own kind of growth breakthrough, but currently does not have the money to pay for it.

Yes, it is true that Grenada does not have an opposition, but there is someone sitting high up in Heaven, who is looking down at us, and he will bring the Mitchell NNP government to ruins soon. In plain language, we are not Mitchell’s property, whatever the NNP do is for its own selfish interests. His main objective should be to develop a society where people will conduct their lives and their pursuit of their enterprises and business in an atmosphere of respect and consideration of the highest degree. The NNP government’s basic concept should be to protect the rights of everyone. Just as the strong should not treat the weak unfairly, neither should the weak use their plight as an excuse to take advantage of the rich. None is above the law and none is exempt from being careful about his dealings with other people.

Helen Grenade
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Tough comments, but where are the stats to back them up. Am I supposed to just take the authors word that a "worst than communist" leader is at the helm? Such claims are damaging by themselves, much worst when the author fails to add substance to them by including statistics that can be verified.



Helen Grenade:

First of all, you must get your facts straight. I moved away from Keith Mitchell and his NNP government, not them from me. Secondly,this is not about getting a job with his government, this is about he asking for something which I would not give to him. Get your facts straight and stop distorting the truth.
I am ready for the fight to come and I will continue to hold Mitchell and his NNP accountable for all their failed promises made to the Grenadian communities, and this means mobilizing and organizing and building alliances that can turn the promises he made into reality. It's time to wake up Grenadians, gear up mentally, physically and emotionally for what's ahead.

I am a woman of varied talents and experience, very independent of mind and not confined by any trappings of officialdom and an ardent supporter of democracy.

You are bitter and derange and I pray you get the psychological help you so desperately need. STOP HIDING BEHIND IGNORANCE.

Keith Mitchell knows he cannot buy my loyalty, it's not for sale.

It is quite evident that you are upset that I'm no longer associated with the man. You are lacking in a certain important organ, the brain. You are so poisoned, so blinded that you can't see reality. The sign is bearing bad news for Mitchell and his government. I will not be silenced. Mitchell and his government will be crushed because of his reckless behavior, his government will come crashing down very soon. Remember I told you so.

Ask him he will tell you how many people he made promises to, I am sorry for the man.

Helen Grenade:

How pathetic we have become that nothing matters when it comes to elected officials who are supposed to be role models. They are truly forgotten that they are elected by the people, for the people and not for their personal gain. these politicians are like a hole in the dam and the possibility of a flood of new embarasments .

Is that the best you can do, is that your best shot? you don't scare me, no gloating, mxzimum dignity. The real problem is your own screwed up culture, small minded and illiterate, backward thinking mentality.

How pathetically sad. Grenada is in bad shape. Keep whining because you have a lot more whining to do. Jump around and whine all you want. Remember I owe you nothing and I expect people like yourself to stay clear of me.

This has become such a joke, one article and it's causing so much desarray, and it barely begins to describe the current state of chaos and incoherence within the NNP government as they come to terms with my dis-association from them.

Those idiots who are posting their ridiculous comments does not like the truth, because they would have to take responsibility for their own selves, and quit blaming everyone else.

You people don't deserve respect so do not demand it, you earn it.

Yes the Mitchell government had a vision and that is really important, but where is the execution? That is also important too. A vision without execution is hallucination.

It is now apparent that the NNP re-entered Grenada politics the way they left, with lies and deceit.

I trusted you Keith, I believed when you said "You were a changed man and thet you would do things differently" You lied.


Helen is no more an opportunist than those blood suckers in the NNP who lives as parasites sucking the last drop of blood from the country. She writes out of the conviction of her good heart having seen the true nature of beast She loves her country. She is no more a 'sell out ' than those crooks that are now in bed with NNP. Just give Helen a break she is on the side of good reason. Everything is about a post. This just show that it's not for love of country but it's for the love of money. That is what NNP stand for.Greed!!!Helen know a lot more than you will ever imagine. The reason for the attack is because of the popularity and effectiveness of her article. No bite is worst than from a bug in you own bed.

Claudia L.:

This is a democratic country, and everyone regardless of political differences, have a right to express themselves as see fit. I once remember reading a book about surviving office politics, and basically, when the going get tough or we have to deal with nasty incidents, it is better to take 'quality time out' before responding to anyone. With due respect, to Helen Grenade, your response seemed quite uncharitable, and in your well versed letter, you make valid reference to the Father in heaven who sees all - and quite right too.

But, let not anger or the unwillingness to see our well versed views become 'hazy' or 'fuzzy' by others, such as the respondent Carl.

From my own perspective, I am not in the least an expert in small developing countries politics, but I am concern about a country who do not have 'an apposition' party as such - is that truly democratic?

Grenada has become a 'jouvert morning' style country, because of poor leadership, lack of vision (biblical: without vision the people perish); lack of creativity - anyone who could sell an island (Calivigny) without anyone (eg Minister of Tourism / Minister for Agriculture seeing it as a potential economic gain for the island,is not fit for any form of leadership.Why did not the government who sold, turn it into a 'paradise' economically gain for the people?

On a positive note, in all walks of life we have good years and bad years, and Grenada is being governed through the latter years by a 'statistically'controlled PhD leader. All leaders need to LISTEN.

selwin noel:

The writer cannot be living in Grenada and has not yet recognized what's taking place. The government has been able to restore confidence in the economy, something which was lacking for the past years of the previous administration. Pay a visit to the Vendomme RC school or do your investigation and get to understand what took place that today you can see it being completed for the new school term. And, the government didn't have to pay was all about private/public sector partnership through an NNP Government lobby. I am wondering if I should go on. I'll just give a hint that the Construction industry is beginning to show positive signs and this is because of moves made to halt the exhorbitant price for sand that today the average small man can start building something around the home, either an additional room or bathroom, as well as people seeing it fit to cash in on the offer given to them by Dr. Mitchell and his Government, so that tradesmen can be occupied. I can go on more but I only want to remind the writer that it's only six months and based on the article, the writer doesn't know what's happening in Grenada. Pretty sad.


Ms Grenade this is a very venomous piece. I am taken aback because I remembered you very well promoting the Keith Mitchell brand. So what went terribly wrong? It would be remiss of me not to ask what exactly the Prime minister could possibly want from you,.Having read your piece your only constant reference was unemployment. I am shocked that you just realize that unemployment is high in Grenada. You seemed to have the antidote Grenada's problems. No amount of fancy vocabulary could change the fact that you chose to wallow with the critics. As a self proclaimed aspiring writer I think it was in bad taste that your response to your critics was an attempt to de-humanize them. Another thing is that we all know that world recession affected Grenada , so I don't know how on earth you would ever think that jobs would have been available on February 20th 2013. Clearly this indicate that your thoughts are still inside the box, you still take people at face value. I can't blame you too much because prior to the campaign you did not even know most of the candidates vying for office. You were not in touch with Grenadian politics. So I'm concurring that you were looking for an opportunity with the Mitchell administration which did not materialize . Often times small people attempts to take on big co operations and they get crushed. You profess that you are an honest individual and is destined to speak out about pertinent issues, that is good however remember stick to pertinent issues and no ad-hominem.


Helen, you are a woman of journalistic integrity. I thought that you would be missing in acion. You came forward and delivered.

However, I still say give the PM a decent honeymoon period.

Tried of Helena:

Helena, it's about time you start writing something positive about Grenada, that can improve the tourist industry. Your are destroying Grenada with your foolishness. Get a life. I feel sorry for you.


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