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Letter: Is Gonsalves a proponent of racial divide?
Published on August 26, 2013 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

Wednesday, August 28, 2013, will mark the 50th anniversary since the Rev. Dr Martin Luther King led the historic civil rights march to Washington and presented what is termed as the best speech of the twentieth century: the “I have a dream” speech; which was delivered before approximately 250,000 civil rights activists and sympathizers in front of the Lincoln memorial.

In this speech, the Rev. Dr King spoke of his hope of a changed America; an America whose constituents would move from a people who cherished the blight of racial segregation to a society where both black and white would embody a spirit of love and embrace the unity of the races. The figuratively coloured speech is strong enough to provoke emotions and evoke tears even 50 years after it was presented.

While the USA has made tremendous strides in the area of regulating the behaviours and interactions among the races, it is unfortunate to know that within the Caribbean, a part of the world that has evolved and have practiced racial equality for many decades before the developed world consider such, today in St Vincent and the Grenadines we have politicians who are so caught up in their lust for power that they see fit to divide the country along every line of division they can come up with, even the nasty division of racial segregation.

The behaviour of certain St Vincent and the Grenadines Unity Labour Party politicians supports the concept that I hold, which says: if tomorrow we wake up and a series of events occurred that sees the re-enslavement of the black race, you will be surprised to see the number of and the type of non-black individual who will be in line trying to buy, earn and exploit the negro to accommodate their extravagant lifestyle and their lust for and of power.

This is not to say that all non-black people would get involved in the exploitation of their black brothers and sisters. However, I am convinced that Prime Minister Ralph E. Gonsalves and his cousin Julian Francis will be the first Caribbean people in line to purchase their share of black slaves and they will be among the most abusive, brutal and insensitive of the slave owners you will ever find.

I came to this conclusion based on the level of public racial ignorance that is regurgitated from the conscience of these men via their mouths, from the way they practically implement the principles of Willy Lynch’s destructive plan of hate, which is laced with divisiveness aimed at dividing the Vincentian constituents, using every tool of hate to drive a divisive wedge between family, churches, colleagues, national institution etc.

This leads me to ask this question: Is Ralph E. Gonsalves behaviour an effort to stay in power or does he truly hate the numerically dominant race of St Vincent and the Grenadines? I guess the hate that Ralph E. Gonsalves and his cousin have for their healthier pigmented, darker brothers and sisters has a political benefit for them, which is political longevity.

While many countries the world over are trying to do all they can to encourage harmony among the races and other groups that have different qualities; however, in this era, can we really afford to have the hate, disrespect and callousness of Ralph Gonsalves to take root and destroy all of the work of local, regional and international patriots like George McIntosh, Ebenezer Theodore Joshua, Martin Luther King and the pioneers of equal rights and or justice?

On the week of August 17, 2013, I accidentally visited the small, farming, mountain community of Rowe, Massachusetts. There are no black people living in this community. Although the movie stereotypical concept of racial hate that is associated with such community crossed my mind, I went in with an open mind. I found these people to be some of the most helpful, respectable and inviting people I have ever met.

While the white people of the foothills of Massachusetts were willing to extend a hand of caring, love, and respect to a black West Indian who wandered into their beautiful town, the prime minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines has consciously chosen to take a step back into the past of human unfair existence by propagating a spirit of segregation among the races. But to what end?

What a man, what a leader!

Allan Palmer
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ALAN, Are you saying that he married a black woman and then an Indian woman or some kind of half chat, and had two mulatto families of children, out of spite? Because he obviously doesn't mind breeding with us folks of special pigmentation.

Then I suppose when you look at history most all of the past slave masters liked to breed with the slaves, gave them an overawed sense of power.

It also seems to me that black women may not like him, because they keep on falsely accusing him of rape and sexual assault.

Alan I hope your supporting the reparations, because we are all promised to get $200,000 each from the reparation fund. If you don’t support the reparations, it means you have got a village mentality and you will have to be isolated in the mountains of Massachusetts, or even Sandy Bay.

Perhaps no one has thought of this, is it possible the PM is chasing the reparations payment for all his children for their share in reparations, is that possible. He may even qualify himself, he told us he is the blackest man in Saint Vincent, a respray would help.

Allan Palmer:


You have to remember that in todays world the Portuguese's have isolated themselves and now find themselves in a position where their social interaction skills is not that well. hence they have become a minority by default or may I say their own doing.

As a result of this imposed status you will not find white women choosing to marry Portuguese men and women. it is not a matter of choice it is a matter of he could not get what he wanted so he took what he got as wives.

I am not propagating a hate for people of Portuguese, because I have friends who are of that race whom I care for dearly. However I am just stating a fact as it relates to Ralph E. Gonsalves.

Peter another point I must also make here is, beauty is beauty whatever the race. Even if Gonzie don't like people of a darker complexion, when a man who is unable to control his passions he tend to be led by such and passion for sex and love is much stronger then hate.

Vinci Vin:

Gentlemen, please stop this nonsense! Black, white or otherwise Vincentian politicians, except for perhaps E.T. Joshua, have all sought to divide Vincentians in one way or the other. That is the politics of paternal tribalism that we have to eliminate rather than seeking to question why one person marry another or for that matter, have relationships with a person of a different race.

No matter how much you might despise the Comrade and Julian Francis, I would suggest that you focus your energies on developing and focussing your strategies towards winning the hearts and resolve of the Vincentian people to elect the politicians of your choice in the next election. People of Portuguese origins have inter-marry with black (people of African origins) throughout St. Vincent. That is their unquestionable choice. In fact, in my village there were at least 13 individuals that carried the Francis and Corea name. All of these persons were born through intimate relations between black women and Ralph Gonsalves' grand father, his uncle and other near relatives.

Nuff respect,

Vinci Vin

Allan Palmer :

Vincy Vin,
I don't think Peter and I are trying to cast a shadow over Gunzie and his cousin JF choices. And I am not trying to imply that mix-marriages are wrong and a person is degrad or have lower his or her value because he or she marry outside of their race. However it is evident that Ralph is extremely prejudice and holds very little affection if any for members of the African defendants.

Look at the way in which he address members of the local press, his attitude and vocal expression to Mr. Eustace, the Major, the man age and others, listen carefully and you will hear the racial overtone when he speak to such likes, look at the racial composition of the women who accused him (Gonsalves) of sexually violating them?

Vin did you know the slave Master's used rape as a means of distroying generation of families. Vincy V, did you know that when you rape a woman you psychologically damage each generation of offspring that follows and there is a ninety 90% percent chance their offspring will also be victim of rape. After inflicting such harm and insult, he still depends on the good graces of the people he disliked to keep him employed both in his legal and political career. As a lawyer how many Potuguese, white or Indian client Gonsalves has?

99% of his clients were black African decent, as a politician he rely totally of the graces of the black population to get him elected, asked Julian for the ethnic demographic of the election, he was the one who intimedatingly accused members of the local (St. Vincent) Arab community, wbo resides in Cane Garden of not casting their vote for the ULP.

So Vin as always I appreciate your unbias virwd o issue, but we are correct this time around.


now, that domestic servant at frenches. Me 'heyr thru the unofficial grapevines that she was forced by circumstances to "fire d' wuk".

If only that slapper-man young patriot from the Leeward 'side had been emulated in this particular case . . .

Sorry, guys . . . ah 'musing . . .

Vinci Vin:


No one has ever accused the PM of being stupid politically. While I would agree that he needs to face the accusers of rape in court, it difficult to conceive of any intent on his part to rape anyone in order to develop and sustain a culture of racial domination in SVG. In fact, I think SVG politicians would be quicker to divide Vincentians on class and socio-economic status rather than race. This is not to excuse any bad behaviour that the PM might have a penchant to exhibit but to underscore that whether we Vincys are Africans, Portuguese, English, French, Indians or other ethnic origins it would serve us and our nation well to propagate seeds of national harmony than racial divisions. Let take the PM primarily as a Vincentian rather than Potuguese as we would take the opposition leader as Vincentian rather than as French (his ancesters came to Barbados from France and then on to St. Vincent.

Now Allan, while we are bound to disagree at times, that does not diminish the fact that you and Peter have publish much of value on this site. In our democratic system of government weneed to exercise the freedom to question the actions or ommissions of our political leaders whenever the need arises. However, we also have the obligation to be fair.

Nuff respect,


Allan Palmer:

Vincy Vin, always remember that a intellectual disagreement or a difference of opinion on a point does not lower the future value of a person's input in any discussion.


ALAN _ VIN, you are starting to make me feel nauseous, stop dancing around each other and call a spade a spade, except in the case of Gonsalves he's not, he only thinks he is.


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