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Letter: I am the self-appointed opposition leader of SVG
Published on April 17, 2017 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

The hooray went up, the Canouan investors, after they were granted and have been granted government permission, which went over the head of the planning department. And without consultation with the residents of Canouan; the Canouan investors have completed and had a grand opening of the Canouan Marina, another investment of the Canouan investors.

A part of the illegal prime minister Ralph E. Gonsalves’ plans to push the people of Canouan off of that island; a problem which will be and is easy to reverse and a situation which I will reverse when the time is right. For there is nothing that Ralph E. Gonsalves can do that I have not or already come up with a plan to undo and it matters not how much the investors in Canouan have invested. The remedy is and will be easy.

Now, the St Vincent and the Grenadines opposition sat still, while the government sold more land to the investors to develop the marina on the island of Canouan. There were too many issues that the opposition could have raised in opposition and take the actions to ensure that the following things happen.

• That the developers present all of the relevant supporting documentation and studies that will ensure this project was a good one for the island of Canouan and the people of SVG.

• That a proper environmental impact study is completed to assess the effects this project will have on the natural environment. The neighbouring beaches as well as the neighbouring island.

• Ensure that the community voice is heard before this project was approved and or begins.

• Ensure that the residents of Canouan and other Vincentians gain employment of this project, if it was proven to be a feasible one.

• And ensure that there is a resolution to the conflict between the residence of Canouan and the investors before any new development is approved.

But ever since the resignation of the Honorable Mr Arnhim Eustace was forwarded relinquishing his post of leader of the NDP and the political leader of the opposition the resistance of the opposition has slid down to the zero on the scale. Now the St Vincent and the Grenadines opposition no longer opposes. It makes one miss even cooperative opposition style Mr Arnhim Eustace, who tried to find common grounds with the government and support those projects that could be of benefit to the country.

While St Clair Leacock is still crying over the fact that he was not elected opposition leader and Dr Godwin Friday is twiddling his thumbs, St Vincent and the Grenadines is being sold off square foot by square foot by Ralph E. Gonsalves. All of this is taking place in the absence of a functioning opposition in St Vincent and the Grenadines. As a result, I am now declaring myself opposition leader of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

My main concerns with the Canouan marina are as follows:

1. How is the interruption of the natural course of the sea as was done to build the marina going to affect the surrounding beaches?

2. How is this project going to affect the replenishment of sand to the nearby beaches?

3. How this project is going to affect the marine wildlife in that part of the country?

4. How the project is going to affect the land wildlife?

5. How this project is going to affect the beaches of the surrounding islands?

6. What facilities have been put into place to deal with the proper disposal of the waste that this project is going to generate?

7. What facilities were put in place to deal with the disposal of human waste?

8. How this project is going to affect the people of Canouan?

9. Why is the government approving a new project presented by the Canouan investors when there is a volatile situation between the investors and the residents of that small island?

There are more question that I have to ask, but until then.

Self-appointed opposition leader of
St Vincent and the Grenadines
Allan H. F. Palmer
Reads: 5771

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C. ben-David:

Allan Palmer, too bad you don't know that:

1. The Honourable Ralph E. Gonsalves is the legal prime minister of SVG.

2. The Ministry of Economic Planning was intimately involved in and approved every stage of the Canouan project, including its environmental impact.

3. There was no legal requirement for the democratically elected government of SVG to consult the people of Canouan who could have sought a court injunction to stop the project or any of its phases had they chosen to do so.

4. Nearly every inhabitant of Canouan supports this wonderful job-creating project, including community activist Terry Bynoe, who even attended the opening ceremony.

5. A waste water treatment plant connected to vacuum pumping facilities on the docks has been built, exceeding anything we have on the mainland save the new airport.


Alan Palmer, you certainly have an irrational grudge against this government and now the opposition for reasons not even you may know.

Your childish and megalomaniacal declaration that you are the self-appointed leader of the opposition and your chronic unfounded loose cannon remarks on topics you have no knowledge or understanding of certainly leave much to be desired.


For the record: I saw the headline then, as I started to read a little… I said, Allan Palmer no way? More like Skeck with another anti-ULP comment in my opinion...Allan's incapable!

Allan, stop pretending and come clean.

You and yours will never approve of Ralph Gonsalves, the ULP or "any" development in SVG by this government. Okay, we get it! Try to vote them out in 2020. Wish you luck! But for now, know this article like all the others that went before sucks.

Only haters and pseudo anti-ULP/Gonsalves idiots will indulge and support your drivel, your anti-SVG Canouan development nonsense, and your moronic statement "...For there is nothing that Ralph E. Gonsalves can do that I have not or already come up with a plan to undo..." Chewps! (You have any power to do so?). That statement is idiotic, unwise, unhealthy and unproductive.

Find something most worthwhile, more inspiring, more progressive to do with all this free time you have on hand Allan/Skeck, than this anti-Ralph hate Gonsalves hate, hate, hate-crap. More towards promoting nation building (I’m sure you have ideas) …Oh, and enough of this illegal prime minister fart talk and pull down SVG articles already! It’s a turn off period!

C. ben-David:

Well said, Vinciman. Allan Palmer doesn't have a clue about or respect for the difference between sound analysis and rhetorical propaganda. A Peter Binose wannabe if there ever was one (a comparison Allan will take as a complement, I'm sure).

Allan H. F. Palmer :


It matters not what you think, or how you feel, those investors are eventually going to lose all of their investment and Cauouan will go back to the people of St. VIncent and the Grenadines. They could invest billions if they want to but they will all lose every penny of their investment. It is only a matter of time.

So will Ralph E. Gonsalves, Julian Francis and the other crooks that are parading around SVG like gunfighters in the wild, wild west.

You can count the days brother. the time is drawing close.

C. ben-David:

Why on earth would the Canouan investors "lose all their investment" when the investors in Bequia, Palm Island, Mustique, and Petit St. Vincent have made lots of money while provided thousands of construction, hotel, and villa jobs for our people for decades making their investments a win-win for all three parties: the workers, the country, and the investors.

Get real, man, the Grenadines are not the mainland the the investors are not Dave Ames types.


“The virtue of experience...” The virtues of (your) experience Allan. What have you learned since?

Apparently, you realized that my comment was the very first comment on this piece, and somehow have been placed under C.ben David’s comment, that’s why you single me out for a reply eh? Okay!

Nevertheless, I’m glad that C.ben-David took the time-out to enlighten you on a few "...matter-of-facts" (which are indisputable) that also says, “If you had listened to the opening ceremony in Canouan at all, you wouldn’t have written this piece in the manner which you did, so you couldn’t have”.

Better luck next time brother Allan “Hate Ralph” Palmer.

Allan H. F. Palmer:

C Ben-David, I do not expect you to understand how I am going to reverse that which Ralph E. Gonsalves have done, because you cannot teach intelligence, you cannot teach innovative thinking and you can't sure teach common sense. It is also a sad thing that you have lost your balls, I am not sure if you have one. Always remember it takes strength to stand alone. However your presumable identity was made public and you ran for cover. ha ha ha ha.

That is what happen when you have skeletons in your closet. a bass that is covered with shame. However, Ralph E Gonslaves is a loser just like you and Vinciman.

However what I want you S. Ben David to tackle the points raise in this article points by points and discredit them after all you have a PhD. behind your name let me see you put your learning on display and stop playing children politics. C Ben-David I dear you to tackle the points in this article point by point and prove them to be worthless. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! You can't can you.


One hundred and thirty thousand EC dollars per month in rental fees only, is good business. Allan, Mr Terry Bynoe in full support of the project. Sir, this is a state of the art facility you wouldn't find another in the Caribbean.

Hold on, when the botanical gardens and the plaza is complete, you'll see luxury at its best. Vincentians will be playing a big part in this. The restaurant is being managed by a young Vincentian. Allan, two hundred and fifty million EC dollars spent on the Mariner, and an additional one hundred is being spent to complete the plaza. I am in full support of any development that would create employment, and improve economic activity in the country. Even the opposition in full support of the facility. A local tour operator onboard for the upcoming 2017/2018 tourism season. I am not aware of any lands being sold recently for hotel development on Canouna. Can you secure jobs for our people?

Allan H. F. Palmer:

Observer my brother it matters not what Terry Bynoe is in favor of, I am not easily fooled by those things that glitter is not gold. For one thing, no project should have ever been approved until there is a resolution to the impasse that is taking place between the people of Canouan and the investors.

Why there were not a proper environmental impact study completed. Observer I do follow anyone. I make up my own mind on any matter that is presented to me. I do not have the luxury of making and having friends. I roll alone, and always do what is right.

C. ben-David:

Bravo, Observer. Allan Palmer is just trying to fill the stinking shoes of our dearly departed Peter Binose who always made similar claims without a shred of credible or verifiable evidence.

C. ben-David:

Allan Palmer, what is your evidence that no environmental impact study was done?

Some of you said the same about AIA which was false (even though it is unclear whether the government followed all the recommendations made by the consultants in their detailed written report).


Allan , according to CEO Elena Korach, coordinator of the Glossy Bay Marina Project who holds degrees in Structural Engineering and a Masters in Architecture ”…the initial feasibility studies for the construction of the Marina were extensive in order to ensure that Glossy Bay provides a safe harbor and preserve the natural beauty of the beach, arguably one of the best in the Caribbean.

(a) Environmental study and impact:
Vegetation and sediment transportation as well as water exchange modals were developed by the University of Bologna and formed the base for a detail impact assessment study…to integrate the Marina within the beautiful Canouan topography and to blend the necessary support services and facilities.

(b) Geologist, Marine Engineers, Structural Engineers were involved to provide a sound design, so sound that if you… enter the waters you would find 27ft wide foundations 5ft thick, and 27ft high walls. The structural and earth moving phase was extremely challenging for all of us. Also due to the unknown top soil conditions and the identification of several boulders many as big as a container that required besides extensive dredging, several underwater blasts.

(c) A state of the art infrastructural network includes a prime and stand-by power plant, waste water treatment plant connected to vacuum pumping facilities on the dock… as well as a fueling station. The infrastructural distribution required 13 substations, 10 kilometers (6+ miles) of low and medium voltage cables so far, and 50 Kilometers (31+miles) of dock work…” etc and etc, and I can go on and on hoping to satisfy your pretensive and uncanny curiosity camouflaged as some opposition and objection to the construction of the Canouan Marina. Not True!

So cut your “not wanting to believe or accept” C.ben-David or Observer’s in the know, in your face truth and facts”, and don’t come back with no more crap, or I’ll be waiting to give you a Vinciman slap in your playing stupid punt!

My Vincy buddy! You’re too intelligent to be acting so ‘stupidee’. Enough of the "...ah hate Ralph parody. To the average Vincy you're a comedy... (not comedian)!

Allan H. F. Palmer:

Vincy-man all you have done is what the is expected of an average Vincentian, what James Mitchell, did when he brought Dr. Roller to St. Vincent and the Grenadines, to steal millions of dollars, when that same Mitchell brought Bentosinco Adamas to St. Vincent to steal monies from the national commercial bank, and when he brought the dishonest racist investors to St. Vincent and the Grenadines to invest in Canouan; and when Ralph got into bed with David Aims, the same man who Ralph Wife Eloise endorsed, the dirty bastard who abscond from St. Vincent and the Grenadines with Ralph Gonsalves help to avoid facing criminal charges and paying to the state monies owed.

You were deceived by their smooth talks of grandiose, without doing due diligence, I know you feel proud presenting the frabicated information that was given to you, so that people will think that you are upon the happenings. But VIncy man you, James Mitchell, Ralph Gonsalves and most Vincentian are too lazy to be of any benefit to St. Vincent and the Grenadines, It is asking too much do due diligence.

In the same way the investors have call Terry to the hotel and smooth talk him and give him access for a day and he believed that all was well only to wake up a few days later to see that their meeting was just a way to get some positive press to put on their website to give potential customers that all is well with the company and the residence of the island.

Vincy man, I am not writing to inform you of the truth or the reality I am writing to help the person who will hear and read all of the garbage that was handed to you and tend to believe that it is true.

On that note I rest this topic.

C. ben-David:

Allan Palmer, you cannot be a genuine Vincentian to ignore the elementary environmental fact that the worst despoilers and polluters of our small and precious ecosystem have always been our own people, whether in Canouan or on the mainland where they have polluted the rivers and seas, dumped garbage and poisonous substances all about, robbed the beaches of its limited sands, cut down huge swaths of the rain forest to plant weed, and overfished the inland seas of their large and small species.

On the other hand, the Canouan investors have a huge monetary incentive to do their best to protect the resources they paid so much to develop. If they do not do so, the tens of millions they have spent will be in vain. The profit motive is a real incentive in turning hard-nosed business people into tree-hugging environmentalists.

Yes, I know that there was much damage done by crooked investors to the coral reefs and fishery at Ashton Harbour, Union Island, 20 years ago under the nose of our so-called environmentalist PM, James Mitchell, but there are serious restoration plans that are now underway.

All right-thinking Vincentians should encourage due diligence, including sound environmental studies and guarantees that the ecosystem will sustained if not enhanced.

You and people like you, on the other hand, simply want to mindlessly throw stones at any and all foreign white investors, without knowing or caring whether the proper environmental studies were conducted.

Again, I go back to my first point: we Vincies, with such a poor record of protecting our fragile environment, should be damned shamed to even raise the issue of the possibility that foreigners would be as ignorant, indifferent, and corrupt as we are on this matter.

Even your mentor, the late Peter Binose, would certainly agree with this sentiment.


Allan buddy, what I did in my last comment was only share part of the speech that highlighted some of the important issues you addressed, (like if there was any study conducted etc,) those were not my words, but the words of the CEO, spoken on that day, “live”, for the whole Nation and the whole world to hear. How could you then say “I know you feel proud presenting the frabicated [fabricated] information that was given to [me]…” . Given to me? You mean given to the whole world? I’m quite sure you can find it online. I heard it, and thousands of Vincentians heard it too, I presume. But since I know you missed it, I copied and posted it just for you and then you could talk all you want. I was only trying to help a brother.

C. ben-David:

Vinciman, you well know that Allan and his motley crew are well past help or redemption.

If Ralph says black, they are bound to say white; if he says yes, they must say you.

As for you, Vinciman, if the Comrade tells you to jump, you are bound to reply, "How high, Massa?"

As for me, the whole world knows of my independent and free-thinking spirit, one of very few people on this Vinci portion of CNN who is truly politically impartial which is why people keep doubting that I am a "real" Vincentian.


David you could not hold a candle to Peter unlike you he had no streak of cowardice. He exposed so many things and he could clearly see the future.

You swipe at Gonsalves all the time in a cowered way just in case one day he learns who you are. But there can be no doubt you are a Ralph hater.

As for Vinciman there has been untold damage to the reefs at Canuan and they are dead or dying because of chemical runoff from the golf course.

Your boss is a frequent visitor there and freeloads at one of the complementary villas. So all are happy sharing in the spoils whilst romping in the same bed. That means they can do what they want whenever they want and the islanders are well and truly shafted.

Sandra xxx


Mr Ben your time will come thats a certain fact.

You are a little cleverer in your nasty untrue propagander than Binose was. You are a Ralph hater but try and hide your hatred. But we see it and will remember it.

Mrs Kat is right you are a coward hiding behind a stolen identity and like all cowards you are very brave until you are exposed. So if you want to be brave tell we the followers of Carl Marx who you are and which Canadian toilets you are the resident cleaner of.


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