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Letter: I am not my brother's keeper
Published on April 30, 2014 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

In St Vincent it is a fact that you are your brother’s keeper, you are responsible for what your brother does, your wife, your sister, your mother and father, your children. If they speak against this ALBA-based ULP Marxist regime, you as the wealthiest and head of the family are responsible for them all. If they cannot reach a member of your family to punish, they will go to great lengths to destroy you; in fact, they will do that anyway.

Can you believe the hatred, the spite, the malice, the venom and sheer wickedness of this nasty regime’s leadership?

Dr Ralph Gonsalves, prime minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines, was to deliver the keynote address at a one-day conference in Chicago on April 19 at Chicago State University, being held in the wake of 14 Caribbean nations demanding reparations and an apology from European countries for the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

Letters of complaint were sent to newspapers and the online media and the reparations committee. Objections to Gonsalves being the key speaker at the conference were made and accepted. The writers said he was not a fit person to represent black people.

He was cancelled, dumped by the committee, embarrassed and, perhaps feeling disgraced and disrespected, he suddenly got a bad foot, which perhaps he used as an excuse to go abroad, maybe to get out of the way whilst Keith Howard is hung out to dry.

It was Doug Howard, Keith Howard’s brother, a political activist, who lives in the US, along with a number of other people in the Diaspora, who wrote to CARICOM, the media, and the reparations committee, laying out reasons why Gonsalves should not be the main speaker. It’s difficult for ULP activists to get back at the people who managed to get Gonsalves cancelled, so Keith Howard had to suffice.

In St Vincent, something happened last week to Keith Howard of Howard Marine, brother of Doug Howard. Keith Howard is one of St Vincent's most respected businessmen, director and investor in several successful SVG companies. He is the SVG agent for a number of boat engine manufacturers. As such, for the last 17 years he has been importing boat engines for fisherfolk. They are supplied by concession without import duty, tax and VAT. Howard has imported engines for them during all those years. Last week when he went to collect engines from the customs, he was told that he now had to pay duty, tax and VAT on the engines. No real explanation, just offhand nastiness.

There will be a negative impact on the fishermen, now paying $2,000 more for their boat engines, which will be passed on to the consumer through the price of fish, which will cut the sales of fish and could well affect employment of people in SVG.

Later, his boatyard was raided by the army-uniformed police force, searching his boatyard without a warrant. Big guns, little guns wielded by those parts of the force who are rapidly being identified by Vincentian citizenry as politically controlled thugs.

Doesn't this have the same smell, the same stink as what happened to Bigger Biggs, put out of business because he supported the opposition party? His business destroyed by the same hatred, the spite, the malice, the venom and sheer wickedness. 60 - 70 people thrown out of work and whole families destroyed. Remember the blocks he made with modern machinery, the best in the Caribbean. There was input also into this by the police. A deliberate action to damage, if not destroy a private business with the same hatred, the spite, the malice, the venom and sheer wickedness. Why? Because they can; they are ALBA Marxists, and businessmen must be controlled, they must not support the opposition.

Nice Radio, raided by the police who found nothing amiss, another disgraceful use of the police as political battering rams. An attempt to damage, if not destroy a private business with the same hatred, the spite, the malice, the venom and sheer wickedness. Why? Because they can; they are ALBA Marxists and the news and media must be controlled.

Theft of the land at Argyle from the landowners, who after many years still haven't been paid. Families treated with the same hatred, spite, malice, venom and sheer wickedness. Why? Because they can; they are ALBA Marxist. The landowners are petit bourgeoisie and deserve to be punished.

Theft by the Marxist-led government of the depot and yard owned by Marcus De Freitus in Kingstown, said to be for redevelopment, standing idle now for numerous years. Even after orders from the High Court to pay him, they refuse to pay him. His business destroyed by the same hatred, spite, malice, venom and sheer wickedness. Why? Because they could; they are ALBA Marxists. Marcus is a bourgeoisie relative who offended the leader.

Offices at the NDP supporting supermarket raided, dozens of political army-uniformed police shut down half of Kingstown, searching for evidence of money laundering, none found but plenty of blight damage inflicted on individuals who they falsely named. Why? Because they can; these were regarded as people who supported the opposition party and deserved hatred, spite, malice, venom and sheer wickedness to be inflicted upon them. Why? Because they could; they are ALBA Marxists. These were people who support the opposition who needed teaching a lesson, and a lesson they were taught.

I hear, but I am not sure if it’s true that the ULP will be holding classes in hatred, spite, malice, venomous behaviour and sheer wickedness if re-elected; they say it’s such fun. Why? Because they can; they are ALBA Marxists.

Peter Binose
Self appointed keeper of the bugle and blowing hard
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Patrick Ferrari:

Keith Howard? Mr Binose, you got to be joking. Right? Nobody minds their business more than Keith. Keith Howard is an asset. An asset to everything and to everybody. Nothing but gentle and good comes from that man - and his entire family. They are a Vincentian success story.

If what you say is true, for this to befall Keith, it is a travesty. No, it is perverse. Alas, I've heard of it.

Allan Palmer:

Peter pay for Paul and Keith Howard paying for the actions he has nothing to do with and don't know about and the farmers ie. Fisher folks is hoing to take a financial beating again.

Peter, I know Keith personally, he is easy going, soft spoken, respectful and helpful. He is a man I respects very much and there are a few of those.

Gonsalves feelings is hurt. I guess Gonsalves is still crying because he did not get to rub shoulders with my friend and mentor: the Hon. Minister Thomas Lewis Farrakhan.

Tell Gonsalves I Allan Palmer say: "dry your tears away, dry your eyes don't cry, you're a big man, you're a big man."

That is just the tip of the iceberg of his downward move. He will be totally ostracized. His name will make babies ball, children puke and grown folks repulse. In East Indian culture it is called: Karma, in Christianity it is call retribution, in Vincy it is call Payback, in Allan Palmer's Philosophy it is called: "Tek Dat"!!!!

Peter Binose:

I am so fed up with calling people scum, when its so obvious they are.

Anyone who would go to these lengths to supposedly punish someone in New York, must be seriously mentaly ill.

Peter Binose:

Did you know that when there are town hall meetings in NY and Mr Eustace is there, every word he says is recorded transribed and sent directly to Gonsalves as a recording and transcript. This is the act of Marxist colaborators, the lowest of life. Likened to the Gestapo informers in Germany. Patriots to a man not a country.

Vinci Vin:

Peter: Why does that come as a surprise to you? Do you know that every keystroke you type might be printed out on a computer in someone else's office?

Also, do you remember what happened to Stalkey John in London? There are some ruthless people among us .... people who routinely spy on their fellow "comrades" and take what they learn to sing for their suppers.


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