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Letter: How different is the thinking between Chavez and Gonsalves?
Published on December 13, 2012 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

Well, Chavez chose a bus driver to be the vice president. Gonsalves chose a taxi driver to be head of the fish market. Although you may believe these appointments are miles apart in comparison, they are not.

If you forget about the positions they are appointed to, and just look at those appointed. One was a bus driver the other a taxi driver. Neither of these men can be seen as a threat to the appointers.

It is obvious that Chavez puts more thought into his appointees, the bus driver is a Saddam Hussein look alike [before his death, Saddam that is]. The Gonsalves appointee, looks like a taxi driver.

Can we trust either of these men in making the right choice in a smelly situation? Obviously not.

Remember Gonsalves promised us a dream team at the last elections; we ended up with a nightmare.

Well, Chavez is a medical tourist in Cuba again. Apparently they found another plum pudding in the nether regions

We must look forward to where Gonsalves is going for Christmas. Remember he went to Bethlehem last year, then on to a whole lot of small eastern states, told us that money would be flowing like water into our begging bowls, I don’t think that happened.

He must be running out of destinations, he may have to do some repeats.

I have just been reading the Wikileaks again I have about 250 that mention Gonsalves, some with regards to holidays. I will put together some of the prime parts for an article in the New Year.

Can anyone help me? I spent several hours in Kingstown looking for a pair of nutcrackers; I hope that’s the right way to describe them as a pair. We say a pair of scissors, in both cases its only one instrument. Any advice on where to buy these from would be appreciated. I want to give them to Mrs Gonsalves as a present for her and her husband.

I won’t buy Mrs Chavez nutcrackers, I am not sure she needs them.

I am looking forward to my neighbours getting galvanize, lumber and cement, it is a sure sign that better days are coming.

God bless you all and I wish you all a very merry Christmas.

Peter Binose
Reads: 5645

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Ian Francis, Toronto,Ontario:

I have carefully examined all options for a response to your letter. Unfortunately, I have not found any.

Therefore, let me say that I have never read such nonsense in my life. It is also very shameful that Caribbean News Now will take the time to publish such a NANCY STORY.

Comrade Prime Minister remains a respected and focused Caribbean man and politician. Wherever Comrade Prime Minister elect to spend xmas with his family, he should be accorded and respect his vacation domain.

I have no problems with you or any poster making a solid criticism against the Comrade Leader, but when a critique or hater digress to the lowest of the lowest as you have done,I can only assume that there are many readers asking WHO IS THIS IDIOT?




IAN FRANCIS, I am deeply hurt by your description of me. How can you be so spiteful, how Caribbean News Now can post such a nasty hurtful reply I am lost to understand.

Does this idiot actually think he is in some way superior? I bet I have a bigger Xmas tree than you Ian, so there.

You're quite right the PM can spend time with his family wherever he wants. May I recommend North Korea. They have fantastic plutonium pond bathing pools. Or even Iran, they have the same facilities.

For you Ian, diligentia maximum etiam mediocris ingeni subsidium, bonitas non est pessimis esse meliorem.

For the big man, mendacem memorem esse oportet.

A very Merry Christmas, Yo! Ho! Ho!

Lenford O'Garro:

How can anyone take Ian Francis seriously! This is how he tried to defend himself and his comrade when responding to comments on the letter entitled, “Charity begins at home.”

“I have never seen, read or heard any such comments. Therefore, I am not in a position to respond to your comments.” “I am not in a position to respond to the above comments.”

“I do not have to visit St.Vincent to form any opinion,” and “I do not have to visit St.Vincent to assess the treatment of the population.”

Oh! Really! What planet are you living on?

Fallers like him has shredded their credibility for ideology. How else can you get these types responses to the questions that were asked of him?

When the elves comes out and tell you “Santa Brokes!” What are the children to do in SVG?




D. Markie Spring:

I have great respect for Ian, however, his responses seemed to be to deteroriating by the second.

Ian's response ignites a fight and almost sound disrespectful. Ian, as a young professional and a man who look up to you, is this the way you want me to behave also.

You did not evoke a discussion - by stating your disagreement and state your opinion in a professional manner but went on the attack like we are in Afghanistan.

Ian, will continue to look up nto u once you teach me how to debate an issues, providing professionalism and facts.

Peter is knowledgable and informed the public..... he to I look up to for education, lets keep the ball rolling


Gonsalves is a big man with a big mouth when he is surrounded by his plain clothes police guards. In real life he is a coward, was before, is now and always will be.

He missed his opportunity to debate and discuss with Nice Radio's Dougy DeFreitus. They said on Star Radio he didn’t take up the gauntlet because he was being set up for entrapment.

Well when all you supporters keep saying how superior Gonsalves is in every situation, that makes that statement a heap of donkey dung.

It’s very simple the man is a coward, was before, is now and always will be.


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