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Letter: Homosexual pedophilia
Published on March 7, 2014 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

“With all its shame, drudgery and broken dream it is still a beautiful world” -- Max Ehrmann.

The poem from which this piece is taken is indeed a poem that represents the ideal. When one read this poem it gives the readers a nice cuddly feeling of hope but, as we all know, there is nothing about life that is ideal. As a matter of fact, on a daily basis, many people voluntarily take their exit from this world, because they are too overwhelmed by the never ending shame, broken dreams and drudgery that seem to make up their life.

For hundreds of years, the Romans practiced the acts of same sex sexual intercourse: homosexuality. It was their (the Romans’) belief that, when a man has sexual intercourse with another male, the male victim will forever be under their manipulative control; thus allowing them to hold great influence over the person’s actions and accomplishments.

In their rush to be the first to violate society’s males, the issue of rape and the ages of the victims became younger and younger. In other words, the Romans held a belief system that condoned and encouraged homosexual-pedophilia (the homosexual exploitation and rape of young boys) as a means of exercising manipulative control over the society’s males: the protector and provider of the family. This practice was to ensure that the elite families of society forever maintained their impressive and cherished societal status of: riches, respect and prestige.

Unfortunately, and against biblical teachings, homosexual-pedophilia and other pagan practices were later adopted by the clergy of the Roman Catholic Church. This was one way in which the church acquired its wealth, respect and prestige. Later, the church found itself in a strange position; they entered an era that frowned on such behaviour, to the point where homosexual-pedophilia became criminalized. Yet the church managed to evade the law, as it relates to members of the clergy who breached society’s law and took sexual advantage of young helpless boys.

The Romans exported their religion (the Roman Catholic Church) to every corner of the New World, and with the religion came the guardians of the religion: the priest that had grown comfortable practicing homosexual-pedophilia. I do not know how the Roman Catholic priests went about selecting their victims but, from my research, this I do know: in St Vincent and the Grenadines, the altar boys (young boys who were handpicked to assist the priest in church ceremonies, etc.) were the primary target.

The position of the altar boy was a very covered position and it was granted to the children of the most prestigious of the congregants. In most cases, it marked the beginning of a sickening nightmare that destroyed the child’s life and sent those children into a downward spiral; it also marked the beginning of a cycle of broken life, home, relationship, mental illnesses and criminality.

Although these stories eventually got out, they were kept quiet for two reasons:

1. The level of shame it brought to the family.
2. In an effort to protect the church from scandal.

As a result, for many years, thousands of young boys (now men and senior citizens) were made to suffer in silence, with no psychological care; they were not even allowed to speak about their stresses or the confusion they experienced. Their shameful experience was never to be heard about again; it was also strange that the child was blamed for causing their abuse, while the twisted pedophile priest were allowed to continue his abuse of other young boys and ministry. Although the stories are not told, there are classic signs that allude to those who were victims of homosexual-pedophilia/rape and there are some varying psychological markers that also point to whether or not the Roman Catholic priest was the culprit in cases that were identified.

Some of the classic signs of a victim of homosexual-pedophilia:

• Low self-worth: It is evident from the way they treat others with little or no respect that they suffer from low self-worth. They never admit to, acknowledge or highlight anything of a positive nature about anyone, but they are always the first to point out and laugh at the weakness and the failures of others.

• Unexplained Anger: They seem to be always angry at the world for no reason at all. It appears as if they are always looking for a fight or an opportunity to call someone a derogative name and there is a long list of names.

• Uncontrolled weight: Many victims of rape use food as a means to mask the pain they are asked to live with; this is the reason for their unintentional and uncontrolled obesity.

• Defiance to authority: As soon as such people attains an age of or are allowed some independence they show very little or no respect to or for authority. They are always ones who hate authority.

• Make victims of their own: Many victims of rape go on to make victims of their own, they become rapist themselves. Although most homosexual-pedophilia victims prey on children of the same sex and the age they were when they were molested, there are some cases where those who were so inclined to make victims of their own, both male and female victims.

• On the Down-low: A large number of these victims are on the down-low, they do not consider themselves homosexuals but they secretly have sexual intercourse with men. Thus they are answering an uncontrollable sexual urge of their childhood victimization, (a problem they were never allowed to adequately deal with) while maintaining heterosexual relationships.

• Sociopathic tendencies: Homosexual-pedophilia is the beginning of many mental illnesses; it is also the beginning of sociopathic behaviour and tendencies. It is the beginning of the making of a sociopath.

For those who were made victims by the clergy of the Catholic Church or any church, there are two classic signs and they are:

a. An extreme and bitter hatred for the church.
b. A profound denial of the existence of God.

This is the result of the lack of appropriate and justifiable answers to some deep seated questions the victims has and has been searching for answers to; questions such as:

1. If there was a God, how could he allow such things to happen to a helpless child?
2. Why didn’t God protect them from the rapist? After all he is a god with a history, the means and the ability to protect them.
3. How can a rapist priest be God’s representative on earth?
4. Why did God allow such to happen to them?
5. Why isn’t God taking away the pain they consistently endure?

These are all valid and important questions for which there are no answers. For even the greatest religious minds and teachers of the Gospels are unable to adequately and intelligently answer these questions. Because there is no answer to be had, it is easier to deny the existence of God; and this is sad situation. The question that is of concern to me is: where does a helpless child find solace in their life of imposed confusion?

Allan Palmer
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