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Letter: Grenadians, it's time to ditch Mitch
Published on April 28, 2014 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

It is fair to suspect improprieties here in Grenada within the NNP Keith Mitchell government campaign donations. If those contributors are today benefiting from the government, they are improperly being reimbursed. These people’s behaviour is offensive and reprehensible; they get special treatment from the leader Keith Mitchell who said he was “a changed man”, and promised me he “would do things differently”.

The people of Grenada believe that if the head of the fish is rotten, the whole body is bad. The NNP government deserves a serious scrubbing. I reject the suggestion that a desire for revenge is motivating my decision to speak out against Keith Mitchell. My decision is based on all the lies he told the people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique, all the empty promises concerning job creation, employment, providing for our youths, health care, our hospitals are in the worst shape, patients can’t get something as simple as a blood test.

The prime minister has gone from earnest to clueless, and everyone in the tri-island is well aware of it. The majority of the people of Grenada do not contain their enthusiasm for the way the Mitchell government is doing their jobs. This is not about getting back or anything like that. Just truth and nothing but the truth, exposing lies, dishonesty, manipulation, and oppression.

The information is clear, concise, and comprehensive. When the people of the tri-island voted for Mitchell and his NNP political party, they did it to send him a message “don’t be a jerk”, which he has become so early in the game.

Keith Mitchell is asking the poor and less fortunate people of the tri-island to make sacrifices; why isn’t Mitchell making any sacrifices himself and his millionaire friends?

Here you have for example one Mr Peter De Savary who has been given ambassador status by Mitchell. Here is some information about him and the Mt Edgecombe property that may be of particular interest to property owners, particularly farmers in Grenada.

Mt Edgecombe, priced at US$3 million, this man is paying an annual tax amount of only US$10. The size of the property is 27 acres, located on the western side of the Island in St Marks.

A decision was handed down by one of three high court judges against Peter De Savary. Anyone who can grease Mitchell’s hands is allowed to lie to him. Too many con-men coming to our shores.

The judge had this to say about De Savary, apart from labeling the investor as one who was “at best tenuous” and also “inconsistent” in his evidence, the female judge raised a serious red flag concerning the project proposal that he had submitted to the then Keith Mitchell-led New National Party (NNP) government in the 2003-2008 period to get concessions for the planned hotel for the Grand Anse Beach.

Mr De Savary misled the Keith Mitchell government, pure and simple. Any right thinking person, should start raising concerns about Mr De Savary’s suitability as a person to be associated with the sale of Grenadian passports.

I am calling on the government of the USA and Caribbean governments to seriously investigate this man and his dealings.

The Mitchell government has missed its mark and it has been hemorrhaging badly. This government is a nightmare and is looking more and more like a circus. This is political theater in Grenada; we laugh because if we didn’t we’d be crying. The government has underestimated what it would take to get the economy up and going. Grenadians also suggest that Mitchell’s chaotic management style is proving a combustible combination, with the people gutted and weakened.

The people of the tri-island are saying this is the moment for another political party’s future. It would seem to be a moment to seize for other political parties.

One of those political parties is the Grenada Progressive Party, whose leader is Ms Hermie Penny, a born Grenadian, who is about to put her candidates in place to contest the next up-coming general election to take place in Grenada before 2018. People who already knows about the political party believe that it will be very popular political party. It will have the ability to deliver consistent results that will grow steadily; it will be very attractive for the Grenada’s Progressive Party.

Penney has expressed a high degree of confidence that the new party would build on its success based on how far the party would go. The Progressive Party will be a strong, thriving, dynamic political force that will need strong sustainable people who will play an integral role in Grenada’s long term future. A fight to the finish between the NDC the Progressive Party and the men and women who will remove themselves from Mitchell to form their own party.

I am making a call to some of the ministers within the NNP. Leaders such as Bhola, Claris Modeste, Tobias Clemente, vibrant and capable leaders who needs to open their eyes and see the disgusting things Mitchell is doing. You are the ones who have the ability and the opportunity to save the NNP from destruction. Do not allow Keith to destroy the party the way Eric Gairy destroyed the GULP. Do not allow the NNP political party to die with Keith Mitchell. You have the talent to make changes and do what’s right for the people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique. Keith Mitchell is self-destructing and he is taking all of you down with him. Take a stand and stand up to the dictator. It’s time to ditch Mitch.

The NDC also has some very intellectual and capable candidates, and if and when given the chance will take Grenada and its people in a well-defined manner and place.

I speak of men and women within the party, men like Mr Leslie Stewart can become a selfless leader for the people of Carriacou and Petit Martinique, Mr Ali Anthony Brian Dowden, a fighter for the less fortunate, Mrs Franka Bernadine, an experienced leader, a woman of integrity, principled and ethical. A woman of substance. Mr Randal Robinson, multi-talented, he knows how to bring order to chaos, a freedom fighter who will continue to fight for the people of the tri-island, no matter what, and there are many others willing to fight for Grenada’s democracy and its people. I know these capable men and women will fight tooth and nail for economic opportunity because they know how tough it is for families to get ahead.

But we must never allow a one party government to govern our people ever again. It does not work. These political parties are about transformation, helping the people to become the best citizens they can be. Miss Penney says she “will be tireless” in her approach, she doesn’t “pull any punches”. As these political parties form their strategies, they can take comfort in the fact, that the next general election is almost certain to be the best in its political history. It’s about their relationship with the people. The NNP government under Keith Mitchell is a management headache.

When the people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique voted overwhelmingly and elected Mitchell and his NNP political party, and welcomed them back to lead Grenada, after so many of you said “Mitchell could never come back” they also raised Mitchell’s potential for conflict of interests.

Somewhere along the way, Mitchell underestimated what it would take to revive the economy and create employment. This is a dead, beached whale. There’s no life in the creature.

Many NNP supporters are saying that Mitchell getting back into politics has brought out his tendencies towards chaotic management and indecision, running the government in what one minister, who asked not to be named for fear of retribution, describes as a “state of panic”

Achieving even the modest goal is proving an unexpected challenge for the NNP government. No economic strides, no signs of prosperity. Business confidence? There is none, the outlook looks worse and worse. No job creation, no employment. No equipment or facilities at our hospital to do something simple as blood work. All the NNP politicians are doing is taking first-class trip around the globe, spending freely the poor people’s tax dollars, spending more time flying than in office. These politicians are engaging in irresponsible conduct, but who’s going to hold them accountable. There has been no economic growth, consumers have no money to spend and businesses are not making any money. There have been no improvements in the economy and unemployment continues to rise.

Today we have two Grenadas: the pure Grenada, which represents the wealthy, and the Isle of Spice, which represents, those struggling to make ends meet.

We have to move forward, this is a new generation of freedom writers and freedom fighters. If you don’t have a voice, you have nothing at all.

Helen Grenade
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Helen Grenade:

There was great excitement on Social Media, in the News and throughout Grenada only months ago when Mrs. Cecile De La Grenade was appointed as the Governor General of Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique.

She is a woman of distinction, she has class, she is honorable. De La Grenade has brought pride and to the Office. She possess magnetism and popularity more than her predecessors.Today her insistence to vacate the Office of the Governor General is caused for alarm. She can no longer cope with the reckless behavior, corrupted attitude of the dictator Keith Mitchell. She is about to ditch Mitch and the position that she now holds. She is taking a stand in the right direction. De La Grenade wants to distance and dissociate herself from Mitchell's recklessness and his corrupted government policies that violates her values.

Mr. Larry Joseph will be her replacement, while Chester Humphrey will become the President of the Senate. Grenadians are on the same page in voicing their deep concerns

Guy Prescott Williams:

I note, with interest, Ms. Helen Grenade stating that Ms. Hermie Penny being the leader of the Grenada Progressive Party....Could there be two parties having the same name in Grenada? The Grenada Progressive Party was formed by Prescott Williams in 1997 and had its first conference in Grenville. Ms Penny was approached by the leader to join the party, it is now being said that she is the leader of the Grenada Progressive Party. Of course it the law allows that there could be two parties bearing the same name in Grenada then it will be legal for Ms Penny to be the leader of the second GRENADA PROGRESSIVE PARTY. It is hoped that this matter can be resolved before the next general election.


Helen , Keith Mitchell will eventually ditched himself of be ditched by Peter David and the RMC. Have no fear Grenadians tyrants can be tyrants but not as long as they want.

The RMC don't have any patience and when they feel that it's time for them to be in power Keith will be the victim. He is getting old and frail everyday becoming weaker and weaker. As he become more vulnerable,do he will have to make more and more concessions with the RMC

Time is running out for him . He is desperate trotting the globe looking for monies and support but he is not trusted . There is no future for Keith Mitchell in Grenad? The future belongs to Nazim Burke and the NDC. Keith can dye his year all he want his day is fast approaching. Pinochet went to jail at age 90. Jump high , jump low Keith Mitchell must go. !!

Julius Gabriel:

It is very sad to see an individual will allow greed to cause them to become so BITTER.

I have been following Helene's writing prior to Grenada's last general elections, February 19th 2013. At that time Helene was very critical of Keith Mitchel, well I should say she was down right nasty and disrespectful. But some how, by some share brilliance; her writing changed from being hostile to adoring and promoting Keith as the best leader for Grenada.

what was very strange and confusing to me up to this day, who or what was responsible for getting her to change her perspective of Keith Mitchell and to support him up to the general elections and even months after. What was even more perplexing to me is the apparent ease Helene went about this not even showing any concern to the thought of people's perception that she might be unstable and to not take her writing seriously.

Today, Helene seems to have changed her views again about Keith and is spewing out venom. Well I guess the late Ian Francis maybe turning in his grave to see what she has degenerated into. Also her former embassy coworkers may be cursing themselves now to see Helene accusing the Doc of corruption? Oh what a thing. Like my late grandmother use to say, your kindness does come back and cut your backside.

Helene you need to stop that because the bad seeds you are planting will germinate and grow up but its fruits will come back to haunt you.

To be continued.

Helen Grenade:
I will NOT refer to you as a man, simple because I do not know what you are, It seems like you enjoy posting your Alias under my work. What and who the hell are you referring to?

KCM is now known as the Prime Minister who loves taking people to Court, maybe that will become his legacy, he has lost the last one. I will not lose when I take your stupid ass to court for posting, because I will make sure I have the correct information to respond to your garbage.

Keith is questioning, who is this jerk posting this?

This crap you posted is pathetic.

Julius Gabriel:

Hi Helene, it's me again. It appears that my posting has greatly upset you. Well as the saying goes, the truth hurts. But also, ... the truth will set you free. The wider audience do not full understand my posting however, you do. So go ahead and threaten me,as you know I have the facts.

BTW, this line puzzle me - Keith is questioning, who is this jerk posting this? Well if you and Keith have a secret deal then both of you will be exposed.

My motivation for writing you is to get you to have respect for the Prime Minister of Grenada. It's your prerogative not to like him,but you must respect the office.

The choice is in your hand.

Helen Grenade:

Oh my God, this scholar is catching on.But tell me something, who is going to expose me, you?

I will leave this lines from my favorite song with you.

"For what is a man
What has he got
If not himself
and he has naught
to say the things, he truly feels
and not the words
of one who kneels.

I will leave it here for now.

So MR. scholar, use your mentality, wake up to reality, step up to reality, and stop being such a jerk.


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