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Letter: Grenada's new leader, Senator Nazim Burke, an icon of unbounded courage and perspective
Published on April 4, 2014 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

Disarray is a word much overused in politics. But it barely begins to describe the current state of chaos and incoherence within the Mitchell regime. The carnage that Mitchell and his NNP regime will soon feel will occur because of his reckless, out-of-order, scandal-scarred government. The people of Grenada loathe him. He is a reviled figure, violent, ruthless, cruel, opportunistic and pathologically suspicious.

A New York politician asked me recently, “Is Senator Nazim Burke the scorpion, eagle, or Phoenix? Eagles fly above the storm. The Phoenix rises out of the ashes. When things get tough, he should use his power and rise above it.”

“Well,” I said, “He has always risen above it”

Senator Nazim Burke has served our country and people and former government with dedication and has shown remarkable character and judgment. Senator Burke’s outstanding credentials, his loyalty to his government and communities and his demonstrated excellence as a public servant have made us proud of his services.

Never before have I known anyone with his level of commitment and dedication to community service. I am simultaneously impressed by the depth and breadth of his knowledge as leader and what it means to us.

He continues to work tirelessly with organizations and committees to advocate for human rights, money for Grenada, children, women’s rights, men’s rights, world peace and security, and safety in Grenada and its people.

It’s for these reasons that the people of Grenada affectionately and respectfully refer to him as “Our New Leader”. Some of you have known him or recognize him as the former minister of finance, but most recently, he has been lending his knowledge and passion for Grenada’s community in the fight to take back our country from Mitchell’s recklessness.

Senator Burke is a man of distinction. His appreciation of other’s points of view as well as his powerful negotiating skills, allows him to effectively represent and lead our people forward.

We are living in an insecure and unstable country of Grenada where anybody is invited by Keith Mitchell to come onshore to do business unchecked and because the behaviour of the Mitchell regime is unpredictable and terrifying. Our people of Grenada and the United States of America have to be constantly on guard. The Mitchell NNP government is neglecting their duties to the people of Grenada and their safety. Keith Mitchell has invited anyone to come to the island, by anyone, he has invited rapists, child-abusers, criminals, conmen, crooks, terrorist, anyone. Selling passports to anybody who has money and can buy them.

This general news from the government of Grenada, published on March 7, 2014 reads:

Citizens By Investments Applicants No Longer Publicized. The names, addresses, and nationalities of persons who have applied for Grenada’s citizenship through the citizenship by investment legislation will no longer be made public as were provided for in the original Act.

It seems that Mitchell is lacking in an important organ, the brain. He is corrupt, incompetent, and an embarrassment to the majority of Grenadians. Has Mitchell gone mad? Is he a degenerate?

Senator Nazim Burke is approachable and very involved in his community. He can be independent and evaluate all sides of different and difficult issues, and welcomes challenges. The qualities combined with intelligence, a friendly nature and drive make him an excellent candidate to become the next prime minister of Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique.

Senator Burke has been active in the local area both professionally and personally. As leader of the National Democratic Congress, lawyer, former minister of finance, those experiences have prepared him for the responsibilities required to take our tri-island forward.

With his experiences and solid values, Senator Nazim Burke will definitely take Grenada and its people to new heights. He has organized people, residents to rapidly effectuate help for the Caribbean islands that were hit with heavy flooding and damage to structures. His ability to quickly respond in an organized, thoughtful and respectful way evidences his experiences with resolving complicated contentious situations.

His high energy throughout the process demonstrates his resolve for the Grenadian community’s safety and environment and aesthetics. The combination of his approach to tough issues and dedication to our country show that we can trust him with the responsibilities of government.

With his legal experience and his demeanour we are truly fortunate; he has the perfect temperament to become prime minister. As anyone who knows the senator can attest, Burke is modest, respectful and smart. He has the perfect disposition to adjudicate fairly. Senator Nazim Burke will continue to serve the people of Grenada’s community as efficiently and effectively as he knows how.

We would be well served to have Senator Nazim Burke represent us a leader of this country. His long term perspective focuses him on future needs of our people. His tenacity, single-mindedness and overall temperament in wanting to help others and better our community have incredibly impressed the people of his country. They are lucky to have this extraordinarily selfless man live and serve his people in so many ways.

He has already demonstrated his value to his community. I know he will always be thorough and fair in his approach to issues affecting Grenadians because that is his character. Grenadians should be fortunate he is willing to serve.

Senator Burke let us raise our banners of struggle in the fight against poverty, discrimination, hate, ignorance. May God bless you as you lead our people tomorrow; it’s about solidarity, organizing our people, fighting for economic justice and speaking out against unfairness and income inequality as we continue to follow in the footsteps of Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King and Maurice Bishop. Let’s keep transparency and diversity alive. Don’t let apathy win. Let’s give voice to the voiceless and power to the powerless. Go, Senator Burke, go Grenadians, stand up and fight for your children and your future and the future of Grenada.

Helen Grenade
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Excellent article Helen. You are a true Grenadian patriot. With every passing day more and more Grenadians are coming to the realization that Hon Nazim Burke is the alternative to Keith Mitchefll.

Keith Mitchell has lied to the electorates to regain political power . He is a complete failure taking the country down the slavish path of structural adjustment, austerity and the IMF. .Mitchell has literally destroyed the Grenadian economy.

Together with his gang of incompetent ministers , especially the ministers of education, foreign affairs, legal affairs and communications and works his administration is looking to crooks , drug lords, registered sex offenders, conmen to buy Grenadian passports .

Nazim is a shining example of integrity. A politician who is different with high moral standards. He loves his wife compare to many other politicians who allegedly cheats on their spouses and engages in all sorts of immoral behaviors.

Grenadiandont need to realise what an asset Nazim Burke is to Grenada. The smear campaign against him will continue. He has enemies in Chester Humphrey and Pedro who would try to prevent him from accomplishing the objectives of the NDC ,which is yo provide the people of Grenada with a better standard of living.

In a head to head debate with Keith Mitchell on the issues affecting the people Nazim Burke will easily defeat him. Keith is no match to the intelligence of Nazim Burke. Nazim is the future , Mitchell is the past. Grenadians have to start looking beyond Keith Mitchell because he is a " political error" a political misfit . Mitchell has been in politics to long to be making error continuously.

The time is right for Grenada and Nazim Burke. Grenadians are tired with the failures of Keith Mitchell.

Time for a change!! Helen you have analyse the political situation in Grenada . accurately . Continue to provide information for the people of Grenada and the entire Caribbean. Nazim Burke is genuine Caribbean hero.


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