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Letter: Grenada's 'passport pirates'
Published on April 2, 2014 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

If there is any issue that Keith Mitchell is successful at in his thirty years in politics it is his ability to manipulate both public and private sector officials by the use of his most lethal weapons -- money and power.

The prime minister allegedly said that all Grenadians have a price, and he may be right given the coalition that has emerged between communists, capitalists, atheists , oligarchs, aristocrats, pastors, priests, trade unionists, lawyers, businessmen, the media and NGOs. A sinister 'spiders web' of corruption is being weaved second after second with Brer Anansi at the center of this web

Grenadians need to be vigilant of the corruption that is unfolding right before their very eyes and take the necessary actions to mitigate against it. This corruption is at the core of government, with the attorney' general office at the pinnacle.

Following the amendments to the Citizens By Investment Act so that the names and addresses of applicants may not be revealed to the public, a group "the passport pirates” has taken the lead in selling Grenadian passports to the highest bidder.

Those NNP 'fat cat’ lawyers parading as agents are hell bent on raping the country, enriching themselves at the expense of the poor and vulnerable. Like Henry Morgan and the buccaneers, they are engaged in 'passport piracy’. In some instances there is the husband and wife combination. Some of these NNP 'fat cats' are agents for the sale of Grenadian passports and at the same time are members of the Integrity commission. Isn't this a direct conflict of interest given the parties involved and their role in government?

A Guyanese-born lawyer who became a citizen of Grenada by virtue of marriage to a NNP 'fat cat' is acting in her capacity as an agent to sell Grenadian passports and at the same time member of the Integrity Commission. Will she seriously declare her assets to the commission after making a pound and a crown from the sale of Grenadian passports? This level of decadence is incomprehensible.

Prime Minister Keith Mitchell seems very comfortable with the situation because, having been heavily criticised for his alleged practices including the 'briefcase' scenario, it is now clear to see that he is not alone. Many influential persons in society are corrupt.

The wife of the minister of foreign affairs Nicholas Steele is also an agent. Just imagine the minister responsible for ensuring that the citizens by investment program is above board, has his wife as an agent in the 'passport piracy'. This can never be morally right.

Keith Mitchell talks about the moral thing to do to use taxpayers monies to bail out the failed Cap Bank depositors; however, immorality is taking place right under his nostrils and his olfactory nerve has deliberately gone dead. The "wires" in the prime minister's brain seem all twisted and Grenadians are paying a price for this bad wiring.

Mitchell and the NNP made lots of noise when it was recommended that Mrs Sandra Thomas be made chairman of the Public Service Commission (PSC). Mrs Thomas is a well respected public servant with an impeccable character with no track record of corruption, yet the outcry. Today, the wives of the same persons who were involved in the campaign against Mrs Thomas are involved in the "passport piracy”.

This reign of the NNP will be worse than the 1995-2008 period. Many different players who fought against the excesses of Keith Mitchell in the past are heavily involved in the "eat ah food" mentality. Individuals like Chester Humphrey, Peter David, Joseph Gilbert, attorney general, big business are allegedly willing partners.

The legacy of Keith Mitchell is sealed and signed . Leopards don't change their spots. They may try to refine it but their spots are permanent. Anyone who genuinely believes that Keith Mitchell and the NNP would try to rebrand must be living on another planet. Maybe Pluto.

Throughout all this one thing is certain and that is the FBI and CIA is looking with keen interest at the unfolding "passports piracy" taking place in Grenada. St Kitts and Nevis in recent times has had issues with Iranian nationals using the island’s passport to violate the UN sanctions against Iran. Grenada is definitely under the microscope and it is just a matter of time before persons shall be held accountable.

Grenada is on a precipice. The economic challenges facing the country are insurmountable. What is obvious is that government is prepared to tax the people to recoup some capital; however, they are looking at other sinister avenues to get access to quick funds.

The proposal to join ALBA, introduction of casino gambling with an American sex predator at the helm of that business, and the citizens by investment program are all means government is looking to obtain quick cash.

If I should judge from experience, these initiatives will be marred by all kinds of underhand and under the table deals by senior government officials and those "passport pirates" who are bent of becoming multi-millionaires in the next four years of this NNP administration. A few of the NNP MPs may be on their last term and so they are making every effort to exit the political arena with their pockets full of taxpayers’ and other sinister sources of cash.

Grenada's new economy is one in which the people will face the burden of increased taxes through the structural adjustment program (SAP). Tourism and agriculture will be sidelined and the sale of Grenadian passports by the "pirates" will be the primary revenue generator for the senior officials and their wives in the NNP administration. This will be done with protection from the attorney general’s office, the office of the director of public prosecution (DPP), cabinet, and the financial intelligence office (FIU). The removal of commissioner of police Willian Thompson, director of the FIU, inspector Senneth Joseph, the transfer of the head of immigration and the major changes in the hierarchy of the RGPF are all part of the plot, tactic and strategy to sell Grenadian passport freely for questionable characters.

The United States foreign policy towards the English-speaking Caribbean has been scaled down in recent times. There is nothing happening in the Caribbean that is causing a major national security threat to the United States. ALBA has been weakened with the death of Hugo Chavez, and Maduro is struggling to hold on to power in Venezuela. Some Caribbean governments including Grenada, St Kitts and Nevis, Antigua and Dominica are willing to defy the US and sell their passports to the highest bidder in the name of investment. Credible Chinese investors are flooding into Europe and America through similar programs but they have so far refused to take to up similar offers by regional governments. Instead the Caribbean is quickly becoming a haven for Middle Eastern and Asian shady characters from Iran, Latvia and Kazakhstan.

Grenadians must never forget their past. Restiener, Kozensky and a host of crooks and conmen damaged the image of Grenada in the international community. Their shadows continue to be a dark cloud over the country. Keith Mitchell, Elvin Nimrod, Gregory Bowen and the new "passport pirates" on the scene are hell bent once again to sell Grenadian passports. The only difference this time is that they have increased the size of the network to include the wives of senior NNP executive members. Women are by nature incorruptible, but they have the potential to be extremely ruthless when it comes to matters of money. Woman and money are intimately bonded.

Mrs Trotman Joseph and Mrs Steele both agents in the citizens by investment program won't miss the opportunity to make money by any means necessary. "Passport piracy” is big business in Grenada. May God bless the "pirates” so that they may share their bounty with the poor and vulnerable, pay out all the unpaid claims in the treasury, pay the teachers and other public servants their retroactive salaries and invest some in the local economy. I pray that they won't hide their bounty in secret overseas bank accounts and then declare their assets to the tune of $19 million. I am wondering how many Grenadians are proud of their heritage.

Grenadian Class
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