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Letter: Grenada: A community scared of the truth
Published on April 17, 2014 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

Grenada has become a community that is scared of the truth and we have allowed intimidation and censorship to take the place of civility and respect for honest divergent views. There is so much animosity against smart, intelligent, professional women in Grenada. In fact all women, that most people are asking why?

There’s a lot of extremism in this country, we still have prejudice against women. The battle for a civil, respectful, tolerant society continues. We may have recently celebrated 40 years as an Independent country, but Grenada is not immune to anti-Semitism. We are not immune to bigotry and prejudice, we have not found an antidote, a vaccine, we haven’t won that battle, it’s going to be with us.

Real men doesn’t throw dirt on female names to feel better about themselves, this practice is very evident in Grenada, starting with the Grenadian prime minister Keith Mitchell, who has been verbally abusive, degrading, disrespectful towards women in politics. His disrespectful comments aimed at former senator and minister of education, Franka Bernadine.

Mitchell and his government are dissolute, abusive, tainted and untrustworthy with their polluted political practices, arbitrary, cruel and remote from the people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique.

Senator Bernadine’s name has been impugned, besmirched with lies and slander by Keith Mitchell, implying that she does not care about the poor and less fortunate in our midst, which is so far-fetched from the truth. He has made sure that lies about her have been proliferated. Blaspheming against women in Grenada constitutes an unforgivable political act. Grenadian women are repelled.

As prime minister, he should be setting a positive example for others to follow; sadly, he has lost the credibility. Mitchell has used some of his cronies on talk radio to lambast my name, especially that person calling himself Bobby’s.

Their version of broadcast is a drunken freak show designed entirely for political purposes. These individuals who operate on talk radio, fabricates stories because they are either too drunk or too dumb to investigate truth. The propaganda that spewed forth from their sick minds few weeks ago was unbelievable. Those individuals need to conduct themselves and be open minded, capable of translating the truth.

Strive to rectify the toxicity that has seeped into the way they operate because of their political orientation. Remember, politicians come and they go, some have fallen, some will fall and never rise again, the Mitchell NNP government will fall eventually and never rise again.

The worst thing those individuals can do is allow themselves to be used as political puppets by Mitchell, David and James. They operate without consequence. These troubled individuals needs to free themselves from mental and political slavery. The fact that my name was lambasted by those low life individuals with no viewpoint in two instances about my articles suggests that the lambasting is less about me and my work and more about their predispositions.

They need to be fact based. They are a pack full of lies, motivated by political bias and prejudice against people who do not support, or no longer support this regime. Union leaders, journalists, freelance journalists, non-supporters, radio personalities, etc, so the battle for a civil, respectful, tolerant Grenada’s society continues.

Their program is designed to intimidate people from covering topics, including not carrying national content in the public’s interest. What we will continue to do is to inform the public of the truth, and nothing but the truth, that will continue to set us free.

Where are the elected men and women? Fearing for their seats? They should be concerned with what the people of Grenada might do next. Ukraine did, Venezuela is doing it. The more wrongdoing is allowed to fester and tolerated, and a blind eye taken by those in this lousy government, the more desensitized our Grenadian society will become because of these disgusting acts by its perpetrators. This NNP administration took office energized but has not accomplished their goals and they will not. Let me make myself clear once again, this Mitchell NNP government will collapse eventually, and it will never raise its ugly head ever again.

Where is the strong financial foundation? Where is the government transparency? Where are the programs for attracting young people? What’s about our residents questions and concerns, are they been addressed?

Instead, Keith Mitchell is now planning to rid his government of Alexandra Otway and Nicolas Steele in exchange for Derek James and Peter David. Mitchell is a traitor, he used Steele and Otway for their money to fund his campaign and now that he is in office, is positioning himself to bring in his RMC. The faction that was responsible for the murder of Bishop and his Cabinet, and all the innocent Grenadian blood that was shed.

Mitchell is bringing back his mercenaries, he has no credibility. This man is already planning for a comeback in 2018, what he does not realize is that he will be out before 2018. He just doesn’t know it yet.

Keith Mitchell may be suffering from a disorder called mythomania, compulsive lying or pathological lying. He is not rooted in reality, even believing the lies he tells to be the truth, and that’s scary. Mitchell lies for any purpose that benefits him. He sees no value in truth.

He’s washed up, he has no creativity left. He has reached his limit, he just cannot produce anymore; the man is stagnant. It’s time to wake up Grenadians, gear up mentally and physically for what lies ahead. It’s not going to get any better under this administration, because it’s clear the current NNP representative is lacking in a certain important organ, the brain. Mitchell is incompetent and an embarrassment to all Grenadians.

Mitchell is reckless and out of control and his government will soon be brought to ruins, his government will collapse and it will never again raise its ugly head.

What we need in Grenada is a young, vibrant, progressive, dynamic Nazim Burke is the man I am referring to. His long term perspective focuses him on the future needs of other people. His tenacity, single-mindedness and overall temperament in wanting to help others and better our communities have incredibly impressed people throughout Grenada. They are lucky to have this extraordinarily selfless man live and serve his people in so many ways. He has already demonstrated his value to his community. I know he will always be thorough and fair in his approach to issues affecting Grenadians because this is his character. Grenadians should be fortunate he is willing to serve.

I will not be silenced, and I will not remain silent.

Some Grenadians at home and abroad are describing this radio show as a “tsunami of hate speech”; they see it this rubbish as a masculine domain, because it’s so contrary to accepted traditions that it feels outright wrong, even horrifying to listen to, these grown individuals behave as demonic political slaves without brains.

They need to define their job, if its theatrics define it. The people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petit Martinique believe these individuals should not allow themselves to be used as political puppets, pandering to the Mitchell government. These people are speaking lies and discussing intellectual scholars. They have no positive views or ideas, no initiatives whatsoever. Drunkards united in their quest to blaspheme, misrepresenting everything they say. Reactionaries seeking to replicate themselves. No independent insight or background. It only signals poverty of ideas in their shallow minds. Sadly for them, slander is a substitute for honest debate, and they can’t silence me.

Every trap they set, they are the ones falling into it. I will remind you people again that I have a complex political mind and one that doesn’t like to be pigeonholed. I no longer write what is in Mitchell NNP political government values. This is only the latest example of a community polarized over how we can or can’t talk about this government.

Some individuals associated with the government are being used as scapegoats to do Derek James and Keith Mitchell’s dirty work. We call them scavengers because guidelines have been developed for them by their masters, designed to provide a basis upon which the government could try to prevent overtly anti-Mitchell government individuals from speaking out about the government. The result they are hoping for is that the controversy will be that some Grenadians will be convinced that the Grenadian community has a “party-line” on the government that cannot be crossed.

Sadly, this is not a phenomenon that is restricted to me only. The controversy is simply a symptom of a Grenadian community that has allowed a barbaric dictatorship style under the banner of selling out ourselves to political masters.

Keith Mitchell’s performance as leader of the NNP and prime minister has far more serious implications for our country than anything we have written. Of course, that is the hallmark of a democracy. I wish I could be proud of the Grenadian political community that is scared of the truth and we have allowed intimidation to take the place of civility and respect for divergent honest views, even if the views expressed by talk shit radio are repugnant. Now is the time for Grenadian leaders of courage to take a principled stand.

Keith Mitchell continues to look the other way, he knows the truth, it’s time to set the record straight. Tell the truth, I do not wish for this to get ugly. There was no promise of ambassador or counselor jobs when you came to my home in New York. No truth for these false accusations. Address it now, because this blatant lie, this nonsense will not deter me. I will not be intimidated.

“Grenada is definitely on the right track,” says the lunatic, calling himself Booby. “The fact is we are way better off now than we were at any time in the last four years, and when one considers the numbers of projects that have already been approved and funds in place that will be coming on stream later this year into next year, such as the Parliament, the new Governor General Residence, the new Football and Athletic Stadium, the new hospital, the ongoing talk for the new Prison,” he went on to say. “The Imanis are collecting a minimum of 700 EC a month, while they are training, the fact is they are earning monies and the monies are circulating into Booby’s economy, in short yes they are working.”

This guy is a real class act, too damn egotistical and manipulative or too dumb, stupid and blind to see what’s really taking place on the ground, what actually is occurring in Grenada.

The Mitchell NNP government cannot pay the teachers for the next two months. What external funding is this government referring to? Stop the begging, Keith Mitchell, develop agriculture instead. Ethics is about making the right decision and doing what’s right. I would not allow you people to dictate what I can write and cannot.

My commitment to the people of the tri-Island is to tell the truth always. To help strengthen our people, through shared values. My commitment to this goal transcends any particular organizations and is rooted in the people and their values.

If those loudmouth punks on talk radio, Nazim Benjamin or Mote and Karl Max Sheldon Scott, think for a moment that they can change anything, they better think again. They only serve to encourage me to continue to tell the truth. Rather than addressing the relevant issues, shoot the proverbial messenger. We the people of Grenada can either rise to exalted heights or descend to destructive depths. We are here to see to insure that righteousness, fairness, truth, moral justice will trump brute force and jihadist strength or stupidity.

I realize that those participants’ responses were not merely an expression of their principled view. Rather, their outrage expressed their sense that I do not reciprocate their own feelings of loyalty to their politicians. I believe in promoting freedom of equality. The single most important thing that any person can have is integrity.

Grenadian journalists and writers have been declared treif because they speak, write and act in ways that challenge policies of this Mitchell government. Let me make it clear, that we would not cave to the pressure exerted by the government loyalists. I want to indicate that we are not afraid of fearful of expressing our honest and truthful views about the government in public.

While some Grenadians have indicated on social media that they feared consequences for expressing views more dovish than the mainstream, a significant number of Grenadians businessmen are engaging in self-censorship because their views are more hawkish than the mainstream.

Just as a healthy democracy relies on a free press to insure rigorous pursuit of truth, so too a healthy faith community needs spiritual leaders who can speak the truth as they see it, but this principle has been so seriously compromised in Grenada.

Helen Grenade
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Peedee Francis :

Helen Grenade..... You are despicable !!! Are you the same person who wrote to this same news- source , published on July 13 2013 , singing the praise of Dr Mitchell ? Is this yr letter here ....

Dear Sir:

The Grenada ruling New National Party and the NDC politicians rarely agree on anything these days. But in recent months almost everyone in Grenada seemed to have coalesced around the notion that our economy and former government was broken and needed to be fixed. That meant getting them out of their comfort zone. The people of Grenada were losing confidence and hope. The New National Party brought people back and reminded them why the battle was worth fighting and why we were in a position to win.

The NDC former government was cowardly, incompetent and good for nothing; being clueless, leading our country was not an option for the people of Grenada. I believe there was something happening inside Grenada which was making the NDC politicians act in an irrational manner. Tillman Thomas and Nazim Burke basically took the country and fumbled it like a football on purpose, blaming everyone but themselves.

Some people have said the former prime minister’s silence on the disastrous state of the economy and the high unemployment situation, plus proroguing Parliament caused the situation to deteriorate, leading to the NDC downfall; and making it ever worse is the point that they lost the general election, not even getting one seat. They keep making the point that they got votes; of course, getting votes is not winning seats.

Whenever anyone talks about the need for more stimulus -- monetary and fiscal -- to reduce unemployment, the response from people who imagine themselves wise is always that we should focus on the long run, not on the short-run fixes. The truth, however, is that, by failing to deal with our short-run mess, we’re turning it into a long-run, chronic economic malaise.

And if you think about it for a minute, you realize that this is a vicious circle, in which a weak economy leads to too-low inflation, which perpetuates the economy’s weakness. And this brings us to a broader point: the utter folly of not acting to boost the economy, now.

By allowing long-term unemployment to persist, we’re creating a permanent class of unemployed Grenadians. By letting short-run economic problems fester we’re setting ourselves up for a long-run, perhaps permanent pattern of economic failure.

The point is that the former NDC government failed miserably in responding to our economic challenge and they will be paying for that failure for many years to come. The result, the political bargain that had sustained the fragile NDC party and politicians broke down and the political collapse of the party was a disaster of the worst kind. The end result, the NDC lost the general election, adding additional misery to the party and posing enormous challenges for Thomas and the NDC politicians.

The people of Grenada wanted a stable prosperous country and government to lead them. Grenadians were calling on the former Prime Minister Tillman Thomas to step down, because they knew that Grenada’s Parliamentary democracy could survive a resignation. It is normal for a prime minister to step down and be replaced by another figure elected by Parliament, but Thomas refused, elections were called and a new government was elected, and a capable prime minister is now leading a national unity government, which is a symbolic victory for all Grenadians. We know through painful experience that freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.

History is the long and tragic story of the fact that privileged groups seldom give up their privileges voluntarily. Individuals may see the moral light and voluntarily give up their unjust posture, but as Reinhold Niebuhr has reminded us, groups are more immoral than individuals.

Virtually every NNP elected official is doing a spectacular job. I don’t think there’s anyone that’s had an administration of competent people like that. Thank God the majority of the people voted overwhelmingly, because we would have been in far worse trouble if they didn’t.

Achieving even the modest goal was proving an unexpected challenge for the NDC government. I believe former Prime Minister Tillman Thomas was not the best leader we’ve had, but I also believe that he’s an exceptional individual.

The New National Party government to be sure is already making economic strides, and the early signs of growing prosperity will abound. But the country will nonetheless need millions in financial aid to cover its spending. I am confident the government would get its finances in order.

The Budget is straightforward, includes no tricks and provides the government an opportunity for transformative change. For his part, the prime minister seems reflective about his fourth term in office. He says that vision without execution is hallucination and he believes in vision, he believes in big ideas, he believes in tackling problems that are complex and fighting battles that are worth fighting and trying to in his case, create jobs-employment for all Grenadians.

“Vision is really important -- but execution is really important too. Having a good idea is not enough. You have got to figure out some way to balance that and complement that with a great execution,” says Grenada’s Prime Minister Dr Keith C. Mitchell.

The reason the NDC government failed was because their execution wasn’t up to the vision, and the primary reason was that there were no relationship, unity and trust. Ultimately, it came down to poor execution of what they thought were good ideas, and that was largely attributed to relationships and resentments and pride and egos. In retrospect, the NDC politicians were perceived as arrogant and indifferent.

If instead they had spent time building relationship among themselves and the people they represented and listened to their perspective and concerns, and shared some of it, I like to believe that would have made a huge difference and created a better context in terms of trust and more alignment in terms of strategy. If they had done that, the outcome in the election would have been different.

That’s why the majority of the people fired the entire NDC government and hired the NNP politicians, who have brought new perspectives and are looking at the situation through the focus on the future, not the rearview mirror.

During the last general election, with the two main campaigning parties, the NDC and the NNP, the NNP had to fight fire with fire. Fair play was out for the NDC, dirty tricks, propaganda, and lies were in. The realpolitik during the campaign has raised an ancient philosophical question: if you adopt the underhanded tactics of the enemy, if you stoop to his level, do you become like him?

The NNP did not seem to have been troubled by the NDC tactics. Mitchell and his team wanted to replace the hate with unity, peace, justice, freedom and democracy for all Grenadians. We couldn’t afford five more years like the last five experienced under the NDC government. To truly reform our country and people, we needed a fresh start.

This is a group of smart, intelligent and hard working people. We are proud of our new government and what they are doing so far. Business confidence is stronger, the outlook looks better. We have to create more jobs than what we have been seeing created to move the economy back to where we need it to be. Mitchell is the best person both to win and to govern in a manner to lead the country into the future.

The new government’s approach in dealing with the state of the economy and the unemployment crisis, grand development plans that will alleviate the Grenadian problems have taken a front row seat as the new government focuses on keeping the lights on and taking care of its citizens.

The primary issues are job creation, employment, housing, health care. There are growing concerns in Grenada about the state of our health care system. Too many people are dying in our hospitals, especially the young, from lack of proper care and medications. Available health care for the sick is woefully insufficient. Our health care system is in a deplorable state and we need some urgent help from outside Grenada.

Grenada as a whole has brilliant and capable doctors, nurses and health care providers, but our hospitals lack the necessary essential medications and health equipment necessary to save lives, and that makes our health services particularly grim. The good thing is our new government is working on it, and everyone is aware.

A few medications and a little equipment have started to make its way to our hospitals, but that’s not enough, that’s just a drop in the ocean. Our hospitals are in a state of despair. Improvements must be made in saving lives and that will prevent incalculable suffering from families in Grenada.

There is no doubt that in the entire country this is a matter of concern. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. What really matters in Grenada are its people rather than cities and all the other material things. While we may not be the richest country in the world, neither are we the poorest. Our people have a dignity and grace and character that is very moving, and we are a most beautiful country with beautiful people. Let’s save the lives of our people from unnecessary death, because of the lack of some simple medications, and access to appropriate health care services. I hope that we could make some progress in that direction.

Prime Minister Keith Mitchell pledges that his administration is working to bring about much needed resolution to the existing problem at hand and to restore the people’s confidence in our health care system.

I am troubled by the deafening silence from our neighbours in the Caribbean, and countries that can help us with this alarming problem. We are asking the governments of the United States, Cuba, Venezuela and others to assist us, the government and people of Grenada with medications, and much needed medical equipment that will help to save lives at our hospitals.

Helen Grenade

......Helen Grenade .... You madam are nothing than a hypocrite and I am starting to question your sanity !!!!

Peedee Francis :

You are one bitter , disappointed person HELEN GRENADE ..!! Or maybe just sick !! Or maybe just a frothing -at-the -mouth lunatic !!!


Caribbean New Now should not allow themselves to have their website publishing this garbage and obscenities. Grenada know's this woman is a opportunists so to me her beating her chest about 'we' is irrelevant because even some members of the NDC Executive beginning Roberts does not trust her since she is operating like an 'on' and 'off' switch.

Helen Grenade:

One year later is a long time in Keith Mitchell's world. I am a Journalist and I write facts, truth, what I see.I have written hundreds of Articles over the years, Dozens about the man, the man I once knew to be an iconic figure, not anymore. Keith Mitchell has gotten old and stale and has allowed Derek James and Peter David to manipulate and use his senselessly. He can no longer deliver. He is finished, washed up. He told me that everybody was after him for something, I felt bad for him.

This is 2014 another year, and this man has gone down the tubes, open your eyes, you are blinded by stupidity and you are a coward.

What is Pee? Is this the Pee that is running through your empty brain? Mitchell regime is synonymous with gridlock, anything goes and obstructionism, the rest of us are showing we can move past your people nonsense, roll up our sleeves and change things in Grenada and make the correct changes.

Yes I propelled Keith Mitchell to the Prime Minister's office. He was what I considered a good leader. But not anymore, as I said he is washed up, finished. He has become corrupt, crooked, opportunists. He needs to be taken out into the pasture to rest. He is a scumbag, no matter what he says or does.

You are the one foaming at the mouth from licking Keith's ass. Disappointed about that you are correct. Disappointed that he could not deliver his promises to the youths of Grenada, cariacou and Petit Martinique, disappointed that the Business-men he said he had lined up to come to our shores was all a big lie, disappointed that today he is acquiesced and capitulating to the evil powers that exist within his government, disappointed that he is not making a difference. Disappointed that One year ago, he put his arms around me and told me "I am a changed man, I will do things differently" Yes I am disappointed at Keith Mitchell's behavior and his lies.

Today, one year later, Grenadian voters have a ravenous desire for change in course after only one year of Mitchell careless and reckless rule. The people say that their intentions is to speak loudly and clearly for a new direction for our country. If something is not working, it has to be taken out, get rid of, Mitchell is not working out, he must be gotten rid off immediately.

We are united in the belief that our country should leave no Grenadian behind.
The voters of Grenada are ready to choose a progressive path, and we are setting forth on it together as a country. Mitchell is taking us down the wrong path, one too many times, so you see, it is quite natural for me to be disappointed, but I have moved past that.

This is our fight for justice, equality, fairness, and it's going to be a fight worth having. Grenada and our people must move forward and not backwards We must embark upon an economy drive and encourage Investments by providing more purchasing power to consumers and greater incentives to investors.

Helen Grenade:

Do not mention the name of the father of my son in your disgusting, rotten mouth. I am an original, not a copy. You people can't handle the truth. I will not be intimidated by any coward. Look and learn.


Helen your best bet is hush because both NNP and NDC laughing at you. As a matter of fact your own friends laughing at you and when they see you they laughing with you. Soon you would realize what I am saying is true. Ask Roberts he could tell you

Helen Grenade:

Kem, you people can patronize all you want. I will continue to do what I have been doing for the last 23 years, which is to write, telling the truth at all times.

I do not belong to any political party, never had, never voted for NNP or NDC. I do not care about political parties in Grenada. However, the NDC party have some men and women who is giving the chance can become brilliant fighters for the people of the tri-island.

I am not going to disguise my taste for any political parties, especially this new Mitchell attitude and behavior. The ranks of poor people in Grenada is surging to unconscionable levels, that's not sustainable. The leader knew beforehand what he was getting into.

God's willing, I will continue to challenge Mitchell and his government for not fulfilling promises 'to deliver'. With God on my side, I will break through the madness. Some people just can't stomach that I have moved on, the past is the past. This is the present. Get used to it.

What happens in this administration is not staying in this administration.

Kem, you will self-destruct.

Focus instead on issues facing our communities and country, rather than engage in hypocrisy.

I will not vanish into the night without a fight.


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