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Letter: Gonsalves is playing for keeps
Published on January 14, 2014 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

In Matt 5:44 + 45 I learn that I must love my enemy, I must bless them that curse me, I am required to do good to them that hate me and I am also to pray for them that despitefully use me and prosecute me. Every sincerely practicing Christian, are asked to and are required to adhere to these guiding principles if we are to truly be called children of God and benefit and receive earthy blessings as is promised and inherit the kingdom of the one true and living God: Yahweh which was purchased for all through the blood of Jesus the Christ.

It is important to note that I am a sincere follower of Christ and my first priority is service to and love for my God, then I have an obligation to our fellow men; my obligation as it relates to my fellowmen are two folds and they are:

1. Tell those I come into contact with, of the loving and sacrificial gift of the Almighty God: Yahweh made on our behalf, when he gave his only son to redeem man from eternal death, as well as, the obedience, the love, and the sacrifice that Jesus made on our behalf.

2. We are also to ensure the safety, secure and take care of the needs of our community. As Jesus did, we to must provide protection from unscrupulous men thus lessening the people chances of avoidable hurt and suffering.

In my effort to do as stated above, I was accused by Labour fanatics of hating PM Gonsalves. I will confess here and now, and I will do so before God and man; my confession is: I have very little respect for Mr Gonsalves; because like the short list of people I respect, Prime Minister Ralph E. Gonsalves has not own my respect, but to conclude that I hate him, is totally not true.

It is time members of the Vincentian community come to terms with the facts as it relates to Ralph E. Gonslaves. The reality is the reality, and this is Gonsalves' reality and my understanding of this reality: Ralph Gonsalves is not a man who embraces, strong morals, high values, or voluntarily engages in or practices the least level of professional ethics and or standards; as a result, he cannot be trusted without supervision, to do what is right even in simplest of matters.

I am bounded by my love for Yahweh and my acceptance of Jesus' grace to do what is right at all times; thus limiting the stresses, the suffering and the hardship of my people (all Vincentian). I have nothing to gain if Ralph E. Gonsalves and his Unity Labour Party lose the next general election and are sent packing; however, Vincentians have everything to lose if they (the Unity Labour Party) are made to spend another term in political control of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

It is with the above principles and mindset in mind that I reviewed what was the then Ralph Gonsalves’ proposed constitution, which was designed to steal St Vincent and the Grenadines from Vincentians and deny the people their rights, from right under the noses of Vincentians and I brought it to the people's attention on Caribbean News Now predecessor, Caribbean Net News. It was after that publication, the political activists jumped on it and sold it as if it was their discovery, even thought it was not a point in the debate before I made it an issue, clarifying the intent of the imposed loophole.

That is what happens when one is obedient and faithful to the one supreme and almighty God: Yahweh and his son: Jesus the Christ (The Saviour). When you are faithful, you are awarded an awesome and bountiful blessing with what is considered supreme enlightenment.

In the recent press conference that was hosted by the prime minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines and was meant to deal with the relief effort, as it relates to the Christmas Day flooding, PM Gonsalves declared himself a general, and he was summoning persons to report for duty. He claimed that the Trinidad and Tobago’s prime minister and other non-nationals reported for duty. But even a blind fool knows that everything that was done by these people has to do with diplomacy and protocol and nothing else. But his statement was just another attempt to pull the shades over the eyes of the people while painting the opposition as the bad guy, the big bad wolf. In other words, Gonsalves was doing nothing, but playing politics.

PM Gonsalves made this point to justify his unpatriotic exclusion of the opposition from the planning and execution of the relief efforts. The truth is Ralph Gonsalves and Julian Francis do not want an objective eye around to ensure things go as they should. Here is a case, the government of St Vincent and the Grenadines is expecting to receive millions of dollars in relief monies from peoples, governments, corporations and international agencies and this is in an effort to quiet the hurt, the suffering and the loss that was resulted in the Christmas day flooding. I have a suspicion that a large part of the relief monies will be filtered into unrelated purses for personal and election usage.

The presence of the opposition makes it harder for dishonest acts to be carried out and people will be forced to justify their actions, when their actions are not above board. It is only the dishonest and those who have nasty intentions, hate to have an objective or a supervising eye around. What PM Gonsalves forgot and that, in time of war when more hands than are readily available are needed, there is the draft or selective service system, where the government selects men and women to serve in the military who will not normally enlist voluntary.

When PM Gonsalves declared himself a general, it is important to note that this declaration was not an accident, although it was a little premature. We must understand that Ralph E Gonsalves’ public declaration of his generalship was in keeping with his (Gonsalves') behind the scenes plans for St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Out of curiosity you may be forced to ask, what are those plans?

It is Ralph E. Gonsalves' intention to hold on to administrative control of St Vincent and the Grenadines for as long as is humanly possible. Like his friends Fidel, Gaddafi, Chavez, Saddam Hussein and his other dictator leaders whom he admired, it is Gonsalves’ will and intentions and he has already put the mechanism in place, to take and keep St Vincent and the Grenadines by force even under siege, he is willing, able and is ready to do it.

Let us examine this claim.

Look at the many governmental institutions there are in St Vincent and the Grenadines, institutions and ministries that are key to the development of this country, institutions such as the health sector, the tourism sector, the agricultural industry, ministry of foreign affairs, ministry of trade etc., yet for reasons not yet public, the prime minister ignores all of these key industries, institution and ministries and all of his emphasis and energies are focused on the police force. This institution, more than the collective government sector has seen an unprecedented and unexpected promotion rate amongst supporters who are loyal to Ralph E. Gonsalves. These people are promoted and appointed into posts they are unable to intelligently function in; they are so elevated with the sole and specified instruction to act in a manner that is loyal to their master: Ralph Gonsalves, when the time is right.

Food for thought: ask yourself this question, why do we have a deputy commissioner in the person of Renold Hadaway, present, on the island and on duty; yet in the absence of a commissioner of police, the senior assistant commissioner of police: Michael Charles, Hadaway’s junior, is acting commissioner. Thus Michael Charles is supervising Hadaway, his senior. Do you know why this is so? I will tell you: although Deputy Commissioner of Police Hadaway is a solider to his heart, one who is skilled in the art of military warfare, and he was promoted under the Ralph E. Gonsalves administration, he is no fool. Renold Hadaway has a brain that he has not leased out to the highest bidder, he is an independent thinker; he is also a hard worker, who goes after what he wants, in other words: he is no one’s bitch.

Gonsalves has seen it fit to strategically place and promote into key offices, puppets that will move and act at his command, carrying out his bidding whatever they may be. Ralph Gonsalves does not care for anyone, but he is infatuated with power and he is willing to make killers out of our children (members of the police force) to hold onto power. Unfortunately, their victims will not be the Scarfaces of the community; but you and I, law abiding citizens, who will have the presence of mind to recognize the evil and lift an objective voice against it; a voice in favour of equal rights, justice and freedom for all.

By that time is will be too late. At this stage of the game, the freedom to choose will be taken away from each person, the police will be made the watchdog of the police as well as the community.

Did you see how easy it was for Scarface to have been taken out? Yes, the same Anthony “Scarface” Hamilton, who issued death threats to PM Gonsalves and was arrested, taken to court and had the charges dismissed. Did you see how easy it was for Glen Jackson to have been taken out? Yes, the same Glen Jackson who was once Gonsalves’ inside man, who made a public threat to reveal some ULP inside information. How easy it was for Mr Joslyn to disappear off of the face of the earth and out of the memories of concerned citizens? Mr Joslyn, a man who publicly opposed the way Gonsalves managed the affairs of SVG and made his point using biblical examples.

Let it be known, your murder and sudden disappearance will occur with even greater ease than those Vincentians I mentioned above; however, at this point and time, they (Gonsalves’ revolutionary government) will not be hiding under the cover of night and secrecy to do their evil. They will commit their atrocities in public view. This will be so, in order to instill a sense of fear in the people and to quiet any thought of rebellion against the government.

While the politicians in St Vincent and the Grenadines fool around with Ralph E. Gonsalves, and the men of God play politics, falling for filthy lucre with their entrusted ministries, and the people just idly float by with no care of what is going on, Gonsalves is putting things in place to steal St Vincent and the Grenadines using force, this man is playing for keeps and his plans are ready to go.

Allan H. F. Palmer
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Peter Binose:

ALLAN, I fear you are quite right, so many of your predictions have come true. I am sure people actually don't believe you half the time, why? because it reads like a novel, like fiction, but is based in reality and truth.

Allan Standing Tall palmer:

Thanks Peter Binose, I know when I speak or write it appear to be extreme, but what can I do but to write as I am directed to by first of all God and second by my experiences, my observation and my God Given gift: my understanding of human behavior.

Well I may even be prosecute or persecuted; called ill names and ridicule but I must be true to Yahweh and his son Jesus and to the values I holed dear, values such as honesty, integrity, equal rights and Justice and love for my fellow men.

Peter you continue to flush those dishonest people out in the open let day light shine on them and their wicked ways. I have been so busy I can hardly get to read and comment on many of the article and write as often as I want to.

Peace to you and your household


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