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Letter: Gonsalves' secret to be revealed
Published on December 16, 2013 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

A secret between more than one person is not a secret; when such occurs the information is just as good as being public. When we share information we intend to keep a secret, we relinquish the control we have over the use of such information and we are left at the mercy of the person with whom the information was shared. It is the same when we conspire with others to commit evil; there is always a great possibility that someone with whom we plot will develop a conscience and decide to relieve themselves of the burden of carrying that secret around.

Recently, I was saying to myself “what if” I received a piece of strange but interesting communication, from an anonymous person, the identity of whom I still do not know; This is so because the individual refuses to revel their identity for reason unknown. On consideration, it was wise that they did not reveal their identity even to me; for the nature of what they are proposing to do is one that can have serious, even deadly repercussions. I know of people in St Vincent and the Grenadines who have died for far less.

In a nutshell or in short, what the person is saying, when Ralph Gonsalves and his Unity Labour Party lose in the next general election, he or she will reveal to me details of Glen Jackson's death and other important information. Unfortunately, because of the nature of the communiqué, I was unable to get in my two cents worth and therefore I was unable to validate the value of the person’s intent, seriousness and knowledge. But I suspect my anonymous friend has pertinent and damaging information to share.

It seems like Gonsalves' “bowlie” is already showing signs of decay and it began to crack at the seams. The good thing about this is it will only get worse as the upcoming general election gets closer. For many years, I have been wondering when will the lies and the evil of Gonsalves reach its overflow capacity? It took a long time but it seems to have just tapped out. I am sure when Vincentians give Ralph E. Gonsalves and his Unity Labour Party (ULP) the big old farmers water boots in his derriere (behind) or his backside, it is then the bowlie is going to be break into pieces and all of the gunk, slime and mire will be spilt into and pollute the streets. I hope the people of St Vincent and the Grenadines have the guts to withstand the disgusting stuff they allowed to happen right under their noses.

I have a nagging suspicion that when Gonsalves is ousted, many victims who had suffered a similar fate as the female police officer and the Canadian human rights lawyer are going to come forward, seemingly unafraid, with allegations of sexual related crimes against this man. We are not hearing anything now, but we are going to hear the grimy details of many allegations of not just wrongdoing but evil to such degree it will make Arrnhim Eustace skin up his face in disgust even worse than he currently does over widespread economic blunders, the common place mismanagement and the institutionalized unprofessionalism that currently make up the daily practice of all sectors of the government of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

Message to my anonymous friend:

If my soon to be anonymous informant is reading this article and I suspect that he or she is, I want you to know, that it is not wise to wait for the ULP to be kicked out of political office at the polls before you begin to make your revelations; however, if you have any credible information, such can be used to ensure that Gonsalves and his Unity Labour Party are properly evicted, no if, no buts and no maybe. I can assure you that you will get a greater degree of satisfaction to know that you were the one to dethrone the big bad wolf: Ralph Gonsalves and his wolflets.

Of all people, I don't have to tell you not to make the same mistake Glen Jackson made. Glen Jackson kept Ralph Gonsalves’ secret two days to long and he was murdered by a professional hit man; just hours before he was to made the big revelation on national radio. I am here awaiting your next communication.

Calling Gonsalves Out

PM Gonsalves, it seems like one of your confidants is willing to spill the beans, revealing some damaging inside information. I am calling you out, here is the situation, there is no way you can find out who my anonymous friend is; this is so for the length and the depth of the precaution the individual went through to communicate with me undetected. Since you cannot get to my soon to be informant, your next best thing is to get the intended messenger: me. You and your guys can try to recreate with a greater degree of accuracy the 2008 Dominica events. In that case, I am letting you know my direct location. I am currently in Durham, North Carolina, and I will be here for a while as there is some business I must take care of here. PM Gonsalves, I am calling you and your goons out; tell me, what are you going to do?

Allan ‘Not Afraid’ Palmer
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Peter Binose:

I am sure that someone will eventually spill the beans even if your informant doesn't. I believe that the person who hired the assassin was close to Gonsalves but was not Gonsalves.

Several people must of been involved because I understand Jackson’s body had been cleaned before it was put in the vehicle, his death took place elsewhere.

We have seen that Jackson had become a US informant just by reading Wikileaks. Its most probable that if someone knew of his liaisons with the US embassy in Barbados and that he was about to broadcast an expose, then he had to go, had to be silenced, permanently.

When Gonsalves is dead or he loses an election, I am sure like you that there will be a line of people making accusations and allegations.

Allan be careful you could well draw out someone who will decide you need silencing as well.

Stay safe my friend, by the way you can put your new van in your Will to me, I would hate it to go waste after all the time you put into it.

Noreen Haydock (phyllis):

Why don't you two gentlemen just shut up. We are tired of your insinuations and lies.

Leave Ralph alone - he is the best thing that ever happened to SVG

Peter Binose:

Dear Noreen, I am so sorry if you are offended by what you read here. As a dear friend of yours and Roberts for many years I respect your feelings.

Whatever I write I believe to be true, and in most cases they are spot on true.

Noreen if you tell me specifically what I wrote that you believe to be untrue, I will try and lay evidence for you of whatever I stated.

During the 80's and 90s people of your age thoroughly disliked Gonsalves and the Marxist MNU. Certainly my mother did and she was well known to you.

If you would like me to post anything directly to you, or drop it off at the office for you, I will be happy to do so.

Allan Not Afraid Palmer:

Peter you are something else. You want the Van....ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaa OYE lawd. On a serious note, My daughter's email was hacked and she is currently locked out. Could it be that someone is desperately trying to find the mole the potential informant. Is this desperation or what? Is there things to be hidden about Glen Jackson's death they people are afraid will be revealed?

I thought Glen's Wife Susan in a youtube video clear Gonbsalves and the Unity Labor Party of any wrong doing where Glen's death is concerned. So why the rush to find the potential informant and why you guys think my daughter will get information of this nature? Where will she get it from?

I hope that if any of my children get any such information they will share it with me first.

Noreen Haydock (phyllis):My sweet heart, how are you my soon to be wedded bride lol..... I am sorry that my writing hurt your fragile feelings, Lets pray that the person is calling a bluff. Lets say that their is some truth this this whole allegation wont you like to know what happened to your dear friend Glen.

Well if not me that information will be made public by someone else. guess what, the truth must be told will be told. So don't be a party to the covering up of evil, don't become angry over the truth.

Noreen Haydock (phyllis):That is what happen when you become committed and loyal to a person who is capable of sinning rather than a principle. Principle unlike people don't change, they are those guidelines that keep us civil.

I guess you will rather Peter and I die than for this piece of truth to be revealed. what kind of person will refuse to see the possibilities. Do you know peter could be your brother, your sister, your husband, your father, your best friend. This is the beauty of writing under a pen name you cna be anyone.

Have a good night.

Peter Binose:

ALLAN, Noreen is a nice elderly lady, who unfortunately is infatuated by Gonsalves, he can do no wrong in her eyes. The only thing she has in common with him is her colour.

She has had dreadful problems with her knees and her husband Bob has been an absolute gem over many years.

They have a very nice family, what they all think of grandma I do not know.

It really is a shame that her views differ so much from Bob's, I am a member of all the same clubs as him, so know him almost as well as he knows himself.

He has worked strenuously over the years to help Vincentian people, he deserves an award more than anyone else I know.

I often sit quite close to Bob in meetings and have nothing but admiration for him, he is the back bone of several very special societies.

Bob has an intriguing story to tell about his unusual birth place that made him a Vincentian by the skin of his teeth.

I wish all the Haydocks well and a very merry Christmas etc. etc.


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