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Letter: For Grenada to grow Mitchell, Nimrod and Bowen must go
Published on February 11, 2014 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

The infamous triumvirate of Keith, Nimrod and Bowen have collectively done more harm than good to the people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

These architects of the failed Grenadian economy have become millionaires at the expense of the poor, the youth, middle class and the old. They have kept the general masses in poverty and ignorance for well over ten years, enticing the people with crumbs from their table. The divide and rule strategy employed by these men has grossly polarised the country to the extent that it will take another decade and divine intervention for the people to be united again.

This trio, led by their political leader and Prime Minister Dr Mitchell, is responsible for the dire economic problems currently faced by Grenadians. While the NDC didn't help their cause, certain elements within the party allowed themselves to be manipulated by Dr Mitchell. With the unemployment rate well over 45% nationally and youth unemployment in the 50s, how can these men claim or boast of any sustainable success in their long political career?

Their reckless economic and social programs have resulted in a massive national debt of over $2.5 billion. Today the country has been forced into a structural adjustment program with the pillar of that program being increased taxation on the middle class. Three senior government officials have used deception, manipulation, intimidation and deceit to seize power, enrich themselves, raping the resources of the country. What these men have done to the psyche of the people of Grenada is unconscionable . Their selfishness, greed and lust for power have been responsible for the partisanship that has divided the country

The political, social, economic and psychological stress that this infamous team is causing the people is unimaginable. Using fear, coercion and intimidation they have cowed many citizens into submission and subjugation. Their killer instincts have drained the public servants of their energies, resulting in a service that lacks motivation. No one should live under the false perception that the country is better off with this trio having political power. Mitchell, Nimrod and Bowen are all dividers of the people. They encourage tribalism and sectarianism. Blinded by the love of and the lust for political power, they have enriched themselves, families and cronies at the expense of the poor. Even as they enter the twilight of their natural lives, the acquisition of personal wealth is their primary motivation.

Grenada will never get on the path of sustainable growth and development once this uncaring team remains at the helm of power. They have failed the country in the past and they will fail the country again. They are making the same mistakes of the 1995-2008 era, blinded by the notion and perception that they will get a different result. There is always a dark cloud of secrecy behind the activities of these politicians.

The political resume of the three top leaders of the NNP is filled with mismanagement, malice, hate, spite, victimisation and deception. It's unfortunate that the people of Grenada, having freed themselves from these vampires, foolishly voted them back into office. It would be very interesting to see how these three politicians are assess by the United States Department of State and the CIA.

Many Caribbean nationals and those in the Diaspora are at a loss as to how the people of Grenada could be so naive in their thinking and understanding of their own circumstances to vote these rascals back to high office. Why the NDC administration failed to bring these men to justice is a puzzle to all. It is therefore not coincidental that the prime minister has labelled the NDC as a stupid government.

It is also very strange that the United States Department of Justice didn't vigorously pursue what actually occurred with the offshore banking fiasco, when US nationals lost millions of dollars as a result of bank fraud .

Foreign governments, financial institutions and agencies don't trust Keith, Nimrod and Bowen. It is plain to see that Dr Mitchell has lost his 'mojo’ in the regional and international community. He is now a paper tiger and lame duck prime minister. The lack of trust and confidence in these three senior government ministers by the international community puts Grenada in a very precarious position. The country cannot go on much longer with such a leader and senior ministers who have lost all their trust, confidence and credibility.

The presence of any of these three men at regional and international forum is a black eye for the people of Grenada. There will always be a cloud of suspicion over their heads. The frequent overseas travel by the prime minister is just a waste of taxpayers’ monies. He hasn't been able to accomplish anything of major economic value to the country . The prime minister is just not effective anymore in his deliberations with credible institutions or individuals given the experiences of the past. It is time that the people of Grenada realise that Mitchell, Nimrod and Bowen are not their 'saviour' but actually their 'grave diggers'. These men are slowly but surely turning the Spice Isles into a mortuary and it's time for them to pack up, clean their ministries and call it a day. Grenada will be a much better place with the back of Keith, Elvin and Gregory.

Poverty and unemployment is sky high. The people of Grenada are desperate. The top leadership of the NNP administration is clueless as to how to get the economy moving. The alleged friction between the prime minister and his chief economic adviser Dr Antoine points to a major policy difference and is testimony to the chaos within the administration. It is foolhardy and disrespectful for a head of government to demand that his senior economic adviser a political appointee reports to a permanent secretary a government official. Who is the senior person here? Is it the adviser or the PS? I would assume given the protocol around the world it’s the adviser. This behaviour by the PM is just another example of the way he values intelligence. If you want your senior adviser to report to your PS then why have an adviser in the first place? Yet another glaring example that team NNP has lost their way.

The prime minister seems bent on the selling out of state properties to earn quick cash to satisfy the appetite of his supporters. The fall out between the prime minister and his senior economic adviser is a manifestation that the much talked about 'new economy' is stuck in a pond of green mud. The old leadership of the NNP has no idea how to implement the policies required to re-energise the economy. This leadership is a failure in government and the quicker that it is replaced, the better for the country and its people.

The leadership of the NNP has shattered the dreams and aspirations of thousands of young persons. They are not the solutions to our problem. They are the problem. Grenada risks losing a whole generation of young people to poverty, ignorance, alcoholism, drug addiction, prostitution and promiscuity as a result of the politics of the NNP led by this trio. The youth woefully lack hope and the motivation to compete and win in a very competitive environment. Females are seen as objects of sex with domestic violence on the increase. The lifestyle of the leaders is not what any parent would want their child to emulate and associate with. The wearing of skin fitting jeans in public places among young females exposing one’s posterior is in very poor taste and is unbecoming of a leader. Grown men in leadership positions must act responsibly and be aware of their chronological age and conduct themselves likewise.

Instead of working to provide employment for the many desperate young people roaming the streets of St George's, the hon prime minister is now competing with the young males with his 'Mohawk' hairstyle. Seems like the barbers around town are the investors that were lined up to flood the shores of the country. Can someone really tell the nation what is happening to the prime minister? Is he thinking in a similar fashion to the North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Un? Are we witnessing the birth of the 'Supreme Dictator’ of Grenada and his inner circle? What is coming next, the public decorations of loyalists?

When will the people come to the realisation that the country is going down a political social and economic abyss. There may be glimpses of growth here and there but generally the country is on a path of destruction. The triumvirate are hell bent on 'selling out' all state assets. They are all multi- millionaires with huge assets home and abroad.. The senior economic adviser to the prime minister is aware that the future of Grenada is bleak being very close to the leadership of the NNP and so he is preparing to reside in the land of the humming bird.

This NNP administration is worse than the one of 1995-2008. The cabinet lacks depth, cohesion, motivation, and is full of inertia. The prime minister and his cabinet is enjoying a 'free ride' on the mandate given to them by the people. The country can't afford to have MPs receiving huge salaries for doing nothing. Mitchell vehemently accused the NDC of receiving huge salaries, yet he paying three backbenchers the same salary as a full time minister. Who is fooling who? The IMF will certainly look at these excesses in their deliberations and prescription during the restructuring of the nation’s massive national debt.

The same adviser economic adviser to the prime minister, following the passage of hurricane Ivan, advised the same NNP administration to play the two China game, dumping Taiwan for the Chinese mainland. What substantial economic benefit has Grenada obtained as a result?

After all is said and done, in the final analysis, the people of Grenada will realise that for the country to grow Mitchell, Nimrod and Bowen and must go. They have proved that they are incapable of uniting the people and country, reduce the unemployment rate, create the enabling environment for businesses to strive and most importantly move the economy forward. Their lies and fabrications during the election campaign have denied the people of the country the opportunity to make sensible choices in their own interest. They are all 'masters of deception' and their manipulation of the media is just one aspect of this deception.

The regime, that package of Mitchell, Nimrod, and Gregory is very seductive, and it draws you to the conclusion how could individuals who seems so reasonable command such a horrific regime. The prime minister doesn't have a consistent ideology; he changes his opinion according to his interest and that of the NNP. He is driven by the 'fear factor', fearful of his fate that is inevitable. He is working overnight trying to consolidate his power but one thing is certain, his legacy will be one of failure and his fate is sealed and signed in the constitution of Grenada.

Grenadian Class
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I'm disappointed in you, Leslie, for not running for the PRO at the NDC convention; instead, you just settle to be a member of the PR Committee. NDC has much work to do to get back to the level of PR they had leading up to the general elections of 2008.


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